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  • Lavish Kay
    Lavish Kay 3 hours ago

    Hot wheels much?

  • Cocoalbu
    Cocoalbu 4 hours ago

    Uhh, I dunno why you think otherwise, but uh, the ambient sound is better than any other earbud I've tried.

  • maxdemian
    maxdemian 4 hours ago


  • _Kelso ツ
    _Kelso ツ 4 hours ago

    Is this a *comparison* or a review??

  • João Maverick
    João Maverick 5 hours ago

    let me guess the project was cancelled? Companies should be investing money in developing high capacity batteries in small packages first.

  • Nishant Sharma
    Nishant Sharma 5 hours ago

    he is not good reviewing phones like this

  • Adi V
    Adi V 6 hours ago

    Is this phone better than a normal phone, nope, will I buy it over a normal phone, nope. If it’s not better why would I buy it?!

  • Rum Tech
    Rum Tech 6 hours ago

    In india z flip is cheaper then iphons 11 pro max😂🤦

  • Bryanx1964
    Bryanx1964 7 hours ago

    This is such an informative video!! Thank you.

  • domtron88
    domtron88 7 hours ago

    These were fun on Forza

  • Michael Hursh
    Michael Hursh 7 hours ago

    it will be funny to see someone in a child seat in the drivers position.

  • Leonardo di parma
    Leonardo di parma 7 hours ago

    Getting me a lemfo lemt smart watch and downloading the pip boy app companion

  • Alison Wunderbar
    Alison Wunderbar 7 hours ago

    yeah... advice from someone who's single, unattractive and worst of all - with a bad attitude. no thanks but thanks, better luck next time!

  • C.O .H
    C.O .H 8 hours ago

    I don't like how he reviewed this at all. It was more cons...and didn't point out the pros

  • Badvoc
    Badvoc 8 hours ago

    Question "WHY"? when its folded its roughly the same size and thickness of a small laptop, might as well buy a ultrabook 2 in 1.

  • hmc2s
    hmc2s 8 hours ago

    That thing is way hotter than any Tesla.

  • Db Jgs
    Db Jgs 8 hours ago


  • Norwegian Smores
    Norwegian Smores 8 hours ago

    coronavirus is going to kill nearly half a billion people this mutation only. 10% mortallity rate. the virus broke quarantine its officially a pandemic now

  • Mark Adamtey
    Mark Adamtey 8 hours ago

    nah we have rewrite our apps again why

  • Dave Daniels
    Dave Daniels 8 hours ago


  • UBAD2
    UBAD2 9 hours ago

    Overall sales with this Product book will be weak at best.

  • Duncan McKen
    Duncan McKen 9 hours ago

    Why did the dessert names have to go? 😭 Loved all the guessing that came with them - why did you take this from us Google?

  • Vikki Nicholson
    Vikki Nicholson 10 hours ago

    the pictures of Booth and the deceased man in the chair do not match. Ck our the eyebrows and other features.

    • Vikki Nicholson
      Vikki Nicholson 10 hours ago

      Dept. of Army....whaaa.....the problem? I live in town where Lincoln is buried and I'm interested in what the heck. Cover up even back then? Why do we call it "our" country/government when we are blindfolded.

  • Samuel Mellert
    Samuel Mellert 10 hours ago

    For normal people that have small, but deep (!) pockets, you mean?

  • Sean K
    Sean K 10 hours ago

    People should realize that this does not take into account of what will occur in terms of innovations and solutions in 80 years.

  • Yuika Gauss
    Yuika Gauss 10 hours ago

    i have most of these features in my galaxy s10... so... yeah... :D

  • D.A. Risse
    D.A. Risse 11 hours ago

    Democrats try to get rid of Republican presidents any way they can....

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 11 hours ago

    I want to see Paula Abdul with the wolf...

  • 青いバブルケーキ

    Planet X aint real and people dont know what there saying

  • wayne Agustino
    wayne Agustino 11 hours ago

    that algorithm is called CETERAAAAAH

  • Ren4issance -
    Ren4issance - 12 hours ago

    What’s the holographic keyboard? Is that an actual on-the-market product?

  • J B
    J B 12 hours ago

    uh, hello, FOVE.... show respect htc you weren't the first!

  • Wout Bielen
    Wout Bielen 12 hours ago

    bro 3:44 he just wears his apple watch UPSIDE DOWN

  • This Old Boat
    This Old Boat 12 hours ago

    ... My next drone

  • TheSwiginator
    TheSwiginator 12 hours ago


  • Tyebrea Battle
    Tyebrea Battle 12 hours ago

    do they have expandable storage ?

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo119 13 hours ago

    Rajesh a liar

  • Chilly
    Chilly 13 hours ago

    Worst channel in RUplus

  • boxertest
    boxertest 13 hours ago

    16 gb of ram on a phone..................

