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SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
Views 102 70513 days ago
Everything Wrong With Paddington 2
Views 497 3903 months ago
Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3
Views 833 6567 months ago
Everything Wrong with Men in Black II
Views 1 737 7363 months ago
Everything Wrong With Aladdin (1992)
Views 1 722 6574 months ago
CinemaSins & Mental Health America
Views 152 5344 months ago
Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane
Views 324 8526 months ago
Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
Views 903 8046 months ago
Everything Wrong With What Women Want
Views 1 078 1077 months ago


  • Sports Legend8
    Sports Legend8 48 seconds ago

    Everything wrong with Kung Pow! Enter the Fist?

  • Noah Palm
    Noah Palm 4 minutes ago

    Fuck you man this was a good movie

  • Aamir wells
    Aamir wells 7 minutes ago

    Penywise can cause elusions. 3:32

  • Sugar and Cyenide
    Sugar and Cyenide 7 minutes ago

    This movie is still 1000x better then the 2019 piece of shit

  • Ashani Francis
    Ashani Francis 8 minutes ago

    Nip picking isn't funny anymore , especially when it's stupid not picking.

  • Paul S
    Paul S 8 minutes ago

    1. Casey would be out of service or scrapped.

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams 9 minutes ago

    More like Antifa rallies..

  • Bloodybleeder
    Bloodybleeder 11 minutes ago

    Holy shit that IS Cyrus the Virus! just realized that!

  • Vivian H
    Vivian H 12 minutes ago

    4:43 It's funny cause Katniss literally says the exact same thing in the book. *she would be great at cinimasins*

  • Hammered with Horror
    Hammered with Horror 13 minutes ago

    Why does it look as if the penguin has been eating black licorice?

  • Kasey Lynne Chavarria
    Kasey Lynne Chavarria 15 minutes ago

    Nobody: Me and many other viewers with this roast at 15:22: *DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN*

  • Stevenson Kooner
    Stevenson Kooner 15 minutes ago

    Please do Scream 4

  • Brandon’s Films
    Brandon’s Films 16 minutes ago

    2:30 Cinema Sins doesn’t even say anything. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joyce Aquino
    Joyce Aquino 16 minutes ago

    A suggestion is the movies K-12 hehe

  • earthwatcher2012
    earthwatcher2012 16 minutes ago

    Will Smith succ so bad

  • Woomyand Veemo
    Woomyand Veemo 18 minutes ago

    Broccoli tastes good, shut up movie

  • Richard Siddaway
    Richard Siddaway 18 minutes ago

    When Kong pulls Larsson from the murky water and has her in his hand she seems tiny. Seems the director has no concept of scale. Or moving making for that matter! With this an the Godzilla film they seem to think less is more, and movies are wrong!

  • Nugget
    Nugget 18 minutes ago

    Do everything wrong with "Steven Universe the movie" And of course there is absolute sure there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Ethan Walter
    Ethan Walter 21 minute ago


  • zsteck7
    zsteck7 22 minutes ago

    How did you miss the sin of the shovels being used to bury the tomb were triangles with nothing in the middle of them!?

  • Jack Roark
    Jack Roark 25 minutes ago

    Shriek is perfect

  • just a fan
    just a fan 28 minutes ago

    That kid with the riddle could literally be a young Aladdin

  • Woomyand Veemo
    Woomyand Veemo 30 minutes ago

    You should've given a sin for the way.

  • PullingfromtheAether
    PullingfromtheAether 30 minutes ago

    We’re waiting for Endgame and John Wick 3

  • 2ND- Revolution
    2ND- Revolution 31 minute ago

    Literally no one. Me and the boys taking things out of context. 10:31 Oh wait it is out of context...

  • Lillian Rose
    Lillian Rose 32 minutes ago

    Review Donnie darko!!

  • Richy Rivera
    Richy Rivera 33 minutes ago

    What's with the Trump hatred? Smh....Trump 2020

  • Doctre81
    Doctre81 35 minutes ago

    3:57 She wasn't telling him with her mind...he saw her and that was him remembering what she told him before.

  • Big Boi Grapes
    Big Boi Grapes 36 minutes ago

    im surprised he didnt say a million sins bam over

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer 39 minutes ago

    I spent half my life on earth reading about a character literally described as "Clint Eastwood with blue eyes", and a bunch of awesome characters and settings. It's depressing what this movie was

  • Pernell Fowler
    Pernell Fowler 41 minute ago

    Brendan Fraser, Arnold Vosloo, Kevin O'Connor, and a bunch of desert? Missed a great Mummy reunion sin.

