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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • R4- P17
    R4- P17 20 hours ago

    I think the point about Elysium is that the rich people are clueless cos they live in a eutopia where nobody gets sick that's why they've got no real defence system and when one of the bad guys throws a grenade into their control room theyre all so naive they don't realise what it is.

  • EPS-Nitro
    EPS-Nitro 20 hours ago

    The whole "how can they judge if they're not using ammo sin is misunderstood" they were using live ammo and shooting at cans behind eachother

  • Phoenix Havoc
    Phoenix Havoc 20 hours ago

    How many sins for this saying all the victims of those Witch Hunts were actually evil.

  • ProunceCat
    ProunceCat 20 hours ago

    It’s just a movie to entertain kids jeez

  • Logan X
    Logan X 20 hours ago

    Cinema Sins: So clearly Madison doesn’t have a nut allergy. Me: Ha

  • UNK 83
    UNK 83 20 hours ago

    Bikes are pretty common in large factories you dipshits. But yeah this movie sucks balls.

  • raxp
    raxp 20 hours ago

    Also: Russian defense minister (that is under sanctions and not permitted to visit the US in real world AFAIK) not only get the nuclear weapons codes to another country, but got it straight into the US? What did he gonna do with it in the US? Show Kuzka's Mother to the Americans in person? And they even allowed to use weapons on a regular NY streets? I understand that this is all for the plot, but damn, what a parallel universe where screenwriters live...

  • TheMadMan
    TheMadMan 20 hours ago

    13:25 funniest thing to come out the whole cinema sins channel XD

  • Michael LAFLORE
    Michael LAFLORE 20 hours ago

    Superboy was a continuance of Superman, the Salkands put it on after failure of Superman 3 and Supergirl

  • BombBunny
    BombBunny 20 hours ago

    11:05, possibly the best shout out even in a sins video

  • Eduardo Goncalves
    Eduardo Goncalves 20 hours ago

    I went to watch this film in the cinema lucky for me it was a free ticket, this movie was wack and a struggle to watch till the end, the only part that was decent was the doppelganger part aside from that the film was a huge miss .

  • Sailor98
    Sailor98 20 hours ago

    Everything wrong with CinemaSins. Dead Man's Chest is a masterpiece.

  • _M4I4 - R0Z3_
    _M4I4 - R0Z3_ 20 hours ago

    I love this movie😂

  • Braden Sorensen
    Braden Sorensen 20 hours ago

    191² = THIRTY-six thousand, four-hundred and eighty-one.

  • M4levolence
    M4levolence 20 hours ago

    wish he said Whats an Opie? CinemaSins: thats a good question!

  • Michelle Fulk
    Michelle Fulk 20 hours ago


  • Cameron Rivard
    Cameron Rivard 20 hours ago

    You sound sick

  • Jayku super dragonball

    its a cartoon

  • iGamerPro YT
    iGamerPro YT 20 hours ago

    Why bother adding more sins after the 1,000,000,000 sins mark? An extra sin at that point is like nothing. *DING!*

  • Kristopher Tower
    Kristopher Tower 20 hours ago

    i really wanted to like this movie......and i pretty much did like it........but i think theyre running out of ways to tell the same story

  • Rochelle Chambers
    Rochelle Chambers 20 hours ago

    Dudes will ask if you smashed the girl . We didn’t smash . It was funny when the roommate saw I was still there.

  • Marlene Bellic
    Marlene Bellic 20 hours ago

    This movie is way too good to be in cinemasins. Not many people understand what this whole movie is about.

  • LITO Grande
    LITO Grande 20 hours ago

    I take it back b**ch

  • Mazimi
    Mazimi 20 hours ago

    I didn't even know they made a 2nd Zombieland movie and at first I thought this was a reupload...

  • LITO Grande
    LITO Grande 20 hours ago

    Sry IM too harsh

  • LITO Grande
    LITO Grande 20 hours ago

    In dark fate Therese DA rev9 it can split into 2 little sh*t

  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath 20 hours ago

    Was that Lionel Richy giving the skateboard to him in the rain?

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 20 hours ago

    Jessie is playing Lex's son

  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath 20 hours ago

    Considering he is learning kung fu not karate and they're literally from diff parts of the world lol

  • LITO Grande
    LITO Grande 20 hours ago

    Actually its not the T800 its the T85 b**ch

  • MyMagnificentOctopus
    MyMagnificentOctopus 20 hours ago

    What is ti with the Dragon's Lair nostalgia? I remember when it was new, we all played it about 3 times said "yeah, looks great, game sucks" and went back to Joust or some other game. Why is it suddenly so compelling in retrospect? Are there really people who sank the net worth of a central Americans country in quarters into it to figure out how to win? If so, wow...

  • Cmonsta117
    Cmonsta117 20 hours ago

    so apart from the fact that they did give a reason for the outbreak in the first movie, they did give another in the after credits scene of the second. link here

  • Beefheart Vandercrease

    0:49 not going to sin the fact that a statue has an *easily removable and super convenient* sword? OK.

