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  • Takeya Harris
    Takeya Harris 2 hours ago

    good night

  • Noah Mckinney
    Noah Mckinney 2 hours ago

    That's Frome Scarface but he edited it but it's still good

  • Nessa Bear
    Nessa Bear 2 hours ago


  • Anthony Puscas
    Anthony Puscas 2 hours ago


  • Dripstar Jay
    Dripstar Jay 2 hours ago


  • Josh Marquez
    Josh Marquez 3 hours ago


  • Dalonte Stanfield
    Dalonte Stanfield 3 hours ago

    Got damn Gunna spit fire off set set it off and da baby snap

  • vito laboragine
    vito laboragine 3 hours ago

    i fk with this viedo hard yo

  • Gerardo Gallegos
    Gerardo Gallegos 3 hours ago

    2020 and I'm still listening this song! Thanks to Nicki Minaj!🔥💎

  • Brittny Howell
    Brittny Howell 3 hours ago

    Who’s chain is he holding ???

  • Judge Tinker
    Judge Tinker 3 hours ago

    This Layton Greene's song

  • uyy sii
    uyy sii 3 hours ago

    yeah bitch sacarface yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Treasure Bryant
    Treasure Bryant 4 hours ago

    His fat be going crazy😂😂😂

  • LazerNinja
    LazerNinja 6 hours ago


  • Cristina Umana
    Cristina Umana 7 hours ago

    Baby traer he a rapper

  • Cristina Umana
    Cristina Umana 7 hours ago

    Best song ever

  • Tanguy
    Tanguy 8 hours ago

    Ludacris and Yung Thug

  • Mikey Boy
    Mikey Boy 8 hours ago

    Da baby part @ 1:11

  • Ishmael Patel
    Ishmael Patel 8 hours ago

    This nigga in his own lane gawdd

  • whoisjaide
    whoisjaide 8 hours ago

    I forgot this existed

  • nathan rosseli
    nathan rosseli 10 hours ago

    eli manning= tom brady´s nightmare haha

  • Iverson
    Iverson 10 hours ago


  • Joseph Sisneros
    Joseph Sisneros 10 hours ago

    Yachty is straight trash 😂😂😂

  • Wojciech Iwaziuk
    Wojciech Iwaziuk 10 hours ago

    2020 dalej buja🎶🔊👌🏽🤙🏽

  • Cormac Devaney
    Cormac Devaney 11 hours ago

    These kids ain't ever seen scarface ahaha

  • O8WI? 707
    O8WI? 707 13 hours ago

    Migos are the next 2020 Fast & The Furious

  • That FPS Guy Logan
    That FPS Guy Logan 13 hours ago

    Knock knock Who's there? -ft gunna

  • Millanee Wooden
    Millanee Wooden 13 hours ago

    Banging in 2020

  • The Real Walsh
    The Real Walsh 15 hours ago

    who knew drake would take this video idea and put it in his LMAOOOO

  • Christiana Le
    Christiana Le 15 hours ago

    I don't think this music video is not appropriate for little kids to see or watch

  • KeY Clan
    KeY Clan 15 hours ago

    Once u get playboi on ur song it's an instant 1 mil views.

  • lost in translation
    lost in translation 16 hours ago

    This is garbage

  • Francis Cycy
    Francis Cycy 16 hours ago


  • Ashley McKinney
    Ashley McKinney 20 hours ago

    When lil baby is actually bigger then da other baby

  • hair dryer manson 69

    When lil baby said " ھ مطابق پاکستان میں کوئی فرق ہے کہ وہ اس وقت گاڑی کے حصول کے حصول میں کوئی فرق ہے کہ وہ اس وقت گاڑی کے حصول کے حصول میں کوئی فرق ہے کہ وہ اس وقت گاڑی کے حصول " i felt that😔😔

    INDONESIA EDITOR 21 hour ago

    I like u

  • Itay Yanay
    Itay Yanay Day ago

    Baby on Baby

  • Solis kings
    Solis kings Day ago

    New music please

  • gene kimmons
    gene kimmons Day ago

    What are the real name I can't tell what baby I like better I like to the light skinned one Better

  • Yannick Joshua

    They did my bro x the wrong way 💔

  • Enzyme _Select

    Lil baby and Danny are swag

  • Cleophus Bannigan

    Love the Scarface’s scene

  • Rin Rinn
    Rin Rinn Day ago

    Theirs not a state, city, county or country that on planet earth have better rappers or singers then ATLANTA... period !!! We run this shit... and everybody else copy... not up for arguments or debates 😂

  • Rin Rinn
    Rin Rinn Day ago

    Take off

  • Daquavis Parker

    They got the white men in that bih turnt 😂

  • Cody Donnelly
    Cody Donnelly Day ago

    Is this video supposed to be like the scene from Scarface??