  • Jim Rinkenberger
    Jim Rinkenberger 41 minute ago

    Wow, just can't have a video any more without a political dig? Downvoted and I'll not be watching many more of these videos.

  • toni shaul
    toni shaul 45 minutes ago

    I did love this movie, when it came out. But its been 20 years.................

  • Richard Siddaway
    Richard Siddaway 49 minutes ago

    Ahh, Ken Watanabe. Just like Djimon Hounsou them Yankee filmmakers have zero idea how to cast great actors in films unless you do a film using their nationalities! The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond anyone? But sadly cast pisspoor 'actors' like The Rock, Jason Statham, Chris Pratt and the like in EVERYTHING!

  • Paul Bednjak
    Paul Bednjak 52 minutes ago

    All I'm saying is when the whore does the suckling you do become fat and happy that's just math

  • Little Miss Pacifist
    Little Miss Pacifist 53 minutes ago

    This is what I watch after I spend a hour of trying to get ready for school tomorrow

  • ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime

    This movie suck so much that even the reboot of the real Ghostbusters was better

  • Chaosvexus
    Chaosvexus Hour ago

    funfacto it was originally by the book of the game but their people decided to screw it over midway through near the deadline so BLAME THEIR COHORTS

  • ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime

    This Movie was better then the third one but not as good as the first 2

  • Vallis Gan
    Vallis Gan Hour ago

    Stfu the fire in the cup is real

  • matt crosson
    matt crosson Hour ago

    Fuck this guy

  • Ant King
    Ant King Hour ago

    It’s actually pronounced hovering not flying

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun Hour ago

    Lets talk about the plan Talks about every single event that happened in the movie Palpatine wanted the Jedi to get together with the clones and fight droids. Thats it, how that occurred he surely gave no shits about

  • hyper shadic 95
    hyper shadic 95 Hour ago

    I wonder what movie will break the sin counter again 😂😂😂 because fate of the furious dit it the first time 😂😂

  • Shura Valentine
    Shura Valentine Hour ago

    the others wolf got the ring of hircine so they can transform whenever they wanted. during the entire crap that's happening i'm hoping the winchester family would come down and whoop their ass.

  • Creepy Stares
    Creepy Stares Hour ago

    Potential: completely wasted

  • Macy Butler
    Macy Butler Hour ago

    CinemaSins is the reason I’m gay for Anna Kendrick😂😂

  • StoneFoot 2019
    StoneFoot 2019 Hour ago

    ISS do stuff too. Stuff that Shouldn’t Be done if in space. Play with water bubbles . Cut hair. Ridiculous.

  • nightcoregamer10 Thao

    Hey do everthing wrong with turbo

  • Watcher Media
    Watcher Media Hour ago

    (At 5:05) That IS the Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel.

  • Gender fluid Pansexual

    Only 78? as a person who's read all the percy Jackson and all the heroes of Olympus books I thin it should have been 780 sins!

  • Amy Van Diest
    Amy Van Diest Hour ago

    This film actually made my Dad cry. I don’t remember him crying for a film maybe except Christmas Shoes. The end of Shriek appreciating his life with his family really got to him.

  • survival gear tips and tricks

    So first you have no clue what your talking about General Gervais is an alien who the sith turned him into a robot, palpatine needed a scary monster to spread fear so general Gervais was made Then the reason for droids against jedi is the force can only focus an a few different targets unless there extremely powerful so tons of droids will win. Then the reason everything works for R2 is because his little thing is like a lock pick

  • Robyn Weldon
    Robyn Weldon Hour ago

    I really thought that everyone knew it was Carolyn

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    cinemasins before: actually pointed the flaws cinemasins today: hahahahah fuck this movie hahahahaha

  • Mike's Collectible Madness

    Amazing video and amazing channel and amazing job friend 😀😎❤👍🔥

  • Jorge Noel
    Jorge Noel Hour ago

    He moves a bolder and replaces with a alien skull

  • toni shaul
    toni shaul Hour ago

    You are too funny. I dig your comments

  • E.J. V'Kanty
    E.J. V'Kanty Hour ago

    I would have given a sin for the part where Regan is about to coldcock Karras and Merrin just stands there watching. LMAO!

