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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
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  • PANC4KES 007
    PANC4KES 007 2 hours ago

    When you relize he spent more money on iPhones than your collage dept

  • KG Delnay
    KG Delnay 2 hours ago

    Quality: Iphone 2yrs later Samsung has a lower value unlike iphone

  • Jubeir Akhte
    Jubeir Akhte 2 hours ago

    Apple wins .

  • Jesus Lara
    Jesus Lara 2 hours ago

    Do a vid on the magnetic glass case

  • evdokia lazarova
    evdokia lazarova 2 hours ago

    Mine says unsuported

  • Neff ;D
    Neff ;D 2 hours ago

    Gimme free iPhone pls

  • Tamesh Singh
    Tamesh Singh 2 hours ago

    What’s about the model number on the AirPod? Did they copy it ???

  • Tareq Lopez
    Tareq Lopez 2 hours ago

    Apple feels so outdated every other phone on the market seems better! Btw Im switching to android just to get adblock, shit is getting put of controll. Aint paying 12 dollars a month just to have youtube premium and im def not getting the new uggly stove looking ass phone they just released 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Chloe McKeon
    Chloe McKeon 2 hours ago

    My mom has the Iphone 4 and I'm gonna wait some years and see how much it'll cost

  • Kenny Crafton
    Kenny Crafton 3 hours ago

    0:44 that guy looks like toby from the office

  • josheleigh ethan
    josheleigh ethan 3 hours ago

    sir. si #breezy yupak naman collab mo o kaya si #downshiftvinci. ride Safe

  • Nicholas vetter
    Nicholas vetter 3 hours ago

    Wow folders! Android 1 had this. Dark mood has been around for years. Apple does nothing but copy these days.

  • Mario Maker 2
    Mario Maker 2 3 hours ago

    🏳️0 🌈

  • RaginPlayer
    RaginPlayer 3 hours ago

    How he Makes bubbles in the screen protecter oof

  • Malakhi Mcintosh
    Malakhi Mcintosh 3 hours ago

    When your writing a document but it looks like you playing some fruit ninja

  • alfredo martinez
    alfredo martinez 3 hours ago

    Can t I get one because I am poor 😭😭

  • Ricardo Soto
    Ricardo Soto 3 hours ago

    So as a summary it's the ecosystem and the.......animations? Other than that the GS10 comes above. Solid.

  • Hog Town
    Hog Town 3 hours ago

    I love how iphone users talk about new iphone feartures like its so new to the world where android has had these features for years....

  • LordMarkQuad
    LordMarkQuad 3 hours ago

    Man this is disappointing that apple made the iPad like this, I love the apple products but if I thought twice I’d get the Samsung Tablet

  • Lane Mayhew
    Lane Mayhew 3 hours ago

    Who’s watching this right when the iPhone 11 was announced

  • stormtroopercd11
    stormtroopercd11 3 hours ago

    My defense Iphpne 11 case just got here and I’m on my iPhone 7, can’t wait till Friday when I get my new phone😄😁

  • Naomi Perez
    Naomi Perez 3 hours ago

    now that apple has all this, im not switching to android anymore.

  • Aspen Young
    Aspen Young 3 hours ago

    how could someone do that i cringed so hard i worked hard for my phone 😂

  • Oiuy Yuio
    Oiuy Yuio 3 hours ago

    1:iOS 13 make like 2: android 10 make comment

  • Hog Town
    Hog Town 3 hours ago

    Both Nexus and Pixel devices have been support for 4 to 5 generations so you can’t say that.........

  • Naomi Perez
    Naomi Perez 3 hours ago

    FINALLY APPLE! thank you

  • Arlette Hahn
    Arlette Hahn 3 hours ago

    what about the black text

  • Tamesh Singh
    Tamesh Singh 3 hours ago

    Did they copy the model number from the real one to the fake ones ? If u look on the AirPod itself under the ear part it will be small ??

  • Jason Mendoza
    Jason Mendoza 3 hours ago

    I can’t watch dis

  • Tamesh Singh
    Tamesh Singh 3 hours ago

    Did they copy the model number on the fake ones from the real one ?