  • Robin Bonner
    Robin Bonner Day ago

    yes this song gangsta lil the movie

  • zeekie taunt life

    This was act was from a movie!!

  • Alvin
    Alvin Day ago


  • Deandre xd
    Deandre xd Day ago

    Boss:#Tack out the trash

  • Skyler Pike
    Skyler Pike Day ago

    1:34 is that a reference to the fact that only 3000 tony the tiger funko pop have been made or is that supposed to be a joke about his d**k

  • Alex Langevin
    Alex Langevin Day ago

    Shit music

  • Ladiee Lowkey
    Ladiee Lowkey Day ago

    Favorite part lmaooo 😂😂😂😂 0:58

    GASSED UP🔥 Day ago


  • Lil Bear
    Lil Bear Day ago

    Scarface type shii

  • David Ongondo
    David Ongondo Day ago

    Who else realised Davido was on the video!!!!

  • TheAsssssMan
    TheAsssssMan Day ago

    Featuring? Lol na he bodied this

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie Day ago


  • Mat3us L3ncina ssskrrr

    mano o lil baby sabe entrar certinho no beat

  • KiloB24
    KiloB24 Day ago

    yooo they deadass copied the entire beginning of scarface lul, cool vid

  • Stefan Jacobs
    Stefan Jacobs Day ago

    delete that shitty track due to that uglyass beat

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  • Suli Shamil
    Suli Shamil Day ago

    I’m sorry but the 808s in this is insane

  • Stelvio Ireneu

    yatchi be sounding like gucci

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u Day ago

    Who else came here from that old man dancing in the car lmao

  • AlesciaNichole

    Bruh I love this song lol so underrated 😩🙏🏽💞

  • Syrexth
    Syrexth 2 days ago

    man this motherfucking song is my JAM .

  • cesar valero
    cesar valero 2 days ago

    wasn't that the plot to pulp fiction???????

  • Julius Moore
    Julius Moore 2 days ago

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    Julius Moore 2 days ago

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    Julius Moore 2 days ago

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  • Dain Melendez
    Dain Melendez 2 days ago

    Baby killed his verse bro

  • Luke Hudson
    Luke Hudson 2 days ago

    Make a movie out of this wtf

  • David Andrade
    David Andrade 2 days ago


  • Leyah Dean
    Leyah Dean 2 days ago

    MIKE EPPS!!!!😮

  • Dannilson P Hidalgo

    Los colombianos somos la verga insultando 2:41

  • Marcus T
    Marcus T 2 days ago


  • Alex Hoxha
    Alex Hoxha 2 days ago

    Damnn these dudes they split firee

  • Jose Raul Bencomo
    Jose Raul Bencomo 2 days ago

    Like si hablas español entre tantos comentarios en inglés

  • DQ K
    DQ K 2 days ago

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  • Havoc Sweat
    Havoc Sweat 2 days ago

    this shit needa be a movie lmfaoo shit gon be hard asf.

  • mateus Oliveira
    mateus Oliveira 2 days ago


  • Tykirah Reid
    Tykirah Reid 2 days ago

    That shit wack

  • Stealthyyy
    Stealthyyy 2 days ago

    Like if baby is better than baby

  • alexus/alex Marie kaszap

    I fukk with the scarface theme

  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer 2 days ago


  • Darrayl Reilly
    Darrayl Reilly 2 days ago

    Love this song

  • marquise sisco
    marquise sisco 2 days ago

    He look like cjsocool in this song like if u agree

  • Sn1ppr
    Sn1ppr 2 days ago

    that Scarface crossover tho


    Takeoff Squad

  • Kiss My-Barbie-Feet73

    Word on another feed is Cardi B got better Freestyle rhymes than Nicki ? ,Is it true or not is my question

  • Julian Parker
    Julian Parker 2 days ago

    Got so much attention in my trailblazer playin dis. I gots 3 subwoofers

    SKYZER 2 days ago

    i am french and listen to music Good

  • Connor Bryant
    Connor Bryant 2 days ago


  • Trey Carpenter
    Trey Carpenter 2 days ago

    Who else search up baby and Justin Bieber song came up😂😂

  • Trento.Low24
    Trento.Low24 2 days ago

    What did they cut with the chainsaw his balls or his waist???🤔🤔🤔

  • Levin
    Levin 2 days ago

    who noticed that this was like scarface?

  • Kavanaugh Brady
    Kavanaugh Brady 2 days ago

    codon mRNA

  • No Joke
    No Joke 2 days ago


  • - j4cube -
    - j4cube - 2 days ago

    Yachtys best verse that shit was fire