Nick Jonas & The Administration - In The End

  • Published on Apr 6, 2013
  • Music video by Nick Jonas & The Administration performing In The End. Jonas Brothers Recording LLC

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  • Sydney Ibera
    Sydney Ibera 6 months ago

    I wish this album got more recognition and attention. I think people’s main focus was the fact that he was drifting from the Brothers for a little, so they didn’t give it as much of a chance.

    • Sydney Ibera
      Sydney Ibera 6 months ago

      I of course love the Jonas Brothers so much!!!

  • refrigerator
    refrigerator 6 months ago

    why isnt this song more popular

  • dayshawna
    dayshawna 6 months ago +2

    i love the bros and nick but this album could never be surpassed by anything the jonas brothers or nick could make now. this was some real shit

  • Jazhy Serrato
    Jazhy Serrato 6 months ago

    I thought it was a linkin park song :(

  • refrigerator
    refrigerator 7 months ago +1

    how is this song so underated

  • Isha Abdul
    Isha Abdul 9 months ago +2

    Why are you sad and upset.were are your brothers.

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H 9 months ago +2

    Still here, as I said once, I’m always I fan... ✌︎('ω')✌︎

  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn 9 months ago


  • Mikah Moore
    Mikah Moore 9 months ago

    Why am I just now coming across these videos? This is such a chill form of music and like I'd like to get this type on a CD and listen to it when I have wine or coffee or something. I'm such a fan.

  • Brenda Vicuña
    Brenda Vicuña 11 months ago

    2019 y la sigo amando

  • Blasée
    Blasée 11 months ago +2

    I was so in love with the whole Nick Jonas and the administration album. And I was so in love with this Nick. Haha. Not with the present one tho.

  • Lautaro Correa
    Lautaro Correa Year ago +2


  • Punit Parmar
    Punit Parmar Year ago

    2018 anyone

  • prboi1985
    prboi1985 Year ago

    This is so bad lol

  • Meerkat Subs
    Meerkat Subs Year ago +2


  • Dana Corgan
    Dana Corgan 2 years ago

    i think this album is so good but the voice of nick don't sound so good like the musicians

  • Kimberly Perez
    Kimberly Perez 2 years ago


  • Elias Garcia
    Elias Garcia 2 years ago +2

    2017 💪😎

    ROBBIE 3 years ago +4

    this whole album is amazing

  • All I Heard Is Nothing
    All I Heard Is Nothing 3 years ago +39

    Missing this Nick... old times

    • Weirdo XD
      Weirdo XD Year ago +1

      Theyre back!

    • Anastasia Jonas
      Anastasia Jonas 3 years ago +4

      I miss him too...he was young and pure ♥ im still in love with him thought xx hahah

  • Courtney Harmon
    Courtney Harmon 3 years ago +8

    I really enjoy listening to this song! It has so much depth to it. I can feel nick's soul as he sings it. There is some mystery in this song...I like the flow of's slow and subtle. :)

  • paola234100
    paola234100 4 years ago

    Just perfect!

  • Katherine Marin
    Katherine Marin 4 years ago +1

    2016 I'M HERE BAES

  • will end
    will end 4 years ago +76

    why is 17 year old nick so much talented than 23 year old nick? it's sad

    • dayshawna
      dayshawna 6 months ago

      Colby Brock that’s basically what they said

    • Colby Brock
      Colby Brock 10 months ago +1

      Courtney Harmon they do it for marketing but you do you sis

    • musicmakerchick19
      musicmakerchick19 3 years ago +3

      Let's bring him back

    • Ayden Zamion
      Ayden Zamion 3 years ago

      +Courtney Harmon I agree .. same thing happened with the weeknd

    • Courtney Harmon
      Courtney Harmon 3 years ago +13

      Omg, right?! Talented artists are now subjecting themselves to this era of pop sad. :( Nick is beyond talented to be singing sons like jealous...but I guess singing pop is the way to make money now... it is a shame.

  • Lola Sings
    Lola Sings 5 years ago +5

    This touches my soul Lol I love this!

  • Myriam Amanda Villalobos


  • Lorelle Lane
    Lorelle Lane 5 years ago +9

    Baby, it all comes back to haunt you in the end and it hurts the most when you don't have a friend.

