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It's Time To Move On...

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
    Thank you so much Shane -
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  • Lim Lian Hui
    Lim Lian Hui Day ago

    My mom lost her dad at age 13-it was horrible and changed everything, she thinks her brothers were much more affected but hid their emotions a lot more than her sisters - but they suffered a lot more and had a

  • Saskia Matthews
    Saskia Matthews Day ago

    you better believe i just watched this again and literally cried again bc it’s exactly how i feel in my life right now (obviously not the same situation lol) and i just wanna thank them so much for sharing this because honestly your change brings such positive vibes❤️❤️❤️🥰

  • Alena Dufresne
    Alena Dufresne Day ago

    we legit have the power.. we're the captains now

  • Destiny Peche
    Destiny Peche Day ago

    you guys deserve the best, i rlly hope you guys feel better.

  • Kylie Stephens
    Kylie Stephens Day ago

    Grayson with his cute little notebook 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Prince Jay
    Prince Jay Day ago

    The fact that In about 3-15 years these RUplusrs will be old And ready to die 😓 and we’re all gonna hit tragic Bc of the many deaths That’ll hit us

  • Dariga Abikenova

    i feel like Shane is like an older brother guys needed since that lost. im sorry for that. you're so genuine and young. would you like to go to the college?

  • L Ol
    L Ol Day ago

    I really appreciate them more after this video

  • Quartz Universe
    Quartz Universe Day ago

    Why is Shane’s voice so high in the beginning💀

  • Elyse Herman
    Elyse Herman Day ago

    im so sorry for ya'lls loss. ya'll are amazing and strong and do what you need to do to be happy. sending all the love and hugs!!

  • Ciara Mccaffrey
    Ciara Mccaffrey Day ago

    So much love for them❤️also is their dad Irish ?🙂

  • Tatty Tots
    Tatty Tots Day ago

    Shane Dawson is the godfather of RUplus I swear. You heard it first from me

  • Iztaccihuatl Romero flores

    Lmfao I'm so dumb they are literally called the Dolan TWINS and I didnt realize they were twins until he said it at 7 minutes. Why am I like this. Granted my siblings and I look really similair without being twins.(People have asked if we are twins or gotten really excited like I know what you are ! Meaning twins lol)

  • Joy G
    Joy G Day ago

    Maybe create a different path on RUplus maybe like Shane. Create films or short films that have different meanings to people anywhere around the world

  • jayfirefang
    jayfirefang Day ago +1

    I relate to them sooooooo much my mom passed when i was 19 i didnt know what to do. I was angry that all i could do to help her was make her happy. I could not save her and keep her safe. I spent the last 6 years healing myself and taking care of my family. It still hurts but i had to fight for it. They are amazing for talking about this.

  • JohnTheRoss
    JohnTheRoss Day ago +1

    Love shane and this video makes me realize the craziness of being a content creator

  • Malia Dorr
    Malia Dorr Day ago

    am i the only one when they said shane thought that they were gonna come out no just me ok

  • Year Round Autumn

    The chances of this being seen I know is slim, but let me tell you you’re not letting anyone down and your own mental health is important too. You will still help those people because they can go back and re watch videos. It’s like waiting for another season of a tv show. Sometimes you’ll rewatch over and over until that new season comes out and you’re so excited and happy and ready for it. Acceptance is a scary thing but you will be accepted. And if people can’t understand that then it’s on them not you. And you guys seem like people pleasers and there is nothing wrong but by wanting to take care of everyone else all the time, you forget to take care of yourself. I know how that is and it’s scary because you don’t want people to think you’ve stopped caring but that’s not the case. You’re just bettering yourselves so you can help them even more. So that it’s easier for you to be there for them. You have to be there for yourselves too and I’m sure majority of your viewers will be there for you and understand too. When you go through a hard time, it’s easier to understand others. An example is Shane. He has been through a lot of hard times which is why you guys fees he understand so much better because he does. He’s been there and he understands what it’s like. Your viewers will be like that too. People should be there for each other and a lot will be. I hope you guys feel better. Take care of yourselves. Mental health is really important.

