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Toy Story 4 Ever
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Toy Story 4 | Now Playing
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Toy Story | "Meet Forky" Clip
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Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts
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Purl | Pixar SparkShorts
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Toy Story 4 | Big Game Ad
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Introducing Pixar SparkShorts
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A Pixar Fireplace
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  • Mister Twisty
    Mister Twisty 4 minutes ago

    NOOOOOOOO muh black ppl :'(

  • DrKenny
    DrKenny 6 minutes ago

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Squid

  • Rachel Peterson
    Rachel Peterson 10 minutes ago

    they princess and the frogged us again smh

  • T.J Mutton Chops
    T.J Mutton Chops 11 minutes ago

    I genuinely love the look of this movie and am disappointed with all the hate it’s getting

  • Samantha Worthen
    Samantha Worthen 22 minutes ago

    Do the souls look kinda like the whips from brave to anyone else??

  • Michael Stokes
    Michael Stokes 28 minutes ago

    What a beautiful short. I expected a sad ending, but it was happy. What really got me was when the dog tried to get the plastic can things off the car and got scratched really got to me

  • EasyEliVids
    EasyEliVids 33 minutes ago

    At the beginning, i thought that this was an EA Prince video

  • Morrisminor 82.0
    Morrisminor 82.0 35 minutes ago

    i think this would be great to see at the movies and can't wait to see it

  • Sabrina ASL
    Sabrina ASL 44 minutes ago

    They really did predict thier future. AJR in NEXT UP FOREVER

  • Sabrina ASL
    Sabrina ASL 44 minutes ago

    "Someday they'll be talking about me, right now they're just walking around me"- AJR Me: The are really gonna be NEXT UP FOREVER! and they dont hate it , no.

  • The Grim Creeper
    The Grim Creeper 49 minutes ago

    Ok this movie actually looks kinda good. I don't mind the "souls". I feel like it will be different than inside out and have a more Coco-ish vibe. I think I'll enjoy it because it's a new feel to it. Don't @ me.

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on Hour ago

    Ok that looks cool. I'm interested

  • MP Doodle
    MP Doodle Hour ago

    Riley’s mom looks just like Susan Heffley

  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty Hour ago

    WOODY R. I. P. (1995 2019) 😭😭😭😭

  • Gael Guy
    Gael Guy Hour ago

    Welp... What Would You Like To Be Known For In Mars?

  • Myzell Patty
    Myzell Patty Hour ago

    1995 1999 2010 2019 present R. I. P. WOODY (1995 2019)

  • TOTransitGuy7755

    Did that man transform in a hole?

  • Colin Jones
    Colin Jones Hour ago

    Is their father's name, Arfur?

  • Ugly Boi
    Ugly Boi Hour ago

    i saw this in class on like monday

  • Fran Madaraki
    Fran Madaraki Hour ago

    The only Disney princess that didn't sing in her own movie and I love it

  • Fran Madaraki
    Fran Madaraki Hour ago

    The only Disney princess that didn't sing in her own movie and I love it

  • DM animates
    DM animates 2 hours ago


  • Willow Scalisi
    Willow Scalisi 2 hours ago

    Bro I gotta quit watching these :(

  • Arturo Gonzalez
    Arturo Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Pixar:swears Everyone: h0ld uP

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 2 hours ago

    How Mr spell is

  • Carlos Muñoz
    Carlos Muñoz 2 hours ago

    O my good this look amazing

  • данила калинин

    I love disney pixar

  • BlueReplayzz
    BlueReplayzz 3 hours ago

    1:26 when big smoke receives his food order

  • Nothing here
    Nothing here 3 hours ago

    I watched it 1 day before back to school in summer... it was a moment you can only have once in your life

  • Ariel Arias Petzoldt


  • Eric Schmitz
    Eric Schmitz 3 hours ago

    "i LiKeD tHe MOvIe unTiLl iT ShOWed ThE BluE guY" stop crying and review the movie once you've actually seen it

  • Koji/Bubble
    Koji/Bubble 3 hours ago

    honestly this was such a good premise then pixar said "nah blob time"

  • Kodah Smith
    Kodah Smith 3 hours ago

    So i know this isn't even close to being the final product but does anyone else find the ADR a bit off?

