Azul Garcia Griego | Trainer Spotlight: The Road to the 2019 Pokémon World Championships

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • How should you prepare for a match? What’s the best strategy? Offense or defense? 🤔 Leading into the 2019 Pokémon World Championships, some Top Trainers gave us the scoop on their play styles, strategies, and more to level up your game!
    Have you wondered what makes a Pokémon TCG Top Trainer?
    Azul Garcia Griego gives us the scoop on how long he’s been playing, what motivates him to win, and the details on his 6️⃣-year-long friendly rivalry.
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  • Crash Over-Ride
    Crash Over-Ride 2 months ago

    Good Luck Azul !

  • PokemonTrainer
    PokemonTrainer 3 months ago

    I look forward to watching the 2019 world championships!!!

  • Anabel Aguinaga
    Anabel Aguinaga 3 months ago

    When are you going to release marshadow and nacrosma z crystals 😔😩😭

  • NyanMudkip
    NyanMudkip 3 months ago

    Massachusetts gang :D

  • PonChick3n
    PonChick3n 3 months ago


  • Franz Mascariñas
    Franz Mascariñas 3 months ago

    I need a shiny luck guys! please cheer me up. 😊

  • Emulga [Chii]
    Emulga [Chii] 3 months ago +2

    There are like....11 "first" comments. You all can't be first you know.

    *Also no one cares*

  • Night Shadow N
    Night Shadow N 3 months ago

    Azul you live about an 2 hours from where I live and will challenge you to a pkmn battle

  • Team Chaotix Br
    Team Chaotix Br 3 months ago +1

    He is blue da da dee da da dae.

  • HipopotamoErecto
    HipopotamoErecto 3 months ago +1

    Grande knekro

  • Will Iam
    Will Iam 3 months ago +1

    Physical TCG vs virtual TCG (online): which is better?! You decide!!

  • MagamisZon
    MagamisZon 3 months ago

    He probably hacks in mons cus cant be bother ev training and farming for 5 iv mons

  • Meatyman 01
    Meatyman 01 3 months ago

    Let me get a national dex... Am i funny now?

  • Joey Cruz
    Joey Cruz 3 months ago

    Love the music in the background

  • PokéBloxiaa
    PokéBloxiaa 3 months ago +1

    Good Pokémon video

  • Y
    Y 3 months ago +4

    This is cool...HOWEVER...most of the older players from 5-10 years ago are less involved now because the game's strategy level became extremely shallow around the release of the BW series. And although it has improved slightly, many just haven't come back. It has nothing to do the intensity of modern tournaments tho. There are successful and incrediblly skilled players who played a long time ago, and who play now. Azul is one of these players. No need to differentiate between players from the past and modern players.

    • Y
      Y 3 months ago

      @Clash With DP I understand what you mean, and agree to an extent. But most of the players who are successful now either did not play back in the Diamond Pearl and earlier days, or played as juniors. This takes nothing away from their skill now. I think the most successful players from modern times are some of the greatest of all time. But I also think the older eras of the game required more in-depth strategy, and although there were less players at major events back then, the best from that era are still among the best of all time (which now includes a ton of newer players). I just don't like the idea that older players have a hard time with modern tournaments when that isn't true at all. Each era has its own pros/cons such as...

      Older era pros - more in-depth strategy and more complex card interactions (this is the biggest one, games used to be player A and B both set up their board states and have a back and forth strategic match to determine the winner, whereas many matches today are determined by "big basic pokemon does 200+ dmg"). Limited public access to highly refined deck lists (this means skilled players had to develop their own lists, but at the same time many opponents just didn't have optimal lists).

      Older era cons - smaller tournament size, less incentive to play due to worse prizing, limited access to decklists prevented competition from being as good as possible

      Newer era pros - bigger tourneys, better decklists, increased prizing to draw more players to the game, streaming platforms like twitch/youtube to learn in game maneuvers, pay sites with tons of info to help players develop, coaching services, etc.

      Newer era cons - simpler card design with an emphasis on big basic ohko attacks, bench disruption with no drawback, and an emphasis on the luck of the opening hand.

      It's kind of like comparing sports players from one era to another to determine who was the best of all time. Not only does it not matter, but there are so many factors to consider when making that value judgement it is almost impossible to speak with accuracy. Like I said in my initial post, I think Azul (along with many of the modern players) are among the all time greats. It's just pointless and a little silly to attempt to talk down about older players, who in reality aren't even at the tournaments any more because of their jobs/families/etc, and then blame it on their inabilities to keep up with modern's really silly imo.

    • Clash With DP
      Clash With DP 3 months ago +1

      I mean, it can't be that different as we still see the best players continuing to do well, making day 2 50%+ of the time, unless I don't understand what you mean.

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 3 months ago

    farmer that cant farm

  • Colleen Viets
    Colleen Viets 3 months ago


  • Pikachu Pokémon
    Pikachu Pokémon 3 months ago

    Good afternoon I Love Pokémon 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Aeronautiqul
    Aeronautiqul 3 months ago

    They don't have spotlight for the video game haha. Probably because they all cheat and don't deserve it.

  • Shadows Light
    Shadows Light 3 months ago

    So we can buy his deck? Once the WorldsChampion decks are released.

  • Martin Wagner
    Martin Wagner 3 months ago +3

    Nice to see more content on this channel that covers competetive Pokémon 😍
    Gets you hyped for the World Championship and Azul is great player to put in the spotlight 😊
    I love it👍

  • tamás tv ultra
    tamás tv ultra 3 months ago +1

    Sword and shield starters evolution?

