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  • Chiana Coleman
    Chiana Coleman 5 seconds ago

    Did Boosie think this would change their minds? MYOB. It’s amazing how triggered we are about anything LGBT. They never said anything about surgery.

  • Fatal Ritte
    Fatal Ritte 59 seconds ago

    Lol, she wants the essence of sex...

  • Hannibal Zulu
    Hannibal Zulu 4 minutes ago

    Charlemagne is only partially right. His mathematics is weak. The female rapper population is much smaller than the male rapper population. Therefore, divisiveness is far more prevalent among female rappers.

  • Anthony Donnell Blair
    Anthony Donnell Blair 4 minutes ago

    I love her layton

  • treyvon benjamin
    treyvon benjamin 6 minutes ago

    Shout out to the reporter saying "racks"

  • Della Senpai
    Della Senpai 10 minutes ago

    These white supremacists are going to kill us all if us black women don't ban together! Bc black men and just sad.

    ALL THINGS EXPRESSED 12 minutes ago


  • Jessica Parker
    Jessica Parker 14 minutes ago

    That’s wtf he get She not wrong at all

  • Jacob Thiffault
    Jacob Thiffault 16 minutes ago

    I agree with what boosise

  • thrity five
    thrity five 21 minute ago

    Free R Kelly

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 22 minutes ago

    Why y'all don't invite the Nubia Queens to the set.

  • Ryan Negumbo
    Ryan Negumbo 22 minutes ago

    Charlemagne can’t keep his eyes up.. Looking like his eyes are fighting with gravity

  • Mr. Big Curved Johnsin jr III

    Ms Yee is One fine sista mane...

  • desiree lockett
    desiree lockett 23 minutes ago

    How fitting the Democrats Logo is the Donkey, give them all the biggest HEE HAW HEE HAW !!!!!!!! Lying ass politicians.

  • Rich Yung
    Rich Yung 24 minutes ago

    He’s talking talking about his man hood. 🤦🏽‍♂️ that’s how SOUTHERN PPL TALK IN SLANG!!!

  • 24pekanpie
    24pekanpie 26 minutes ago

    I had no idea he battled drug addiction

  • 24pekanpie
    24pekanpie 26 minutes ago

    He need to write a book!!!

  • Trenton Apollo Colt
    Trenton Apollo Colt 32 minutes ago

    porn stars and TRANNIES on this show, straight up hell fire. tune in next week to see Dwayne Wade's Son I mean daughter explain the mysteries of life.🤣

  • Mardy T
    Mardy T 36 minutes ago

    Old freaks Bloomberg.

  • Diesel The Trucker
    Diesel The Trucker 37 minutes ago

    Can we still buy from the sebi website or is that not legit anymore

    SHOOTERSBARLACROSSE 37 minutes ago

    Sounded medicated then had the "PENIS PROPS" with a female cast member on site.For a guy regarded as TOXIC & accused of some deplorable acts his antics do not look good from an optics standpoint.BTW The shades make it appear that he must be high or ill..SHAME ON THE SHOW for allowing him to further damage himself and his athletic career when they couldve shown compassion and gotten him through the show looking ok to the wider american audiance.

  • Darrell Bell
    Darrell Bell 38 minutes ago

    DC vocals been crazy since the vine days!!

  • Jay Bradshaw
    Jay Bradshaw 39 minutes ago

    Damn vadooo

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 40 minutes ago

    Rhapsody will never be put down she is the truth!! The Female rappers like Lil Kim Nicki Cardi just rap about getting fucked and make videos guys can jerk off to. That’s it. Ain’t no one respecting I’m hip hop if that all you want to be seen as.

  • Gitcha Yng
    Gitcha Yng 40 minutes ago

    What's walo ig

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 41 minute ago

    I mean do we have to be clowns to sell our shit🤔, he literary said he could beat jordan one on one😒 Charlemagne will support you for that shit?! 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Khanya Mfingwana
    Khanya Mfingwana 42 minutes ago

    that management sounds a lot like pimping

  • TJ
    TJ 45 minutes ago

    The one time we want charlamagne to open his mouth and say some real shit he acts dumb and acts like boosie trippin or something I hate all three of these clowns for being scared to say what the rest of us is saying just because they scared of the gay community. We all behind you boosie just read all of the comments

  • kiddio71950
    kiddio71950 47 minutes ago

    I'm with Boosie.

  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson 48 minutes ago

    Fact's!!! I love you Mr. Mike Epps!!! It's your Faith w/God and your growth! If you don't have (Respect!) You don't have nothing! That's genuinely real!

  • Michael Kantargi
    Michael Kantargi 48 minutes ago

    Gayle King had a different tone when it came to #CharlieRose. The alleged incident was dealt with by his FAMILY. The man and his daughter died. Let his memory be a positive one. When he was alive you could have asked these questions but you were too weak to ask these questions then. Now that he is gone you have the nerve and strength to tackle this issue. Go after Charlie Rose or Matt Laure or Les Moonvez and his wife the Asian lady from big brother. But let Kobe and his family have some peace in their life

  • Femail316 Kat
    Femail316 Kat 48 minutes ago

    Y'all must didnt see the documentary that his family and child hood friends put yet... But ok we can roll with all these great comments... He needs to go back and fix it.. Period

  • Lee Hall
    Lee Hall 49 minutes ago

    Black people this is just another distraction.