  • Fairytale
    Fairytale 13 hours ago

    I just wanna say you are beautiful

  • MegaMixKiller
    MegaMixKiller 13 hours ago

    I really would like to some drastic updates to system ui like when Lollipop came out. It was huge and awesome.

  • My Name Was Stolen
    My Name Was Stolen 13 hours ago

    Why would he want to save so many lives when he just told us the world is over populated?

  • M. P.
    M. P. 13 hours ago

    This phone is real innovation take notes Apple

  • Tilup
    Tilup 13 hours ago

    Why do you have A Clockwork Orange as your thumbnail? You know the implications of it, is that you're re-programming mods *not* to speak out. Jesus, you understand literature as much as you understand building computers.

  • Kelvin Odamtten
    Kelvin Odamtten 14 hours ago

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  • Kelvin Odamtten
    Kelvin Odamtten 14 hours ago

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  • Abhradip Mukherjee
    Abhradip Mukherjee 14 hours ago

    JerryRigsEverything effect in action

  • Jean Michel Tche
    Jean Michel Tche 14 hours ago

    Lincoln deserved what he got , 600k + young americans killed during civil war for no reasons expect for the stupidity of Lincoln

  • 2222ut
    2222ut 14 hours ago

    The manual basically says it is not designed to fly in low-light conditions, so having a camera with good high ISO was not a priority. I have very little control of the vehicle. Great for open areas, but not good near populated areas.

  • Meister Rodgers
    Meister Rodgers 14 hours ago

    Punkt. all day. Receiving a software update on Monday. Can't wait for that. Love the MP02 as my main device with the Note 10+ I'm using for this when I need the internet. I have everything I need (and a few accessories) for computing work and entertainment.

  • Christine Blondel
    Christine Blondel 15 hours ago

    Autonome , pas de commande

  • NO Kangaroo Tunes
    NO Kangaroo Tunes 15 hours ago

    You can see that when he slammed the door that did it less hard

  • Stetson Doggett
    Stetson Doggett 15 hours ago

    Did this video have a different thumbnail when it was first published? Seems different.

  • Jimmynoleaks boilerman

    I'm getting a motorcycle 60mpg alot more fun thanks!

  • Jedii Kniight
    Jedii Kniight 15 hours ago

    1mp front webcam, for $1000

  • Eric Howes
    Eric Howes 15 hours ago

    I see a matrix coming you will be just a component soon ask you self what you are in the face of ai

  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson 15 hours ago

    This dude and his reviews 👎🏾

  • Eric Howes
    Eric Howes 15 hours ago

    Soon you will have no choices

  • ForeverMan
    ForeverMan 16 hours ago

    The video was great, you should do this more often

  • Jonathan Lin
    Jonathan Lin 16 hours ago


  • Jemini229 Redd
    Jemini229 Redd 16 hours ago

    If you put any phone in a bag of dust it's going to have dust in it, I love ifixit testing but average user no going to do that with their phone.

  • low zhi hao
    low zhi hao 16 hours ago

    But to me, the laptop is more about mechanical keyboard than the usability of the second display. We type faster with the mechanical keyboard right.

  • Cheryl Mingo
    Cheryl Mingo 16 hours ago

    Videos ppl watch videos

  • Cheryl Mingo
    Cheryl Mingo 16 hours ago


  • Jemini229 Redd
    Jemini229 Redd 16 hours ago

    Question how are you going ask what's the purpose of a glass screen just to turn around and tell us the purpose of the glass screen?

  • senzo salvatore
    senzo salvatore 16 hours ago

    the only problem for me with this phone is the price i like the flex mode it will be a great help for taking pictures and time lapses

  • Crisis #RE_NAME_
    Crisis #RE_NAME_ 16 hours ago

    UPDATE: now in the Mission Artemis(created by NASA, Obviously) you can have Bachelor's Degree on Computer Science! And, as a person who gonna make a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree, i can say... THE LAST PERSON TO BE A ASTRONAUT WITH A COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREE IS A ROTTEN EGG!!!

  • sol corvinus
    sol corvinus 16 hours ago

    Cant wait for 3rd or 4th gen where it will have the ability to hover everywhere.....

  • Abraham Valero
    Abraham Valero 17 hours ago


  • donoroko
    donoroko 17 hours ago

    i love how vegans cheer in the crowd

  • Govind Goyal
    Govind Goyal 18 hours ago

    Buy jeans with big pockets or spend $1400? :P

  • Jahid Sarkar
    Jahid Sarkar 18 hours ago

    I've normally d hear this much "NORMAL" 😂

  • gadget00
    gadget00 19 hours ago

    I like the honest review here; "phone looks cool, but wouldnt be a good phone if it didnt flip". I had big expectations (and some nostalgia, of course) about this flip phone, but Motorola simply couldn't pull it off this time. The ridiculously high price also didn't help.I just hope they don't abandon the design, and come up with some other versions of it. Flip, again, is the future it seems :D Cellphone designs have come full-circle I guess

  • Ballistic
    Ballistic 19 hours ago

    Does it work with Xbox

  • Effendi & Co.
    Effendi & Co. 19 hours ago

    Android 12 will be more like One UI 3.0 which will also be released way before Android 12 official release. What am I talking about? Truth!!!

