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Nick Jonas & The Administration - In The End

  • Published on Apr 6, 2013
  • Music video by Nick Jonas & The Administration performing In The End. Jonas Brothers Recording LLC
  • Music

Comments • 96

  • Sydney Ibera
    Sydney Ibera Month ago

    I wish this album got more recognition and attention. I think people’s main focus was the fact that he was drifting from the Brothers for a little, so they didn’t give it as much of a chance.

    • Sydney Ibera
      Sydney Ibera Month ago

      I of course love the Jonas Brothers so much!!!

  • refrigerator
    refrigerator Month ago

    why isnt this song more popular

  • dayshawna
    dayshawna Month ago

    i love the bros and nick but this album could never be surpassed by anything the jonas brothers or nick could make now. this was some real shit

  • Jazhy Serrato
    Jazhy Serrato Month ago

    I thought it was a linkin park song :(

  • refrigerator
    refrigerator 2 months ago

    how is this song so underated

  • Isha Abdul
    Isha Abdul 3 months ago +2

    Why are you sad and upset.were are your brothers.

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H 4 months ago +1

    Still here, as I said once, I’m always I fan... ✌︎('ω')✌︎

  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn 4 months ago


  • Mikah Moore
    Mikah Moore 4 months ago

    Why am I just now coming across these videos? This is such a chill form of music and like I'd like to get this type on a CD and listen to it when I have wine or coffee or something. I'm such a fan.

  • Brenda Vicuña
    Brenda Vicuña 6 months ago

    2019 y la sigo amando

  • Blasée
    Blasée 6 months ago +1

    I was so in love with the whole Nick Jonas and the administration album. And I was so in love with this Nick. Haha. Not with the present one tho.

  • Lautaro Correa
    Lautaro Correa 6 months ago +1


  • Punit Parmar
    Punit Parmar 10 months ago

    2018 anyone

  • prboi1985
    prboi1985 Year ago

    This is so bad lol

  • Meerkat Timone
    Meerkat Timone Year ago +2


  • Dana Corgan
    Dana Corgan Year ago

    i think this album is so good but the voice of nick don't sound so good like the musicians

  • Kimberly Perez
    Kimberly Perez Year ago


  • Elias Garcia
    Elias Garcia 2 years ago +2

    2017 💪😎

    ROBBIE 2 years ago +4

    this whole album is amazing

  • All I Heard Is Nothing
    All I Heard Is Nothing 3 years ago +37

    Missing this Nick... old times

    • Weirdo XD
      Weirdo XD 6 months ago +1

      Theyre back!

    • Anastasia Jonas
      Anastasia Jonas 3 years ago +4

      I miss him too...he was young and pure ♥ im still in love with him thought xx hahah

  • Courtney Harmon
    Courtney Harmon 3 years ago +7

    I really enjoy listening to this song! It has so much depth to it. I can feel nick's soul as he sings it. There is some mystery in this song...I like the flow of's slow and subtle. :)

  • paola234100
    paola234100 3 years ago

    Just perfect!

  • Katherine Marin
    Katherine Marin 3 years ago +1

    2016 I'M HERE BAES

  • will end
    will end 3 years ago +75

    why is 17 year old nick so much talented than 23 year old nick? it's sad

    • dayshawna
      dayshawna Month ago

      Colby Brock that’s basically what they said

    • Colby Brock
      Colby Brock 5 months ago

      Courtney Harmon they do it for marketing but you do you sis

    • musicmakerchick19
      musicmakerchick19 2 years ago +3

      Let's bring him back

    • Ayden Zamion
      Ayden Zamion 3 years ago

      +Courtney Harmon I agree .. same thing happened with the weeknd

    • Courtney Harmon
      Courtney Harmon 3 years ago +12

      Omg, right?! Talented artists are now subjecting themselves to this era of pop sad. :( Nick is beyond talented to be singing sons like jealous...but I guess singing pop is the way to make money now... it is a shame.

  • Lola Sings
    Lola Sings 4 years ago +4

    This touches my soul Lol I love this!

  • Myriam Amanda Villalobos


  • Lorelle Lane
    Lorelle Lane 5 years ago +9

    Baby, it all comes back to haunt you in the end and it hurts the most when you don't have a friend.

  • Florencia Miranda
    Florencia Miranda 5 years ago

    I love u Nick

  • Florencia Miranda
    Florencia Miranda 5 years ago


  • Igor Trajano
    Igor Trajano 5 years ago +4

    Amazing Song!

  • sara mustafazade
    sara mustafazade 5 years ago +29

    so good... Nick is really talanted.. and his vocals just amazing

  • Wendher Gomes
    Wendher Gomes 5 years ago +3

    Fantastic song

  • karine viti
    karine viti 5 years ago

    I Love You Nick Jonas

  • I know who you are but What am i ?

    I love this song is very symbolic and beautiful... and also I love the sound it's intense and soft

  • Brett_Andromeda
    Brett_Andromeda 6 years ago +2

    Every video i'm seeing a whole lot of non-english comments, is this what they've been doing for the last while? touring around the world?

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez 6 years ago +1

    Los Jonas son 3, aqui solo veo a uno, cuando estan los 3 es solo musica para discotecas y musica comercial, nada bien hecho como esto... ahora entiendo por que esta de solista!, hasta mejor que lo hiciera, no aguantaba hacer musica como "First Time" todo el tiempo.

  • Lauren R
    Lauren R 6 years ago +3

    There's nothing like listening to this song and knowing that ex will go through hell when it's time. Karma baby.

