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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug
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  • ZeekXox _
    ZeekXox _ 53 seconds ago

    This is when they actually start 6:37 Thank me later

  • Deepa
    Deepa 2 minutes ago

    Brian you’re so sweet...I never watched your channel until recently and i’m so glad!!! You’re probably one my fav youtuber now. I’ve always wanted to help homeless people or basically just anyone that needs it. It makes me feel so good. Keep up being an awesome and kind human being ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • yaguchi masato
    yaguchi masato 2 minutes ago

    i wish my mom was still here...

  • Joslynn Griffin
    Joslynn Griffin 4 minutes ago

    Mike's voice reminds me of a silly, cute little cartoon character, and it would be cool if he was a cartoonist for covers of there voices. He could maybe support himself. God bless and don't mi d my silly idea...

  • Qaaid Moses
    Qaaid Moses 4 minutes ago

    U need tfue and h1gh sky and sway

  • Grelly Beans
    Grelly Beans 6 minutes ago

    "Did you fart" Ghost: iM sOrRy. whAt dId yOU sAy. *yells at them*

  • talaat nassrallah
    talaat nassrallah 7 minutes ago

    Do ariana grande

  • Qaaid Moses
    Qaaid Moses 8 minutes ago

    Anyone in 2019

  • Sokchamreoun Phal
    Sokchamreoun Phal 11 minutes ago

    I used to be a fan... Now I’m a Toilet.... :/

  • 헤헤
    헤헤 12 minutes ago

    Hes actually the first guy to speak Chaldean! meanwhile the rest do arabic mostly, Im korean but very nice Brian!

  • yousif ali
    yousif ali 15 minutes ago


  • yousif ali
    yousif ali 15 minutes ago

    10 10

  • Sister shooked
    Sister shooked 18 minutes ago

    Well I have a bigger family a HUGE family

  • Caroline Corona
    Caroline Corona 18 minutes ago

    Omg I love u guys 💕💕

  • Amira’s Travel Guides
    Amira’s Travel Guides 19 minutes ago

    80% of comments: This is 😇 10%: Random things The other 10%: like if:

  • Siddhant Mishra
    Siddhant Mishra 21 minute ago

    Can you tell the camera man not to speak its too annoying....😠😠😡

  • ItsTobez
    ItsTobez 22 minutes ago


  • Blade Of Justice 8
    Blade Of Justice 8 22 minutes ago

    That’s mean

  • Degs Macgil
    Degs Macgil 24 minutes ago

    I wonder how many times Brian has said. .YO WATS GOIN ON GUYS FAZE RUG HERE. ..???💂👅

  • M Gon
    M Gon 25 minutes ago

    Grey and red

  • Joslynn Griffin
    Joslynn Griffin 25 minutes ago

    Oh my goodness. My heart is touched by him. I wish all luck and the best for him. Hopefully he gets to have more family time. Also, Faze is an AMAZING PERSON. Good luck and wishes for him also.

  • Omar Gonzalez
    Omar Gonzalez 28 minutes ago

    I will give you a 100

  • Caroline Corona
    Caroline Corona 30 minutes ago

    Omg I swear I was thinking Lola

  • Claudia Hipolito
    Claudia Hipolito 31 minute ago

    I start college on Monday 😭😭😭

  • Viviana Romo
    Viviana Romo 31 minute ago

    11:05 I died 💀💀

  • Jamielee O’Brien
    Jamielee O’Brien 32 minutes ago

    People in my school wear Gucci shoes and I’m in a public school 😂

  • ShoKKblade
    ShoKKblade 33 minutes ago

    Ummmmmmmmmm hi

  • Lizbett Herrera
    Lizbett Herrera 39 minutes ago


  • Abril Castro
    Abril Castro 40 minutes ago

    Man see my Latinos aren’t all cholos we grateful but people see us as “rapist”(Donald Trump) “we bring drugs”(Donald Trump) we are just trynna live life God damm

  • J DeWolf
    J DeWolf 40 minutes ago

    this is how old i am ⬇

  • Jaide Brandon
    Jaide Brandon 41 minute ago

    Love you rug!!