  • Andrew Ayad
    Andrew Ayad 3 hours ago

    They said on the package 512 GB while the phone actually has 256 GB

  • Emeral Ferrell
    Emeral Ferrell 3 hours ago

    lowkey wished that they brought something new to imessage

  • Paul Dicap
    Paul Dicap 3 hours ago

    I Have Ipad

  • calvinpie 1
    calvinpie 1 3 hours ago

    0:18 OMG I never seen that before what the heck is that says the kids in 2019

  • Andrew Ayad
    Andrew Ayad 3 hours ago

    I'm surprised that they can manufacture these clones and get away with it

  • Peneople_ Roxey
    Peneople_ Roxey 3 hours ago

    Me having 6s plus 🙂

  • Ognjen Adamović
    Ognjen Adamović 3 hours ago

    👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 nice video

  • Gabriel Castillo
    Gabriel Castillo 3 hours ago

    How to waste 200$ in a second

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    I'm a big fan I'm a an og subscriber

  • MissingLett_rs
    MissingLett_rs 3 hours ago

    I really want that iPhone 5 it’s so small and cute

  • S A S S Y B U T C L A S S Y

    What is the link for these anyway

  • Ai
    Ai 3 hours ago

    Thank you for the great video, excuse me if I’m being kind straight forward.. but JUST WHERE DID YOU FIND PEOPLE WHO KEEPING THERE OLD PHONES AND APPRECIATE NEW IOS AT THE SAME TIME?! Cause I sure as hell haven’t seen any of them.. Every time iOS is upgraded on old phones, immediately they go slower and battery got permenately degraded.. total user experience destruction.. and you (or we as consumers) don’t have a fking choice (only until last year) , and thank god they give you some freedom you should have since birth on letting old phone users choose what to do with their phones iOS versions .. iPhones iOS have small tweaks this and there but generally they all the same since day one.. what is so much of a point for old phone users to get new iOS?! People if you want new iOS just get a new phone! I sure as hell don’t want my phone when works perfectly and suddenly a new iOS comes out and totally destroy my phone!! It is a marketing strategy I know but ffs it’s a free country and I paid thousands of bucks!! Need to get this out of my chest.

  • Paul. H.
    Paul. H. 3 hours ago

    Cameras ugly design.. is it me or,are we getting away from the actual phonefeatures..... 7+ and Happy.....

  • S A S S Y B U T C L A S S Y

    *The REAL Reason People Buy AirPods:* **AirPod case snapping noises**

    D-DOGG TV 4 hours ago

    6:43 Save the turtles!

  • iiBeariara
    iiBeariara 4 hours ago

    Wowwwwq cool 💓😱

  • Phillip Rauschkolb
    Phillip Rauschkolb 4 hours ago

    Looks like you'll have one more video after today's beta 4 :)

  • Anna
    Anna 4 hours ago

    Soon I am getting a gold iPhone 8 Plus

  • OverPower YT
    OverPower YT 4 hours ago

    Do tou try Face ID, That can not be working

  • jzoo
    jzoo 4 hours ago

    nice R8 :)

  • Angela Is JuNgShooK
    Angela Is JuNgShooK 4 hours ago

    Ok am i the only one that is watching reviews on the 11 and 11 pro cause im getting one of them soon?

  • SonnieBoy B
    SonnieBoy B 4 hours ago

    Haptic touch is stupid it ruins my xs

  • William Pagé
    William Pagé 4 hours ago

    Will I be able to download the official IOS 13 even if i run the ios 13 beta right now? Because the beta is really fricking buggy and I cant stand it anymore...

  • Xavier Bejin
    Xavier Bejin 4 hours ago

    Do not cuss This is a Christian Minecraft server >:(

  • Trey Bullock
    Trey Bullock 4 hours ago

    I’m too poor to afford any iPhone other than the 6/6splus lol

  • Harshad Harsh
    Harshad Harsh 4 hours ago

    How to get this text

  • Low-key Lowkey
    Low-key Lowkey 4 hours ago

    My 6s is dying tbh and it’s really slow but I want a phone with good battery and camera don’t know that to choose 🥺

  • Reverse Threatz
    Reverse Threatz 4 hours ago

    Lol 😂

  • Reverse Threatz
    Reverse Threatz 4 hours ago

    Bro your iPhone password is literally 0000

  • tempvr YT
    tempvr YT 4 hours ago

    Cracked my iPhone X taking the case off😭

  • Ben Liddy
    Ben Liddy 4 hours ago

    His iPhone 8 is acc a iPhone 6

  • J Fisherman
    J Fisherman 4 hours ago

    had to flip you off when you found out it was a reseal lmao

    ALIEN BRABO 4 hours ago

    E eu precisando de um PS4 pro 🥺

  • Annamations_3
    Annamations_3 5 hours ago

    Who else got a 4

  • Gabe Nava
    Gabe Nava 5 hours ago

    Do this damage ur battery since it technically is always charging til the case dies?

