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Rick Ross & T-Pain Hit Stage To Perform Maybach Music, Boss & More! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Rick Ross & T-Pain bring back some classics with Mayback Music, Boss, Hustlin, Stay Schemin’ and more! #HipHopAwards #HipHopAwards2019
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Comments • 2 916

  • Dez Johnson
    Dez Johnson Day ago

    Man nobody support black like black ppl

  • Vlogs Alin
    Vlogs Alin Day ago

    i think im big meech , that dj doing like a fking crow , BET networks , fire that stupid DJ lol

  • Great Bajor
    Great Bajor Day ago

    I love this performance from my big brother Rick Ross

  • MrBlactye
    MrBlactye Day ago

    Ross killed section

  • Mid-Land Radio Blog Online

    Rick Ross performance on point

  • Peter Asfaha
    Peter Asfaha Day ago

    What about Aston Martin Music ?

  • Tyrell Johnson
    Tyrell Johnson Day ago


  • Dee Dee Day
    Dee Dee Day Day ago


  • Henry Elliott
    Henry Elliott Day ago

    Superbowl 2020????

  • Stephon Hines
    Stephon Hines Day ago

    Black men don’t cheat

  • Truth in Life Woken


  • Good and Great
    Good and Great Day ago

    I like 500 pound No shirt Ross

  • Good and Great
    Good and Great Day ago

    Richard Ricardo Ross Jr The 3rd, nicca stupid


    Great job ross💯💯💯💯

  • Will C
    Will C Day ago

    Ross just stunted on his colleagues real quick

  • Sibusiso Dladla
    Sibusiso Dladla Day ago

    Was hoping he would include high definition and Turnpike Ike ....... Ross catalogue is fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Taylor Bonnie
    Taylor Bonnie Day ago

    Tpqin can really sing no auto tune needed

  • Arturo Aguilar
    Arturo Aguilar Day ago

    Rick Ross Got Showed The Most Love Cuz He A Legend

  • jharris187
    jharris187 Day ago




  • We did For reason

    Nobody :Dababy was over the bet
    Rick : please ...👋🏾

  • Red Lamont
    Red Lamont Day ago

    A true iconic legend !!!! The real BOSS !!!!!!!

  • Ninos Khouchaba
    Ninos Khouchaba Day ago

    All yall only talking abouy ross yall fogetting my boy pain????

  • Charles Onwukwe Jr

    *THROW YA MAMA UP* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jarusse Bentley
    Jarusse Bentley Day ago

    How it all started fam..

  • Fredricco Norman

    DJ, gotta go buddy

  • Tommy Bundy
    Tommy Bundy Day ago

    He should of performed that Rich Forever tape, lit but this was dope 💯

  • Modfather 3
    Modfather 3 Day ago

    And that was only an 8th of his hits

  • Delores Williams


  • Igor Guilherme
    Igor Guilherme Day ago

    T pain 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Jaden Pearce
    Jaden Pearce Day ago

    This is bad

    GRNCRK Day ago


  • Shaquille Barrington

    Welcome to a memory lane performance🔥💯

  • daekin moud
    daekin moud Day ago

    T-Pain killed it!

  • Mickfury
    Mickfury Day ago

    You kno Rick Ross was havin fun wit this

  • TheTshoC
    TheTshoC Day ago

    rICKY Ross mudhara

  • Linda Gray
    Linda Gray Day ago

    305 WHAT'S UP!!!! 3054L⚘⚘

  • Niccxxon
    Niccxxon Day ago

    There was Rozay before Future started his thing lol

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu Day ago

    Hardest performance of 2010 hands down

  • Sky Ennis
    Sky Ennis Day ago

    So he diden perform paradise lost

  • Kaykay Tee
    Kaykay Tee Day ago

    FLA Baby ❤️

  • M Bailey
    M Bailey Day ago

    Sooo classy

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu Day ago

      This man did take over Jamaica but kartel stop him

  • Lalaforreal Forrealforreal

    People stay in the gym staying fit pays off

  • BlackAdam
    BlackAdam Day ago

    Big up to Rosé for sounding like his records! Dope performance.
    T-Pain Underrated/Underappreciated

  • Juice Willis
    Juice Willis Day ago

    Where green Gucci shoes at?

  • CPGoat #3
    CPGoat #3 Day ago

    I wish he did devil in a new dress and Ashton martin music too.

  • CPGoat #3
    CPGoat #3 Day ago

    all these hater gonna respect rozay eventually. It's inevitable.

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G Day ago

    Was nick cannon in the background screaming?

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G Day ago

    Why is the crowd so lame... T pain is doing it

  • Marcio Adriano Sutil

    Caralho, tem um bosta com a voz fina que fica gritando no meio da apresentação ( acho que é no dj ) ... Que cara irritante

  • Dead Silence
    Dead Silence Day ago

    The DJ Adlibs Are Crazy LMAO

  • William Mesape
    William Mesape Day ago

    Man this performance is so lit 🔥

  • Meekee Me
    Meekee Me Day ago

    This hype man is taking me out😳🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Yung Rico
    Yung Rico Day ago

    Yung Rico - Be Nothing (Official Music Video)

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu Day ago

      Rick Ross is cool.....but I can't help but notice....the longer he's affiliated with Wale, the more he "borrows" his swag.