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 19 hours ago

    You are boring 😒😒😒😒

  • ferri budiman
    ferri budiman 20 hours ago

    i almost can't believe i am using Edge browser for more than 1 month now

  • kazar abdul
    kazar abdul 20 hours ago

    now there Focal glass.close to EDITH in Spiderman - Far From Home.

  • Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
    Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 20 hours ago

    I read ebooks on my phone that way I'm not spending extra money on another device. I check out ebooks and audiobooks from my local library using the Overdrive app that way I don't have to buy ebooks or audiobooks. Then, I transfer them over to the Kindle app or I could read them on my browser, but I prefer the Kindle app because like she said you could easily look up a word by highlighting it. I hope this helps someone that prefers ebooks or audiobooks and saves you guys some extra cash :)

  • coolbluelights
    coolbluelights 20 hours ago

    I found out breathing on the game rather than blowing into it worked better. the moisture from your breath helped make better contact. of course later on I learned how to properly clean cartridges so I never have to blow into them now

  • Hasita Kode
    Hasita Kode 21 hour ago

    I would wait for google to make a "google loop" then compare it ans then get the best one (Google is probably going to make a better one.)

  • Jayanth S
    Jayanth S 21 hour ago

    Thank you for the update on the Android update

  • Co Cl
    Co Cl 21 hour ago

    *it's always the same "old song" the difference between the concept car and the Real everyday's car?* *That's the point* ? *Then WHAT* ? ... *eh Oh M0nsieur Hyunday?* ... *WHY* ... *it's always less less less Good & Beautiful & Efficient and less less less Below than my less less less Hope?* *The Question stands over Here* ! *ANSWER ME* !

  • Wes Sovis
    Wes Sovis 21 hour ago

    Have to weigh in on the glass on the back of the XR. Phone fell out of my pocket while seated. It fell onto carpet from 2.5 feet and the back glass cracked. You definitely need a case on this puppy.

  • IngA Pinsel
    IngA Pinsel 22 hours ago

    Mother Earth doesn't need this! Move with your own muscular strength!!!

  • François Pérennès
    François Pérennès 22 hours ago

    I'm not interested in having a folding version of the phone I currently own. What I want is a folding tablet the size of my phone - I want a much slimmer fold with a great hinge.

  • Sandhya An
    Sandhya An 22 hours ago

    Ya First look review and then go for it

  • Freedom
    Freedom 23 hours ago

    Is anything of this necessary? No but it’s super cool and it’s super Apple 😂😂

  • A
    A 23 hours ago

    Another one of Google's surveillance tools.

  • VanCamelCat
    VanCamelCat Day ago

    The fact that Samsung released a totally crappy product First (their first folding phone, not this Z Flip one), does not mean we should allow them to lower our expectations SO much that we'd be ok judging such expensive phones (even as low as 1.3K$... Heck, even as low as 700$)as if they were just meant to be "normal, mid tier phones". As consumers, caving down to this BS strategy just makes the market unnecessarily expensive. I don't like this idea that reviewers we trust, like the Verge of all people, are giving in to this and saying "this phone is normal and that's OK". This phone is Sub-normal... For the price. That's a big part of it and should be emphasized more.

  • Saurabh Belgaonkar

    What is the benefit of folding screen this way? I just don't get it, at least folding in Galaxy Fold allowed big screen to be pocketable.

    • M. P.
      M. P. 13 hours ago

      More compact

  • Vladimir Vlaovic

    None of you can "return the favor". You are disgusting, sexually. Revenge of the nerds. We will have the last laugh, as your children watch your broken organ system failure, and beyond 😉💎💎💎💎

  • shabbir choudry

    Nope, i am happy with xr😊😊😊

  • AR
    AR Day ago

    Still has chins in 2020, wow

  • Johnny-Emy K. Beya

    He got a flip phone

  • Carlos Gonzales

    everyone is fingering everybody that everyone is copying the other. Stop and think about it. That might be the only way to start the experience

  • Carlos Gonzales

    Don't tell me that they also both use battery's and a camera that is rounded. So over the copying phone design conspiracy.

    • Carlos Gonzales
      Carlos Gonzales Day ago

      Make a video on that. The similar phone design conspiracy

  • WIZE
    WIZE Day ago

    iPhone 11 pro max user here, enjoying the Z Flip since one week and considering switching. This phone has compromises but it's really good and I'm enjoying the small form factor when closed. I only wish the tiny screen would be bigger and allows me to interact with notifications

  • Shadowstalker
    Shadowstalker Day ago

    5:55 press f for his lungs (solder contains a lot of lead)

  • Matteo
    Matteo Day ago

    Such a negative attitude, very unpleasant video