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Acclaim Entertainment 'Hall of Shame' (Zero Punctuation)

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
  • This week Yahtzee provides us with a history lesson on the many mishaps of Acclaim Entertainment.
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  • Gaming

Comments • 868

  • Escapist
    Escapist  Month ago +145

    Watch this week's episode on Wolfenstein: Youngblood early at the link:

  • skyler mosby
    skyler mosby 10 days ago

    Now do Rockstar

  • Ryusuta
    Ryusuta 11 days ago

    I don't know what you're talking about. I think they lived up to their moniker of "Ack, lame!" admirably.

  • Avi Haltmann CTSW
    Avi Haltmann CTSW 11 days ago

    Funny enough, I went on a gap year program called Aardvark purely because it would be the top search

  • LordYggdrasill
    LordYggdrasill 12 days ago

    I wouldn't be opposed to naming my son Turok.

  • Jefferson Maverick
    Jefferson Maverick 12 days ago +1

    Corrections: The dead goat was for GOW2. The Shadow Man 2 campaign had actual volunteers, but it would've required too much workload to do so. Gladiator was thought of, but thankfully didn't go through (Quite ahead of its time despite its idiocy). BMX XXX is a fascinating story on its own.
    Yeah, Acclaim weren't the brightest lamps around. Only most of their N64 and GC outputs & Fur Fighters were worth it in the end. Good riddance. Hacklame is more appropriate.

  • Jeff Bumgravy
    Jeff Bumgravy 13 days ago

    I liked Acclaim's insanity

  • VeNoMziV
    VeNoMziV 14 days ago

    Haha what a good video

  • TSH
    TSH 14 days ago

    Bethesda offered free games to anyone willing to name their child dovakhin

  • Brithwyr
    Brithwyr 15 days ago +1

    Wow. Yahtzee does more research than actual game journalists.

  • A C
    A C 15 days ago

    How did you actually miss the best part? Acclaim tried to get its way back into the industry after going bankrupt and subsequently getting their company back somehow and tried getting into the whole free mmo craze, only to go bankrupt yet again. For real, though, what happened to Turok was a shame. I thought 1, 2 and rage wars were both amazing games. Shame 3 and evolution were such massive disasters.

  • BioActiveScout 629
    BioActiveScout 629 19 days ago

    Yahtzee you prat, there was practically no error in Turok: Evolution besides that marketing campaign

  • Mrkabrat
    Mrkabrat 19 days ago +1

    Reality surpasses fiction in such ways I never thought possible

  • Umar Wazir
    Umar Wazir 20 days ago +1

    The jingle is back! Yay!

  • S'Jet Xie
    S'Jet Xie 21 day ago +1

    Please make an episode of retarded moment with Zoe Quinn

  • Robson Pommer
    Robson Pommer 27 days ago +1

    Jesus F Christ... though i knew those stories, i'd never realized they were all from Acclaim! Are you sure their P.R. weren't killing goats for Santa Monica studios?

  • sonicwingnut
    sonicwingnut 27 days ago +5

    In the UK Acclaim basically became Atomic Planet - a company I had the misfortune to briefly work for (somehow getting in on a work experience job) in the early 2000s. While a few of the guys there were great I was stuck helping out on Miami Vice for PS2. Holy shit was that a dumpster fire of a game. They also told us at one point they wanted to make a Vietnam war FPS, but we had about 9 weeks to do it.. no that is not a typo. Basically there was some decent talent there but one of the producers was a complete arsehole with literally no idea what the fuck he was doing. They actually put me in a designer position which again was mental because I was pretty damn inexperienced.

  • Morgan Bush
    Morgan Bush 27 days ago +1

    God, The Vicar of Dibley. That's a callback and a half.

  • Morgan Bush
    Morgan Bush 27 days ago

    Please be... please be... please be... YES!

  • Aindreás The Vulgar Irishman

    God I miss the Turok series... well the first 2 games... maybe the third, but only cause it had the gun that fired black holes. Remember how happy we were when Doom came back and we could kill interestingly designed demons again? No more shooting at little brown terrorists or fighting the same 4 types of zombie (normal, fast, tank, the one that explodes) over and over again. We actually had a proper fucking selection of enemies that we could fight with a fuckload of weapons that we could hold more than two of at a time.
    Well, Turok had aliens of all shapes and sizes (cyborg insects, giant ape monsters, giant blind savages with super senses), time displaced barbarians and cybernetically enhanced dinosaur mutants! It also had like... ALL the weapons! When I think about the sheer variety of weapons in Turok 2 alone I can feel my trousers tightening. Name another FPS that has a Xena warrior princess Chakram and a portable Nuke rifle that kills every thing in your area of the map?! Not to mention the upgrades! Only game I know where you can get an upgraded version of the hand to hand weapon.
    Anyway, I just want a complete revival of how we used to do FPS games back in the day with the tech we have now, is that so wrong?