  • zdh0218
    zdh0218 3 months ago +1

    Hey Mahone here for TCG and Wolfe for VGc

  • Apple Yui
    Apple Yui 3 months ago


  • Pandering Pangoro
    Pandering Pangoro 3 months ago

    Bet my dusknoir deck is better

  • Really Random
    Really Random 3 months ago

    Wow this actually a series

  • Jakewebmaster8
    Jakewebmaster8 3 months ago

    Is Melmetal appearing in the anime?

  • aidan fensterman
    aidan fensterman 3 months ago

    Wooohoo boston!!

  • Otangaku D Yokeman
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  • Julio Shiza
    Julio Shiza 3 months ago +1

    Me piro vampiro

  • Surpasingly Psyquieous
    Surpasingly Psyquieous 3 months ago +40

    Guy is literally named "Blue".

  • StarWars#1 freak
    StarWars#1 freak 3 months ago

    so i cant remember my password,screen name,or dob

  • Futaba Naru Gonzalez
    Futaba Naru Gonzalez 3 months ago


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  • El Yoshi Huaso del Bio bio

    AZÚL, por que este amor es azul como el mar AZUL.

    • ramdelure
      ramdelure 3 months ago

      Azul como el nieto del Profesor Oak

  • Doki
    Doki 3 months ago +3

    I just beat a rattata! hit me up

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 3 months ago +11

    I challenge him to a Pokémon battle

  • Jacob TNP
    Jacob TNP 3 months ago +56

    Interviewer: Azul, what do you do when you aren’t playing Pokémon?
    Azul: probably playing Pokémon
    Interviewer: .......wait

  • MoonBeam I
    MoonBeam I 3 months ago

    He's ugly up close.

  • bunnyyzz 69
    bunnyyzz 69 3 months ago +5

    Can pokken tourament have that your partner can be a shiny

    • bunnyyzz 69
      bunnyyzz 69 3 months ago

      @Wade Conroy i know but i mean that u can buy a shiny for like pokegold

    • Wade Conroy
      Wade Conroy 3 months ago

      Technically yes, but they aren't the official shiny.

  • kuchisake Kitsune
    kuchisake Kitsune 3 months ago +1

    Best of Lucks!!!!! it takes a lot of hard work to be where you are now so enjoy it ♡

  • Unique_007
    Unique_007 3 months ago +4

    Don't dare to read this
    Treat yourself to be best
    God made u beautiful
    You are born talented
    Ik everyone doesn't shows
    But you are absolutely amazing ❤️

  • GreninjaArc- Z
    GreninjaArc- Z 3 months ago

    1:50,I thought that was the odd1sout for a second

  • Doodliver
    Doodliver 3 months ago +53

    Named azul like blue the 1 gen rival, he got nice parents

    • ramdelure
      ramdelure 3 months ago

      @kaiserchava 115 Si, es una mierda lo que hacen con Pokémon, la serie televisiva, películas incluido Detective Pikachu

    • kaiserchava 115
      kaiserchava 115 3 months ago

      @ramdelure te cae mal el James de pepe toño macias ¿verdad?

    • ramdelure
      ramdelure 3 months ago

      @nikz² Solo con lo que es respecto a Pokémon, me gusta el doblaje mexicano especialmente en Dragon Ball

    • nikz²
      nikz² 3 months ago

      @ramdelure cope harder

    • ramdelure
      ramdelure 3 months ago

      @nikz² Yo juego Pokémon en español porque lo hay y también veo la serie tal cual y no la mierda mexicana

  • Pattern Kim : free images
    Pattern Kim : free images 3 months ago +3

    He is awesome!!!

  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein
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  • Nintendo Mitch
    Nintendo Mitch 3 months ago +21

    Azul is by far one of the nicest top players in the Pokemon TCG! He deserves the success! Good luck to him at Worlds!

  • tommy durning
    tommy durning 3 months ago

    Leave thoses poors innoccent expenvice cardboard

  • AK Galaxy
    AK Galaxy 3 months ago +1

    Best of luck

  • Ja'nya Deshields
    Ja'nya Deshields 3 months ago

    Go VGC 😃🙂☺

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American 3 months ago +27

    Never met a person named Azul, nice name. Boston's a nice city for history buffs

    • vectress
      vectress 3 months ago

      I meant fitting because of being champion, not antagonist.

    • vectress
      vectress 3 months ago

      Pokemon Red's antagonist is Blue = Azul. Fitting name.

    • Josiah Reyes
      Josiah Reyes 3 months ago

      I've only met 1 other and she was pretty cute.

  • StarHalo Pokemon
    StarHalo Pokemon 3 months ago +3

    This looks intense I actually want to try everyday if I have to to get better

  • Todd Bot
    Todd Bot 3 months ago +96

    Guys can I enter? I just beat youngster Joey!

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  • Alex Landrum Vlogs
    Alex Landrum Vlogs 3 months ago +2

    First like

  • Lady Leomon
    Lady Leomon 3 months ago +13

    Another of the Pokéfans with a chance at the top, best of luck Azul!
    Thanks for another great video Pokémon Channel 💙🐱💙

  • Lemur X
    Lemur X 3 months ago +1

    Dragonite VS chalizard
    Dragonite = 👍
    Chalizard = com

  • Alex Landrum Vlogs
    Alex Landrum Vlogs 3 months ago

    Me I'm the first veiw