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Nick Jonas & The Administration - Conspiracy Theory

  • Published on Apr 5, 2013
  • Music video by Nick Jonas & The Administration performing Conspiracy Theory. Jonas Brothers Recording LLC
  • Music

Comments • 95

  • SandraCasAv
    SandraCasAv 3 days ago

    Conspiracy theory
    Better keep it down
    'Cause the walls are thin
    And the word is out now
    Lock your lip
    Don't you make sound
    'Cause the walls are thin
    And the word is out now
    Better that you didn't know
    Better that they didn't show, that's right
    Probably need to live in fear
    Knowing that the threats are real this time
    Conspiracy theory
    Gonna make you shake
    Don't hit the brake
    No time to waste now
    Like it or leave it
    Better hit the road
    'Cause the one we know
    Is gonna fade away now
    Better that you didn't know
    Better that they didn't show, that's right
    Probably need to live in fear
    Knowing that the threats are real this time
    Conspiracy theory
    Conspiracy theory
    Conspiracy theory
    Better keep it down
    'Cause the walls are thin
    And the word is out now
    Lock your lips
    Don't you make a sound
    'Cause the walls are thin
    And the word is out now
    Better that you didn't know
    Better that they didn't show
    Probably need to live in fear
    Knowing that the threats are real this time

  • Lianna
    Lianna 11 days ago

    watching this makes me wish i could sing and play the guitar, i have one but all i know how to play is spongebob on it and when i sing i sound like a dying cat sooo....

  • dayshawna
    dayshawna 2 months ago

    i can’t believe he wrote and produced this whole record. this was real music, the pop stuff he started doing was not it, it was alright but this is too good to be true

  • AnthonyGamer YT
    AnthonyGamer YT 2 months ago

    i know this song so much

  • Shokhi Masuma
    Shokhi Masuma 3 months ago +6

    Anyone listening May 2019???All the best Jonas brothers.

  • Martin gardner
    Martin gardner 4 months ago

    Nick at MY AGE.

    • Gruff Davies
      Gruff Davies 3 months ago

      When they recorded it’s about time, that’s when he was my age now

  • Daniela Zarate
    Daniela Zarate 4 months ago +1

    I hoped for a sound like this in the new JBros músic and i hope i get it

  • Mikah Moore
    Mikah Moore 4 months ago +1

    I can really appreciate your earlier songs indeed. I am such a fan! Continued on or not, this is good music and it's existence makes me so very happy.

  • Anny Abadeer
    Anny Abadeer 5 months ago

    Yo amaba este nick bien malota alv jaja

  • andre luis berlese rodrigues

    Is this classic trax of rock n' roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Elorreaga
    Pamela Elorreaga 6 months ago

    Odio que su gira con The Administration no haya llegado a Perú 😢, necesito escuchar esto en vivo por Dios 💙

  • TikiBird 98
    TikiBird 98 6 months ago

    I dig on this groove. :-)

  • Luis Flores Jr
    Luis Flores Jr 6 months ago

    Arriba los reptilianos y los illuminatis 🤟🏼

  • DeooRcr
    DeooRcr 8 months ago +1

    I remember listening to this song and the cd so much!!! ... I guess I will put the songs on my phone and played them a hundred times lol I'm sad now I wish he'd still make this type of music.

  • Karina Rodrigues
    Karina Rodrigues 9 months ago

    Quando o Nick era um artista completo e não um cantor topper

  • Sayuri Cascard
    Sayuri Cascard Year ago

    Favorita por siempre♡

  • Bryan Herrera
    Bryan Herrera Year ago


  • Mariana Magliani
    Mariana Magliani Year ago

    I miss you

  • Canal Jaque Louvores & Adoração

    Conspiracy Theory 💖

  • Joseph Bech
    Joseph Bech Year ago +4

    this was real music bro idk what hapenned. he is doing shitty pop stuff now

  • brenda idfc
    brenda idfc Year ago

    Esos agudos papi

  • brenda idfc
    brenda idfc Year ago

    Esos agudos papi.

