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Jonas Brothers - S.O.S. (Live on The Today Show / 2019)

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • S.O.S. (Live on The Today Show / 2019)

    Happiness Begins available everywhere now:

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  • Kaleigh Spetta
    Kaleigh Spetta 6 days ago

    more of this

  • AmethystGMD
    AmethystGMD 7 days ago

    Now we just need Demi to sing This is Me and La La Land, and for Zac and Vanessa to sing Breaking Free

  • Mary Lickona
    Mary Lickona 9 days ago

    YAAAAAAASSSSS Jo Bros killin it over here!!! Just curious, does anyone know the names of their back-up vocalists??

  • Evron grant
    Evron grant 10 days ago

    Why Kevin look like someone’s father

    • AkemiHikari
      AkemiHikari 10 days ago

      Technically he is a father... he has 2 daughters.

  • Rafaela Sousa
    Rafaela Sousa 11 days ago +1

    Joe’s hair ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Prof. Dr. Raman K Jha
    Prof. Dr. Raman K Jha 13 days ago +1

    I love you all wanted to see your concert for 3 years but I live in India

  • Taya Cartwright
    Taya Cartwright 15 days ago

    kevins voice YUM !!!

  • redroix -
    redroix - 15 days ago

    🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 🏳️‍🌈 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Érica Regina
    Érica Regina 17 days ago

    Ainda não tô acreditando no que eu tô vendo ❤

  • dla11506
    dla11506 19 days ago

    girls like it, one cant argue with that!

  • Karl Sandin
    Karl Sandin 21 day ago

    This is trash

  • Rudy Mairena
    Rudy Mairena 21 day ago +1

    That’s a big bulge Joe 😍

  • Demba Freestyle
    Demba Freestyle 21 day ago

    L E G E N D !

  • Maria Justice
    Maria Justice 23 days ago


  • kya haze
    kya haze 24 days ago +1

    Since camp rock joe always be my crush...and will never change 4ever

  • Rafaela Morais
    Rafaela Morais 25 days ago


  • lydia haddadj
    lydia haddadj 26 days ago +1

    God i'm falling in love with them over again , I'm so happy they're together again a dream came true , the teenage me is jumping from joooooy nich is so gorgeous and Joe's voice is just woooow Kevin is also amaziiiing 😘😘😘💗💗💗

  • Jean Marie Verdadero
    Jean Marie Verdadero 26 days ago

    Huhu i miss them

  • Malachi_Jewels
    Malachi_Jewels 26 days ago +1

    there voices are so much deeper, listening to both versions

  • Deddy Yan Setiawan
    Deddy Yan Setiawan 26 days ago

    very goosebumb because i watch original mv at my age 15 and now my age 25 so happy they are still active not disband

  • Anilu Amador
    Anilu Amador 28 days ago +1

    Amo a los jonas desde que empezaron 2005 Nick jonas siempre a sido mi favorito y lo sigue siendo yo tenia13 años y 2007 se hicieronmas famosos

  • lessliee
    lessliee Month ago

    2 year old me is yelling

  • AlexTrainspotterHD
    AlexTrainspotterHD Month ago

    The Jonas brother should of never broken up they are perfect together but I can see why they broke up to see if there solo career would of work which it didn't really

  • Isabela Moreira
    Isabela Moreira Month ago

    Loved the girl with the brazilian flag

  • Trey Wiley
    Trey Wiley Month ago +2

    @1:50 I was anticipating that “YEEEAH OOOOOH!” heading into the last hook but it just don’t hit the same. :(

  • Laura 2k17
    Laura 2k17 Month ago

    my heart is happy.

  • Yvonne Huerta
    Yvonne Huerta Month ago

    Kevin singing
    Me: :0

  • Tami Calderón Chong

    I love you! So happy you are back

  • 하야
    하야 Month ago

    와씨... 와씨 나 이걸 왜 이제본거냐 ㅜㅜ

  • anais olivares
    anais olivares Month ago

    ahhh siempre serán mis bebés!!!!!!!!! :')

  • Luisana Agreda
    Luisana Agreda Month ago

    lo amooooo

  • Maryann Riddle
    Maryann Riddle Month ago

    My high school self would be so happy to see them back together now.