  • Nessy Love
    Nessy Love 43 minutes ago


  • Kristie Simmons
    Kristie Simmons 44 minutes ago

    At the start you didn’t seem so happy

  • Laida Bautista
    Laida Bautista 46 minutes ago

    the last house is beautiful fits you well its like a bachelor's pad

  • christopher rosales
    christopher rosales 47 minutes ago

    Bad ass camera man

  • Sm0kY
    Sm0kY 49 minutes ago

    2017 nope 2018 course not 2019 RECOMMENDED

  • Thanasis Loizou
    Thanasis Loizou 56 minutes ago


    SCREE JAY 56 minutes ago

    Pls Rug go tip Popeyes Workers for the next video! They out there working hard

  • junaid shariff
    junaid shariff 57 minutes ago

    HI FaZe Rug I love your videos your brilliant good luck for your future videos "Thanks for entertaining us"

  • Tionna Keller
    Tionna Keller 59 minutes ago

    Man at the end ordered extra so he could get some 😂

  • lonan anderson
    lonan anderson Hour ago

    My hamsters name is hammy

  • Jxrdan Szn
    Jxrdan Szn Hour ago

    The 2nd one is embarrassing

  • Azaki Shimo
    Azaki Shimo Hour ago

    I find this total bullshit because you set everything up and then again YOU WILL continue playing it.... And YOU will pay the consenquences for your ridiculous actions and you still always do some stupid stuff.... soon later things will happen and hope you do find help and if you ever do play it again it will be more horrible....

  • Will Loosvelt
    Will Loosvelt Hour ago

    Hey try out Crossout it’s a good game

  • Nexus
    Nexus Hour ago

    bruh I hope someone kicks you from faze you make nothing related to gaming or cod of fortnite like fuck off dude

  • Gaby Dersch
    Gaby Dersch Hour ago

    Enjoy everything Michael. ❤

  • Selena Serrano
    Selena Serrano Hour ago

    Really enjoyed this video

  • Samer Assad
    Samer Assad Hour ago

    Faze rug you probably won’t see this or care but Everyone is mad that you didn’t drop the song but the preview of the song in the other video was amazing just drop it because I don’t want anyone to say that u a lier when ur not ur my favorite youtuber hope u see this

  • Gaby Dersch
    Gaby Dersch Hour ago

    Great haircut. 👍 Thank you. God Bless You. ❤😇❤

  • T Shinobi
    T Shinobi Hour ago

    Put me in coach i think i could win ive never seen 1k in rl imagine 10k

  • Soniakegan
    Soniakegan Hour ago

    I want to leave school but you guys want to go back to school

  • First Last
    First Last Hour ago

    The way faze rug is scared is killing me😂

  • Azaki Shimo
    Azaki Shimo Hour ago

    This is a reason why I don’t like girls in the fricken videos like they literally scared shitlessly and it’s not going to get you better views, they would cry every time because they are fucking scared Bryan, it’s best you don’t bring them along I mean they can explain what’s going on but as long you don’t bring them along with them like for real this is stupid, nobody wants you giving you likes because of this crying and how your friend/relative like camera holding this crap and it’s pretty much not giving you a lot of likes......

  • Nayely Villanueva

    You dont post every day anymore..

  • Theo Davis _1
    Theo Davis _1 Hour ago

    3:05 he said cupcakes for desert

  • kamal ahmed
    kamal ahmed Hour ago


  • DeathQueue9
    DeathQueue9 Hour ago

    a creepy contacts would be a nice touch just to 1 eye

  • square boss
    square boss Hour ago

    2019 btw

  • square boss
    square boss Hour ago

    Please god protect me

  • Unpopular Gamer Girl

    I feel weird whenever someone says Mercedes cause its my name

  • Chocolate Squid
    Chocolate Squid Hour ago

    7:45 Logan’s face

  • LilTripple DB
    LilTripple DB Hour ago

    Who watching in 2019 cuz I am yoo

  • The Bru mutate triangle


  • Azxex FNツ
    Azxex FNツ Hour ago

    The cam man is a b and aenoying

  • Jacinto Tolentino

    I think the bird was going to the window because maybe the bird have a nest in there garage and the bird want to go the nest maybe the bird have a babies there. Like if u agree. 👇🖒

  • Azaki Shimo
    Azaki Shimo Hour ago

    Next time don’t ever invite the girls because they seem to be the only type that easily get scared mostly bring your cousin Anthony and other boys with you....