  • DataProwler
    DataProwler 28 days ago

    Ah yes, I remember the conversation Yahtzee had with Vie during the Darksider 3 twitch post-ZP on this topic. Conversation was one of the more notable things that stream, with how the gameplay was. Or was it the Devil May Cry 5 post-ZP?

  • SidheKnight
    SidheKnight 29 days ago

    BMX XXX sounds like a fun game..

    INDIAN CASUAL GAMER 29 days ago

    Abbe Randi ke bacche kya bakke ja Raha hai..

  • Cederva Arepel
    Cederva Arepel Month ago

    5:57 looks like the youtube upload guy isnt doing his job

  • SonicBoom AXA
    SonicBoom AXA Month ago

    I'm surprised Yahtzee didn't mention the one good game from Acclaim, namely Re-Volt. For anyone who doesn't know, it was a racing game about RC cars.

  • Zolpi Diem
    Zolpi Diem Month ago

    Shadow Man 1 was such a good fucking game that nobody played.

  • sclSolitarium
    sclSolitarium Month ago

    “Let’s all laugh at an industry / that never learns anything TEE HEE HEE!”
    Greatest. Jingle. Ever!

  • Caliggy Jack
    Caliggy Jack Month ago

    Turok Evolution is a great game you take that back

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    Acorn Entertainment oh yeah

  • Nicholas Rusanoff
    Nicholas Rusanoff Month ago

    Meh.... boring points. Hyperbole was a failures are marketing were meh. I FUCKING WILL EAT CHILDREN BELOVED TO A “MARKETING”

  • MonsterHunter 66
    MonsterHunter 66 Month ago

    Turok: Evolution is one of my favorite games ever.

  • SpyderDragonDude
    SpyderDragonDude Month ago

    RIP Dave

  • kaelibw34
    kaelibw34 Month ago

    Also, anyone find it kind of sad that the turok thing didn’t work for acclaim but the dovakin thing worked for Bethesda?

  • kaelibw34
    kaelibw34 Month ago +2

    I laughed my ass off at that courtroom scene. Dunno why but I find it hilarious

    • guguy00
      guguy00 15 days ago

      "I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK YOUR HONOR" That cracked me up like mad. You're not alone.

  • The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    i got a super nintendo recently, Acclaim defined 'hit and miss'

  • Josny13
    Josny13 Month ago

    1:20 That one was reserved for whatever would split off of acclaim. But no amount of cell splitting was going to help them survive.

  • Matouš Mančík
    Matouš Mančík Month ago

    Will you make video on "My Lovely Daugther", please?

  • Dank Potatoes
    Dank Potatoes Month ago +4

    You gonna do Fire Emblem: Three Houses?
    Might finally explain the ancient riddle of "Who the hell is Marth" from the Super Smash Bros Review

    • ZanaLyrander
      ZanaLyrander Month ago

      Be fair, that still won’t answer that question. Though in all seriousness I would be interested to hear his opinion on Fire Emblem. On the one hand, he hates JRPGs and visual novel style dialogue. On the other hand, he’s frequently expressed enthusiasm for turn based strategy games. Honestly not sure how he’d feel about it, which makes things interesting.

  • BrooklynV
    BrooklynV Month ago

    can you please make a Retro Review on Legacy of Kain Defiance or the whole series? it's the best fkn game ever and still much playable due to its amazing dialogue and story and artstyle

  • Xanider
    Xanider Month ago

    have you done Ark: survival evolved yet? i can't find it if you did. :P

  • angeldeb82
    angeldeb82 Month ago

    So very funny with the funny jokes and the imps and stuff! XD Oh, and nice N.W.A. and Grinch references! :D

  • Sky Meersman
    Sky Meersman Month ago

    You should do Deep Rock Galactic.

  • Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter

    The funny part is how many of acclaims ips were sold to Activision

  • TheGreatYukon
    TheGreatYukon Month ago

    He's actually not joking about the pigeons. Sweet Christ I didn't believe it. Bunch of loons ran that advertising department.

  • Klishar122
    Klishar122 Month ago +1

    Want to know who else could benefit from such lessons?