  • Porter Reeves
    Porter Reeves 50 minutes ago

    Niggas gay

  • Kerry Murphy
    Kerry Murphy 51 minute ago

    Have you seen the dude who identifies as an 8 year old girl America your in trouble

  • PrettyGirl WithGolds&Goals

    Boosie kept it g tho

  • Mo 1720
    Mo 1720 52 minutes ago

    Charlamange should be the last on to speak on ranking rappers.....he big upped Cardi every chance he got. Clowned Nicki when she came in at #2, hypes up the beer between her and remy, and gave her donkey of the day...he should be the last one to speak on females

  • Kanalani Cuesta
    Kanalani Cuesta 52 minutes ago

    This comment section gives me faith in humanity!!! Thank God for Boosie being a leader and speaking up against sheep 🐑!! We’re in 2020 and not everyone has lost their minds!

  • MisterMan3OOO
    MisterMan3OOO 54 minutes ago

    and if a child has the autonomy to choose their gender, why don’t they have the autonomy to choose an older sexual partner?

  • ray harris
    ray harris 54 minutes ago

    That dam CDG is a thirst monster. Can't keep them eyes up

  • NPC Hova
    NPC Hova 54 minutes ago

    Didn't they already come out with a Drumline sequel?

    TRAPFACE 55 minutes ago

    so boom

  • MisterMan3OOO
    MisterMan3OOO 57 minutes ago

    They cant drink, vote, join military, consent, rent a car, etc etc. But Yet they have the mental capacity to have a gender change? Laughable

  • Tyza Harper
    Tyza Harper Hour ago

    If my people that are called by my name.....shall humble themselves and pray

  • Bular Howard
    Bular Howard Hour ago

    “Test his gangster” 🤣 nigga u failed

  • benson koech
    benson koech Hour ago

    Charlemagne argument is so naive

  • bCuzz onCRIP
    bCuzz onCRIP Hour ago

    Is my music trash 🗑 or🔥?

  • ayouknowzyoutuba

    It's like Writing a book, and forcing someone to read it.

  • bCuzz onCRIP
    bCuzz onCRIP Hour ago

    Is my music trash 🗑 or🔥?

  • Bular Howard
    Bular Howard Hour ago

    Watching this shit now 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏾

  • bCuzz onCRIP
    bCuzz onCRIP Hour ago

    Is my music like pop smoke?

  • Raphael Frank
    Raphael Frank Hour ago

    They ain’t racist if they’re backing Dwayne Wade! Lol

  • Eugene Miranda
    Eugene Miranda Hour ago

    Slap char la lame ... he has those beady rat eyes and he's on some WENDY WILLIAMS @#$% ... IT'S SHAMEFUL HOW SOME FOLKS MAKE MONEY TALKING ABOUT OTHERS LIKE THAT 🚫 THUMBS DOWN TO NINJAS LIE HIM.

  • One Two
    One Two Hour ago

    Was it that good? Hell yeah it was good.

  • Zafaar
    Zafaar Hour ago

    I think Dwane wade is a fucking flamer.

  • Ranch Davidian
    Ranch Davidian Hour ago

    Tyson Fury officially cancelled black history month.

  • Menniaha Tofa
    Menniaha Tofa Hour ago

    That mf said “togetherly”😂😂

  • Van Vador03
    Van Vador03 Hour ago

    That dude char is one of the most clueless cats on planet Earth or he's a bought and paid for absolute sale out. Black people with principle aren't ever going fall to nor for the gay agenda that he's apparently paid to push and support. Foh and fk that gym.

  • Deanna Davis
    Deanna Davis Hour ago

    Everyone can rant, rave, scream and shout. At the end of the day, they don't have shit to do with shit. It's their family. They need no one's approval to exist. Funny, the buzzards picking apart the bones of THEIR lives would fan out and pop a nut if the Wades walked into the room right now.

  • Al Person
    Al Person Hour ago

    So sad, but I had a boyfriend who told me of a teacher who took a liking to him at age 12 and 13. He didn't consider it abuse either... sad but true. Too many of those things happen to our men as kids.

  • Chet Jason Perry

    I once asked George Clinton, which was the better live band: Gap, Lakeside or the Bar-kays. His answer? Gap Band. I'm so glad I saw them in concert. Radio City Music Hall 1980 (with Kool & the Gang and Yarbrough & Peoples). I'm trying to get them to interview George Clinton on the Breakfast Club. Y'all can help by contacting them and requesting it !