  • dat boi
    dat boi Hour ago

    They should make the Meg 2:back from the depths or something

  • JustinEvitable80

    67. Steve notices neighbors packing up and hears a helicopter overhead before he sees a giant UFO blocking part of the sunrise. 68. Steve knocks out an alien that is wearing a protective suit with just one punch.

  • King Ragnar
    King Ragnar Hour ago

    The one movie I won't watch with the lights off

  • OranDrite
    OranDrite Hour ago

    I was gonna call BS on this movie because TF5 said bumblebee was fighting for us in WW2.... then i remembered i lost any real interest after 3....

  • Jackman
    Jackman Hour ago

    6:17 so jailbreak? i thought it was a game on roblox that is played like fortnite

  • Ryo
    Ryo Hour ago

    Says "now we know the truth behind those MAGA rallys" Actually means "now we know the truth behind those Antifa protesters"

  • sluggliano2000
    sluggliano2000 Hour ago

    It's a movie people! Relax!

  • Dergun
    Dergun Hour ago

    THANK GOD this movie wasn't made in late 2019. Old Town Road would be all up in that shit

  • ollie gun
    ollie gun Hour ago


  • ScarlettM
    ScarlettM Hour ago

    5:46 - You just insulted 62+ million of your countrymen and made yourself look foolish, uninformed and prejudicial. Way to go!

  • Alan Ruiz
    Alan Ruiz Hour ago

    Back to the future let's go

  • Lorenzo Falachi
    Lorenzo Falachi Hour ago

    Great everything wrong !!!

  • MsSaraKirkpatrick

    🍪 for you.

  • Gojira
    Gojira Hour ago

    The manga of this movie was so much more disturbing

  • I Unbox And You Watch

    I have a sin for you this video is five-years-old showing up in my recommended

  • Reddog5546
    Reddog5546 Hour ago

    I have to say I loved this movie when it first came out. I recently just read the book and the choices they take in the film are just confusing. Like the whole fight scene at the end makes no sense, and the character of Alice is just dull.

  • K B
    K B Hour ago

    "In earthquake minutes"

  • Slightly Irish
    Slightly Irish Hour ago

    Hal 9000 reference nice

  • DigitalIP
    DigitalIP Hour ago

    Yeah I liked this movie also, its decent

  • Sebastian Flores

    You talk to much

  • Piper The Baguette

    I think I had a sarcasm once *stares intensely at camera*

  • Crunch Steak_09
    Crunch Steak_09 Hour ago

    Movie sin tally: 121 literally everyone: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

  • Chase Pattison
    Chase Pattison Hour ago

    14:57 His mustache.... It’s batman.........

  • Ryan Muller
    Ryan Muller Hour ago

    Charlie's Head: Aight, imma head out

  • HeyoAbacus
    HeyoAbacus Hour ago

    I really hate this movie

  • enriqjo42
    enriqjo42 Hour ago

    Screw you

  • IcyStar 13
    IcyStar 13 Hour ago

    6:13 How is Arlo's tail staying on the edge? Nothing's holding it down and certainly his body weight would pull it down.

  • Jackman
    Jackman Hour ago

    2:34 that guy looks like the coach from the gold bergs

  • 2ND- Revolution
    2ND- Revolution Hour ago

    Unicron floating through space. *Why has this asshole not won yet!?*

  • Jackman
    Jackman Hour ago

    i love you for remiding me of this movie i forgot about it until i saw this and thats also how i started watching you.

  • Death
    Death Hour ago

    3:18 cause he is the n word lol

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright Hour ago

    How do you know what was wrong with Forrest Gump Gump you didn't make the movie and you probably aren't old enough to see them would have seen the movie so stop it keep taking these great works of art an endpoint now what's wrong with them that's dumb

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz Hour ago

    Is it Dekkam or Dekkom?

  • Jess Art
    Jess Art Hour ago


  • 3Gun Show
    3Gun Show Hour ago

    Why did y'all have to re-upload the video?

  • Karissa Stenlund

    Whenever I watch home alone 1&2 I think of the good son. I just guess Macaulay Caulkin likes playing psycho children.

  • EggzBenedict 367
    EggzBenedict 367 2 hours ago

    Is this the video with the most Sins??

  • Lasagna in the house

    How dare you!!!

  • Itsmesc 123
    Itsmesc 123 2 hours ago


  • Kevin Cifuentes
    Kevin Cifuentes 2 hours ago

    I really really really wanted this franchise to be great. Darnit

  • wolf momma21
    wolf momma21 2 hours ago

    "Don't make me shoot a woman." "That's racist." Me: nope, that's sexist.