  • Dina Ferraro
    Dina Ferraro 6 years ago


  • Feer Quintana
    Feer Quintana 6 years ago +1

    Simplemente el disco en general es de lo mas perfecto que mis oidos han escuchado y siempre dire ""los Jonas Brothers han sido y seran, el primer grupo del que me eh enamorado y hasta la fecha sigo siendo Jonatic y no por que me guste escuchar a otros artistas o grupos significa que lo dejare de ser!"" ♥

  • Cecilia Pizarro
    Cecilia Pizarro 6 years ago

    Esta cancion es una de las mejores. Una lastima que no lo vean. Ustedes se lo pierden. De lo perfecto qu canta nicholas

  • Dina Gomez
    Dina Gomez 6 years ago

    Gran temaso...

  • Iri Garcia
    Iri Garcia 6 years ago

    muy pocas visitas para una gran canción

  • Meli DT
    Meli DT 6 years ago

    God Bless You

  • Meli DT
    Meli DT 6 years ago

    Nick Jonas you are so talented !!! :D ;)

  • Milena Romero
    Milena Romero 6 years ago +1


  • Olinka Reyes
    Olinka Reyes 6 years ago

    No se es tan perfecta esta cancion como Nick :3

  • Ayleen Bieber
    Ayleen Bieber 6 years ago


  • Alejandra Torres
    Alejandra Torres 6 years ago

    Ti amo Nicky!! SEXY SEXY SEXY ♥

  • miracle runner
    miracle runner 6 years ago

    OMG Esta cancion es P E R F E C T A ♥. Es una de mis favoritas: )

  • Mei Chu
    Mei Chu 6 years ago +1

    all of the songs from Nick Jonas & The Administration are awesome... Love it all

  • Patricio Hernandez
    Patricio Hernandez 6 years ago

    No son los jonas, es NICK JONAS nada mas ¬¬' ...

  • Breem Michelli
    Breem Michelli 6 years ago

    Es tan perfecto este hombre,como lo amo.

  • Nikita Gallardo Barrios

    So beautiful!! Porqué eres tan PERFECTO??!!! I love u Nicholas 3

  • Sivangi Raj
    Sivangi Raj 6 years ago

    damn it!!!!i miss them;(;(

  • Lau Contreras
    Lau Contreras 6 years ago

    Es inevitable ver el video y ponerle más atencion a los labios de nick

  • Oriannie Vera
    Oriannie Vera 6 years ago


  • Noa G
    Noa G 6 years ago

    too pefect whyy he have to be too perfect evey time!...

  • Valentina Osorio Fierro

    Quien es el pobre IMBÉCIL que le pone "No me gusta"

  • Valentina Osorio Fierro

    Canciones para días oscuros y fríos

  • Meredhit Alexandra
    Meredhit Alexandra 6 years ago

    perfecto! :D

  • Meredhit Alexandra
    Meredhit Alexandra 6 years ago +1

    nicholas you always ....... i can´t :´)

  • Insomnio
    Insomnio 6 years ago

    Porque tiene que ser tan perfecto y tan inalcanzable :c

  • Ilse Morales
    Ilse Morales 6 years ago

    Perfect song to listen before sleeping, or just to relax.
    Nicholas, you are a genius♥

  • Geraldine Galarza
    Geraldine Galarza 6 years ago

    Esta canciones

  • Angie Hemm
    Angie Hemm 6 years ago

    Mi nicho hermooosooo!!! LATINAS HERE :D

  • Santiago Lisboa
    Santiago Lisboa 6 years ago

    Que triste que tan buena música tenga tan pocas visitas

  • Peachi
    Peachi 6 years ago

    He has my favourite voice

  • katie elmer
    katie elmer 6 years ago

    how come 99% of these comments arent in english help me whaaaaaaaat

  • Karen Melanie
    Karen Melanie 6 years ago

    la voz de Nick es maravillosa

  • Daniela Giménez
    Daniela Giménez 6 years ago

    sSs divino nucholas me encantas

  • l e n
    l e n 6 years ago

    extraño esos rulos mi amor:(

  • l e n
    l e n 6 years ago


  • Glimmer Crystalstern
    Glimmer Crystalstern 6 years ago

    asdfghk ahhhhhhh mis ovarioooos

  • Simone Neira
    Simone Neira 6 years ago

    This song makes me recognize that anyone's perfect, and I'm not doing the correct thing, trying to be enough. An incredible fact is that one song can help you more than a person. THANKS NICHOLAS.

  • Andy Z
    Andy Z 6 years ago

    Para los que dicen que los jonas no hacen musica!!!!

  • Estefanía Rincón
    Estefanía Rincón 6 years ago

    Perfect song yeah!

  • Laura Jonas
    Laura Jonas 6 years ago

    Una canción perfecta ♥♥♥ Deberían haber vídeos así para cada álbum de los Jonas, incluyendo FastLife! ♥

  • Katia de León
    Katia de León 6 years ago

    this song is so enjoyable

  • gabice
    gabice 6 years ago

    omfg, he's an angel.

  • malena
    malena 6 years ago

    you are trying to kill me

  • thatkidbrooks
    thatkidbrooks 6 years ago

    I Love you guys, so much. You've been in my life for almost 8 years. i'm gunna be 17 . Im never gunna stop being a Jonas Fan.

  • Aujhati' Jacquette
    Aujhati' Jacquette 6 years ago

    I'm so glad that you guys are back together. I just pray that my dad will allow me to see you guys perform in Atlanta. :)

  • Mandy Kristine
    Mandy Kristine 6 years ago

    Why are you reposting all of these?

  • Era J
    Era J 6 years ago


  • stephanie castillo
    stephanie castillo 6 years ago

    i cannot see it :C

  • Virginia Faith
    Virginia Faith 6 years ago

    Why not in my country?!