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  • PostWarKids
    PostWarKids 46 minutes ago

    Won’t buy until it has sleep tracking in built

  • Thompter S. Hunson
    Thompter S. Hunson 49 minutes ago

    They're pushing, pushing, pushing, but it ain't selling well. The guy says at 03:05 _"it's up there, with the Pixel"_ lol 😅 No, dude. It's not. Look how the iPhone has completely blown up the night sky and look how many details the Pixel hold on the blue top section of the tower. And then, on the next photo comparison where the problem is opposite and Pixel suffers from oversaturation, he's going on to rant against Pixel for the same problems the iPhone had just a minute previously! lol This can't be more of an advertisement. Jeez! Apple must be desperate. lol

  • Boots the God
    Boots the God 49 minutes ago

    "Apple watch is good bc apple is good at doing apple stuff". Terrible 😆

  • Makayla
    Makayla 49 minutes ago

    I have an android and I was gonna go to the 8 plus but now that this is out I'm thinking about going for the 11!

  • MMI Shabbir
    MMI Shabbir 50 minutes ago

    11:21 - The Note 10 display definitely looks as bright, but the iPhones color processing looks way more natural to me, especially with "Apple's True Tone System" turned on. ROFL! 😂

  • MC CG
    MC CG 54 minutes ago

    Why are you not talking about low end specs and unnecessary feature.... I mean, I have been using these mobiles for more than 10 years and never in my life have I wanted to gesture control my phone... except for click pics ... which can be timer`ed...its a freaking handheld device for a reason....they haven't even bothered with the desktop mode which would have been the biggest selling point for US geeks... no one buys a pixel for the camera ... they will buy iphone for that...the only reason is for pure android experience and other exclusive features maybe like Desktop mode... at this moment I my opinion the most feature rich value for money flagship device is the Samsungs...iphone and Pixel are failing at this..

  • Roshan Srinivas
    Roshan Srinivas 55 minutes ago

    The effort put into editing every video is amazing.That's why i love coming back gere for all the reviews

  • newtonfb
    newtonfb 58 minutes ago

    But you cant say "youre not talking about Garmin watches" Those are "smart" watches. They do everything the apple watch can do except browse the web. My new Garmin last 23 days, gets me all my notifications, does sleep tracking, has an app store, has nfc for payments.....I can go on

  • Fanaticalplel Oof
    Fanaticalplel Oof 58 minutes ago

    Watching on iPhone 6s Plus oof

  • A Sido
    A Sido 58 minutes ago

    looking to go from 7plus to 11 what do you think?

  • Albert Hancock
    Albert Hancock 58 minutes ago

    11 Pro

  • Fanaticalplel Oof
    Fanaticalplel Oof 59 minutes ago

    Why can’t the stove on the back turn on tho? It takes pictures which is pretty cool tho

  • Some Guys On XBL

    If they made a round bezel I would immediately buy one

  • Justin Solomita
    Justin Solomita Hour ago

    I swear every year they say it's the best they've ever made. I wish they would shut up

  • Sire La
    Sire La Hour ago

    Honestly, budget iPhones since the SE have been nothing but good.

  • Lisandro Reynoso

    The shots in this video were wow. Amazing job

  • Blaine Miller
    Blaine Miller Hour ago

    My Apple Watch sent me to the hospital Monday so I guess I can say it saved my life too '(^,^)'

  • Celebrity Times
    Celebrity Times Hour ago

    Others: Upgrading from older iphone Me: Confuse between iphone 11 and OnePlus 7 pro

  • Chris Soares
    Chris Soares Hour ago

    That's cool and all but PLEASE don't try to say that a compass is that big of a deal.

  • Austin Carter
    Austin Carter Hour ago

    Is that the path train going into WTC?

  • Stand: The Wall
    Stand: The Wall Hour ago

    You guys say the same thing about every new phone. "x's camera lost detail compared to y"

  • Jeremy Esters
    Jeremy Esters Hour ago

    If you want to hear an epic score in a film check out the movie "Annihilation" wow just wow.

  • David Farag
    David Farag Hour ago

    Watching this guy do product reviews is worse than going to confession.

