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Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • disney descendants 3 animation
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    Descendants doesn't make any sense...
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Comments • 15 945

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  11 days ago +16705

    Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about.

    It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.

    • Oldmanmonkey L
      Oldmanmonkey L Hour ago


    • seventhseance
      seventhseance 6 hours ago

      Just started watching charmed and pink hair girl from the video thumbnail plays Maggie. Never saw the Descendants but I did see all the toys being sold at Toys R Us....didn’t seem that cool

    • Anna Vallejo
      Anna Vallejo 9 hours ago

      I also questioned how she knew how to ise the cepter I mean Jane couldn't work the wand right how os her cepter any different? 🤔

      GACHA LAIKA 11 hours ago

      You are spoiling it for kids you are a horrible influence on kids

    • Oyinkansolami Awonusi
      Oyinkansolami Awonusi 2 days ago

      Tbh I didn’t know that before
      Thanks for clarifying

  • Ben Mcewen
    Ben Mcewen 20 seconds ago

    Nice strongbad reference

  • neilzone lubao
    neilzone lubao 15 minutes ago

    Lol your so right 🤣

  • Avery spills tea
    Avery spills tea 24 minutes ago

    I was genuinley confused when disney shipped 2 completley different charactors from 2 completley different movies together.

  • lashawn ross
    lashawn ross 24 minutes ago

    wy couldn't Audrey stay dead I would have preferred it if she stay dead

  • K. Y Aliyah
    K. Y Aliyah 36 minutes ago

    The audrey stealing the sceptre is a big joke what the hell
    -unexpected team up between two enemies.........

  • Louise Ndoye
    Louise Ndoye 41 minute ago

    How come Audrey has full power to maleficents scepter but Mal only has half power of the ember🤔🤔

  • MAIAIM LOVE channel

    You movie Good i lick

  • Logan Poole
    Logan Poole Hour ago

    Do marvel

  • GotchaLuna
    GotchaLuna Hour ago

    I love this dude!!!!

  • Bois_aredumb
    Bois_aredumb Hour ago

    I like that scream dude the dog did **high pitched scream**

  • Isabella Bloedorn
    Isabella Bloedorn 2 hours ago

    I genuinely really really enjoyed the first two descendants movies but the third was just so weird and boring to me. The vibe I got between Mal and Hades wasn’t father daughter, which creeped me out. What was the point of the new VKs, we almost never saw them. Audrey is the most annoying and not entertaining villain ever. Evie sang a 3 minute song about kissing her boyfriend. Jay and Carlos got like, no screen time. And it just ended on the barrier breaking and everyone dancing.

  • Natsuki is Best girl
    Natsuki is Best girl 2 hours ago

    I didn’t watch it because honestly I hated both the other movies

  • Snazzy boomer
    Snazzy boomer 2 hours ago

    Thank God someone said it... cause they just had hades for nothing they barely used him as a villain or anything the plot of mal winning with just a blast if the sapphire there could've been like mal's mother returns but stronger and all the parents combine their power to defeat honestly it would be much better and uma could've ruled the isle to keep in check with mal

  • eclxpse equinox
    eclxpse equinox 2 hours ago +2

    Okay but can we talk about how Evie's one kiss song is really sexual...
    (especially the dancing)

  • Shamara Mora
    Shamara Mora 2 hours ago

    U crack me up

  • cosmicnerd
    cosmicnerd 2 hours ago

    This movie honestly left me with more questions than answers. Maybe it's just me

  • Ledezma Mariana
    Ledezma Mariana 2 hours ago

    do steager things

  • KittyCat
    KittyCat 2 hours ago

    When my sis saw Ben turned into like his dad (when he was beast) she was like.... “HOW?!”

    And I was like, well.....maybe the king and bell had devils tango while he was still a beast, that kindof explains why Ben can turn into a beast aswell.....kindof

  • cosmicnerd
    cosmicnerd 2 hours ago

    The entire conflict is just SLeeping Beauty but without Aurora and switching Maleficent with an angsty teen who went through a breakup. I also questioned the proposal scene since I'm pretty sure they are all in their late teens but IDK.

