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I got her pregnant...
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Try Not To SINK - Challenge
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  • Jeanette Delacruz
    Jeanette Delacruz 19 seconds ago

    I like kaelyn than molly

  • mc g
    mc g 31 second ago

    I didn’t like it at first buh it grew on me I like it it’s catchy

  • chonger
    chonger 2 minutes ago

    yooo this was a banger

  • karl zack
    karl zack 3 minutes ago

    Malaysia i live thier And is in raining brain i hope raining stop or tomorrow

  • Jasmine limon
    Jasmine limon 5 minutes ago

    I vote for faze rug

  • OhhRuinz
    OhhRuinz 5 minutes ago

    Get Offset on that bitch

  • karl zack
    karl zack 6 minutes ago

    Hi brain

  • E Williams
    E Williams 6 minutes ago


  • Nitelight_Vapor
    Nitelight_Vapor 10 minutes ago


  • Gary
    Gary 10 minutes ago

    *Ouija board moving* Brian: "Are you in this room right now with us?" Me: No B, man's moving it from another building...

  • musicman
    musicman 15 minutes ago

    Let’s do a Chaldean song that will be awesome 🎹🎼😉

  • Isabella Williams
    Isabella Williams 16 minutes ago

    Bro that was a fire song. A solid 10/10 from me👌👍😀

  • Lynx
    Lynx 16 minutes ago

    This shite is fire sorry for my bad word I could hold it bro u could be a good singer or rapper this was awsome u should make a part 2

  • Bo Frank
    Bo Frank 17 minutes ago

    Now I know this for certain: RUplusrs weren't meant to rap.

  • Gary
    Gary 18 minutes ago

    I mean... If I see 3 men on the same bed... I would leave 'em alone

  • Ritvik Mohanram
    Ritvik Mohanram 18 minutes ago

    Love it

  • Ritvik Mohanram
    Ritvik Mohanram 19 minutes ago

    I keep on humming it

  • Ritvik Mohanram
    Ritvik Mohanram 19 minutes ago

    Bro your sing is so catchy

    ONE AND ONLY 20 minutes ago

    He totally jocked jake Paul’s idea

  • Jesse Snipez
    Jesse Snipez 20 minutes ago

    Any 1 else think this guy would make a pretty coo rap song in 2 years

  • masonッ
    masonッ 22 minutes ago

    Walk around in public and play it on a speaker⛷

  • So Zibin
    So Zibin 23 minutes ago

    I low-key wanna try

  • Berry YT
    Berry YT 23 minutes ago

    He shouldn’t be homeless

  • KZ legend
    KZ legend 26 minutes ago

    This is is how many times he turned his head whilst driving 👇👇👇👇👈

  • Camille M.G
    Camille M.G 26 minutes ago

    That was so good!!! 👍

  • Mike Griffiths
    Mike Griffiths 26 minutes ago

    Do Travis scott

  • R&A Fam
    R&A Fam 27 minutes ago

    Offset , Austin mcbroom or lil pump

  • Pablo Valerio
    Pablo Valerio 28 minutes ago

    Why 🤣

  • Queen D
    Queen D 33 minutes ago

    I am not even lying that is actually so good 9.5 out 10

    SPR3ME-BAZILGB 35 minutes ago

    Cos I am a big lambo fan

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 35 minutes ago

    They dyed in the back was jamming more then rug

  • Mando Lagos
    Mando Lagos 36 minutes ago

    Don’t make another song please

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 36 minutes ago

    Hello,Humans. "We can never learn to fly without crashing a few times." -Harrison Wells (The Flash) TERRANCE OUT

  • Sheryl Renny
    Sheryl Renny 37 minutes ago

    16:47..... Jessica's face is just yellow🥴🤮

  • Omor Hossain
    Omor Hossain 37 minutes ago

    Are you Muslim

  • Omor Hossain
    Omor Hossain 38 minutes ago

    Are you from Arab

  • Sasha Cat
    Sasha Cat 39 minutes ago

    Ft: Dashae frost❄️

  • Bhavika Mehta
    Bhavika Mehta 40 minutes ago

    I have listened your song like 60 or50 times or more

  • Rhys Soccer skills
    Rhys Soccer skills 40 minutes ago

    Rug: I am going to spend 24 hours in a hot tub Me: you started it in the night and ended it in the morning

    JM RYE-XEN EDEN 42 minutes ago

    you just won a new subscriber :>

  • Atrisa storys
    Atrisa storys 43 minutes ago

    If you like xxx why don't you talk to him? Even his dead!?

  • El Kahoot
    El Kahoot 43 minutes ago

    I own two pairs of those shoes the kid had that you burned. Could I get 20 pairs then?

  • seth fox
    seth fox 43 minutes ago

    you needa do part 2 fr this song is fire

  • Sg c300
    Sg c300 44 minutes ago

    This song actually fire

  • CallMeFire ツ
    CallMeFire ツ 45 minutes ago

    Wow That is amazing Don’t wanna lie

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 35 minutes ago

      Yo who likes it to like if you do

  • Ryley Falkenstein
    Ryley Falkenstein 45 minutes ago

    100k $$$ Who money???

