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Tyler Perry Presents: The Oval
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  • Popa Stoppa
    Popa Stoppa Hour ago

    I'm not goin front '' DNA'' gave the audience what they wanted but T-Top still duat NIGGAH 💯

  • Teana K. Carter
    Teana K. Carter Hour ago

    Yooo I’m still Ctfu in 2019 😂😂

  • Chris Tine
    Chris Tine Hour ago

    Sarkodie is no doubt the best rapper that Africa has ever produced, Hit like if you Love this man much love ❤️ From Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

  • how dumb do I have to be? Gaddisa

    Yes black woman 👩 power black toys also we need more I am black and proud. To exist in this universe 🌌

  • Angel AHA
    Angel AHA Hour ago

    They disrespected and opened hand slapped the all them rappers by making Flawless go 1st lol It was painful to watch after Flawless. That dude made me want to get back in a relationship with my ex Hip Hop matter of fact I’m go text Hip Hop Text: WTY? We need to talk

    PHILLYS BABY Hour ago

    So Smack Never Asked "What Y'all Think About Ttop 😲 Only Dna 🤤 Can I Get The Results 😂 Ok The Winner Is Dna" Like Wdf Did I Miss Something 🤦🏿‍♀️ 🤣

  • Thrilla 87
    Thrilla 87 Hour ago

    “Da breasts” 😂😂😂

  • najma mohamed
    najma mohamed Hour ago

    This girl is talented ! and will get better people stay hating, I’m rooting for her !

  • Behzey
    Behzey Hour ago

    whos the lovely doll in green @ 12:38 ?

  • X_KirinYT
    X_KirinYT Hour ago

    You know that YG was singing to his song at 2:17 but then when the camera was on his face, he stopped singing,then he acted like he wasn’t singing😂🤣

  • R.M.B MS
    R.M.B MS Hour ago

    And I’m just here using Murray’s and royal crown lol

  • Ramon Rivera
    Ramon Rivera Hour ago

    Bro said “they got a mill and they gone it’s like a drive thru “ 😂😂😂🙏🏼🔥🔥 I hope y’all got that

  • deshaun dozier
    deshaun dozier Hour ago

    He’s still lunch meat in the streets. lol. Tuck that chain

  • Toni sumblin
    Toni sumblin Hour ago

    Say what you want about him. Insult him. Spew your racist rants about him. Vilify and demonize him. But keep in mind that it’s not what a man is called. It’s what he answers to. And Elijah Cummings never buckled down to anyone, ever. Unlike today’s Reputation politicians who aid and abet a president who has no respect for the Constitution, Cummings have refused to capitulate. Refused to waver in his fight for democracy and injustice. He has lived his life answering to the call of a true patriot. “Patriotism is not the short, frenzied outburst of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime” Adlai Stevenson, American lawyer.

  • J Fendy
    J Fendy Hour ago

    Them lashes ....why so long, aren't there any other types to make her eyes look bigger? I know it's a personal preference but common.

  • Aegon the Spartan

    When is the rap about china and tibete and hong kong???

  • nequel nelson
    nequel nelson Hour ago

    U herdem an I'm going off on anyone who got something bad too say about Nelly facts

  • The Genius
    The Genius Hour ago

    Suge was in the car so he was pretty much part of it and the only surviving evidence or testimony. I don’t think he’s lying. He says it with a conviction.

  • Aegon the Spartan

    you should see "project veritas" search for it on google and on youtube. Or in other search engines. Because it is a google and youtube operation against trump. I live in Portugal, but i have always loved America and Australia. So sad to see Australia being infiltrated and sold out to the chinese, and America being... dont really know how to explain it. Attacked from inside, like a disease spreading all over your body. But i still hope one day i can get to live in America or Australia. Not easy but i hope so!

  • Tha Imperial
    Tha Imperial Hour ago

    Chris Rivers is dope. He rated those bars like a true hip-hop critic and not give anyone slack

  • Rownieka Christian

    Why did they switch the characters in the first place?

  • Maor Yevdayev
    Maor Yevdayev Hour ago

    I love to see that he gave benny a 5 for the same exact reason benny gave him a 5 in that other video

  • Yoda
    Yoda Hour ago

    She went hard and I still saw nothing but negative comments on the main performance video.

  • Nana Osei-Owusu
    Nana Osei-Owusu Hour ago

    T-Pain got fatter than Rick Ross?

  • doggo mckitten
    doggo mckitten Hour ago

    “ tell em to bring me my money”

  • michelle ca
    michelle ca Hour ago

    White women spend $250+ monthly on haircuts, treatments, and color! All women of all races spend money to tame their mane not just the sistahs!