  • Come back hanbin
    Come back hanbin 2 hours ago

    Basically since the first movie was a hit, they just made these movies to get rich quick

  • Chonyce King
    Chonyce King 2 hours ago

    It me or this guy is not a Disney Channel fan because nothing make sense to you like you don’t understand

  • allyson loupe
    allyson loupe 3 hours ago

    Hades is the literal God is the underworld isn’t that impossible to trap him on an island... throw the underworld into unbalanced
    Make some random purple haired girl a technical demigod..... that’s bad logic within itself lol

  • emojigirl 15
    emojigirl 15 3 hours ago

    I am SICK of you insulting my favorite movies so please STOP STOP PLEASE

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 hours ago

    I’ve never seen these movies but they look terrible

  • Ayano Love
    Ayano Love 3 hours ago +1

    Me watching the he says “it’s just so- |ziploc bag ad comes on| me: “well I just it’s just so ziploc...”

  • Sunflxwer Creates
    Sunflxwer Creates 3 hours ago

    Hades ember?
    So we randomly gonna throw Greek mythology in the mix cause why not?

  • Softu._Mocha
    Softu._Mocha 3 hours ago

    First movie- I waz in second grade- •--• now I’m going to middle school-. I-

  • Ben Lamborn
    Ben Lamborn 3 hours ago

    The end seems piece together sort of like they were planning on a sequel but without Cameron Boyce they decided to end it

  • Lauren D'Souza
    Lauren D'Souza 3 hours ago +2

    Ok so like half the people in this comment section need to get spell check

  • sugar candy lolli
    sugar candy lolli 3 hours ago

    Descendants 3 does make sense

  • Flamedancer Studio
    Flamedancer Studio 3 hours ago

    “Hah jokes on you Audrey!”
    “Uh... no.”
    (Yeah I kinda forgot that vine...)

  • speedyfast100
    speedyfast100 4 hours ago +1

    Ugh I hate Alex I feel like he just taking his anger on Disney originals

  • Chad Marvelous
    Chad Marvelous 4 hours ago

    This video was SOOO MUCH BETTER then the movie it's reviewing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Wonderlandian
    The Wonderlandian 4 hours ago

    The addition of Trogdor made my day. Thank you so much. :3

  • alex- chan
    alex- chan 4 hours ago


  • Savage gurl
    Savage gurl 4 hours ago

    Omg this is so funny but are u making fun of descendants

  • Kiara Beraun
    Kiara Beraun 4 hours ago

    The trailers made it seem like like hades was the villain and that annoyed me so much

  • bella
    bella 4 hours ago

    omg hades is from ahs

  • Gaby De diego
    Gaby De diego 4 hours ago

    Wait the dog looks like the dog from spy kidssssss

  • jekka jre
    jekka jre 4 hours ago

    yes it does so shut up

  • HalfMoon gacha
    HalfMoon gacha 5 hours ago

    Your parodies are funny but, it does make sense

  • VK 808
    VK 808 5 hours ago

    My channel is VK 808

  • Darkrai Dreemurr
    Darkrai Dreemurr 5 hours ago

    What I don't get is that Dizzy was already chosen in Descendants 2, so why is she being chosen again and acting surprised?

  • Zachary Slabosz
    Zachary Slabosz 5 hours ago

    You should do Disney’s Zombies

  • Ramona Carlson
    Ramona Carlson 5 hours ago

    12:08 omg right

  • Irene’s Bangs
    Irene’s Bangs 5 hours ago +5

    So Audrey can just get the crown on her own but mal has 3 other kids and can’t get the wand?

    *Disney channel movies. They don’t always make sense*

  • Grumps: The Movie
    Grumps: The Movie 5 hours ago

    This movie series is a bad high school fanfiction or some over-budgeted high school play
    'Nuff said

  • Domozilla 4572
    Domozilla 4572 6 hours ago

    Nothins as bad as that animated series that came after the first movie

  • 현현
    현현 6 hours ago

    omg disney hasn't changed their grreen screens for decades ...