  • Kendra Rhoads
    Kendra Rhoads Day ago

    Shane has become a buffer for other youtubers to make confessions

  • birds_and_ fat_dogs

    honestly when I saw this on trending I had the biggest eyeroll I've ever had.

  • Samantha G.
    Samantha G. Day ago

    I lost my dad October 7th 2018, so I just recently went through the one year anniversary of him passing away. I’m also 19. It’s such a hard thing to process and it numbs you, and sometimes when it feels better, all the pain can come rushing back out of nowhere even a year later and it hurts. But you will grow. And you’ll be okay. Please give yourself the time to process.

  • Nadia Jones
    Nadia Jones Day ago

    y'all do what you gotta do .❤️❤️ I'mma still be here no matter what .❤️

  • Bobbi W
    Bobbi W Day ago

    I hope they take a month off and then come back and post maybe once or twice a month 💜💜💜 I so badly want them to take time and chill when they make there videos 💜💜💜

  • Katera
    Katera Day ago

    I teared up so much at the end because I realized that I’ve grown up with these guys. I’ve been watching them since day 1 and I was 12 years old. Now I’m turning 18, graduating high school and I’m still here enjoying everything they put out. I hope they are able to find themselves

  • Leala Stone
    Leala Stone Day ago

    Honestly this video made me so happy. I love shane so much and how real he is. And I'm not even that far into the video and it's amazing. The fact that you guys went to shane for advice is also amazing. When shane posts I get so excited because it's been awhile. If you guys start doing that it'll prolly make people more excited and happy to see your videos and you guys will be so much happier. They prolly won't see this but yea.

  • L Ol
    L Ol Day ago

    10:17 omg shane has an ARTPOP vinyl 😳

    I just found another thing to make me love him more 😭

  • Mike Hall
    Mike Hall Day ago

    I feel lifted...
    I feel heavy.
    ...Same 😂😂😂

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Day ago

    Hey, boys. I'm really sorry about your father. I lost my mom several years ago at 27. Its not.. easy. Your dad is proud of your decision, and proud of you both so much. This is the first video I've watched, because I've heard things. But you are changing. You've got this. Love you both.

  • Isis Frieserr
    Isis Frieserr Day ago

    I'm so excited for the future of this channel

  • San D
    San D Day ago

    Can anyone explain what happened??

  • Gintarė Baškevičiūtė

    Shane: "You're 19, you should be out fucking around and doing fun stuff, not being chained to the computer."
    Me, 20, been "chained" to computer for years, cause of studies. Haven't been out with friends for months: *cris*

  • Heather Hawk
    Heather Hawk Day ago

    Honestly, pretty impressed E knows what check mate means, now I wanna just play chess with him.

  • Madaya Kavis
    Madaya Kavis Day ago

    This is very much needed for you guys and we all understand completely💛

  • Natalie Cassel
    Natalie Cassel Day ago +1

    I’m 28 and have occasionally watched their videos. But I’m so excited to see these to young men grow into themselves. Praying for your healing hearts. 💙

  • Tylen Abdu
    Tylen Abdu Day ago +1

    A lot of RUplusrs go through this phase

  • Love is what is
    Love is what is Day ago +1

    They seem so much smarter and more relatable in this video.

  • Lana Leota
    Lana Leota Day ago +2

    They honestly need to make time for themselves and take time out before they come back making videos, that way their minds are alot clearer and have time to grieve properly , I'm so for ur guys loss and respect ur guys vulnerability, put urself first.

  • Jocelyn Vingerelli

    I appreciate your honesty in this video. I’m happy to hear you two are putting yourselves first but please take as much time as you need off to process the loss of your father. I will be clicking subscribe because of this realness and can’t wait to see your next video... whenever it may be!

  • jolenemariiiee
    jolenemariiiee Day ago

    Names first born child Tuesday

  • Erin :/
    Erin :/ Day ago

    Literally understand everything u say, I care for my mother she’s had cancer on and off for 7 years. You’s deserve nothing but happiness

  • Ariel Devenz
    Ariel Devenz Day ago +2

    i was absolutely in love with this video, ethan, grayson you may not realize but most of your fans are here for you and to get to know you and no matter what videos you do i will always watch even if it a vlog of you eating dinner with your mom or having naps or going to workout you guys are just so genuine and such amazing kind hearted people! spend more time with friends and family, go traveling, do things for yourself as long as you want. take us on the journey and vlog it or sit down and tell us about your trips and what you’ve been doing but no matter what you do we will love you forever!!!