  • lashon turner
    lashon turner Day ago


    KING FIRE Day ago

    Pain & Ross classic, Dope shhhht, waddup SLaB..

  • Damion Thorpe
    Damion Thorpe Day ago

    This man did take over Jamaica but kartel stop him

  • Tiffany A
    Tiffany A Day ago

    Reppin the 305. Been following Rick Ross since he was chilling at Carol Mart. Another legend

  • Suga Shane
    Suga Shane Day ago

    Imagine if Drake came out during Stay Schemin

  • Tris Matu
    Tris Matu Day ago

    Those women are beautiful

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Day ago

    Best performance of the night other than Rhapsody...

  • yasskjmonimel
    yasskjmonimel Day ago

    Stop lying .....

  • Gianna Richardson

    Kill it

  • Mansa musa
    Mansa musa Day ago

    T pain, Tallahassee FL Stand up

  • Rsap Green
    Rsap Green Day ago

    For a big guy his breath control is crazy, and is voice sounds just like it do on the radio...... Rozay!

  • Kiko Haziek Montanna

    Rick Ross é foda😍🔥🔥

  • Julio F
    Julio F Day ago

    can somebody name the tracks he spit here??

  • Chad Grauke
    Chad Grauke Day ago

    So is "Maybach" referring to something that isn't the car? I was waiting for someone to tell them they're pronouncing it wrong. Unless I'm wrong and some dude is named Maybach or something.

  • justinewest87
    justinewest87 Day ago

    Rick Ross is cool.....but I can't help but notice....the longer he's affiliated with Wale, the more he "borrows" his swag.

    K1NG_ DIPLOMATS Day ago

    Lil kim know all the words to her song. O my bad perodically Rick ross did, Performace was sensational

  • Chanice Simmons
    Chanice Simmons Day ago

    Dropped 100lbs and now u wanna keep your shirt on??🤔

  • Young Ravioli
    Young Ravioli Day ago

    Like everybody else, they don't get acknowledged after their careers or death...

  • Derijuan Wise
    Derijuan Wise Day ago

    The end omg that beat nasty asf facts

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi Day ago

    Rick Ross makes luxury music he makes you feel rich or that you can be 🍾💯 💴

  • pbtwix93
    pbtwix93 Day ago

    Florida introducing Florida

  • Draya C
    Draya C Day ago

    Classics bring back memories‼️‼️‼️‼️ Da Boss💯

  • Candace Butler
    Candace Butler Day ago


  • Sanchi Hawkenrath

    He Stole The Show.

  • Ghost_shawn11
    Ghost_shawn11 Day ago


  • Daewoo Lanos
    Daewoo Lanos Day ago

    I wish drake came out and did his verse on stay scheaming

  • DJ Xaddy
    DJ Xaddy Day ago

    Rozay had the spot goin 🆙🆙🆙

  • Ronnie Hill
    Ronnie Hill Day ago +1

    So I went back and bumped every song!!!! I swear it took me back dog!!🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  • DENO Domino
    DENO Domino Day ago

    Boss came in like Superfly 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

    ORONA ARCE Day ago

    Bro BET suck!

  • K J
    K J Day ago

    My college classmate! Will “Rickey Rose’😍😍😍

  • Diae Laamarti
    Diae Laamarti Day ago +1

    The crowd boring as hell, come on those hits...

  • Ray Fred
    Ray Fred Day ago

    Tpain brangn back baggy jeans for the real💪💪

    JENEVOLENT Day ago

    Rick Ross one of the greatest. Cadence, word play, and one of the best beat selection of most artist. His music sounds so luxe

  • for you
    for you Day ago +1


  • Prophett Music
    Prophett Music Day ago

    Rozaaay!! Boss. Even the dancers on point.

  • Tee Nicole
    Tee Nicole Day ago +1

    Rick Ross voice is so damn sexy!!!

  • Shirley Cox
    Shirley Cox Day ago

    Ross really is awesome

  • BruteForceGaming

    fire the dj. that squawking was to much



  • olnice P
    olnice P Day ago

    This performance brought a nostalgic feeling.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • DJ Hollywood
    DJ Hollywood Day ago

    Out every one on the mic at this show was so of beat only rick was in point

  • Decutta
    Decutta 2 days ago

    The Boss!! And the most slept on!!

  • DU0ZA
    DU0ZA 2 days ago

    Black men don’t ... what?? I’m black black black ..yea just so u know .....

  • Octavia Flowers
    Octavia Flowers 2 days ago

    Tpain need to go on the Rick Ross diet

  • Jacques Diene
    Jacques Diene 2 days ago

    Hype man gotta shut up man!