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 21 hour ago

    The Wearhouse scene 🤘🦇🤘

  • Amy Wildstyle
    Amy Wildstyle 21 hour ago

    I remember watching this with my dad, but this is also the first time I said "roll credits" in front of him He loved it

  • Nickolas Dies
    Nickolas Dies 21 hour ago

    I wanna meet the cinema sins guy

  • ZeDumGamerGuy
    ZeDumGamerGuy 21 hour ago

    Nothing is wrong with this movie. Take all those sins away and leave pixar to their I murdering

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 21 hour ago


  • Sans B4
    Sans B4 21 hour ago

    You’ve crossed the line now

  • ZeDumGamerGuy
    ZeDumGamerGuy 21 hour ago

    Can you do everything wrong with the maze runner movie Oh wait EVERYTHING is wrong with it

  • Toretto SenPai
    Toretto SenPai 21 hour ago

    Yeah you guys should know that's the dead pool movie f..... :3)))

  • Christy Sara
    Christy Sara 21 hour ago

    Sin no 18 is so fucking JUSTIFIED!!!!

  • fatcat Pickens
    fatcat Pickens 21 hour ago

    Twinikie mins

  • Dammn Deejay
    Dammn Deejay 21 hour ago

    *Hamster!* 😆

  • YoshiHunt
    YoshiHunt 21 hour ago

    No joke. When this movie came out I got so bored and left.

  • TheRiddler347
    TheRiddler347 21 hour ago

    Idiot who sins medical facts about how people die has no idea how people die from wounds.

  • Brandon Prater
    Brandon Prater 21 hour ago

    This action flick has been Hoover Damned.

  • Bow Bow Bow Bow
    Bow Bow Bow Bow 21 hour ago

    Calling Nightwing a discount Robin is like calling Clark Kent a discount Superman

  • Naznin Sultana Shima

    Most DISGUSTING CGI ever! vs. Most BRUTAL fight scenes ever!

  • RonnyDonny13
    RonnyDonny13 21 hour ago

    You do know racism against white people isn't a thing right?

  • the one and only Orecon

    I think that this was an amazing movie, extremely hilarious and action packed!

  • Moviebuff Shatto
    Moviebuff Shatto 21 hour ago

    Hotel Transylvania 2 is one of those Disney Direct to Video Sequels that has 3 Main Storylines that Don’t Go Anywhere. Seriously so much stuff happens in this movie. The Plot about Mavis wanting to move out of the Hotel, Dracula Wanting to Turn Dennis Into a Vampire, and after that Plot Line seems to be over we have Dracula’s Father Thrown into the Mix and the weird Man Bat Vampire in the last 25 Minutes. What I’m saying is this Movie has way too much stuff in it

  • ThisKnightSays Ni
    ThisKnightSays Ni 21 hour ago

    By pure coincidence, as you were talking about 11:11 it was 11:11. Slim chances.

  • THEdjpluto
    THEdjpluto 21 hour ago

    Everything wrong with Doctor Sleep!

  • Shubham Shaswat
    Shubham Shaswat 21 hour ago

    Everything wrong with the coronavirus

  • Don't Mind Me
    Don't Mind Me 21 hour ago

    8:31 *dumb just dumb lol

  • Ethan has been found

    Don't forget to add a few 100 sins for the non moving pictures

  • Don't Mind Me
    Don't Mind Me 21 hour ago

    5:31 I a non blonde no female who never cared doesnt know why they call it that either 😂 still don't and won't Google it lol But I know what it looks like.

  • Don't Mind Me
    Don't Mind Me 21 hour ago

    3:27 military zombie they are all over 😂 a dead zombie pastor counts too. We don't speak zombie but don't be zombieist SIN

  • Finnegan Kane
    Finnegan Kane 21 hour ago

    did... did you really just sin a stan lee cameo? *ding* [Edit] TWO SINS?!

  • Jack Evans - Dobson
    Jack Evans - Dobson 21 hour ago

    Sometimes I have to remember that CinemaSins confirmed they are just assholes, having fun ripping on film. Many good points but sooo many bad sins.

  • StriderGaming
    StriderGaming 21 hour ago

    Now I’m just thinking but, wouldn’t zombies just decomposed after a while

  • Kah Keat Marcus Chua

    this is year 2020, I have watched this movie for 30+ and the number will go on

    ORGANIC_LECHE 21 hour ago

    Please do Big Fat Liar next. I’m watching this movie Rn and it needs to be SINNNNED. Especially the beginning.

  • fallout dude
    fallout dude 22 hours ago

    A 1000 sins for using the Ghostbusters marketing. It always works out so well when a studio knows their movies trash yet tries to call the fan base that's supported the franchise sexist

  • dan
    dan 22 hours ago

    13:24 she had sex with Columbus earlier, so clearly Madison doesn't have a nut allergy XD

  • David Ho
    David Ho 22 hours ago

    I CANNOT SEE SH*T Instant laugh for me. Thank you

  • quic grid
    quic grid 22 hours ago

    You forgot a sin. 9:13, there were upside down crosses on the door. Where nuns are. C'mon!

  • Brandon Carmona
    Brandon Carmona 22 hours ago

    7:30 She said no more than 3 fingers. Carnivores on that ship with 2 or 3 fingers: T. rex Juvenile Allosaurus Baryonyx They went with T. rex :/?