  • nrowe99
    nrowe99 Hour ago

    Great video!

  • V-Dawg V-Logs V-Games

    Um I am 100% sure that there is already sleep tracking on it. I can see it all through my health app on my iPhone. Oh and let me just say that the stand feature is broken and just displays the amount of time that you are awake each day. I just mentioned two ways that you can track your sleep without asking for another pointless feature.

    • V-Dawg V-Logs V-Games
      V-Dawg V-Logs V-Games Hour ago

      Other than that, great review man and I’m going to upgrade from my 1st gen watch finally.

  • Chromzy
    Chromzy Hour ago

    nobody: iphone 11: 🎛⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️

  • Marla Shaw
    Marla Shaw Hour ago

    I am planning on upgrading...I have an Apple Watch Series 2 that has been wonderful...looking forward!

  • Anny
    Anny Hour ago

    lol why is this 300$ more in Italy :(

  • ashwin
    ashwin Hour ago

    this is a perfect replacement for my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Misunderstood Genius

    Oculus Rift is better trust me I'm a owner

  • Fiona Ian
    Fiona Ian Hour ago

    I have mixed feelings about the always on mode. Isn’t it better to have the screen off when you’re not looking at it so then strangers don’t see the activity on your screen either?

  • erzascralet48
    erzascralet48 Hour ago

    I know some men that can still benefit from the menstrual cycle app...

  • Nimbu Sspectre
    Nimbu Sspectre Hour ago

    lol People complaining that the screen is only 720p even though at the size of that screen is almost impossible for the eye to notice a big difference. The only screen upgrade worth your money is the OLED screen. 1080p and higher only really matter at a tablet-sized screen and larger.

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie Hour ago

    for most of you , what did you do with most of so called photos you took over the last 2 years with your phone ....Nothing don't get hung up on cameras

  • Sananov
    Sananov Hour ago

    Do You guys have no Samsung watches in US? Since those have everything and more than Apple watch and work faster..

  • CF542
    CF542 Hour ago

    What I really want to know is; if you turn off always on screen does the battery life increase significantly!

  • Max Nguyen
    Max Nguyen Hour ago

    Looks awesome. I'll get one for the wife. Me. I'm waiting for the pixel 4.

  • Aufa
    Aufa Hour ago

    i’m still using iphone 6s 😅

  • dxterz
    dxterz Hour ago

    Me personally, I hope this 11 have 3D touch. So, I'm sticking with my iphone7 Plus. I will just buy $5 app for photo editing to enchance my photos. But if u r someone who doesn't know ur way around with photo editing go buy $1000+ iphone 😅

  • Prasen Jit
    Prasen Jit Hour ago

    I'm waiting for the day when Apple watch will support android devices.

    • Richard Yang
      Richard Yang Hour ago

      Check out the Fossil Gen 5. It does pretty much everything this watch does but cheaper and has a round face which gives you much more watch face options. Also I don't know if Apple watch always on display moves a bit every few minutes to prevent burn in but Fossil Gen 5 does

  • Edi Wijanarko
    Edi Wijanarko Hour ago

    watching the video with my ip6s

  • balMURR mung
    balMURR mung Hour ago

    Im not a fan of photography, i just wished iphone11 had the premium feel like pro.

  • Stephan
    Stephan Hour ago

    What an awesome review. Plain and simple.

  • shreechan chitrakar

    i dont get it why it is better than other??? ur review is like its great because its great. not a single point on which u have said "ok it has this so it is great" .

  • Rob Santiago
    Rob Santiago Hour ago

    Best smartwatch why that are Best??

  • Manny Campos
    Manny Campos Hour ago

    iPhone 7 gang anyone ?

  • Alwin Wong
    Alwin Wong Hour ago

    This host <3

  • obscured mirage
    obscured mirage Hour ago

    The iPhone for the common peasant. LMAO

  • ruzinvincible911
    ruzinvincible911 2 hours ago

    Best camera for a month

  • Marcus Xe
    Marcus Xe 2 hours ago

    best camera from apple? fair Best camera on a phone ever? hmm thats subjective lol

  • GrieverTV
    GrieverTV 2 hours ago

    Umm.. Definitely not the best camera on a phone...