  • Constantine
    Constantine 4 hours ago

    Why did he have to fall into that hole? It looked amazing up until that point :(

  • Arkfan 21 21
    Arkfan 21 21 4 hours ago

    If this was PG-13 it would be Depression Sassy Gordon Ramsay Bill Nye YAAAAAAAAAA

  • Dan Drieberg
    Dan Drieberg 5 hours ago

    the internet is never satisfied.

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub Song 5 hours ago

    no one remembers nobody ... ... not leaving regrets maybe ... ... talking right is a start ... doing right is the goal ... ... draw it for your kids ... that's the disney spirit

  • Clay's Guitar Corner

    I was watching this on the couch with my Pit laying down beside me, when I started to tear up on the petting scene my Pit “Jake” lifted his head up looked at me and put his paw on my lap as if to say “it’ll be ok” he then gave me a lick on the face. I couldn’t hold it then I gave him the biggest hug and cryed my eyes out.

  • Eric Yiheng Liu
    Eric Yiheng Liu 5 hours ago

    McQueen is old, the McQueen era ends...

  • Delarowar
    Delarowar 6 hours ago


  • Mr. Fleesta
    Mr. Fleesta 7 hours ago

    Maybe this should have been the sequel to the first cars movie. Who else agrees?

  • Spork Fine Art
    Spork Fine Art 7 hours ago

    It's brilliant! And the backstory is precious. Bravo.

  • LBeaverMonkey JK
    LBeaverMonkey JK 7 hours ago


  • Anthony Carrillo
    Anthony Carrillo 8 hours ago

    came here because of tiktok

  • IcCy
    IcCy 8 hours ago

    I'm from the paradise music video.

  • Godatodi
    Godatodi 8 hours ago

    Im not crying u are

  • Mira Nurjannah
    Mira Nurjannah 9 hours ago

    Who's still crying 😭

  • Ayrton Ng
    Ayrton Ng 9 hours ago


  • Unchisa_Jantharinthu Fon

    Is joy the boss of everywhere

  • Zach Johns
    Zach Johns 12 hours ago

    She's just as gloomy as Eeyore.

  • blazin.kalinnn
    blazin.kalinnn 12 hours ago

    I think it looks great OKAY.

  • hustle bustle
    hustle bustle 13 hours ago

    what song is 0:22

  • LUCA$ELMZ123
    LUCA$ELMZ123 13 hours ago

    the two peters from the MCU XD

  • Eva Khr
    Eva Khr 14 hours ago

    Зато мне жалка сабаку 😭

  • Blu Orangeade
    Blu Orangeade 14 hours ago

    No matter how many times I watched it, I always crying :’3

  • Eva Khr
    Eva Khr 14 hours ago

    Оооо какая милашка 😊

  • Hisaudience
    Hisaudience 14 hours ago

    his brother is just the guy from flushed away

  • Dennis Wolf Cyclist
    Dennis Wolf Cyclist 15 hours ago

    Manly tears have been fallin'

  • John Neal
    John Neal 15 hours ago


  • Sultan The cool dude
    Sultan The cool dude 15 hours ago

    I was about to crie this is so sad

  • Ashley Jadeee
    Ashley Jadeee 15 hours ago

    I never watch this Movie but this Clip can Make me cry.the way The grandma sings

  • Ivanriadi
    Ivanriadi 16 hours ago

    Just "coming soon"? I need it now

    CG GAMER 17 hours ago


  • Lana
    Lana 17 hours ago

    Thanks Purl 💜

  • Schwitz
    Schwitz 17 hours ago

    that thumbnail reminds me of Abbey Road of The Beatles

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M 18 hours ago

    What truly amazes me, is that there are a lot people leaving comments of hate towards this animated man, while one man was found guilty of this very thing and he receives paychecks from the NFL. Where's everyone's pitchforks there. Shame on Vick, the NFL, and the fans.