  • dj detechtive
    dj detechtive Hour ago

    Why don't they rate some boom bap akua naru Heather b sa roc Jean grae more female rep

  • michelle ca
    michelle ca Hour ago

    I completely disagree with all of this. Moroccan oil, Oribe, Living Proof, etc works just fine and it’s a small investment. Stop with the damn wigs and bullshit. This is ignorance and marketing.

  • Ken: The Internet Boy

    Really tyler, really.

  • Emma XTC
    Emma XTC 2 hours ago

    I LOVE Saweetie but that performance was not it. They should change up her style. That middle school dance recital was kinda lame. I still love her though, I just want her to win so badly.


    I'm convinced erykah is our version of the blue lady from 5th element

  • Alexis Ford
    Alexis Ford 2 hours ago

    Man the celebrity crowd is whack af brah 🙄

  • Alim
    Alim 2 hours ago

    Yo Afion must listen to a lot of Eminem their style is wild similar. Also Lous really did have the coldest verse. Like it was funny but also had hella bars.

  • Sean G
    Sean G 2 hours ago

    lil kim claiming she’s the queen of rap and gave 2 bars i-💀

  • Mia Darden
    Mia Darden 2 hours ago

    They did not just whip lmOoo

    ENNYY WAAAYY 2 hours ago

    Future shift it mechanical animals ETeble skelitalz almost identical mental flo pull bac lettm go nonutz puzihol

    ENNYY WAAAYY 2 hours ago

    2 dimes wid me that's ova 30. They say 12 midnightcoupe noon early. 2much 2 hot two fingers dats pullin a nice piece bopnagloc mopnsumtop blikkynbeki icecream hafac nodsrsptgooop


    Explain erykah badu

  • Mike Colin
    Mike Colin 2 hours ago

    Lip synche, really?


    Play was looking kinda hard

  • Asmita Kshetri
    Asmita Kshetri 2 hours ago

    😭😭😭😭 Miss you so much

  • Mikes Breakfast
    Mikes Breakfast 2 hours ago

    Clips 3-0

  • Mor-Gan's
    Mor-Gan's 2 hours ago

    YESSSSSS JAZZ!!! That's Tami Roman's daughter. She's the underdog that mad HOT.

  • Mikes Breakfast
    Mikes Breakfast 2 hours ago

    Yall right. This aint the crowd for this.

  • Mor-Gan's
    Mor-Gan's 2 hours ago

    EVERYONE underrated NICK Cannon. He's that dude on tv and behind the scenes. Kevin Hart is that damn funny.

  • Rehan Perera
    Rehan Perera 2 hours ago


  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 2 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about how that random guy just casually got closer to the short girl twerking.

  • Andrew Alberto
    Andrew Alberto 2 hours ago

    The fake muscle hahaha

  • NUNE 242
    NUNE 242 2 hours ago

    Lord these brothas. 🙏😍

  • Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams 2 hours ago

    Lol its crazy if her n her man making money like that on hair should be on point n i think shes trash

  • Nhlanhla Mpofu
    Nhlanhla Mpofu 3 hours ago

    I was barely getting pretty women💔

  • TinaLouise
    TinaLouise 3 hours ago

    Pattie better give this man his props!!!

  • Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe

    You all spend all of that money on your products because YOU DONT KNOW YOUR SELVES.

  • Bro. Marc Williams
    Bro. Marc Williams 3 hours ago

    It's just somethin' bout that part "THIS IS MY EXODUS" that leaves me prostate. One of yal pick me up. So I can hear the rest.

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 hours ago

    I saw Aye Verb in the crowd

  • TBaby GangstaClassy
    TBaby GangstaClassy 3 hours ago

    Those of us who hv been fans of URL & QOTR know these battles were light AF!!! DNA 1st round was decent but they hv some other battle rappers who are SICK!!!!!!

  • Anika Ka
    Anika Ka 3 hours ago

    Still touching me 2 months in and many many more years to come

  • Elizabeth Gourdine
    Elizabeth Gourdine 3 hours ago


  • DJBluff City
    DJBluff City 3 hours ago

    Even ppl in the field get locked in on real gossip

  • Smoothie Bowl
    Smoothie Bowl 3 hours ago

    She loves her babies

  • Bro. Marc Williams
    Bro. Marc Williams 3 hours ago

    LeAndria song herself sober on this here stage. Say what you want but dont not say the girl CAN'T SANG.