  • karmen sinisalu
    karmen sinisalu Day ago

    on a brighter note....these guys had a dad and got to live with him.......

  • Andy McNeil
    Andy McNeil Day ago +1

    Love you guys so much and I'm so glad that your taking time for yourselves, you should take all the time you need to get back on track. And spend some time with your family as they are so important.

  • Ciara Mccaffrey
    Ciara Mccaffrey Day ago

    God I prefer the real side of them sO much more than the ‘goofy douchebag’

  • Heather Alvarez
    Heather Alvarez Day ago

    I’m not your typical audience. I’m a 51 year old mom. I watch you both because I see your maturity bedsides your silliness.
    This was such a mature video to do. Shane was the perfect therapist. I actually feel like this is something my own 21 year old son would say. Words out loud are SOOOOO important to say. Talking about your feelings in not only important now, but will be for the rest of your life.
    Your audience will be here whether you post weekly or monthly. Your mental health is the key! Your maturity is way beyond your years. Continue to grow in to the amazing men you have become. Be well. Be strong. But most important, be YOU!

  • Diyala Best
    Diyala Best Day ago

    I thought this was gonna be about Emma i-

  • egghausted
    egghausted Day ago +2

    Shane: exists
    Therapist: am i a joke to you?

  • Asli_22
    Asli_22 Day ago +1

    I feel so guilty for making them unhappy because we’re basically forcing them to make videos that they don’t love and I’m glad that they’re changing things up now

    Good Luck Dolan Twins

  • Gigja Jorgens
    Gigja Jorgens Day ago

    Ok here's the thing and I hope that you two see this. I am a longtime youtube fan. I have been a viewer since 2005 and the creators I have watch the longest are the honest ones. The ones who put up a 2 minute video to tell us that hey something is going on with my family so I will not be posting for a while and just that makes me wanna wait for the next video cus they are honest with me and themself. Take care if your self we will wait for you to to come back better and mentally healthy. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!

  • AdvilSmoothie 7
    AdvilSmoothie 7 Day ago +9

    Grayson: *pulls out diary*

  • Mrs Amanda K8
    Mrs Amanda K8 Day ago +1

    Losing my dad changed me. I was 19 when my dad passed and it felt detrimental at the time. My husband then boyfriend at the time saw how much it changed me. You guys I know your Dad is proud of you but take time for yourselves. Your true fans will understand and it’s okay! I had things I had to learn that it’s okay that I don’t do the same things my dad and I did together. I’m 28 now and just know it’s okay.

  • Katelyn Stevenson
    Katelyn Stevenson Day ago +1

    He’s complaining that uploading once a week and it’s taking over his life tho any other normal working person has to work 7 days a week just to put a roof over there head🙈🙈and no I’m not a crazy fan I only watched because of Shane

    • Katelyn Stevenson
      Katelyn Stevenson Day ago +1

      Pamela Llanos I understand that but a lot of teenagers have had it worse

    • Pamela Llanos
      Pamela Llanos Day ago

      But they've been doing that since they were 15 years old.

  • Candice T
    Candice T Day ago

    What is messed up, is the fact that they put "Filming" before their own happiness. No, Do NOT feel the need to upload EVERY Week. Take a break in between. Take time to spend time with family, go spend time with friends and go enjoy life more. Its like people expect RUplusrs to pop videos out like a robot. Your fan base will still be here and enjoy your videos seeing that they are from your guys' genuine selves! 💕

  • Bianca Beeanca
    Bianca Beeanca Day ago

    I'm relating so much much to this video. I'm 16 and I lost my father in July and I still haven't processed it because I stayed home for a week and when I got back to school I was expected to write tests and do assignments and life was just supposed to go on as normal. The void is so visible, my father was my best friend and whenever I'm out having fun or laughing I just feel guilty bc how can I be happy when my father just passed away.