  • Unicorn Chef
    Unicorn Chef Hour ago

    do the Louis Vuitton store. i love ur videos btw.

  • yoboy balto
    yoboy balto Hour ago

    Love you rug

  • Isaiah Kelley
    Isaiah Kelley Hour ago

    I can imagine if rug dropped his phone in the glue bath 😂😂😂😭😭😭💀

  • Linda Torres
    Linda Torres Hour ago

    Omgggggggggg I FUCKEN LOVE THIS VIDEO 😂😂😂💗💗💗💗💗💗🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez Hour ago

    Bro FaZe rug could have so many video ideas just by playing or going somewhere with Lola

  • Thomas Nguyen
    Thomas Nguyen Hour ago

    that house is in gta 5

  • DeathQueue9
    DeathQueue9 Hour ago

    me 12 months in the future: is it just me or have i seen that board before in a video?

  • Sahil Ahamed
    Sahil Ahamed Hour ago

    Misa the one

  • Santiago Suarez
    Santiago Suarez Hour ago

    It is good for me

  • Guitarplayer 123

    Is Anthony really wearing a padres jersey and a Yankees cap 😂😂💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • First Last
    First Last Hour ago

    Tbh Faze rug has the coolest cousins ever the girls are so nice lol

  • Jinje
    Jinje Hour ago

    The video seems cinematic

  • Prxtelfy
    Prxtelfy Hour ago

    Anthony is an egg head

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns Hour ago

    im eating and whatchin vid right now lol

  • Lidia Lazurka
    Lidia Lazurka Hour ago

    0:37 Me watches 2019 lier Still love ur vids!!!!

  • Xander Reeder
    Xander Reeder Hour ago

    What happened to Mike?

  • StillChill Sponsored by still chilll

    I’m eating pickles :| :>

  • Analiza Tagupa
    Analiza Tagupa Hour ago

    Bozly can't bark

  • Morenita
    Morenita Hour ago

    Can you please do it on your brother please it would be soo funny!

  • Nik Gale
    Nik Gale Hour ago

    Holy crap this quality is fire 🤤

    DJ TIGS Hour ago

    I did it for the whole video but I got paused right when I was about to like

  • Nico Adrian Ador

    Focus of the Video: The Mouse😅 Anyone here in 2019?

  • Mary Nalchadzian


  • Jimmy Kehagias
    Jimmy Kehagias Hour ago

    In my country you're paying 50€ and you have and pool out of your house and it's not like apartment it has a lot of houses

  • Alexandra Davila

    I honestly don’t understand why ppl are complaining about the filter the only thing in this video that matters is him! I don’t care if the filter changed or if the camera changed I still love his vids anyways😁👍

  • Liana Biautubukoso


  • E2blast
    E2blast Hour ago

    That’s my name

    DEMØN Hour ago

    Anyone look at the likes 333k

  • vergeen Moradio
    vergeen Moradio Hour ago

    I speak Chaldean and this is to funny ! Lol

  • The Clown Of Yt
    The Clown Of Yt Hour ago

    id rather get an uber that has a tesla instead of a bugatti veyron or something because tesla is my dream car

  • JosiPosi
    JosiPosi Hour ago

    Dm why don’t we in one of the next ones

  • Killa Clan
    Killa Clan Hour ago


  • Hernandez Vlogz
    Hernandez Vlogz Hour ago

    Faze Rug Your a Scary Ass Mfk You Over Exaggerate Lol. Im from chicago shit is worst over here aint nun new here.

  • Itzz Chitzzz
    Itzz Chitzzz Hour ago

    Yea thats right fkkk Bosley