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I ran away from home lol
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What I did on my day off
Views 1.1M3 months ago
Getting my driver's license
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A day in my life in brazil
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I bleached my hair
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How to Crash a Wedding
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I graduated from high school
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Oops I'm in New York
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I went to prom
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Let's talk about school
Views 1.3M10 months ago
WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
Views 2.1M11 months ago
Come with me to a swim meet
Views 4.6M11 months ago
Meanwhile, in Canada
Views 1.3MYear ago
Dear Mom, give me a dog
Views 1.9MYear ago
It is exam season.
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Views 1.9MYear ago
Playing A Horror Game
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URGENT: Hair Tutorial
Views 2.5MYear ago
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A Jojo Siwa makeover
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  • Janene Lonergan
    Janene Lonergan 10 hours ago

    CEO of zooming in

  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez 10 hours ago

    I hate avocados 🥑 😕

  • Tash MS
    Tash MS 10 hours ago

    Tell me why the actual part with brad mondo was 1/3 of the video... Like 7 minutes in, we get to the actual part where brad styles her hair

  • Marissa Reus
    Marissa Reus 11 hours ago

    Youre so weird...... I LOVE IT😍

  • Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles 11 hours ago

    i get u canada is a cold turd :)

  • Aybüke 73
    Aybüke 73 11 hours ago

    i love her

  • Ansley_ Loves music
    Ansley_ Loves music 12 hours ago

    Come to Brazil! (Where my limelight’s at?🍋💡)

  • Aniya Webster
    Aniya Webster 12 hours ago

    When the sad music started playing I come into my kitchen and see that the trash bag ( which I had taken out the trash can) had fallen over Anyways I took out all the trash (it was cleaning day ) I realize I forgot to throw out the month old milk so I throw it away only to remember that I still have to wash the dishes and the thing you put the wet dishes in is full and none of my siblings are going to help me ( I'm a middle child also 12 and a half) SO NOW I HAVE TO WASH DISHES AND PUT THE CLEAN DISHES AWAY BEFORE I CAN WASH THE DIRTY DISHES AND THEN COOK PASTA FOR THESE LAZY KIDS Thanks for reading my Ted talk article

  • k80 x
    k80 x 12 hours ago

    do new a room tour! or makeup tutorial you really really try, since you are a talented artist.

  • Ana Keklesa
    Ana Keklesa 12 hours ago


  • k80 x
    k80 x 12 hours ago

    can you do a new room tour

  • Emily Thalmayr
    Emily Thalmayr 13 hours ago

    i had no idea there was such drama in the running fandom

  • Emma Auclair
    Emma Auclair 13 hours ago

    Your mom tho....She should be disappointed...I LOVE IT

  • C0C0 J
    C0C0 J 13 hours ago

    I HaTe YoUr OuTfIt There I did ur dare joana

  • Maia P
    Maia P 13 hours ago

    When she said she was seventeen I was like-😦😮

  • Da panda Gamer
    Da panda Gamer 13 hours ago

    I just hear Satin in my house because it is old.

  • manio lalola
    manio lalola 13 hours ago

    you now im pretty sure foxy of fnaf wanna kill you

  • fire dog
    fire dog 14 hours ago

    The corainine virus is in North irleand.

  • William Baker
    William Baker 14 hours ago

    That's so cool

  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 14 hours ago


  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 14 hours ago

    *Pinaple on pizza is illegal* ***

  • Tried 2
    Tried 2 15 hours ago

    You are not going to regret this. This is everything. This made you famous. And your personality of course

  • Tried 2
    Tried 2 15 hours ago

    I found. Your hydro flask. It is in London. Please come.

  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 15 hours ago


  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 15 hours ago

    'Good mornin youtubeians' *i am never saing that again*

  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 16 hours ago

    *i hate ur outfit*

  • Flederloewin
    Flederloewin 16 hours ago

    I will never understand why people will copy paintings and photos... like where's the creativity?

  • coffee beans
    coffee beans 16 hours ago

    1:05 me getting ready for swim practice

  • Katie Kat_Plays
    Katie Kat_Plays 16 hours ago

    He is soooooooooooo Nice

  • Tia Rust
    Tia Rust 16 hours ago

    wow i feel like i eat a hell of a lot more than you when at a swim meet. it’s ,my excuse to just shovel down the food 😊😊

  • Tia Rust
    Tia Rust 16 hours ago

    haha so relatable. but trust me i’ve been in worse warm ups than that 🤣 i find that the only way to get in the pool for warm up is to just dive straight in and get moving

  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 16 hours ago

    Ur hair, u could go to a wedding like dat.....

  • Iustin-Gabriel Basarab

    Please post another video cuz i am getting depression without you!