  • Uzcanez G
    Uzcanez G 45 minutes ago

    Faze rug got tricked into thinking ed Sheeran was real in ksi vs Logan Paul fight 😂

  • Rhys Soccer skills
    Rhys Soccer skills 46 minutes ago

    Hidden message: I live for views Like if you heard that

  • MILq
    MILq 47 minutes ago

    Good video rug keep it up

  • Aroma Jain
    Aroma Jain 48 minutes ago

    The TV was udhtv

  • Keith Stone
    Keith Stone 48 minutes ago

    As a person you have no idea how much this means . I I give and don’t get appreciated rug you are good you are a man with many talents it’s sad because I wish I I was of friends of yours telling you what’s real. I’m not a yes man but you have talent more than you give yourself. You don’t need others telling you what you do or how your doing. I wish I knew you as a person cause you have know idea the vibe of life we could deliver . I don’t won’t fam but as a fan since you were trick shoting . It’s diff for sure

  • Yitzel Hueclouds
    Yitzel Hueclouds 49 minutes ago

    Your friends are being salty THAT WAS A SOLID 10/10 💽💿📀📀📀

  • Josue Cardenos
    Josue Cardenos 50 minutes ago

    It lit 🤯🤯👌

  • Alexis Silva
    Alexis Silva 50 minutes ago

    To much auto tune 💀

  • Spazyy Fr
    Spazyy Fr 52 minutes ago

    Had to come back

  • nicki stan BITCHES
    nicki stan BITCHES 53 minutes ago

    And the song is not good...

  • jovanny
    jovanny 53 minutes ago

    Nigga just stop, fr n dont be usin hood lingo , yeen deserve to say “cappin” all ya potnas just bein yesmen, shit was ass

  • Monkey mans Adventures
    Monkey mans Adventures 54 minutes ago

    This video was recorded 3 days before my bday

  • Taydargin2608
    Taydargin2608 54 minutes ago

    Not everybody can be a song writer or rapper your one

  • Alexander Rojas
    Alexander Rojas 54 minutes ago

    she sounds like the girl from gravity falls

  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner 54 minutes ago

    Cry me a river awwwww 😥😥😥🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Hosep Murad
    Hosep Murad 54 minutes ago

    Black icecrm

  • Oscar Mendoza
    Oscar Mendoza 54 minutes ago

    Ngl you got some talent 🤙🏻 continue spitting fire 🔥

  • Jennifer Martinez
    Jennifer Martinez 55 minutes ago

    Part 2

  • Production Boy
    Production Boy 56 minutes ago

    Wow! I stepped on Jerusalem tile too! I went to Israel...

  • eden gilboa
    eden gilboa 56 minutes ago


  • Ethan Escamilla
    Ethan Escamilla 57 minutes ago

    Give me your boobs

  • HEIDI Valdez
    HEIDI Valdez 57 minutes ago

    I love papa rug's spongebob pajamas

  • Justin Turner
    Justin Turner 58 minutes ago

    Awww the little girl calls his mommy 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Norbu Sangbu
    Norbu Sangbu 58 minutes ago

    This shit is ass lmao, why ur friends hyping u up.

  • KIXBLAZE 316
    KIXBLAZE 316 59 minutes ago

    Papa run is so funny he made my day

  • Nau Pherr
    Nau Pherr Hour ago

    who elze think its papa rug

  • Fresh nik_23
    Fresh nik_23 Hour ago

    10 out of 10

  • John Yako
    John Yako Hour ago

    Dude for an 2 hour made song it’s fire af

  • brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap

    Fuckin cringey as fuck. His friends low key trying really hard to be nice

  • TripEL OG Darkness

    The higher the person was the higher the score lol

  • Jennifer Martinez

    This is so litt

  • Jamie Saggers
    Jamie Saggers Hour ago

    thats hot

  • Krish Verma
    Krish Verma Hour ago

    Bro Copy Tanner Fox?

  • Dashcammer Roblox

    Meanwhile.. 13 Million Subscribers...

  • Prickle Rick
    Prickle Rick Hour ago

    That song sucks horse dick

  • Yong hong Huang
    Yong hong Huang Hour ago

    Pubg G air drop 😂😂😂

  • sapphire herndon

    i was paused m big bro started to poke me hehehe it is still her brouther she is still paused hehehehh

  • karma dragneel
    karma dragneel Hour ago

    Get rice in it

  • Conteze
    Conteze Hour ago

    Rug... rapping ain't you bro

  • Not Marvin
    Not Marvin Hour ago

    You should make a video where your parents react to it

  • Yong hong Huang
    Yong hong Huang Hour ago

    The number is 12 and 34 it's so easy to remember HAHA

  • SoFDeez
    SoFDeez Hour ago

    Plz let Faze Blaze get a feature in your song that would be dope