  • Mexhonduran madness
    Mexhonduran madness 18 hours ago

    Cannot wait my "soul" to see this movie

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M 18 hours ago

    I needed to hug my pittie after watching this! I rescued my girl 5years ago from CA, who had been through this and I just can't bare the thought that people are out there that have no heart 💔😔😢

  • dzgtnbz
    dzgtnbz 19 hours ago

    They should make Michael Vick watch this and read all the comments. I will always be in disbelief that they let him play in the NFL again.

  • VideoOverload
    VideoOverload 19 hours ago

    Is it bad that I can already see Shädman?

  • เอิร์ธ ธธ

    Welcome to oscar baby

  • SuperMario Zavi
    SuperMario Zavi 19 hours ago

    Pennywise dance 1:15

  • Stewart The Accountant

    I heard AJR and got excited, and I don’t really see what everyone’s so mad about. I think it should be given a chance

  • Alex Ambu-an
    Alex Ambu-an 20 hours ago

    inequality is really an awful thing.

  • Miguel Medina
    Miguel Medina 20 hours ago

    :'v :'v :'v :'v


    Can someone explain to me what happened at 1:26

  • Kamal Mohd
    Kamal Mohd 20 hours ago

    10/10 amazing

  • Autumn Fern
    Autumn Fern 21 hour ago

    Sweet Baby Angel Kitty

  • Andy Fan
    Andy Fan 21 hour ago

    Start of the movie: *everyone liked that* When he turns into a blue blob: *nobody liked that*

  • SuperChase 64
    SuperChase 64 21 hour ago

    She bested the keyboard control with her booty!!🤣 0:20

  • Natalie Cottle
    Natalie Cottle 21 hour ago

    My Boys AJR over there making a sick beat for the trailer!!

    RURAL DIARY 22 hours ago

    this was not in the movie right ?

  • Mobushra Ismail
    Mobushra Ismail 22 hours ago

    It's amazing !!!

  • Heavenly Bananas
    Heavenly Bananas 22 hours ago

    Tags: *comedy*

  • triniti korneli
    triniti korneli 23 hours ago

    This movie suppose to be named Jack, Jack.

  • Rod25
    Rod25 23 hours ago

    When i saw this, I tought ot was monster inc, but a remake

  • Ashton melbye & Odin Melbye

    1:39 looks normal 🏹

  • Chloe Burrescia

    2:15 it worked! The can is huge and the van is huge and you're.....oh no 😂😂😂😂

  • Kamdenquinn Johnston

    Today Is The 9th Year Aniversary Of This Video

  • De la art
    De la art Day ago

    Pixar: *Makes trailer showing realistic animation and beautiful scenery Viewers: Wow, really nice. Pixar: The second the blue guy comes up Viewers: I hate you

  • Dinora Zometa
    Dinora Zometa Day ago

    Anyone from tiktok 😁?

  • Luna M
    Luna M Day ago

    Honestly I was so interested and felt inspired about the plot of this movie till he fell😑😑

  • Trobo TicTac
    Trobo TicTac Day ago

    Super mawio in weal loife *S E P A G H E T T I*

  • Brooke Jennings

    No...no why would you use such a good song for this and tarnish it with blue blobs making cowboy jokes that have zero humor

  • Ella Wants to Be famous

    They shoulda just told the story of this guys career and him becoming a successful musician. I would live for that movie.

  • Kingston_x Animate

    i love the song

  • dvferyance
    dvferyance Day ago

    I get the sense that Oozma Kappa was perceived as the laughing stock team at Monsters U.

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson Day ago

    ♡♡♡☺😁😃😻👍🌸🌼🚌🍦🍨🍧love you♡

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson Day ago

    《》to athalia