  • Florencia Miranda
    Florencia Miranda 5 years ago

    I love u Nick

  • Florencia Miranda
    Florencia Miranda 5 years ago


  • Igor Trajano
    Igor Trajano 6 years ago +4

    Amazing Song!

  • sara mustafazade
    sara mustafazade 6 years ago +30

    so good... Nick is really talanted.. and his vocals just amazing

  • Wendher Gomes
    Wendher Gomes 6 years ago +3

    Fantastic song

  • karine viti
    karine viti 6 years ago

    I Love You Nick Jonas

  • I know who you are but What am i ?

    I love this song is very symbolic and beautiful... and also I love the sound it's intense and soft

  • Brett_Andromeda
    Brett_Andromeda 6 years ago +2

    Every video i'm seeing a whole lot of non-english comments, is this what they've been doing for the last while? touring around the world?

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez 6 years ago +1

    Los Jonas son 3, aqui solo veo a uno, cuando estan los 3 es solo musica para discotecas y musica comercial, nada bien hecho como esto... ahora entiendo por que esta de solista!, hasta mejor que lo hiciera, no aguantaba hacer musica como "First Time" todo el tiempo.

  • Lauren R
    Lauren R 6 years ago +3

    There's nothing like listening to this song and knowing that ex will go through hell when it's time. Karma baby.

  • Dina Ferraro
    Dina Ferraro 6 years ago


  • Feer Quintana
    Feer Quintana 6 years ago +1

    Simplemente el disco en general es de lo mas perfecto que mis oidos han escuchado y siempre dire ""los Jonas Brothers han sido y seran, el primer grupo del que me eh enamorado y hasta la fecha sigo siendo Jonatic y no por que me guste escuchar a otros artistas o grupos significa que lo dejare de ser!"" ♥

  • Cecilia Pizarro
    Cecilia Pizarro 6 years ago

    Esta cancion es una de las mejores. Una lastima que no lo vean. Ustedes se lo pierden. De lo perfecto qu canta nicholas

  • Dina Gomez
    Dina Gomez 6 years ago

    Gran temaso...

  • Iri Garcia
    Iri Garcia 6 years ago

    muy pocas visitas para una gran canción

  • Meli DT
    Meli DT 6 years ago

    God Bless You

  • Meli DT
    Meli DT 6 years ago

    Nick Jonas you are so talented !!! :D ;)

  • Milena Romero
    Milena Romero 6 years ago +2


  • Olinka Reyes
    Olinka Reyes 6 years ago

    No se es tan perfecta esta cancion como Nick :3

  • Ayleen Bieber
    Ayleen Bieber 6 years ago


  • Alejandra Torres
    Alejandra Torres 6 years ago

    Ti amo Nicky!! SEXY SEXY SEXY ♥

  • miracle runner
    miracle runner 6 years ago

    OMG Esta cancion es P E R F E C T A ♥. Es una de mis favoritas: )

  • Mei Chu
    Mei Chu 6 years ago +1

    all of the songs from Nick Jonas & The Administration are awesome... Love it all

  • Patricio Hernandez
    Patricio Hernandez 6 years ago

    No son los jonas, es NICK JONAS nada mas ¬¬' ...

  • Breem Michelli
    Breem Michelli 6 years ago

    Es tan perfecto este hombre,como lo amo.

  • Nikita Gallardo Barrios

    So beautiful!! Porqué eres tan PERFECTO??!!! I love u Nicholas 3

  • Sivangi Raj
    Sivangi Raj 6 years ago

    damn it!!!!i miss them;(;(

  • Lau Contreras
    Lau Contreras 6 years ago

    Es inevitable ver el video y ponerle más atencion a los labios de nick

  • Oriannie Vera
    Oriannie Vera 6 years ago


  • Noa G
    Noa G 6 years ago

    too pefect whyy he have to be too perfect evey time!...

  • Valentina Osorio Fierro

    Quien es el pobre IMBÉCIL que le pone "No me gusta"

  • Valentina Osorio Fierro

    Canciones para días oscuros y fríos

  • Meredhit Alexandra
    Meredhit Alexandra 6 years ago

    perfecto! :D