YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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  • Autumn Lee
    Autumn Lee 5 minutes ago

    I really do hate plugging my channel but I’m afraid I don’t know where else to do so. I wrote a new song and I’m trying to get to 100 subs. I worked really hard on it and would appreciate it very much if anyone could take the time to listen.♥️thank you♥️

  • Rae Simone
    Rae Simone 10 minutes ago

    This man love this !! You can tell don’t put out nothing but heat

  • JBNB Dar
    JBNB Dar 20 minutes ago

    I just Realize this song sounds like turn up on His Album Mind of a Menace

  • Vandenilson Santos
    Vandenilson Santos 30 minutes ago

    Jovem dex - alcapone mandou abraço

  • Youtube vMenace
    Youtube vMenace 31 minute ago

    Get this song on Spotify already

  • Vibewithkevz
    Vibewithkevz 32 minutes ago

    Remember I ain’t have nun to eat i’d steal for it💯💯nigga i feel you these days bring back memories wishing you can some things we both from Louisiana -kevz💯🦅

  • عمر علي
    عمر علي 33 minutes ago

    في عربي !!!

  • jay_take walls
    jay_take walls 35 minutes ago

    This my favorite song I'm just a lonely child

  • 808 Finesse
    808 Finesse 39 minutes ago

    This shit dope🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Bryan Hamilton
    Bryan Hamilton 47 minutes ago

    He snapped on this one.... Bottom line

  • James Smith
    James Smith 53 minutes ago

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  • James Smith
    James Smith 54 minutes ago

    Subscribe to my page yo

  • C Simpson
    C Simpson Hour ago


  • spreadtheword
    spreadtheword Hour ago

    SCANT Hour ago

    He letting fredo bang know he ain’t worried

  • imbadkid Jyhkeese

    This so ruff

  • Malfunkshun Magar

    I like this guy man....Since 6ix9ine been jail, I've been hooked up with Youngboy. They are so similar and innocent. I don't like other rappers music though.

  • Demetri Watson
    Demetri Watson Hour ago

    0:14 he said some "Bet" 🤣🤣 with that devil ass looking face🤣

  • Myra Gang
    Myra Gang Hour ago

    I miss jenie with youngboy👫❤❤💞💞and pluse she the best out of all the girls and then blasian and then the rest of them us just ugly asf

  • Exxtic
    Exxtic Hour ago

    Hold on did he say fOrTnItE

  • Brian Gill
    Brian Gill Hour ago

    From nigga to my Son's that's that hardest Birdman verse I ev3a heard....Bless

  • Jordan Rouse
    Jordan Rouse 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of Hakeem Lyon from the show Empire.

  • Troy Triplett
    Troy Triplett 2 hours ago

    Youngboy!!!!, Rich!!! and this song though. BARZ!!

  • Gelder Saucedo
    Gelder Saucedo 2 hours ago

    Esta perra la canción

  • Jamal Venisee
    Jamal Venisee 2 hours ago

    Dis bitch 1

  • kyree wood
    kyree wood 2 hours ago

    Like this if this song should’ve been on the album⬇️

  • JadenDondada
    JadenDondada 2 hours ago

    Still here ❗️

  • Tony Meadows
    Tony Meadows 3 hours ago

    Like if yb better than nle

  • Arshaun Johnson
    Arshaun Johnson 3 hours ago

    Nobody: Me: wtf is BBG ???????????? 😭

  • Diamond Moore
    Diamond Moore 3 hours ago


  • уємι αкιиуєує*

    this song gets me so hype

  • Monika Gonzalez
    Monika Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Cigarettes tho 😐

  • Iconic Baby
    Iconic Baby 3 hours ago


    YBN ICCY 3 hours ago

    Remember the comments section was actually Comments Section

  • Joseph F
    Joseph F 3 hours ago

    this is so fuckin hard ladies and gentlemen

  • Anthony Alvis
    Anthony Alvis 3 hours ago

    Never broke again

  • James Jones
    James Jones 3 hours ago

    He was feelin himself @58 seconds lol

  • e3sk
    e3sk 3 hours ago


  • Kaotic kobe
    Kaotic kobe 3 hours ago

    Who else wonder how tf he switch his flow 20 different times a song😂😂

  • Daylin
    Daylin 3 hours ago

    This shit so hard, I was tryna get it like this in my last song 🤧

  • Neca Mosby
    Neca Mosby 3 hours ago

    nba better than 6ix9ine everybody know that nba for life he better than nle choppa to love u nba

  • Burn Bright 13 DHN
    Burn Bright 13 DHN 3 hours ago

    பேஔடீபூள். 🥶💙💜🖤

  • ang 012
    ang 012 3 hours ago

    Victim of heartbreak 😓

  • Zach Dunn
    Zach Dunn 4 hours ago

    damn he was really like 16 when he dropped this

  • Guwapo Youngin
    Guwapo Youngin 4 hours ago

  • Guwapo Youngin
    Guwapo Youngin 4 hours ago

  • Justice 360
    Justice 360 4 hours ago

    I asked my dad how to drive and said 0:28

  • Corey Anthony Jr
    Corey Anthony Jr 4 hours ago

    Nigga let y’all know bout his moms in dis song

  • Imnot _ahacker
    Imnot _ahacker 4 hours ago

    Her name? 2:06



  • Robert Banks
    Robert Banks 4 hours ago


  • Mikia Bynum
    Mikia Bynum 4 hours ago


  • Henry Edwards
    Henry Edwards 4 hours ago

    “Told ha I luv ha she responded “Bitch I hate you”....Mane that shit I’m going through now 🤦🏾‍♂️ Females get fed up with our shit

  • Purplehoney Screwbee

    the 🐐 on god! Fuck y’all saying it is what it is. Man hold up.

