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Ellen Wants YOU to Vote!
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  • Ruth van Dijk
    Ruth van Dijk 6 hours ago

    Da shoooooeeeeees 🥺

  • iEnvyMe -
    iEnvyMe - 6 hours ago

    Is just a dance bruh

  • Lydia Manautou
    Lydia Manautou 6 hours ago

    I went elementary school with her 😭😂

  • Fiammetta
    Fiammetta 6 hours ago

    Oh new video on tryguy channel!! Wait a second...

  • uhm ily
    uhm ily 6 hours ago

    YES SIS 🥰👏🏽!

  • 한지희
    한지희 6 hours ago

    He's just the sweetest 🥰

  • Static Hype
    Static Hype 6 hours ago


  • Овен увд
    Овен увд 6 hours ago

    some are saying „this ain’t dancing“ but like... it’s a Dance for people on an app? It’s short and „simple“ so everyone can do it. You can tell she’s a dancer

  • Ellie Plays
    Ellie Plays 6 hours ago

    She will be searching her pockets for years 😂

  • T Rattanrama
    T Rattanrama 6 hours ago

    The more silly act she does the hotter...

  • XxxDrDraXxx
    XxxDrDraXxx 6 hours ago

    As soon as I heard the word get out, I gave ellen about 5 days to get her on the show.

  • Ms Galaxy
    Ms Galaxy 6 hours ago

    The fact that she remembers the whole routine and I can’t even remember my cousin birthday

  • Anthony Cadiz
    Anthony Cadiz 6 hours ago

    Rip kobe😭😭

  • Speller Kayleigh
    Speller Kayleigh 6 hours ago

    But still

  • Speller Kayleigh
    Speller Kayleigh 6 hours ago

    Ugh Charlie dmelio is way better

  • lil' bunny
    lil' bunny 6 hours ago

    Wow table think 😦

  • sabina ortiz
    sabina ortiz 6 hours ago

    Finally she is getting some regantion cause she made it

  • Bean ho
    Bean ho 6 hours ago

    Did she really just give the renegade creator 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS???

  • Oisin Mitchell
    Oisin Mitchell 6 hours ago

    Congrats to this girl so many people use this dance and she’s only 14! Wow so many things to look forward to for this young girl!

  • Kelsie Roblox
    Kelsie Roblox 6 hours ago

    Finally she gets the credit she deserves 💖❤️

  • Hey It's Venus
    Hey It's Venus 6 hours ago

    Yaaass! I want to see more dances

  • JackJackCamo Davis
    JackJackCamo Davis 6 hours ago

    Omg your lesbian

  • Prime Merlinean
    Prime Merlinean 6 hours ago

    "The dislikers enjoyed Speed but didn't understand The Lake House."

  • xochil garcia
    xochil garcia 6 hours ago

    Ofcourse she must have a nanny, cleaning ladies/men, and the most important Money to redecorate. We don’t have a playroom we have a one bedroom house lol... I like when my kids act like it’s a pain to pick up one toy and decide to cry. 😒🤨

  • Ben Fordham
    Ben Fordham 6 hours ago

    When twitch was better

  • Bella Chen
    Bella Chen 6 hours ago

    her is not the same as the tic tokers

  • Tamara Villalobos
    Tamara Villalobos 6 hours ago


    MOB ZILLA 6 hours ago

    ReNIgADe ReNIGaDe

  • Bowl of * Pasta
    Bowl of * Pasta 6 hours ago

    She looks boom af periodt

  • Inspirecats x
    Inspirecats x 6 hours ago

    Charli is probably getting some of her last TIK TOK FAMOUSSS in she will still be famous but Jaliyah I think might be becoming charli!! Finally fame she deserves💜

  • Oraintheblack
    Oraintheblack 6 hours ago


  • Jana Ahmed
    Jana Ahmed 6 hours ago

    That was on the day of my bday 😅😅

  • Mr. Scrub Q
    Mr. Scrub Q 6 hours ago

    She needs to get the recognition she deserves

  • Toni Feninlambir
    Toni Feninlambir 6 hours ago


  • Pherces
    Pherces 6 hours ago

    She clowned 😭😭💪🏾

  • Isidro Segura
    Isidro Segura 6 hours ago

    The third girls face when she couldn’t do it lol 😭😂

  • 『 • T o x i c h e r r y • 』

    Ellen- so wh- Fans: AHHHhhhhhhhhhhh! Ellen: oh, so- Fans: AHHhhhhHahahh!!! Ellen: your- Fans: AHHhhhhHahahh!!! Ellen from inside: TVYVARFFBYGBUHBAUHB!!!