  • Rhythm Tamang
    Rhythm Tamang 2 hours ago

    What company makes those olive watch band @5:40

  • your mom
    your mom 2 hours ago

    4.4 billion people should buy this phone.

  • Caleb Barn
    Caleb Barn 2 hours ago

    If you wont admin rights , And can get cracked/hacked games go android. If you wont power and security go ios. Both phones are good i would take either one of them i just prefer the iPhone seance it has better data management. but gaming clearly goes to android.Also remember that there are not any mobile games that are op for these phones so ether one is bacily the same unless you brake the phone so just keep in mind the price to Samsung is definitely proud of it 300$ gap but is it worth it.( LIKE FOR iPHONE, COMMENT FOR SAMSUNG)

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 hours ago

    Future video predictions: Apple Watch Series 6 review: the best smartwatch Apple Watch Series 7 review: the best smartwatch Apple Watch Series 8 review: the best smartwatch Apple Watch Series 9 review: the best smartwatch Apple Watch Series X review: the best smartwatch

  • StormShadow7783
    StormShadow7783 2 hours ago

    Wth so basically the 11 is the 10 or X

  • ExE Studios
    ExE Studios 2 hours ago

    if youre upgrading from a 7 and under, the X has the most value

  • GamerJaydenPlaysGames

    Is the 5 better then the 4 Apple Watch?

  • NeZhit
    NeZhit 2 hours ago

    Its cause were american, we love greed

  • sabie
    sabie 2 hours ago

    upgrading from a iphone 8 + 🥴

  • Joshua Carbajal
    Joshua Carbajal 2 hours ago

    The Galaxy watch is so much better and cheaper then this fraud, wow you finally got AOD on your watch congrats!!!!;

    • Joshua Carbajal
      Joshua Carbajal 59 minutes ago

      @Richard no need , already have the best smartwatch the "Galaxy watch", the watch with 5 days long battery, unlimited watcfaces not only from Samsung but third party too, amazing array of sensors, PDF and office docs reader, I can keep going. Iam not buying something just because it looks nice and the Galaxy looks and feels incredible but for the productivity aspect, the health area and your limited point of view is exactly what apple is today, no vision no inovation, no design, just getting profit from kids like you and all apple fans out there.

    • Richard
      Richard Hour ago

      It's okay kid. One day you will be able to afford something better.

  • StiX
    StiX 2 hours ago

    Still has nothing on my $40 MiBand 4. Does everything I need it to do and battery last weeks, not a single day

  • Joshua Carbajal
    Joshua Carbajal 2 hours ago

    How much is apple paying to get this reviews!!!!🤣

  • sunnyrogue27
    sunnyrogue27 2 hours ago

    Thank YOU for Watching Dieter 😛🙏🏾

  • Ron pay
    Ron pay 2 hours ago

    Apple watches is more on monitoring the health of the user's in other words usable for sickly people.

  • Devin Martinez
    Devin Martinez 2 hours ago

    I have a series 3 and I’m just gonna wait until the series 6.

  • Quick Duck
    Quick Duck 2 hours ago

    Time to upgrade from my series 1. You were a great watch. Rip 2016~2019

  • James Donovan
    James Donovan 2 hours ago

    I know Samsung goes a bit bananas with saturation, but the Note 10 makes the 11 Pro look dull in comparison.

  • Hector Pleitez
    Hector Pleitez 2 hours ago

    How did google docs work? I tried on safari and it doesn't work

  • KidGloves2112
    KidGloves2112 2 hours ago

    "Always on" display using an OLED screen is just asking for burn-in.

    • Richard Yang
      Richard Yang Hour ago

      I don't know if series 5 does this but Android watch AODs move a bit every few minutes to prevent burn in

  • James Mazza
    James Mazza 2 hours ago

    Eagles ended up winning the superbowl that year 👍👍👍

  • Bad Dare
    Bad Dare 2 hours ago

    I'm watching this on that phone lol

  • Pacmanhits Pac
    Pacmanhits Pac 2 hours ago

    5:40 ik you see the note 10

  • Henrique Mendes
    Henrique Mendes 2 hours ago

    If I had the money to spare I would totally buy the Apple Watch and Iphone combo. But I'm glad to say that my Amazfit Pace does nearly everything the Watch does . Mine is from one year ago and it already had the always on display function with all the information showing and since the screen technology uses the ambient light and reflects it when the display is off the battery life is great. And it has a compass and can answer calls.. So I considered it a great deal...