  • XmasWithGuns
    XmasWithGuns Month ago

    International standard book number number... yahtz pls

  • Mark Elders
    Mark Elders Month ago

    Outer Wilds was released on the Epic store earlier this year and I just discovered it. It's something special. Instead of shocking marketing, it seems to have just had... little marketing. Reward the creative game that didn't slaughter a goat to get attention and give it a review.

  • Jonatan Feigel
    Jonatan Feigel Month ago

    Yahtzee, why won't you do Divinity original sin 2?

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein Month ago

    I've never taken this long to watch a single ZP episode. I had to pause and google all of these ridiculous things and yeah nah they were fucking true

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein Month ago +1

    Oh how I've missed that jingle

  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman Month ago +1

    Say what you will about Acclaim's absurd PR stunts: they at least made being a games journalist at the time hilarious. I can't see anyone in the press seats at E3 these days cracking jokes about Ubisoft advertising the new Sassy Creedo with tattooed eagles, or their next Tom Clancy vehicle with monogrammed bullets, or something similarly ill-advised -- sure, they still do stupid marketing stunts, but they're not as funny.

  • AlexanderDraconis
    AlexanderDraconis Month ago

    Ahhhhh, I never tire of that jingle. I love learning about people stupider than I.

  • E.LA.O
    E.LA.O Month ago

    Amazing how these developers and publishers do the most insane thing.

  • Paul Chapman
    Paul Chapman Month ago

    0:20 for reference, see the Zero Punctuation videos about E.T, Daikatana, Capcom 5, the 5th console generation, and the Hot Coffee scandal.

  • Luke Daniels
    Luke Daniels Month ago

    How, why would anybody give this a thumbs down ? You would have to be a fucking moron.

  • Firenter
    Firenter Month ago

    Huh, I seem to remember them publishing an MMO in the late 2000's that was trying to do a "free to play but with a subscription as well" kinda model

    EDIT: Just looked it up, apparently somebody bought the name in 2005 and then started pumping out MMOs and making no actual money off them and then shut down in 2010

  • Why Name?
    Why Name? Month ago

    Tbh, Turok wouldn't even be that bad of a name.

  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell Month ago

    Don't knock BMX XXX. That game single-handedly got me through at least one year of puberty (pun intended)

  • SkorpyoTFC
    SkorpyoTFC Month ago

    All you'd really need to know about Acclaim is that they spawned the greasy shitbag that made "The Guy Game".

  • RandyLahey54
    RandyLahey54 Month ago

    I'd name my kid Turok for a sack of cash. I'd probably name my kid Turok anyways.

  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands Month ago

    A-C-C-L-A-I-M?!?! THOSE ARE C'S???!?!?! I thought it was AKKLAIM for like 25 years holy crap my mind was just blown and my universe is now collapsing in on itself like a super black hole!

  • Jessi Jinx
    Jessi Jinx Month ago



    Turok Evolution was fucking awesome.

  • Briar Black
    Briar Black Month ago

    I thought evolution was good. Q.Q

  • Pliny the Younger
    Pliny the Younger Month ago

    breakpoint is not something you want to see on a condom.

  • 0x777
    0x777 Month ago

    Here's a novel idea: Take all the money you want to sink on blow and hookers for the marketing guys (actually, thinking about it again, fire those useless twats altogether, that way you free up valuable work time of those that actually work on your games because they no longer have to slap together mock-ups and teasers) and use that money to actually make a game that is more than the same game you dumped on us last year and slap a new number next to the title.
    That just MIGHT work, ya know.

  • MsStevieMarie
    MsStevieMarie Month ago

    I thought the pigeon thing was a joke...

  • Rob Mortimer
    Rob Mortimer Month ago

    So bad. Though Burnout 2 remains a classic.

  • Pixel Silzavon
    Pixel Silzavon Month ago

    My only experience with Acclaim was Re-Volt and Machines, and I thoroughly enjoyed those games.

  • holdbrillan100
    holdbrillan100 Month ago

    Come on maaan ,play outer wilds!!

  • Terry Lynn
    Terry Lynn Month ago

    Yahtzee has been broken since the last E3 or 4 or whatever, please reboot.

  • OathKeeper
    OathKeeper Month ago

    This is the sad part about Zero Punct... Yahtzee doesn’t really swear anymore... Sure swearing is bottom level in comedy if that’s all you got, but with Yahtzee’s charisma he was one of the few people who could make swearing at video games go from ‘Hobby’ to ‘Headline’.

    • OathKeeper
      OathKeeper Month ago

      CheckItOut x I didn’t say he doesn’t periodically swear, but he’s cut them down a hellova lot over the years.