  • Видио от Малинки

    Кто здесь русский лайк 👍

  • Mykenna knox2
    Mykenna knox2 Month ago

    U can see joes teleprompter at 2:01 it just makes me love him more

  • Sparkle Darling
    Sparkle Darling Month ago

    You guys remind me of my old and beautiful childhood days. Please come to Germany so I can see you live 💜😁

  • kenya rose94
    kenya rose94 Month ago

    JB Forever ❤️❤️❤️

  • hey there
    hey there Month ago

    Everybody's talking about Nick but Joe is the hottest brother😎

  • Camila Marinho
    Camila Marinho Month ago

    Old is Gold ♡

  • Jackson Langlois
    Jackson Langlois Month ago +1

    This is so AWESOME

  • Lorena Roldan
    Lorena Roldan Month ago

    Ahhhhhhhh I love them

  • Gema contreras
    Gema contreras Month ago

    Getting ready to go to the concert tonight, warming up ❤️❤️❤️ still can’t believe it

  • BowtieNerd
    BowtieNerd Month ago


  • Nick Rosa
    Nick Rosa Month ago

    “Conversation on I.M.” Where’d the time go 😭

  • Dr. Chandan Gumra
    Dr. Chandan Gumra Month ago +1


  • Benjamin Keenan
    Benjamin Keenan Month ago +1

    i love all of you guys and I can sing the next song with you guys and I can sing a song all by myself all of the time and I which that you guys come to Florida

  • uh ha ha
    uh ha ha Month ago

    I've always loved Kevin and I still do. I want to see them live sometime in Sep because it's close to my birthday but this bitch broke.

  • Ma Kleven
    Ma Kleven Month ago

    You've been to jumanji 😊

  • yose Pérez
    yose Pérez Month ago

    Woow 2019 no me lo esperaba ! saludos desde Uruguay
    Gran recuerdo de la infancia

  • Ian Gokan
    Ian Gokan Month ago

    His pants are too tight...or is it???

  • therese kimberly
    therese kimberly Month ago


  • therese kimberly
    therese kimberly Month ago

    They're finally letting KEVIN SING. I'M LIVING FOR THIS

  • therese kimberly
    therese kimberly Month ago


  • therese kimberly
    therese kimberly Month ago

    those first ten seconds still shake me lol

  • Anilu Amador
    Anilu Amador Month ago


  • Heather Bingham
    Heather Bingham Month ago

    I love that they are singing old stuff too, like it's only been a year since they split 😍😍

  • Daniela Rendon
    Daniela Rendon Month ago

    Estoy completamente enamorada de estos tontos.

  • Matteo DBZ
    Matteo DBZ Month ago +1

    Wow camp rock 3 looks great

  • Casper Greene
    Casper Greene Month ago +2

    You guys should react to covers of this song!

  • JustAPedal
    JustAPedal Month ago

    That drummer god damnnn...

  • Bennyto Camelot
    Bennyto Camelot Month ago +2

    they should do a collab or a remake with rascal flatts :p

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Month ago

    Currently looking at the jonas brothers as the beatles

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Month ago +1

    I remember my older sister's watching these boys on "walts disney channel" including the movie's "camp rocks, childhood memory's

  • Christy Tekus
    Christy Tekus Month ago +7

    It’s good to see that Joe’s fashion sense is also still in 2009 😂

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin Month ago

    Glad to have you back 😊😀

  • Kris Lively Lively
    Kris Lively Lively Month ago +1

    Bring back the tambourine Joe music is just not same without it

  • tasnim tassou
    tasnim tassou 2 months ago

    Hi i'm from tunisia in it you have a lot of fan can you visit us that will be amazing i love you so much guy but I'm waitting your song with charlie puth or selena gomez

  • Fall0uT gamer :
    Fall0uT gamer : 2 months ago

    Nice telecaster rip off

  • Haiqa Shahid
    Haiqa Shahid 2 months ago


  • CoolKid BraDude
    CoolKid BraDude 2 months ago +1

    Who remembers when Joe said he can’t grow a mustache in the Burning Up music video.