  • Everett Young
    Everett Young 6 hours ago

    My “secret” talent is eating loads of food and being able to eat more

  • KKtoy
    KKtoy 6 hours ago

    Wow 😳

  • Matthew D. Johnson
    Matthew D. Johnson 6 hours ago

    Call of the Wild was great! Go see it!

  • X Y
    X Y 6 hours ago

    It is frustrating to see white people culturally appropriate and make profits for the creations of minorities. It started with Elvis Presley, continued with Madonna, then followed by Britney Spears and still happening on social media.

  • trisha mohanty
    trisha mohanty 6 hours ago

    Thank god charlie d’amelio isn’t up there

  • Aarav Singh
    Aarav Singh 6 hours ago

    Of course I get this in my recommended after the guy who made copy and paste dies 😭 rip

  • yanuel robles
    yanuel robles 6 hours ago

    They guy bringing the jacket: ight ima head out

  • Jacee Hays
    Jacee Hays 6 hours ago

    But I love her so go girl!! Live the best life! You are famous so live it up!

  • samar mohamed
    samar mohamed 6 hours ago

    Lol 😁 😁 Ellen can't dance like here in Egypt😂😂😂😂

  • Coin Age
    Coin Age 6 hours ago

    That's fantastic indeed, bam bam ... Boom 💥

  • Ariana Grandelatte
    Ariana Grandelatte 6 hours ago

    3:42 I love how she is clueless of the joke and doesn't get it. Like omg

  • Enyi Onyeike
    Enyi Onyeike 6 hours ago

    they need to be on an ellen show

  • Amber Reddy
    Amber Reddy 6 hours ago

    The best one yet!

  • YoungxJeri —
    YoungxJeri — 6 hours ago

    I need to get popular of something to get on the Ellen show I’m broke and I love Ellen

  • Thrifty Asian
    Thrifty Asian 6 hours ago

    I think he is going to pick hannah ann and madison will be bachelorette

  • It’s Chloe
    It’s Chloe 6 hours ago

    ngl she deserves the hype

  • Via Coffey
    Via Coffey 6 hours ago

    They really said “millennial” like Gen Z wasn’t the generation who created most of the popular pop culture today

  • TTBEAR lover
    TTBEAR lover 6 hours ago


  • Xeno beatss
    Xeno beatss 6 hours ago

    Sad that the watered down version blew up tho

  • Giselle Branchinelli

    I have the same shoes

  • Ester Leng
    Ester Leng 6 hours ago

    Dude I was shook

  • Abena Akyiamaa
    Abena Akyiamaa 6 hours ago

    The try guys are on Ellen eeeeeeeee

  • Salma hussain
    Salma hussain 6 hours ago

    what im thinking is that their parents got mad at them and then said "hey! go get my phone i wanna share this in the internet it funny"

  • Tanir Starita
    Tanir Starita 6 hours ago

    Yayyyyy! I’m so happy for her!

  • uzma ahsan
    uzma ahsan 6 hours ago

    I am so glad they didnt call Charlie

  • Leah Loves Lemons
    Leah Loves Lemons 6 hours ago

    Ned as a women looks like the white soccer mom that buys the whole team pizza after a game and wants all your friends to call her by her first name.

  • Xr Honda
    Xr Honda 6 hours ago

    Door opens and the audience loses their minds! These star wars celebrities aren't just celebrities... they're superheroes!

  • Nisa Q
    Nisa Q 6 hours ago


  • Sylvia Minnifield
    Sylvia Minnifield 6 hours ago

    I Love The dance 💃 and I Love Ellen she is always Blessing Others.