  • Caitlin Hodgeman
    Caitlin Hodgeman 6 hours ago

    I saw all three

  • Brooke Rickettson
    Brooke Rickettson 6 hours ago

    Hades did point out the hypocrisy of immediately forgiving Audre, but banishing someone like him in the same situation.
    The HadesxM choice was I’m convinced from a House of Mouse episode where Hades tries to get classic M attention for a date. No really.
    No mention of the Star that passed away? They might have had to cut story elements bc of it.
    My question concerning story was what happened to Jay and Lanni, weren’t they a couple at end of 2? For that matter, where we’re half the side characters from previous movies? Scheduling conflicts maybe, but give the viewer something!
    3rd felt very HSM3, just rushed and poorer characterization . Enjoyable if you’re a fan of the franchise, but lacking compared to others, but that’s just my view. I’ve it if you love it!!

  • Stephen Insalaco
    Stephen Insalaco 6 hours ago

    you are so wrong

  • Mike Twaiks
    Mike Twaiks 6 hours ago

    something i liked was the speach of hades about audrey when he ressurect her, i think that was cool

  • TAGamer
    TAGamer 6 hours ago

    Can you do The Vampire Diaries and The Originals?

  • K M
    K M 6 hours ago +2

    The reason everyone wanted the wand and not the ember was because only people with Hades’ blood could use it but everyone could use the wand. Since no one could physically use it, it didn’t become a big thing until Mal needed it (who has Hades’ blood)
    Thanks for coming to my TED talk

  • ari '
    ari ' 6 hours ago +4

    Lets give Cameron a last “Hey Luke!”
    Hey Luke! 😭💕🤧

  • Theseus Smith
    Theseus Smith 6 hours ago

    Hades actually cares for her

  • Ultimate Pleb
    Ultimate Pleb 7 hours ago +1

    I respect ur opinion but i really love descendants and so does many people. I completely understand ur opinion (not really). I hope all descendants lovers will too, but ur kinda saying its horrible dont watch its crap and its kinda rude.

  • adorabella valenzuela
    adorabella valenzuela 7 hours ago +2

    he is so extra with the gold microphone

  • DahMoustacheGirl
    DahMoustacheGirl 7 hours ago +1

    8:02 is that a dog or a goat???

  • Tiniko Iashvili
    Tiniko Iashvili 7 hours ago

    Lol I laughed so hard😂😂

  • - Xnnybimb -
    - Xnnybimb - 7 hours ago

    Your avatar or whatever lowkey looks like Krillin from Dragon ball

  • better2gether
    better2gether 8 hours ago

    Yesss love someone acknowledging hat hsm2 is better than he first one

  • Kayte Christianna
    Kayte Christianna 8 hours ago

    Do what you gotta do is a BOP

  • Dawn Chance
    Dawn Chance 8 hours ago

    I wonder, if snow white's parents that died in the beginning of her fairy tale are back from the dead - since, the villains are back from the dead.

  • xxxadieu eclipes
    xxxadieu eclipes 8 hours ago

    You just a hater

  • Endereye96
    Endereye96 8 hours ago

    So Mal is a Demigod now...

  • Milk
    Milk 8 hours ago

    I have been waiting for SO LONG FOR THI S VIDEO!

  • Brianna Fahey
    Brianna Fahey 9 hours ago

    I don’t see why Disney didn’t have someone else be mals dad.. like hades had a wife and kids of his own..why would he go out and cheat on Persephone with maleficent and have a kid with her?? It doesn’t make sense

  • Laura Colossi
    Laura Colossi 9 hours ago

    The movie is horrible it makes no sense ,it’s the worst Disney movie I’ve ever seen ,I’m sorry to everyone that liked the movie but it’s just to bad

  • Lorraine Achieng
    Lorraine Achieng 9 hours ago

    so many questions . . .