  • Mon Czi
    Mon Czi 5 hours ago

    Why are we comparing it also to the iPhone tho? I mean they just aren't the same thing. Just stick to comparing only to the Samsung.

  • ʟᴇᴍᴏ ᴄʜᴀɴ

    who ealse saw the mic on th cameras

  • bmth.amanda _
    bmth.amanda _ 5 hours ago

    The iPhone 11 Pro said “Hi I’m Paul”. Like if you get this 😂

  • Jesus Escobedo
    Jesus Escobedo 5 hours ago

    @2:28 Sees r3hab: Oh mygawsh!

  • Emmanuel Dupree
    Emmanuel Dupree 5 hours ago

    Can you give out the iphone

  • Mondiee
    Mondiee 5 hours ago

    Ima scam someone with these thanks

  • Mr Drift
    Mr Drift 5 hours ago

    Ok look that flex tho with the 512 gb and he said “ and of course i cant drown a 64gb model” 😂

  • Soheil E
    Soheil E 5 hours ago

    September 19th is the release date.

  • Paul Moran
    Paul Moran 5 hours ago

    Can't believe the 11 has an lcd screen. OnePlus 7 pro is the same price and has oled (also no notch or punch hole)

  • Adrian montoya0830
    Adrian montoya0830 5 hours ago

    Everythingapplepro made sksksk?

  • Saint Pablo
    Saint Pablo 5 hours ago

    Will you be able to use the new fast charger with the normal iPhone 11, & will it fast charge that?

  • honey blue
    honey blue 5 hours ago

    Does anyone else hate that the new iPhones after the 8 have the whole front screen glass? I hate that little black notch at the top, and how there’s not that white or black bar that’s not screen on the top and bottom. Iphones are starting to look more like samsungs and it’s weird.

  • D
    D 5 hours ago

    7:34 omgggg yess they need to include a setting to turn it *on* and *off* smh, it gets so annoying 😒

  • East Bygg Sp
    East Bygg Sp 5 hours ago

    11, pro is superugly, like xr were better than xs.

  • Ernie Balderas
    Ernie Balderas 5 hours ago

    You are slacking!!!! Where is your unboxing video?!?!?!?!

  • DanTheBest _it
    DanTheBest _it 5 hours ago

    is the ipod touch in the waiting list?

  • jawwad Jamil
    jawwad Jamil 5 hours ago

    No 1 noticed that it’s a dummy that they use in shops to display

  • Peter The Earthworm
    Peter The Earthworm 5 hours ago

    anyone with the 2018 iPad (not pro)

  • RadioCR aft
    RadioCR aft 5 hours ago

    less content more apds!! I LOVE it....

  • Bit Bob
    Bit Bob 5 hours ago

    Btw I have Iphone6+

  • Bit Bob
    Bit Bob 5 hours ago

    *GASP* IOS 13 YAY

  • Bit Bob
    Bit Bob 5 hours ago

    USB killer FINNALY I GOT A PHONE Google pixel 2 I am dead

  • Arianna 1 O 7
    Arianna 1 O 7 5 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this w/ airpods rn 😂

  • Bit Bob
    Bit Bob 5 hours ago

    Galaxy note 8 Nope USB killer :am i a joke to everybody

  • Perfectly Balanced
    Perfectly Balanced 5 hours ago

    RUplus is getting really greedy with the ads

  • Bit Bob
    Bit Bob 5 hours ago

    Iphone10 No power here USB killer : am i a joke to you?

  • ꧁༺Ambient Lens Photography ༻꧂

    man this review is just sooo biased and is the shittiest per se just because you have sooo mixed opinions like "i like the samsung" 2 mins later "i love apple" just f*cking choose one we all know you love iphone just because your channel name is everythingapplepro so yea just say the truth......

    ANONYMOUS 6 hours ago

    Who is watching after iphone 11 got released

  • Chief Xesty
    Chief Xesty 6 hours ago

    Bro wya it’s been 6 days since your last post

  • Webster Campoy
    Webster Campoy 6 hours ago

    Can i have one please

  • Francisco 1
    Francisco 1 6 hours ago

    I wish they would let the ios 14 compatible with the 6s bcs it's the best iPhone ever besides the se

  • Trell Williams
    Trell Williams 6 hours ago

    Can you show later iPhones like the 7 & 7+

  • Oliver
    Oliver 6 hours ago

    Would be really nice to have an iPhone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Solaris321
    Solaris321 6 hours ago

    We should called them the “Fair” Pods

  • Webster Campoy
    Webster Campoy 6 hours ago

    🤚🏻 hope to win