  • lscohrs1982
    lscohrs1982 16 hours ago

    Gorgeous. How about some new funky glasses. You’re beautiful. You’re teeth are perfect 👌. They did a terrific job. Cookies looked good 😋

  • Zubia Naqvi
    Zubia Naqvi 16 hours ago

    *ghello fellow humans*

  • Yeliz Goktas
    Yeliz Goktas 16 hours ago

    It was so damn pretty im shook

    MIRQ LIKESCHOCOLATE 17 hours ago

    My dad used to work at IKEA :)))))

  • Amulya Setlur
    Amulya Setlur 17 hours ago

    Good god I almost threw up when the Kumon sign came on. I did math up until level J. It was awful.

  • sukidesu haruto
    sukidesu haruto 17 hours ago

    Oohh I was so surprised that when I saw the description, this video was posted on my birthday! Wow! Hiii, I'm a new viewer! I watched your makeover on Brad's vid! You look amazing! 🥰

  • Starz Polar
    Starz Polar 18 hours ago

    What’s nocturnal??

  • Tiffany Daugherty
    Tiffany Daugherty 18 hours ago

    *Package on sandwich says "Chicken Breast Sandwich" - 1st time she says bought a "turkey sandwich" - close! Second Time says "eating my ham sandwich" - LMAO

  • Nerds Rule
    Nerds Rule 19 hours ago

    One time at ikea they had a broken vase out on display but the broken side was turned away so you couldn’t tell that it was broken and I grabbed it and sliced my whole hand open and it was not a pleasant sight.

  • Aarushi Jha
    Aarushi Jha 20 hours ago

    Maann Joana looks really different now with brown hair.

  • Ruhaan Arora
    Ruhaan Arora 20 hours ago

    Gits and shigles 😂😂😂

  • winwin is too smol don't touch

    she totally sounds like candace from phineas and ferb

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    one directionforever 20 hours ago

    just tell me how much money did you spend on those wigs

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    Olive Brice 21 hour ago

    9:51 ummm

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    W x l f . N a n d i 21 hour ago

    My mom wouldn’t kill me but my dad would

  • Arend Van der Goes
    Arend Van der Goes 21 hour ago

    Wow its beautiful shes soo good

  • Arend Van der Goes
    Arend Van der Goes 21 hour ago

    I don't think its bad at all

  • Mackenzie Fowler 2025

    Friend: how are u feeling? Me after watching joana: Ravenous

  • Cat Crumpet Cute Pie YT

    wow u rily made me think.. I need to get my stuff together with school and stuff im doing better thank jo. :) genuinely

  • Otxkou
    Otxkou 22 hours ago

    is it just me or does her voice sound so casual but in the best way possible

  • gwaynechel
    gwaynechel 22 hours ago

    0:24 “this is not a bad idea” me: okay..............

  • Poison•berryx_x •
    Poison•berryx_x • 23 hours ago


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    Gaming Hale 23 hours ago

    where do you get your microphone?

  • wolfy love9100


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    Zubia Naqvi Day ago

    John cena: and a peach *holds pear*

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    OMG you look so pretty with makeup

  • -*-Hannah Is a hooman-*-

    Why does she look like a younger version of Jenna marbles? Take it as a compliment hun.

  • Civil Conversations

    Those editing skills tho 🥵 0:00-0:12

  • Naps _
    Naps _ Day ago

    Oh my god one minute and you’re glorious. Subbed

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    There is one question I have to ask Joana are you ARMY

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    Xoxo art Day ago

    Can you please tell me what app do you use for o edit if it’s iMovie please do video how to do a lot of stuff please pretty please

  • Pulp Fiction
    Pulp Fiction Day ago

    When your so irrelevant, you have to resort to click baiting kpop to get views. Don’t put your stupid face over BTS, it’s disrespectful.

  • Aditi Suryawanshi

    11:10 If you liked it.. You know what to do, leave a dislike and lot of hate comments . . . . . I can't stop laughing!

  • qingru Cunningham

    Your foundation makes you look like a ghost.

  • Emma Beauchamp

    good thing hypo alergenic dogg are existing LOL!

  • Isabelle Michell-Moylan

    Hey Joana, I know mother goose wanted a tweed suit and you didn't want to spend heaps of money on one and I found one on artiza that you could maybe get her. here's the link by the way.

  • Mark Bertone
    Mark Bertone Day ago

    Ngl Joana I think I'm in love with you😂

  • Glexy Plexy
    Glexy Plexy Day ago

    8:44 left hydro flask?

  • Xamdi Jaamac
    Xamdi Jaamac Day ago

    You literally own all of my favourite books Harry Potter and the deathly hollows Percy Jackson and the last Olympian A series of unfortunate events the austere academy The only difference is I'm in the fifth grade and live in Edmonton, but isn't it depressing that you read. The same books as a 10 year old. No hate I love you

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    3.12 subs WOW


    Even Gordon Ramsey is quaking

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    I send it but I’ll need your address

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