  • Dimitri Silva
    Dimitri Silva Hour ago

    31:37 - lmao he just did that

  • eddie berrll
    eddie berrll Hour ago

    Somebody better grab this movie before 50 cent does

  • Nathan Darby
    Nathan Darby Hour ago


  • Keke Johns
    Keke Johns Hour ago

    I don't blame her for choosing single&happiness over some stiff loveless marriage.. im so proud of her.

  • TearsForFears
    TearsForFears Hour ago

    they seem to be glorifying their crimes???....or am I trippin?🤔

  • iLee Len
    iLee Len Hour ago

    Serious question: Animals that eat animals....what to do about that? Guess I'll stop eating meat when they do. 😔😔😔😁

  • Al Person
    Al Person Hour ago

    Ain't he married to a white woman...

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes Hour ago

    I believe this brother Nuri Muhammad every word he said, The FBI was responsible for MLK because he was changing his mind and those civil rights issues, MLK was going to start talking about ECONOMIC and that is why they killed him,, #REPARATION now, I want my mule and 40 acres

  • T J
    T J Hour ago

    Deep down don't you want to have someone who is special to you? And vice versa. 🤔

  • Beverly Hines
    Beverly Hines Hour ago

    I need an amanda seales and trevor Noah interview.

  • Chef Tone
    Chef Tone Hour ago

    "Where do albinos go after high school" that was deep to me

  • Ssck Ssck
    Ssck Ssck Hour ago

    Angela on this interview 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ she should of kept her questions 🤫🤫 Flame like always was hilarious 🤣

  • eddie berrll
    eddie berrll Hour ago

    Best episode of brkfst clb ever

  • Dina Mali
    Dina Mali Hour ago

    Martin is so darn laid back. I love his demeanor! 🤩

  • Lucky13 Г
    Lucky13 Г Hour ago

    Shout out to the queens out there getting to it !! 💪💪

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes Hour ago

    Nuir Muhammad is well informed , very intelligent and speaking Truth and nobody believes NOI killed Malcolm X,, The FBI killed him

    MOE IN HELLCAT Hour ago

    T.I I find the paperwork and now everyone can see

    MOE IN HELLCAT Hour ago

    Da Baby before the famous

    MOE IN HELLCAT Hour ago

    Breakfast club ✊ Dj envy when he was young and talking about what he gonna do in the future

  • 2 Tears In A Bucket

    Charlatan your so thick if Bloomberg was going to help USA he would have done it already he doesn't need to buy the most powerful position to help people! If anything he could help USA first and then be elected naturally for being a good person, all he has is a dodgy past and hopes and wishes for the future. You trust him shows how thick you are,and stop bagging on Bernie like there's a better option stoopid!

  • Thomas Lecky
    Thomas Lecky Hour ago

    Charlemagne Quote Of The Day: “Black people have built these great communities and they were snatched away.” “Damn they really know how to stop black progress.”

  • 23 Glo
    23 Glo Hour ago

    He could play roles in movies once he retires he has qualities of a star

  • Eric Blackmon
    Eric Blackmon Hour ago

    Keep Rising....🙏🏾

  • Luckyriyu31
    Luckyriyu31 Hour ago

    Islam is a religion. People are people. Blame the individual, not the religion. Peace and love <3

  • eddie berrll
    eddie berrll Hour ago

    Sounds like madea was snitching

  • James Jones
    James Jones Hour ago


  • Trete Lo aka Smokee Wine

    Leave it to the breakfast club to take Boosie literally. He meant he doesn't know how to make permeant decisions

  • 2 Tears In A Bucket

    Billionaires are buying your democracy AGAIN America please wake the F up! The world needs you to have a decent leader for once! Tulsi or Bernie all Day!

  • A Munro
    A Munro Hour ago

    Honor Up reviews reveal what kind of director you are

  • brake chamber
    brake chamber Hour ago

    The most beautiful woman in the world psalms 31 proverbs 31

  • Trina Thompson
    Trina Thompson Hour ago

    Don’t want to spray her panties on me

  • Tijan
    Tijan Hour ago

    Ye 👎🏾

  • A Munro
    A Munro 2 hours ago

    These men are undereducated and over opinionated and don’t understand erudition for its own merit. It’s all about making money. Totally material way of looking at knowledge and education. The curriculums weren’t made for street hustlers.

  • BasicZ 223
    BasicZ 223 2 hours ago

    First time felon is his best moive fr

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 2 hours ago

    The LGBT community goes against nature... If we turned Gay and didn't reproduce Our Black Nation would Depopulate

  • Kanalani Cuesta
    Kanalani Cuesta 2 hours ago

    I stand with Boosie and I applaud and respect him for speaking during a time where people don’t like to hear the truth and common sense!!! They really sitting here acting like they are missing Boosies whole point!! Smh! He just said wait till he’s old enough to make such decisions.

  • Thomas Lecky
    Thomas Lecky 2 hours ago

    🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽This is a powerful testimony 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✊🏿

  • emilio rubio
    emilio rubio 2 hours ago

    Flame made that time flyyY!

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes 2 hours ago

    Speak Brother, NOI is always on point