  • BB5
    BB5 Day ago

    I have never watched the Dolan twins. This came up as a recommended channel. They are such mature and heart felt guys. I really like watching the real you. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you can take some time off to enjoy your youth. It flys by fast.

  • Lolly Holmes
    Lolly Holmes Day ago

    Shane is the youtube king and it's primary therapist. And also the best. Guys, I've never seen you're videos before. I came here for Shane. I'm his age and quite a bit older than your normal fanbase, but I wanted to say that you guys seem so lovely and genuine. But you also seem so tired and so flat. I've never seen any of your videos but I can totally see burnout round the corner for you. Please take Shane's advice: take a break, experience life and enjoy yourselves. Then you can come back to youtube as new people with new things to offer

  • BodySnatcher Colleen

    Posting every week is like having a steady job. You can take breaks but honestly it’s really like having a 9-5 because we burn out too but have no choice. Regardless do you boys and get better.

  • Hélène de Mol
    Hélène de Mol Day ago

    Guys, if you don't feel happy about your situation, you don't need to keep this up for us. I'd rather have an absent, but happy Grethan, then knowing you guys persue 'this' as a chore or whatever. We're not going to hate you guys or be dissapointed. Really, not to offend anybody, but if you guys feel like stoping or posting less, we'll survive. We'll find something else to entertain ourselves for 30 minutes a week. We'll always remember how amazing you were, so it doesn't matter what you choose to do now. Live your lives the way you want, not the way you think we'll appreciate. Good luck.
    (sorry for my English I know it's bad)
    just one more thing: if you know you're not going to do this for the rest of your life, you will have to stop one day anyway, so if that day is now or a coulpe of years from now, doesn't matter to much. The sooner you quit, the more time you'll have to live a real life.

  • rachel
    rachel Day ago

    you guys should go and just be, experience the world, find yourselves, seek inspiration in the new. live from your heart not your mind. remember the person you wanted to be as a kid, remember what you thought was possible before negativity told you it wasnt, remember what has always been important to you and chase that. that is where happiness resides, inside of you, in your heart of hearts, that's where you find your happiness ♡♡ love and peace to you both on your journey.

  • DaTeaTalk SIS
    DaTeaTalk SIS Day ago

    Why is SWEAT coming out of my eyes???

  • Hanna Alex
    Hanna Alex Day ago

    trisha paytas:*crying on the floor over her ex boyfriend*
    dolans:*getting real help from shane

  • Jocelyn Franco
    Jocelyn Franco Day ago +1

    honestly this is so great for them time to heal and process the new change and happiness is number one . this is just so beautiful to see this new change in both of them they are growing more mature now being adults showing the reality realness in them is amazing 💖 I’m truly am great full for them and everything they are doing can’t wait to see the real Dolan twins ! Thank you for showing us the reality what you guys went through it shows a lot 🦋 you guys are awesome and always will be:)

  • Shelby Price
    Shelby Price Day ago

    I know when I lost my dad I felt the same way, I still feel like this like I’m not processing it or like it doesn’t feel real. I’ll dream about him and then wake up or a memory will pop into my head and then reality hits me in my face and it feels like I lost him all over again. Grief is weird like that one day you’ll do fine and the next it’s like you don’t want to be in a world they aren’t in anymore.Losing a parent is something that does shift your whole life, you have to learn how to exist without this person you seen or talked to everyday, a person who was always there for you, who loved you more than any other person in the world, there are things That happen in my life that makes me just want to call him up and say “hey guess what” and the reality that I can’t do that crushes me. It’s important for you two to connect over that I couldn’t imagine having going through losing my dad without the support of my sister and my brother because no one will understand how you feel like each other, we cry and we talk about him every chance we get and it helps and someday I hope I can talk about him without crying and feel peace instead of this tightness in my throat. It’s important for you two to give yourselves time to heal, time to remember your dad with people who loved him the same way you do, he would want you to never give up your dreams but he’d also want you to heal and move on and you can’t do that with your grief sitting on the back burner, trust me. Good luck to you guys and I know you’re worried about the fans but true fans, fans worth having won’t abject to you needing time to yourselves, you don’t owe anyone anything.