  • lenworth p
    lenworth p 2 hours ago

    Paid reviews

  • حفراوي
    حفراوي 2 hours ago

    يس يس كلام رائع اسلك لنفسي 😹😹

  • Enmanuel Rivera
    Enmanuel Rivera 2 hours ago

    Yup, definitely getting one (upgrading from a series 3). Always-on screen is a game changer.

  • lukas prikryl
    lukas prikryl 2 hours ago

    The last photo - night cityscape by 1+ is better.

  • Kovax Mo
    Kovax Mo 2 hours ago

    As they say “An apple a year makes your money disappear

  • athletejmv
    athletejmv 2 hours ago

    One of your best videos hitting on all the main points... good stuff.

  • Aneesh Sankruth
    Aneesh Sankruth 2 hours ago

    "What's new in series 5 compared to series 4? Honestly, it's not that much" This pretty much sums up all of apple, these days, for me.

  • Paul Barr
    Paul Barr 3 hours ago

    Good review. Thank you.

  • Alberto Monge S
    Alberto Monge S 3 hours ago

    Nice review and all but you always mention that the watch does what it does. What is it exactly? From what you've said it seems that it performs barely better than the older version...

  • Rebecca JJ Candy
    Rebecca JJ Candy 3 hours ago

    i’m getting my first apple watch~ exciting. I can’t wait to use it for my jogging

  • Tim Jung
    Tim Jung 3 hours ago

    My Apple Watch is one of the main reasons why I'm still with Apple despite certain annoyances. It's just that good!

    CONMAN CHRONICLES 3 hours ago

    My Note 10 plus can last me more than 24 hrs of medium to heavy use and charged my phone in 1 hr and 6 mins from 0 to 100%. Couldn't ask for more oh and it's cheaper than the iphone max pro and the base memory is 256 Gb for the same price as the base max pro. You can't beat that

  • Bob Bee
    Bob Bee 3 hours ago


  • tony sisson
    tony sisson 3 hours ago

    Why would anybody upgrade to this phone? You can buy a very good camera for a grand.

  • doux truc
    doux truc 3 hours ago

    lmao but I'm a android user and I'm thinking of upgrading to the 11 but the problem is if my parents will be convinced to buy it for me. but idk how to convince them. how show I convince them to buy me a 11?

  • Jens Straten
    Jens Straten 3 hours ago

    I can afford it, but I don't want it. I am not getting excited at all about this new iPhone. It is just plain boring! Nothing really new besides a better camera... Also tired of being blocked in by the entire Apple infrastructure...

  • Timothy
    Timothy 3 hours ago

    Take it easy with y’all titles we know y’all dickride but chill....

  • Iain Simpson
    Iain Simpson 3 hours ago

    i would have to say overall the Note 10 has the best outcome.

  • Chad Charming
    Chad Charming 3 hours ago

    Definitely the best camera in any phone

  • Faisal Hafeez
    Faisal Hafeez 3 hours ago

    Be careful with self diagnosing yourself with EKG's or whatever new health features they've included. It takes a lifetime of studying to understand the human body. Talk to your doctor.

  • Walter Smoothflicks Cromartie

    I'm going with the pro

  • S. A.
    S. A. 3 hours ago

    I definitely appreciate the menstrual cycle tracker. It's nice to have something provided by Apple as opposed to third party apps.

  • Iberedem David
    Iberedem David 3 hours ago

    Note 10 camera is way underrated. It's better than iPhone 11 pro thing

  • Glen Knight
    Glen Knight 3 hours ago

    Ordered one on the 12th. Looking forward to getting my new watch:-)

  • Shivam soni
    Shivam soni 3 hours ago

    wait.. Why not the XR?!!