  • Ergonomiks
    Ergonomiks 3 hours ago

    Aint this 2 Chainz

  • Frederick Weeks Jr.
    Frederick Weeks Jr. 3 hours ago

    Sounds like they ALL played the HARLOT......BOTTOM LINE IS CHOICES.....ON ALL SIDES. These people need to THINK BEFORE THEY DO....A LESSON FOR ALL OF US. Just saying.

  • Dynetta Washington
    Dynetta Washington 3 hours ago

    I love you soulja boy for making snakes recognize.

  • Mo
    Mo 3 hours ago

    Wtf? He won best new artist? This dude is absolute trash😂

  • J Day
    J Day 3 hours ago

    I love big sean

  • NUNE 242
    NUNE 242 3 hours ago

    This was fun!😄

  • Flarityy
    Flarityy 3 hours ago

    Why they using a ww1 map lmao

  • stealthballer
    stealthballer 3 hours ago

    drake is a commercial scumbag with ghost writers. No, it's not like meeting literally the most imporatn pop star in history. Dear dumb kids, It doesn't go, the beatles, elvis, and then drake. You are morons.

  • Alondra Felix
    Alondra Felix 3 hours ago

    we in this beech , finna get crooonkk , abrows on fleekkk , da fuq 🥺

  • Peter Quistgard
    Peter Quistgard 3 hours ago

    omg maino slayin me

  • Austin Buell
    Austin Buell 3 hours ago

    She on fleek.❤

  • TBaby GangstaClassy
    TBaby GangstaClassy 3 hours ago

    IMAN & LOS ATE ATE!!!!!

  • Peter Quistgard
    Peter Quistgard 3 hours ago

    oof that was hard to watch, cringe

  • Lynne Joyner
    Lynne Joyner 3 hours ago

    Her performance sucked sorry but real!!!

  • Jay dimes
    Jay dimes 3 hours ago

    If only x showed his damn bars in his songs like I hate how he used it to make trash music which his songs are not that bad but their bad I love x rip x but he could’ve done better but he did leave a mark for the SoundCloud rappers

  • BirdieX 1
    BirdieX 1 3 hours ago


  • sxmmer
    sxmmer 3 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that man who almost fell after doing a backflip? 2:38

    CURSINO 3 hours ago

    travis scott is the real winner!

  • naalulit
    naalulit 3 hours ago


  • Recreate Regine
    Recreate Regine 3 hours ago

    Gloria Velez gave everyone head to get on that big pimpin video lol

    KADEEM SPENCE 3 hours ago

    Kim went hard

  • Gobbo
    Gobbo 3 hours ago

    Gunna out here dressed as a minion

  • Chrissy Marie
    Chrissy Marie 4 hours ago

    3:05 Bobby Lytes energyyy 😂😛!!

  • diekodelko 83
    diekodelko 83 4 hours ago

    Standing Ovation Speech. I am just saying

  • TBaby GangstaClassy
    TBaby GangstaClassy 4 hours ago

    Chance The Rapper is a stand up dude...lyrics are profound if u really listen, dude said, "when they in the comments, we like a comet"...don't look dwn....whoaaaaaaa

  • Select Walter
    Select Walter 4 hours ago

    Broke niggas in the stage..

  • Tita Rodriguez
    Tita Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    But she there because she begged for the award lol

  • TexasNightmare210
    TexasNightmare210 4 hours ago

    So wait this is Yung Berg? So “Hitmaka” is a one hit wonder? Lmao

  • Corey Erica
    Corey Erica 4 hours ago

    Cas is trash I can tap better then him

  • Tita Rodriguez
    Tita Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Only thing moving is her mouth

  • msfly 1974
    msfly 1974 4 hours ago

    The original came out in 2001, Tampa fl is in the build. Jackson heights stand up

  • Tita Rodriguez
    Tita Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    When they cant get nicki minaj they get the cheaper version bet only gave her the award thinking they was shading nicki Minaj lol nicki will always be a legend regardless

  • Tony Franco
    Tony Franco 4 hours ago

    I like how geechi threw up nutty block last second lol mans a legend .

  • dennis flo
    dennis flo 4 hours ago

    it still wasn't no tongue..

  • BGirlChic
    BGirlChic 4 hours ago

    This was so cute and awesome!

  • Antowne Mercer
    Antowne Mercer 4 hours ago

    This is the best performance from her that i have personally witnessed. The Spirit was moving all through her on that stage.

  • Eboni Dowell
    Eboni Dowell 4 hours ago

    Stalli killed it. Songs, style, set and confidence on point

  • Lexis Braswell
    Lexis Braswell 4 hours ago

    Damn...🤔 did her voice just change .

  • Tita Rodriguez
    Tita Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Chile them bitches in the front are cardi b homegirls they mad megan made a song with nicki minaj and they hate her lol