  • Beauty H.
    Beauty H. Day ago

    So Shane is the RUplus therapist

  • slowtony
    slowtony Day ago

    So you just added a REALLY old guy as a subscriber. As Shane said, your demographic may shift a little. :)) In truth, I think every young person will stay. You'll just add more people like me. It's a win all around. I'm glad there is light in the room. It's a new day.

  • Marie Nichole Mendoza

    Dear Dolan twins,
    I'm just new to your channel. I first encountered your video when you were in collab with Jeffeee Star. It was fun, until I got to see this. I want to extend my condolences with what happened to your Dad. Me too, my dad passed away 3 years ago. And until now, it struggles me most. Now that you're going through another chapter of your life, I will support you all the way. I will be the happiest person for you both. I'm hoping for more blessings and happiness in your future. I hope you enjoy more of what's instored for your future. Sending all the love from the Philippines. Take care always! Love u both! 💕😊🥳

  • Ravioli Ravioli Give Me The Death I Deservioli

    I feel that influencers go to Shane for this stuff because he doesn't judge and he can relate opposed to an actual therapist.

  • Kavey
    Kavey Day ago

    This is quite literally the first Dolan Twins video I've ever watched (and I'll admit I only clicked because of Shane...) but I really do wish these two luck. They seem very likeable and genuine in this, I hope everything works out for them and they find their feet. Nothing worse than feeling lost.

  • StarGazer Wolf
    StarGazer Wolf Day ago

    Change is a beutiful thing but its how u take change that matters

  • Akaylah John
    Akaylah John Day ago

    wow R.I.P sean

  • mdvp 1995
    mdvp 1995 Day ago

    I think it is so mature and I love to see the mature side of the dolan twins, it makes me feel more normal aswell knowing that it is okay to express my feelings like this also. no one is always one colour of emotion.. otherwise that would be boring, we want to see more than just happy. ANYTHING you think of doing is interesting to me/us , even if that thing is something you might not think would be good content, it always is, because it is much different to our lives. But at the same time we can find great things to relate about too. LIKE this thankyou. I love hearing the honesty if your voice that beats cheap 'happiness everyday. open hearts ! great humans. Matt, 23 Aus, Melbourne.

  • Frank Peralta
    Frank Peralta Day ago

    Is there still going to be videos

  • Elli Koza
    Elli Koza Day ago +2

    So proud of you two for allowing yourselves to grow for your own personal gains rather than focusing solely on what makes your fans happy. Wishing you all the best and can't wait to see what the future brings you both! X

  • Lola
    Lola Day ago +1

    listening that as a podcast while i’m doing my life

  • Sierra King
    Sierra King Day ago

    Thos is hard but they do what they need to do😭

  • Mute
    Mute Day ago +1


  • Ana Fox
    Ana Fox Day ago

    This is honestly my favorite video of you guys. I lost my dad 6 years ago and got very much stuck in a degree and routine I didn't love. It damaged my mental health quite a lot, but I am finally getting better. Seeing this video inspired to take more risks and stop worrying about what will come next. I worry about that all the time and it builds up my anxiety. I wish you the best of luck. I was only a casual viewer, after this I am now officially subscribed.

  • Ella Goluba
    Ella Goluba Day ago

    i totally understand!

  • Ciera Ellis
    Ciera Ellis Day ago

    Maybe see if your dad had a bucket list and fulfill it? That could help with the coping and grieving process as well as keeping his spirit alive💕

  • Jorden Rose
    Jorden Rose Day ago

    Ethan and Grayson I think you should do what you want to do and if people are real fans they will understand and they won't mind if you don't post once a week

  • Mood. Editzz
    Mood. Editzz Day ago

    Id never stop watching them

  • sophie magasiva
    sophie magasiva Day ago

    Appreciate this vid!!! Your lives are your lives you need to live them and sometimes you need to go through selfish time by putting your needs first! Everyone who are true fans will back you all the way, you boys aren’t letting anyone down! Be true to yourself

  • alexandria goth
    alexandria goth Day ago

    seriously. take all the breaks you need for as long as you need. don't work yourselves so hard, make what you're happy with, and live like human beings, not work machines. as long as you're happy and healthy, it doesn't matter. you could literally post once a year. I want you to be happy and healthy. the way you've been doing this breaks my heart.