  • Yessica Caballero
    Yessica Caballero Year ago +1

    extraño esta era de Nick Jonas 😣😣😣

  • Ana Cristina Negrete Rangel

    A 25 personas revisemos los oídos.

  • Lynn Dulcio
    Lynn Dulcio 2 years ago +1

    appearance wise he glo'd up...however talent wise he glo'd down

  • Nicole Gonzalez
    Nicole Gonzalez 2 years ago

    miss u!

  • Anna yeeyee
    Anna yeeyee 2 years ago +35

    I wish nick Jonas and the administration stayed together...

    • Martin gardner
      Martin gardner 4 months ago +1

      @Samia Shafiq The BROTHERS Are. Who knows? Maybe Nick and the Administration will make a 2nd album and then there'll be some kind of cool tour that's both Nick with his brothers and Nick and the Administration.

    • Samia Shafiq
      Samia Shafiq 6 months ago

      Well know they are togehter

  • Anna Jonatic
    Anna Jonatic 3 years ago +8

    I remembered this song because the concert with the Administration that you gave last night. We miss that kind of music...

  • Estefani jonaslovato 5H

    esos tiempos....

  • Walter Montiel
    Walter Montiel 3 years ago +11

    The only thing this guy has done that is listenable.

  • Priscila Medina
    Priscila Medina 3 years ago +3

    Forever in my heart❤

  • Keyli de la Cruz
    Keyli de la Cruz 3 years ago

    i miss him :c

  • Anto Cobain
    Anto Cobain 3 years ago +11

    Esto es lejos mucho mejor de lo que hace ahora, que paso Nick? :(

    • Katherine Romero
      Katherine Romero 5 months ago

      lamentablmente la gente no aprecia lo bueno y no vendio lo suficiente

  • Mulu - La Gaveta Secreta
    Mulu - La Gaveta Secreta 3 years ago +15

    Tu mejor epoca Nick, amaria que tocaras esto de nuevo

  • Sarah Rebeca
    Sarah Rebeca 4 years ago +50

    It is ridiculous how people can regress ... That's a great music

  • Anabel
    Anabel 4 years ago +2

    The only song that I like from Nick

  • val
    val 4 years ago +38

    This is Nick, people

  • Violeeta
    Violeeta 4 years ago +85

    this is the nick jonas I knew this was his real essence! I miss you so much !!!

  • Sarah Jaundrill
    Sarah Jaundrill 4 years ago +14

    haven't listened to these songs for ages

  • Scarlet Contreras
    Scarlet Contreras 4 years ago +6

    Esto es música, Nick es puro talento ♥ extraño sus hermosos rizos

  • kathy araos
    kathy araos 5 years ago +8

    Extraño esos momentos): en donde nick hacia sus proyectos pero jonas brothers aún existía ): nanai ):

  • María Noguera
    María Noguera 5 years ago +3

    Que estas esperando para sacar wedding bells?

  • Ana Mar
    Ana Mar 5 years ago

    Jaja Yea! Amo a este Nickkk

  • 1151dolphinlover
    1151dolphinlover 5 years ago

    I have no words for this talent!!! 2:22 HIS SMILE!!!!!!!!! I love you and miss tour curly hair!!! :))))))

  • Shanti Maynard
    Shanti Maynard 5 years ago

    why we need to leave in fear when we know that the treat are real ?!

  • Chechusita07
    Chechusita07 5 years ago

  • Valentina Osorio Fierro
    Valentina Osorio Fierro 5 years ago +10

    Great music, great musicians , great singer , great song

  • Vanessa Bayona
    Vanessa Bayona 6 years ago

    Happy Birthday baby!!!! I Love You.