  • Bountiful Botany
    Bountiful Botany Month ago

    So odd how this show is actually BETTER without subtitles
    (even if it's nearly impossible to catch up to whats being said)

    • Horus SC
      Horus SC Month ago

      Speak for yourself... turning the subs on allows you to get the hundreds of references put in every video your automatic mind can't register.
      That is genius.
      You'll understand eventually.

  • SirWaffleburger
    SirWaffleburger Month ago

    Is he going to review Streets of Rogue? I would really like to hear what Yahtzee can complain about.
    Like if you want Zero Punctuation to review Streets of Rogue.

  • Somtaw
    Somtaw Month ago

    To be fair the the "name your baby" thing...worked out alright for Bethesda.

  • lifebarier
    lifebarier Month ago

    That bmx game sounds good.
    ZP sounds like puritan.
    Want to make turd not a turd? Call it modern art you boomer.

  • Simo Vihinen
    Simo Vihinen Month ago

    The John Romero thing: He (according to his story and I see no reason not to believe him) had nothing to do with that poster, unless you have evidence to the contrary stop perpetuating that idea.

    • Simo Vihinen
      Simo Vihinen Month ago

      Facts and also plot twist: in this video, Yahtzee makes it sound like it was Romero's idea.

    • Horus SC
      Horus SC Month ago

      Facts: that ad was published.
      You only need to have been old enough to witness it (or do a smart Google Search),
      but it happened.
      Plot twist: I respect John Romero's work.

  • ChaoticTCGandgames
    ChaoticTCGandgames Month ago

    its been so long i forgot about this occasional poke fun at the games industry. I must confess I got wet trousers from hearing that jingle. good times. 10/10 would teeheehee at acclaim again

  • Nathan Cox
    Nathan Cox Month ago

    Ah Yahtzee, you wonder cynic, my life would incomplete without a regular laugh at the game industry that hasn’t learned anything. And yet they still continue to produce the same pile of AAA Bullsh*t at a regular interval.

  • LordOskuro
    LordOskuro Month ago

    These stunts always beg the question.... Why not spend all that money into making an actually good game?

  • FoxFisch
    FoxFisch Month ago

    Cc kk k

  • Chiefshadow4
    Chiefshadow4 Month ago

    No one gunna mention how awesome extreme G3 was?

  • Jack Netherland
    Jack Netherland Month ago

    Hey, Turok Evolution was a lot of fun!

  • StephySon
    StephySon Month ago

    Tits and bums sounds like the title of a bar

  • Homsar Probably
    Homsar Probably Month ago

    Also never forget Acclaim is responsible for LJN, thief of childhood fun.

  • Mafon2
    Mafon2 Month ago

    My whole life I thought it's AKKlaim.

  • TheNutellarulz
    TheNutellarulz Month ago

    Didnt Bethesda do that shit with skyrim too?

  • azariasthelast
    azariasthelast Month ago

    Anyone remember those parents that had a kid on 1/1/11 and named it dovakiin? I think it’s time Bethesda took a quick trip behind the barn.

  • Jamie Garside
    Jamie Garside Month ago

    There is a company in the games industry w Aardvark - an agency called Aardvark Swift that I did a couple of work experience periods with years ago.

  • CoqPwner
    CoqPwner Month ago is Akklaim above Activision in an alphabetical order Yahtzee ...?

    • CoqPwner
      CoqPwner Month ago

      Oh shit it's actually aCClaim! My mind is blown

  • Vincenzo Pollice
    Vincenzo Pollice Month ago


  • tsartomato
    tsartomato Month ago

    well marketing works for disney these past 100 years

  • Psi Matrix
    Psi Matrix Month ago

    "They moved to the other end of the scale" with Turok, a game featuring dinosaurs :P

  • Secret AgentMan
    Secret AgentMan Month ago

    The sweet sweet jingle is back. Praise Yahtzee

  • ZhoRZh37
    ZhoRZh37 Month ago

    5:30 MacBook?

  • Player Salt
    Player Salt Month ago +1

    I really liked the burnout series

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    Hey Yahtzee ! Could you do a zero punctuation for Dwarf Fortress when it reaches steam ? While not necessarily fully launched , since it will never be , it would be make for an interesting episode .

  • Bob Deinterlace
    Bob Deinterlace Month ago

    Acclaim was also above Accolade, another company formed by ex-Activision employees.

  • ElBloeTigre
    ElBloeTigre Month ago

    I have good memories of Acclaim games from the SNES an N64 era.

  • Sir Lancelot
    Sir Lancelot Month ago

    But.... I really liked Turok Evolution when i was a kid.