  • Tatrica Stone
    Tatrica Stone 4 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of rap & Jania video is the reason I looked up the video.. truth is if you know what it feels like to be a "lonely child" why take your child thru that pain? Kacey don't deserve that. "FIX IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, DON'T MAKE EXCUSES"

  • Pulp FN
    Pulp FN 4 hours ago

    You my brudda and I love u to death💚🐍

  • Patrick Ellison
    Patrick Ellison 4 hours ago

    This guy always look so sad. Guess that's why he always sound like he crying

  • Kevin Sellers
    Kevin Sellers 4 hours ago

    I'm not allowed. They are wating fuc up my name. Not this way

  • Ay AY Ay
    Ay AY Ay 4 hours ago

    This shi slaps hella hard bruh

  • Divion Deshae
    Divion Deshae 4 hours ago

    Ok but who is that fine ass young man at 1:24 lawdddd i need his @

    • Divion Deshae
      Divion Deshae 4 hours ago

      not the one playing basketball but the other one

  • Thomas Shahab
    Thomas Shahab 4 hours ago

    0:20 Cost one like

  • YLW 15
    YLW 15 4 hours ago


  • DonNoDraper
    DonNoDraper 4 hours ago

    This shit lit af

  • Fantastic Cuz
    Fantastic Cuz 4 hours ago

    Ladies ,Young women all jokes aside Dont Let Bro Fuck You Raw !!!!! Yo life and health is more important than some quick sex . Stay smart and Sharp. Let bro wise up !!!!

    AR6 MAFIA 4 hours ago


  • Kavo’s Wrld
    Kavo’s Wrld 4 hours ago

    What song does this sound like it’s stuck in my head and I just can’t think of what it is

    • iGRIND
      iGRIND 4 hours ago

      Kavo’s Wrld pour one?

  • John Boyd
    John Boyd 4 hours ago

    If you a real youngboy fan like the comment

  • Juwaniie juwaniie
    Juwaniie juwaniie 4 hours ago

    If yall take showers like this and common

  • Ultimate Jordan
    Ultimate Jordan 5 hours ago

    Shit he don’t be playing

  • B OWEN
    B OWEN 5 hours ago

    Awe yeah get them printed illuminati dollars

  • N Siobhan Tooley
    N Siobhan Tooley 5 hours ago

    Nba youngboy is so raw he goatedfied

  • Edward Gary
    Edward Gary 5 hours ago

    No Tom macdonald fans here..

  • Edward Gary
    Edward Gary 5 hours ago

    So what happened to rap with some lyrical sense and there actual voice?

  • Football Goal
    Football Goal 5 hours ago

    If you listen it in novembre 2019 >>>> like

  • Trevion Cobb
    Trevion Cobb 5 hours ago

    People always sing in coumtrol on the bus It ne lit

  • Jaston Brandon
    Jaston Brandon 5 hours ago

    Weak ahh song

  • Moonlight Records
    Moonlight Records 5 hours ago

    November 2019??

  • Jason Widdifield
    Jason Widdifield 5 hours ago

    1:00 lol

  • kaka king
    kaka king 5 hours ago


  • kaka king
    kaka king 5 hours ago

    You the best rapper iñ the Word nba youngboy im a kid

  • iGreen_clanks
    iGreen_clanks 5 hours ago

    NLE choppa stoke his shit

  • slaps bangers
    slaps bangers 5 hours ago


  • Kaylas bad Ideas
    Kaylas bad Ideas 5 hours ago

    I love the end so much

  • nakaiwaytogood lol
    nakaiwaytogood lol 5 hours ago

    Best rapper in the world on hood🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • James Manuel
    James Manuel 5 hours ago

    Hating hard in these comments but listening 2 da song smdh

  • Cameron Barrett
    Cameron Barrett 5 hours ago

    Nabyoung boy is a better rapper then any rapper in history

  • Mr Money man
    Mr Money man 5 hours ago

    November 20 2019 anyone?

    FLORIDA BOI PUMP 5 hours ago

    That’s the Fake version of rich the kid

  • YRG J-Roc
    YRG J-Roc 5 hours ago

    I like your song😍😍

  • Sterling Kyser
    Sterling Kyser 5 hours ago

    NBA going off year after year

    TEZZY BANDZ 5 hours ago

    Like if NBA YOUNGBOY better then YNW MELLY

  • Thomas Preece
    Thomas Preece 5 hours ago

    Who still gonna mess wit this in 2020

  • Keith Fraser
    Keith Fraser 5 hours ago

    These old YB videos will be history over time he always had that talent. Ambition. The goat before he even knew.

  • Lil Snitch 9ine
    Lil Snitch 9ine 5 hours ago

    The real question I have is.... Do you want a SPRITE CRANBERRY?

  • OTB Cxrti
    OTB Cxrti 5 hours ago

    This hoe hit different when is u💯

  • Bobby Shivers
    Bobby Shivers 5 hours ago

    I feel like I'm Gucci man in 2006

  • Nataly Solis
    Nataly Solis 5 hours ago

    "i pray to god that i aint takin after my papa" OMM

  • Tykeria Williams
    Tykeria Williams 5 hours ago

    2019 ANYONE?????😙😗😗

  • Nataly Solis
    Nataly Solis 5 hours ago

    "bitch i be that nigga knock yo block out" ayee!

  • Joshua Clayburn
    Joshua Clayburn 5 hours ago