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Joana Ceddia
Joana Ceddia
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It is the first day of university
Views 2 589 9309 days ago
I painted on a 12 hour flight
Views 2 440 01016 days ago
Views 1 632 71825 days ago
A day in my life in brazil
Views 2 703 869Month ago
I forced Brad Mondo to fix my hair
Views 4 873 886Month ago
I bleached my hair
Views 5 811 507Month ago
Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep
Views 1 645 4742 months ago
How to Crash a Wedding
Views 2 378 0882 months ago
The same video one year later
Views 2 356 8632 months ago
I graduated from high school
Views 2 273 3812 months ago
The final week of high school
Views 2 270 5703 months ago
A day in the life: high school edition
Views 2 197 0383 months ago
I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit
Views 921 1073 months ago
Oops I'm in New York
Views 2 314 7874 months ago
I went to prom
Views 4 296 1074 months ago
Study with me ft. Senioritis
Views 1 735 3584 months ago
I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch
Views 1 187 0855 months ago
I painted for 24 hours straight
Views 2 999 8635 months ago
Let's talk about school
Views 1 232 2495 months ago
WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
Views 1 752 5605 months ago
Here's what I did over the weekend
Views 2 027 2966 months ago
Come with me to a swim meet
Views 3 941 9146 months ago
Meanwhile, in Canada
Views 1 206 5856 months ago
I painted A Starry Starry Night
Views 1 503 1866 months ago
24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition
Views 1 665 7037 months ago
Dear Mom, give me a dog
Views 1 734 6287 months ago
It is exam season.
Views 3 453 9577 months ago
The History of John Cena
Views 3 298 7838 months ago
Views 1 777 4148 months ago
I painted the Mona Lisa
Views 2 448 7398 months ago
Merry Chrystler from the Ceddia Family
Views 1 533 0398 months ago
Brad Mondo, this is for you
Views 4 208 3389 months ago
I DIY'd my own Christmas tree
Views 1 226 5109 months ago
A week in the life of John Cena
Views 3 446 1939 months ago
Playing A Horror Game
Views 2 334 1709 months ago
URGENT: Hair Tutorial
Views 2 336 8809 months ago
A second attempt at a self portrait
Views 1 600 45810 months ago
A very productive weekend
Views 4 690 90110 months ago
A (very late) Halloween Spooptacular
Views 1 390 20910 months ago
Waxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition
Views 1 558 01410 months ago
I DIY'd my own wedding dress
Views 2 274 90111 months ago
Turning Myself Into the Cookie Monster
Views 2 033 14311 months ago
Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial
Views 4 921 07811 months ago
Views 1 560 018Year ago
Waxing and Ranting: the sequel
Views 1 278 602Year ago
Views 2 271 607Year ago
A Jojo Siwa makeover
Views 3 130 672Year ago
Views 1 502 939Year ago
Views 1 325 512Year ago
A nAtURaL gLoWY MakeUP TutORiaL
Views 1 344 649Year ago
i cut my hair with craft scissors
Views 9 465 018Year ago
Views 752 668Year ago
How to overpack: a tutorial
Views 584 421Year ago
I drew Tana Mongoose crying
Views 740 921Year ago


  • Créme Caramel
    Créme Caramel Minute ago

    00:00 - 15:23 that’s the best part!

  • Créme Caramel
    Créme Caramel Minute ago

    00:00 - 15:23 that’s the best part!

  • Adrian’s Brickfilms
    Adrian’s Brickfilms 4 minutes ago

    I found this channel last week... I LoVE It So mUch!!!!!!

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    Diva beautiful 4 minutes ago

    Imagine if joana has kids and they watch this video and be like"so that's why mom smells like ikea"

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    Yasser Hamid 6 minutes ago

    How can I love you

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    DaEABaller 6 minutes ago

    Were waiting for your nudes to get leaked. Why lie at this point.

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    Snowy Owl 9 minutes ago

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    Koa 9 minutes ago

    She’s a goddess on Jah

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    marley 10 minutes ago

    I agree with ur opinion on don’t call me angel but I still kinda like it

  • Burak Ozkan
    Burak Ozkan 11 minutes ago

    lol when they killed carl........ i stopppppped watching the series.

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    Warenai 15 minutes ago

    *Cut my hair meme taken seriously*

  • Karlito Suarez
    Karlito Suarez 16 minutes ago

    Just find out bout your channel Joanna. Just subscribed and now you will potentially b my wife. Cant wait till we met one day.❤

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    Bloutsing 16 minutes ago

    Alberta or Saskatchewan?

  • Margaux Dempsey ,
    Margaux Dempsey , 19 minutes ago

    I finally thought my mom ”going ham” She said are you going ham on being a sksksk vsco girl because I had ONE SCRUNCHIE ON MY WRIST thank you john cena

  • Timi Agiri
    Timi Agiri 24 minutes ago

    rip joana for buying physical textbooks

  • Aesthetic 12
    Aesthetic 12 24 minutes ago


  • Caelan Okinaga
    Caelan Okinaga 25 minutes ago

    Dude you eat nothing!!!!!! Im a swimmer and water polo player and Im severely underweight and I eat like 3× as much as you

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    Michael Scott yuss 26 minutes ago

    was it just me or was the auto off?

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    Mishal Basit 27 minutes ago

    8:15, That as literally my reaction, I heard of it

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    Greetings, Madam Seed

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    She sounds like Sadie from Steven Universe.


    When Mom and the FBI find the homework folder

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    We just watched a murder scene...

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    I love johannes cebastshun

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    Wait so what’s the point of this channel and why was this suggested to me lol

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    Can you make a video about how your parents met? And do a parent q&a?!

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    Im a robot? Hell yeah!!

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    Okie, sounding creepy: They are perfect the way they are. They are yours... Hopefully end creepy....honest, my intention was anything but. Man. Okie, let's try this (guys will not think its creepy): Origional equipment, OEM, has a magic, creates legend. Don't change what is perfect already.

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    Sending you a paypal of my anger. Ain’t nobody finna insult my anger!

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    Hesitant User 53 minutes ago

    Joana, I love your videos, but your stance on Percy Jackson is unacceptable. I am rereading the books for the millionth time. I would like a 6 minute, poorly acted, apology video. Fake crying is required.

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  • 김지수 and 임나연 my babies uwu

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    D e x Hour ago

    I am a single father of two boys. 4th and 2nd years at college. I actually listened to your entire clip without one urge to skip forward or pause to do something else. Wow. You can really capture people. You are the perfect example of the girl you hope your kid find. Ahhhh.....if I were only 20 years younger...

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  • I hate everyone. even you

    I was called into this mission.

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    UMMM MEOW Hour ago

    When you major in art: Hello can I take your order?

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    Cass LuLu Hour ago

    I wonder why her parents are thinking when she films the voiceovers and screams..lmao..they seriously need and award..and tbh i want a daughter like this when im older lol.

  • Cass LuLu
    Cass LuLu Hour ago

    I wonder why her parents are thinking when she films the voiceovers and screams..lmao..they seriously need and award..and tbh i want a daughter like this when im older lol.

  • Valeria Gonzalez

    Omg I loooove mr bean

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    Her mom is the most pure person in our galaxy and probably other galaxies

  • Cass LuLu
    Cass LuLu Hour ago

    I wonder why her parents are thinking when she films the voiceovers and screams..lmao..they seriously need and award..and tbh i want a daughter like this when im older lol.

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