  • glupi glupavi
    glupi glupavi 6 years ago

    youtube. com

  • glupi glupavi
    glupi glupavi 6 years ago


  • Aurélie Beauvilain
    Aurélie Beauvilain 6 years ago

    j'adore cette musique, elle envoie un son très rock'n roll qui donne la pêche !!!

  • constanza varas
    constanza varas 6 years ago

    Lo amo 3 es tan talentoso 3

  • Iri Garcia
    Iri Garcia 6 years ago

    debería sacar otro disco :D

  • ZergeHD
    ZergeHD 6 years ago

    If I was gay I would go out with 1 of them

  • Diana HGarcia
    Diana HGarcia 6 years ago

    su voz como la hace asi de aguditaa aaah :$

  • Beatriz Santamaria
    Beatriz Santamaria 6 years ago


  • PaoVolkova
    PaoVolkova 6 years ago +1

    ME CONVULSIONOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elin Johnsson
    Elin Johnsson 6 years ago

    He is too good!!!!

  • Chris Molyneaux
    Chris Molyneaux 6 years ago

    Nicky Ray Vaughan?

  • Nancy Pamela Ortiz Martín

    C; ;3

  • Irresis Tible
    Irresis Tible 6 years ago +1


    TEIOKISSBR 6 years ago


  • Nicole Sepulveda
    Nicole Sepulveda 6 years ago +1

    nick jonas es un musico excelente! lo amo!!!

  • Mei Chu
    Mei Chu 6 years ago

    this is awesome !!!!! just noticed the guitarist is left handed....

  • Breem Michelli
    Breem Michelli 6 years ago +1

    Es taaan hermoso,diossssssss..Como me podes Nicholas.

  • Lau Contreras
    Lau Contreras 6 years ago

    Amo la voZ de Nicholas toda fcvbgdsjjk me derrite

  • Oriannie Vera
    Oriannie Vera 6 years ago


  • Lizy_jonas
    Lizy_jonas 6 years ago

    this songs deserve much more views!

  • Jhóselin Narváez
    Jhóselin Narváez 6 years ago +2

    siempre hay un idiota!!! quien es el sordo que puso el NO MEGUSTA yo le pago el doctor para que se haga revisar!!

  • Sofia4Jonas
    Sofia4Jonas 6 years ago

    Esta canción es tan adjskjsks el sonido la amo :3

  • Insomnio
    Insomnio 6 years ago


  • Sofia Velardez Pizzirussi

    i love it i love it i love it!! Nick es tan perfecto DIOS me enamore del tecladista le pone la re onda me encanta jajaja

  • Angie Hemm
    Angie Hemm 6 years ago

    Al fin disponibles en latinoamerica!! yeeeeeiiiii

  • Ms. Vee
    Ms. Vee 6 years ago

    Yo quiero el video de Stay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • l e n
    l e n 6 years ago

    amo esta canción es mi favorita, si si :')

  • TheMorganenglandream
    TheMorganenglandream 6 years ago

    OMFG NICK *___*

  • Andrea Infante
    Andrea Infante 6 years ago


  • Laura Jonas
    Laura Jonas 6 years ago

    ♥♥♥♥♥ dshjasdhasjd DEMASIADO PLOBNRG!!

  • gabice
    gabice 6 years ago

    ay Nicholas, te amo

  • Katie's Awkward Life
    Katie's Awkward Life 6 years ago

  • Floor Velasquez
    Floor Velasquez 6 years ago


  • malena
    malena 6 years ago

    lo amo al bebeeeeeeee

  • camilas stayer
    camilas stayer 6 years ago

    Ahora si está disponible el vídeo

  • Iputjerryonmy back
    Iputjerryonmy back 6 years ago

    Where's pompom video?

  • mindy5279
    mindy5279 6 years ago


  • Serena Royce
    Serena Royce 6 years ago

    Love you so much

  • Courtney Govan
    Courtney Govan 6 years ago

    First Comment What.

  • Courtney Govan
    Courtney Govan 6 years ago