Dakota Johnson Explains Her Missing Tooth Gap

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • Dakota Johnson responds to fans who are angry about her tooth gap closing, shares how she really feels about it being gone and explains why she's still using George Clooney's name to get reservations at nice restaurants.
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    Dakota Johnson Explains Her Missing Tooth Gap
  • Comedy

Comments • 2 267

  • Yung Al-Ghazali
    Yung Al-Ghazali 12 hours ago

    4:40 oh my goodness..

  • Shanti Singh
    Shanti Singh Day ago

    Dakota Johnson is amazing 💕😍

  • Julovedit
    Julovedit 2 days ago

    Something about her is so damn alluring

  • ferdaws fenni
    ferdaws fenni 2 days ago

    Perfect libra woman like me

  • Rhussel Heirs Santos

    So so in Love with Dakota ♥️

  • Satine S
    Satine S 5 days ago

    I didn't even notice that she had a gap

  • Makhni G
    Makhni G 7 days ago

    It can be mom dad too... Not mine though.

  • MrPaladan03
    MrPaladan03 8 days ago

    Hey look its the Fifty Shades of Grey chick doing some teeth tapping with Jimmy Fallon. I wonder what their safe word was ??

  • JKs
    JKs 9 days ago

    I'm not sure if I should call her weird or cute. Maybe both.

  • Mehaque Khanum
    Mehaque Khanum 9 days ago

    She's actually cute

  • Noize Disturbance
    Noize Disturbance 11 days ago

    I love her ❤️

  • Roger Vandergriff
    Roger Vandergriff 12 days ago

    She is absolutely beautiful!!

  • jhenimo dalwoman
    jhenimo dalwoman 12 days ago

    oh my gosh. Her voice and that goddam laugh.

  • Matea A
    Matea A 14 days ago

    it took me 4 minutes to figure out that it is a dress and not a plastic bag in her lap

  • Susan Sawe Koech
    Susan Sawe Koech 15 days ago

    She is pretty.

  • Lukas Stronghood
    Lukas Stronghood 15 days ago

    gap or no gap..still gorgeous..I still love her

  • Sofia Hellscythe
    Sofia Hellscythe 17 days ago

    Dakota please visit Philippines too :(

  • name less
    name less 19 days ago +8

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Me: tapping on my teeth to see if they sound like Dakota's

  • Nina Dragonborn
    Nina Dragonborn 20 days ago

    lol she is so lovely

  • Samanofamily
    Samanofamily 20 days ago

    Check out Jeanette Samano ruplus.net/video/-ySni_DEZaQ/video.html

  • Афон Слепцовский

    Her giggling and laughing are sooo cute and charming)

  • Unicorn
    Unicorn 21 day ago

    So beautiful 😍

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio 23 days ago

    Highly boneable

  • vanillaflavoredbabe
    vanillaflavoredbabe 23 days ago

    I love her giggle / laugh so much.

  • Brenda Urbina
    Brenda Urbina 23 days ago

    She's hilarious

  • Nova Abdillah
    Nova Abdillah 25 days ago

    She’s hilarious 🤣

  • lastimosa
    lastimosa 25 days ago

    "before it would just slide right through" LMFAO

  • S
    S 25 days ago

    That doesn't make sense...1:16 she's talking about her teeth like she just turned 8, she doesn't have baby teeth. She hasn't just hit puberty! 1:26 She's not even just turning 21, so she didn't have a growth spurt to cause neck pain...Idk that just doesn't make sense. If she were really young, even relatively young that would kinda almost make sense but how dramatically is her neck newly growing as an adult woman. That sounds like bullshit, but she may believe it.

  • Zuzanna Dragańska
    Zuzanna Dragańska 27 days ago

    She is great!

  • shamma afroj
    shamma afroj 27 days ago

    I love her voice

  • Sayan Bakshi
    Sayan Bakshi 27 days ago +2

    4:36 I can listen to her say "yeah" all day. That's how much I like her voice

  • Hasa nakato
    Hasa nakato 28 days ago

    I like her alot😂😂

    ITSMENIKKl 29 days ago

    She reminds me of another tooth-gapped celebrity: Melanie Martinez

  • Rohit Prajapati
    Rohit Prajapati 29 days ago +1

    Her laugh comes so good deep and sweet.

  • VıĐhı
    VıĐhı 29 days ago


  • Elfie Laurie
    Elfie Laurie Month ago +72

    I LOVE her personality, she’s extremely likable 😆

  • AnieNiusika
    AnieNiusika Month ago

    Why didn't she make reservations for Antonio Banderas!

  • No clue sir
    No clue sir Month ago


  • OG1USA
    OG1USA Month ago

    Despite the absence of her fugly tooth gap everyone can still call her "Anna"

  • Vishal K.
    Vishal K. Month ago

    love her so much🤍

  • Jonathan Cortez-Roman

    She is so perfect

  • risputh
    risputh Month ago

    She's adorable

  • Trish
    Trish Month ago

    So someone explain to me... her orthodontist purposefully made her teeth set with a gap initially? Like on purpose? Why?
    Then her natural teeth moved back to close the gap. Then she went to open the gap again.

    SAVAGE TYCOON Month ago

    Can u imagine smoking some dank with this chick...GREATEST HIGH EVER!!!😆😂🤣👻🤑😇🤭By the way, ABSOLUTELY F@&KIN GORGEOUS SPECIMEN 😋😘😍💞💘💓💖

  • Mimi Wey
    Mimi Wey Month ago

    I wish I where this charming naturally!!

  • Anisa Olivieri
    Anisa Olivieri Month ago +1

    She looks like riley Reid's or something like that

  • Leena Raphael
    Leena Raphael Month ago +7

    I really don't like girls who keep giggling. But she's adorable!!

  • Beth Mableson
    Beth Mableson Month ago +1

    I came here from a video of her putting stuff in her tooth gap

  • Fresh Towels
    Fresh Towels Month ago

    She was like full on has a thing for jimmy

  • Ughnecia
    Ughnecia Month ago

    I love libras

  • abc shon
    abc shon Month ago +1


  • HighOnGlucose
    HighOnGlucose Month ago +72

    She looks like a sophisticated tissue with this outfit

    • Mira Fawn
      Mira Fawn 5 days ago

      It's called fashion sweetie, learn about it 🙄

      Lol I'm just f-ing with you 😉

  • Dabult
    Dabult Month ago

    The concept of Jimmy Fallon using another celebrity’s name is so funny to me.

  • May 007
    May 007 Month ago

    She reminds me so much of Aubrey Plaza

  • Lychee Rie
    Lychee Rie Month ago +104

    She’s a type of girl that all boy definitely would fall for, she’s sexy and cute in the same time

  • Юрий Pro [Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅]

    Ничего не понятно , но очень интересно

  • Brìa Sadé
    Brìa Sadé Month ago

    Lmfao he’s funny

  • Bandana hamal
    Bandana hamal Month ago

    I have also teeth gap

  • Luciano Oliveira
    Luciano Oliveira Month ago +5

    God, this woman is beyond gorgeous! I mean, there's plenty of women beautiful than her, but she has something special, I don't know... 😍😍

  • Mandolin Rain
    Mandolin Rain Month ago +1

    I love the two of them interacting they’re so funny together. Also im in love with her