  • Lorraine Achieng
    Lorraine Achieng 9 hours ago

    why would Uma help her ?

  • Turtle Lizard
    Turtle Lizard 9 hours ago

    11:05 the Thanos "Got'em*

  • Carlota Lousado
    Carlota Lousado 9 hours ago

    Who else loves the way he tells the story?

  • Turtle Lizard
    Turtle Lizard 9 hours ago

    Is it rude to say his animation confuses me... Because it does...

  • Lorraine Achieng
    Lorraine Achieng 9 hours ago

    I thought every VK hated Mal and her crew . . .

  • Emily Williams
    Emily Williams 9 hours ago

    I laughed about 1:32 for like 5 minutes straight! 😂 that's exactly how I reacted to it.

  • Ted Paul
    Ted Paul 9 hours ago


  • Creepy LPS
    Creepy LPS 10 hours ago +1

    Movie: this is the best ever
    Alex: hold my popcorn

  • Adlina Torres-Urivez
    Adlina Torres-Urivez 10 hours ago

    "Ok Mal leave some space for Jesus" I laughed for 5 mins straight omfg😂

  • Darvalus
    Darvalus 10 hours ago

    I have to say I am disappointed with the movie as well. Obviously the first two movies werent masterpieces either but they werent as bad as this one. In the third movie wasn t even one song I actually liked. They werent terrible but also not great.

  • cancerous lump
    cancerous lump 10 hours ago

    I've always wondered how old they were when he proposed

    GACHA LAIKA 11 hours ago

    We kids like it adult won't like it so don't spoil it for us you hater

  • barbarino
    barbarino 11 hours ago

    Can we talk about how everyone just put their drinks on the ground during the engagement speech at the end and acted like that's just a normal thing to do?

  • JujuFox Animations
    JujuFox Animations 12 hours ago

    This is super funny OwO I LOVE DIs😂

  • Mike's & Fay's Games
    Mike's & Fay's Games 12 hours ago


  • Blade kun
    Blade kun 12 hours ago

    I didn’t understand what vk meant until I watched this video 😂

  • MasterOfMelons
    MasterOfMelons 12 hours ago

    *puking noises overload*

  • Lorena Donis
    Lorena Donis 12 hours ago

    Ita does because audrey idk how to spell her name btw she wants revenge because mal stole ben from her bit i did wonder where audrey want R.I.P my boi my childhood Cameron Boyce:(((

  • Golden Gurl
    Golden Gurl 12 hours ago +1

    Kids love singing and dancing were gonna be millionaires

  • Gabriella Dallas
    Gabriella Dallas 12 hours ago

    Yo what if that was Mals plan all along to take down the barrier 😱😱😱😱 once a villain kid always a villain kid I’m just saying

  • Crystal Johnson
    Crystal Johnson 13 hours ago

    I love the vks so much I want to go to aorodoun

  • Ultra AD
    Ultra AD 13 hours ago

    does this mean that mal is half goddess

    XxXSHAD0WXWOLFXxX XxX 13 hours ago

    I got a bring the soul ad and I'm dying of laughter from the picture

  • Kassandra Ogando
    Kassandra Ogando 13 hours ago +2

    Me: Audrey’s a bi-
    Mom: *Enters*

  • Alyssa No-last-name-given

    1 of the best parts 8:01

  • Davie -Arts
    Davie -Arts 13 hours ago +2

    How come the characters were so photogenic when they were turned to stone?! When Carlos, Jay, and Evie turned into stone at the end of the movie for a little bit, they were all in cool poses. I feel like I'd be that unlucky person and my statue looks like a sleep-deprived possum caught mid-yawn.

  • Nightwing 123
    Nightwing 123 13 hours ago

    Oliva from odd squad at 0:57

  • Katakuri-Kun
    Katakuri-Kun 14 hours ago

    How did Mal turn back into a teen without the ember