  • Prashansa Ale
    Prashansa Ale 6 hours ago

    You all danced right while watching this 😂😂

  • Tayannah Will.
    Tayannah Will. 6 hours ago

    I can now see the black in the dance!

  • Ana Bela Ventura El Tabech

    Still looks good

  • Mariah’s Life !
    Mariah’s Life ! 6 hours ago

    this girl been eat sleep and renegade .

  • Mj Verano
    Mj Verano 6 hours ago

    Bruh these dudes are on Tiktok... They should know 😬

  • Thomas The Bob
    Thomas The Bob 6 hours ago

    Never let this kid play Fortnite.

  • Unathi Mgidi
    Unathi Mgidi 6 hours ago

    what a beautiful voice she sings like a little girl

  • Funky Films
    Funky Films 6 hours ago

    *Charlie didn't deserve any of the attention. THIS GIRL IS AMAZING! WAY BETTER THAN CHARLI*

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov 6 hours ago

    I thought this was a try guys new video.

  • Ineedsome MILK
    Ineedsome MILK 6 hours ago

    I'm not a VSCO girl, but I do have some of the VSCO girl pack items because I owned them before VSCO was a thing. But I do like saying "And I oop- SKSKSKKS"

  • Gacha •Wåtërmeløn•

    Her dance better than charlie damelio she is more energetic

  • Tareq Nomani Shemul
    Tareq Nomani Shemul 6 hours ago

    Afghans make film? Did not know it.....

  • Lunar Owl 9
    Lunar Owl 9 6 hours ago

    She deserves it not Charli or something, It’s her she made it

  • _xjahxsehx_
    _xjahxsehx_ 6 hours ago

    If charli didn’t make the dance famous then no one would care about no credit smh

  • Mishel Guzman
    Mishel Guzman 6 hours ago

    she’s so good omg

  • Alayna Taylor
    Alayna Taylor 6 hours ago

    finally she got her recognition yay

  • forever mee
    forever mee 6 hours ago

    That was very nice of u to have her on ur show ☺. Thank u & keep up the great work.

  • Min Chae
    Min Chae 6 hours ago

    my life has been blessed aftet i heard Ned say "skkrt"

  • Listen Boy
    Listen Boy 6 hours ago

    And Charlie is getting all the credit

  • RaYisGoated
    RaYisGoated 6 hours ago


  • Kathy Apples
    Kathy Apples 6 hours ago

    Charli d'amelio has lost the hype

  • Panıcked Freak
    Panıcked Freak 6 hours ago

    I didn't even know "sksk" was a word because ASMRists have been doing it forever. 😂😂

  • XxxItsSnowyxx X
    XxxItsSnowyxx X 6 hours ago


  • Sponsor#1
    Sponsor#1 6 hours ago

    No matter what people say, Justin Bieber is just great!

  • Harshit
    Harshit 6 hours ago

    Motu 😂

  • Armoney Adams
    Armoney Adams 6 hours ago

    You definitely deserve this Jalaiah because you created the dance not eny body else did you know you could have teached the Chicago Bull dace team that dance but some one stole your moves and asked her I am so sorry it should have been you teaching the Chicago bulls that dance not her if eny one agrees like this comment

  • Jadah whittington
    Jadah whittington 6 hours ago


  • dOnTtOuChmYfAcEu
    dOnTtOuChmYfAcEu 6 hours ago

    Charli could never 😭🤣

  • Ethan Vaughn
    Ethan Vaughn 6 hours ago

    Ellen video title: new detail about the upcoming indiana jones movie! Detail:...

    TRICIA BROWN 6 hours ago

    Retired and nothing to do 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. I can't do that though. I'm impressed

  • Roblox iiinfite
    Roblox iiinfite 6 hours ago

    She’s finally gettin her game she deserves

  • Uchiha Flame
    Uchiha Flame 6 hours ago


  • PenguinGoddess !
    PenguinGoddess ! 6 hours ago

    This is so cool😱

  • Ροζαλία Σανσονέτης

    Charli is shooked