  • samiya karim
    samiya karim Day ago

    You guys areth best.

  • Aimee Kozlova
    Aimee Kozlova Day ago +1

    wait.... they’re not even 20 yet. so many people that are younger than me doing so much better than me. that’s inspiring, power to them!

  • Yasameen Khan
    Yasameen Khan Day ago

    I hope you guys take your conversation with shane seriously and take a breather brake ❤

  • Yasameen Khan
    Yasameen Khan Day ago

    I just wanna say that I never took you guys seriously before THIS VIDEO.
    You guys at a critical age stage and it's like transforming from emotional mess teen to an adult realizing that life is a shitty place.
    To pass through this stage you guys need to take a break and get your mind in a healthy zone think about yourself, family and future otherwise it's gonna be a huge mess forever.

  • Kaylana Davidson
    Kaylana Davidson Day ago +1

    This video made me cry so much on my gosh. I love this for them and for Shane. Kinda sad we didn't get one last peace ✌️ though

  • _Pam016_
    _Pam016_ Day ago

    I want to tell you guys, as a person who does not regularly watch your videos, seeing you guys like this (real and genuine) makes me excited for your future content. You guys have so much to offer the youtube community and I can't wait for you guys to take your sweet time creating things you love. I send lots of love to you and your family and I hope you guys can take your time to mourn together and process and be able to move forward together. Be there for each other because moments like these are a little less painful when you have a shoulder to cry on. See you soon, guys.

  • durtle
    durtle Day ago

    Y E S take your time 🙂 H E A L and have F U N ❤

  • Sarah 143
    Sarah 143 Day ago

    this was truly inspiring.. so much love and respect to you both and I'm so happy you're now making the change you need to :)

  • Noah Alexander
    Noah Alexander Day ago

    When I clicked on this video I didn’t expect shane Dawson 😂 but at first when I seen the time point of the video THAN shane showed up later in the video made so much sense too me💀

  • Morgan Proctor
    Morgan Proctor Day ago +1

    I really hope Shane gets some sort of financial reimbursement for this video. Not that he would ever expect or ask for it, but after watching his newest series and seeing how often he is taken advantage of I feel the need to advocate for him because he doesn’t feel like he has the right to do so for himself. He carries everyone’s emotional burdens without hesitation and deserves something in return because you cannot pour from an empty cup and I worry the toll his constant giving has on him. Beautiful video boys and I hope you also take care of yourselves and focus on enjoying what you do from this point on.

  • Jessica
    Jessica Day ago +1

    Every night this week I’ve put this video on before bed and fallen asleep (it’s a good thing). You’re voices are so soothing, soft spoken and honest. You’re both are so mature for your age and Shane is just Shane. What’s not to love lmao. But i just wanted to leave this comment to say you’ve encouraged me to finally talk to my dad before it’s too late. Better words said than words i never got the chance to say. Your fan base will be waiting when you get back. Mental health and family is more important than views ❤️❤️

  • Suraya
    Suraya Day ago +2

    i love how happy the twins were at the end of the video. love them with all my heart

  • Emma Smogorzewski

    Best of luck to you guys❤❤

  • missyyalex5959
    missyyalex5959 Day ago

    See I’ve always preferred Jefferee or Shane’s videos because they are so honest and real. Jeffree literally had sex during a video to test mascara. We never hear about you guys’ family or partners. You don’t talk about sex or life on camera and I think if you let us in to your real life more you’d be suprised how much love you’d receive

  • Just Iwa
    Just Iwa Day ago

    I really respect you both so much more after this video. I do relate so much of how you want to make people happy but you need to realise that you are not responsible for anyone else happiness but YOU OWN! I know it's hard but you need to let go and live your life for you. And yes travel more 😊 Come over to UK!!!

  • Melissa Sibley
    Melissa Sibley Day ago

    Wow, great video. Now this I would watch! New sub.

  • Okwerd
    Okwerd Day ago

    You guys aren’t robots, you have emotions and normal functions of people. Please take a break and process life. You need it, you deserve it.