Jonas Brothers - Year 3000

  • Published on Mar 29, 2013
    Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Year 3000. (C) 2006 Hollywood Records, Inc.

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  • MrPheasant69
    MrPheasant69 7 hours ago

    That break down tho

  • Sizzla Fan Benita
    Sizzla Fan Benita 8 hours ago

    why Joe Jonas going so hard

  • Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia
    Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia 15 hours ago +1

    oh dang young nick jonas has a jesse eisenberg look
    still cant believe this is the dude who sang jealous(which is my jam irl)

  • Andrew Fitting
    Andrew Fitting 23 hours ago

    Animation is trashy

  • Nicole Ward
    Nicole Ward 23 hours ago

    Actually its 2020 right now and so far there's pollution, green house gasses, and even a guy named Trump...

  • I’m just a stupid bitch but

    This was a warning

  • Anniya Dixon wilson

    Jonas brother was the best music all time my favorite music was love bug, 300 under water, sos, burned up.😘😘

  • Dominic Padilla
    Dominic Padilla Day ago

    This song better be a bonus track on their 7th Album

  • Royal Garcia
    Royal Garcia Day ago

    Showing my bf this song bc he doesn't understand why I want to watch the voice so bad

  • Waed has left the chat

    Who's watching this in the year 3000

  • Asif Akhtar
    Asif Akhtar Day ago +1

    Bust these Disney thieves for stealing this historic futuristic song !¿

  • Dragmasterflash
    Dragmasterflash 2 days ago

    Who is listening to this in the year 3000?

  • Aaliyah Donald
    Aaliyah Donald 2 days ago

    My nostalgia is coming back

  • Shan T
    Shan T 2 days ago

    Er Excuse Me??! My childhood is telling me Busted yet my eyes are seeing Jonas Brothers!!

  • E
    E 2 days ago

    Back to relive my childhood

  • Ciarra V
    Ciarra V 2 days ago

    This video just screams American.

    NICOLE LUNA 3 days ago

    Feb 24 2020

  • Keshneé Vaaltyn
    Keshneé Vaaltyn 3 days ago

    Nick kinda looks like Adi Fishman

  • Cailey And Mariah
    Cailey And Mariah 4 days ago +2

    Is anyone here after they sang year 2019 with James cordon

  • Ann Lisa
    Ann Lisa 4 days ago +4

    When they mention in the lyrics, "outsold kelly clarkson" and Nick Jonas is the new judge in the voice and sitting next to Kelly :) Dont mind this comment. I just noticed it.

  • theuglyname
    theuglyname 5 days ago

    Don't mind me I'm just trying to make this multiplatinum.
    Buy their seventh album.

  • daniel amine moreno
    daniel amine moreno 5 days ago

    I HOPE SOMEONE IN THE YEAR 3000 NOTICE MY COMMENT i write this coment on 2020

    • Hadlee Hofman
      Hadlee Hofman 5 days ago

      sorry but because of pollution and all the trash in this beautiful earth the earth ACTUALLY might end in 20 to 50 years!!!! its science

  • daniel amine moreno
    daniel amine moreno 5 days ago

    Who’s watching in 3000?

  • ՏᗩՏᑌKᗴ ᑌᑕᕼIᕼᗩ

    I wonder house the jonas fam in year 3000 are gonna react

  • jonas brothers çevirileri

    this is underrated but its jonas brothers's best song ♡

  • The Crave House
    The Crave House 6 days ago

    My childhood was built here

  • David Pontes
    David Pontes 6 days ago

    A song with Kelly Clarkson in the lyrics.. 😍👏❤

  • Georgia Barton
    Georgia Barton 6 days ago

    i was born in 2006 and they started in 2005 i’ve grew up listening to these guys

  • Brittany Locke
    Brittany Locke 7 days ago

    This reminds me of my school cause I heard it at school

  • Itz.Mojazz •••
    Itz.Mojazz ••• 7 days ago +2

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    RUplus: Lets recomend this in 2020

  • Cherry Kitty
    Cherry Kitty 7 days ago

    I feel like teen again xd

  • Ashley !
    Ashley ! 7 days ago

    why is nobody talking about how those girls from the future look like miley cyrus in blackmirror

  • 78Madison Ashbaugh
    78Madison Ashbaugh 7 days ago +1

    im sill watching this in 2020 xD

  • Fl0rlx
    Fl0rlx 7 days ago

    Look at those bootiful rings

  • Dakaria __
    Dakaria __ 7 days ago

    2020 ❤️

  • senpai Martinez
    senpai Martinez 8 days ago +1

    I shoud this to my kids and they said this was classical

  • senpai Martinez
    senpai Martinez 8 days ago

    I didn't know people still listen to this

  • Kirstina Mamo
    Kirstina Mamo 8 days ago

    haha won’t be alive for the whole “who’s watching in 3000” but hope y’all doin fine !!

  • Red Mushroom
    Red Mushroom 10 days ago +1

    Only if I was alive till year 3000 I would play this on New Years 🌚

  • Ava Lee
    Ava Lee 10 days ago

    First of all, in the year 3000 they would already be dead. Second of all would anyone buy there 7th album if this song was made like 1000 years ago? 🤔🤔🤔

  • SM supporter!
    SM supporter! 10 days ago

    I prefer year 2019😂

  • luciaramos
    luciaramos 10 days ago +1

    Para comérselos con patatitas fritas todooooss!!!!!!!, y que tiernos esto me enamora mucho de los tiernos que soys ayyy que cachoritos 🙃😄☺️

  • Crysta Rose
    Crysta Rose 12 days ago

    I know you're so right they sound so different.

  • john o'connor
    john o'connor 12 days ago +3

    The Jonas Brothers’ voices sounded much different back then than they do in their current music nowadays, probably because they were teenagers at the time and they are now all in their late 20’s/early 30’s.

  • Essex Ryberg
    Essex Ryberg 12 days ago

    His great great great granddaughter would've been dead for a very long time by then....

  • TimmyTheSnail
    TimmyTheSnail 12 days ago


  • Grace Christian
    Grace Christian 12 days ago

    Year 4000 : what is the point of this song

  • Grace Christian
    Grace Christian 12 days ago

    I know that this song is busteds originally but I think the jo bros created it way better . It’s more catchy ❤️

  • princessch15
    princessch15 12 days ago

    Who played the time travelling neighbour?

  • LIMEN345
    LIMEN345 13 days ago

    Busted got there first

  • Baddog101
    Baddog101 14 days ago

    Nice bike nick,😄

  • BAngelZ 09
    BAngelZ 09 14 days ago

    His great great great great granddaughter would probably be in the year 2200 not 3000

  • Deckardd Wizardd
    Deckardd Wizardd 14 days ago +1

    Is it just me or the song is slower compared to the original by Busted?

  • iiPeppa could never Roblox

    I hope someone in the year 3000 notices my comment xD



  • Grace Christian
    Grace Christian 15 days ago +1

    I will be one of your biggest fans till ....... we’ll ........ beyond the year 3000 💕

  • Grace Christian
    Grace Christian 15 days ago

    Who here in 2020?

  • Biver Gamerdk
    Biver Gamerdk 15 days ago

    2020 hype!

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan 15 days ago

    Is global warming the reason why people live underwater in year 3000???🤣🤣🤣

  • Tommo L
    Tommo L 16 days ago +1

    The way Joe singing is like Wow 😄 like he is walking around all the time 😂👏🏽