    Looks like he was wrong.

  • Joseph DeFilippis
    Joseph DeFilippis 2 months ago

    Who's playing lead guitar on this song?

  • Turq_ Todiella15
    Turq_ Todiella15 2 months ago

    1:39 -1:52 😍😍

  • Turq_ Todiella15
    Turq_ Todiella15 2 months ago +1


  • T Tr
    T Tr 2 months ago +1

    Hmph am I the Only one who thinks NICK is better?🤔

  • Leah Carey
    Leah Carey 2 months ago +1

    How can joe dress like a grandpa and still be attractive??😭

  • Orsolya Kiss
    Orsolya Kiss 2 months ago +1

    So weird that mature men singing my fav teenage boy band's song... Love this. 😁

  • aquafckface
    aquafckface 2 months ago +2

    This is REAL music

  • Autumn Swift
    Autumn Swift 2 months ago +1

    The 6 year old me is SCREAMING RN I love you Nick and I am going to your concert cam't WAIT!!!!!!!!😍

  • JK - 08PR - Allan Drive MS (1468)

    The crowd is 22 year olds and not 12 year olds

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago

    I am sure their keyboard player is wonderful However Ryan Listmen needs to make a come back.

  • Isabella Milfont
    Isabella Milfont 2 months ago

    02:02 Brasil representando kkkk

  • Isabella Milfont
    Isabella Milfont 2 months ago

    Eu adoraria ver eles regravando essas musicas antigas, ia ser lindo

  • Benjamin Keenan
    Benjamin Keenan 2 months ago +1

    i love all of you guys and I can sing the next song with you guys and I can sing a song all by myself all of the time

  • ゴンザレスゴンザ


  • Lisa DeL
    Lisa DeL 2 months ago +2

    I took my daughter to this concert when she was 8 and now we’re going again. I think I’m more excited than her 😅

  • burnin' up
    burnin' up 2 months ago +1


  • lego spiderman 200
    lego spiderman 200 2 months ago

    Love there jacket collection for fall😎❤️🌍🌍💪🏼🌏💐

  • Ana Mihai
    Ana Mihai 2 months ago +1

    pause at 1:14 :))))))))) thaaat faaace =]

  • Kosara Milenkova
    Kosara Milenkova 2 months ago

    2:12 ❤️

  • juan Camilo Mera
    juan Camilo Mera 2 months ago

    I never listened to these guys but O can't avoid tearing up to see them back together

  • Elizabeth Belcher
    Elizabeth Belcher 2 months ago +1

    It sounded better when you first sang the song

  • Shadow Black 0
    Shadow Black 0 2 months ago +4

    Joe's voice OMG, so perfect!!!

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson 2 months ago


  • Joaquin Villalovos
    Joaquin Villalovos 2 months ago +4

    This one of the few bands that don’t need auto tune

  • Asma Braham
    Asma Braham 2 months ago +4

    I'm simple person I'm in love with joe's voice with nick's fashion with kevin's personality😊

  • Nikolett Tarsoly
    Nikolett Tarsoly 2 months ago

    ❤❤❤❤ ezen nőttem fel ❤❤❤

  • Lizeth fdz
    Lizeth fdz 2 months ago

    Omg 😍🤗🤗🤗

  • Up N' Go
    Up N' Go 2 months ago

    Hey! We're Up n' Go! A brazilian pop band based in Seattle! We just released our new single "La La Love" about love and positivty and it would mean the world if u guys could check it out! Much love to y'all anyways!

  • Aylwin Sta Rosa
    Aylwin Sta Rosa 2 months ago +2

    Let’s make a complication of Jona’s brothers saying “Yeah”

  • Mauricio Caldas
    Mauricio Caldas 2 months ago