  • Mitchell Trigg
    Mitchell Trigg 22 hours ago

    Who else thinks that sin cinema should just die

  • DutchViking 6949
    DutchViking 6949 22 hours ago

    So, Garmadon attacked Ninjago several times and they never thought of using nuclear weapons and all to destroy him? I know this is a kids movie but still. The people should defend themselves better like the Christians did against the Vikings

  • SkullySVK
    SkullySVK 22 hours ago

    I work at car factory and maintenance guys really travel on bikes through halls since it's a pretty big place Also, the augmented girl has a really good senses so she probably heard the truck coming behind the wall in high speed, expecting the car smash through it

  • CL4KFL
    CL4KFL 22 hours ago

    This one is painful to being so bad at pointing out “sin” that are actually not. Some of these “sins” were actually explained properly in the why the owner of the company hired the not really his choice.

  • Brandon Carmona
    Brandon Carmona 22 hours ago

    5:55 the sun shines on the ONE spot where the people are swimming :|

  • Jedi Knight Revan
    Jedi Knight Revan 22 hours ago

    While i was watching this movie it gave me depression... *I felt so sad i accidentally contemplated my life*

  • Ethan Argumaniz
    Ethan Argumaniz 22 hours ago

    When I first watched this movie I though Madison and Berkeley were gonna be the “new stronger zombies” because they were good at attracting unsuspecting, lonely survivors and I was like “oh that’s smart!” But then they didn’t do that for some reason and just made them actual characters

  • Beefheart Vandercrease

    Jesus, Linda Hamilton looks like an old man's ballsack. I guess that's a sin on me for now picturing that - _ding_

  • DutchViking 6949
    DutchViking 6949 22 hours ago

    13:49 not really godzilla breath. More like Thors hammer effects

  • antipathy17
    antipathy17 22 hours ago

    "Not only is this seven year old...." had me dying.

  • Никола Кръстев

    I like that Lost reference you snuck in there

    JiKiFREAK KAERFiKiJ 22 hours ago

    Riiiiight like gas would even be usable after that many years 🙄

  • Felix
    Felix 22 hours ago

    In forest at the beginin are trees... sin Studio logo... sin A car with four wheels ... hmmm....sin XD

  • alwa
    alwa 22 hours ago

    Well it's really clear you didn't read the books, but yea some things are kinda weird

  • Dildo Faggins
    Dildo Faggins 22 hours ago

    All movie prostitutes should be bathed in penis confusing blood to be honest

  • DutchViking 6949
    DutchViking 6949 22 hours ago

    Why is she not dead yet? I know she’s well trainend and all but come on. Modern weapons against half-naked women

  • IoEstasCedonta
    IoEstasCedonta 22 hours ago

    Make Gruber a venture capitalist and you've got a Hallmark movie.

  • Michael Dee Andrew
    Michael Dee Andrew 22 hours ago

    The plot makes no sense. A Mexican really?!

  • Naman Dhankhar
    Naman Dhankhar 22 hours ago

    I can justify literally all of them! Wanna fight!!

  • The Afton family
    The Afton family 22 hours ago

    12:03 NINJAGO!

  • DutchViking 6949
    DutchViking 6949 22 hours ago

    So, who is a better archer? Legolas or those Amazon archers? I think Legolas because we saw him killing orcs sliding a orc shield but everyone may share his or her opinion

  • DutchViking 6949
    DutchViking 6949 22 hours ago

    I know this is not eww WW1, but i think it’s kinda weird that WW1 lasted 4 years and took more lives than WW2 in 5 years including Jewish persecution

  • oyze
    oyze 22 hours ago

    I did it, solved time travel 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 20 hours ago

      But...he didn't. He neither invented the time machine, which is the quantum tunnel, nor did he come up with the idea of using the quantum tunnel as a time machine. Nor did he discover or have any idea that there were time vortexes within the quantum realm. Nor did he prove it was possible to go backwards through time. Nor did he invent the means or discover a source of energy for shrinking objects into the quantum realm. However Tony is a self aware narcissist and sarcast, who uses narcissism to hide the fact that he is a humanitarian deep down. Unfortunately for Tony sarcasm goes over the heads of the many morons who infest this site. 🤣

  • Anthony Brice
    Anthony Brice 22 hours ago

    I haven’t seen this movie, but after watching this Cinema Sins video, I know that I don’t want to. The first movie was great and the sequel ended up shitting all over it!

  • Gunnar Karotte
    Gunnar Karotte 22 hours ago

    To be honest, this movie series got stale some time ago. I remember my girlfriend wanted to see it and I thought it was just boring, and not funny anymore. Jack just isn't fun if you saw him to the same stuff that is supposed to be funny the 200th time.

  • Gigas Law
    Gigas Law 22 hours ago

    This channel just keeps getting worse. Half the shit you sinned for be wrong or unexplained, are actually right and explained in the first movie. Do you actually WATCH the movies or do you just look at the trailers and go from that?

  • Marcus Henry
    Marcus Henry 22 hours ago

    Adding a sin for cinemasins not pointing out the this hole movie was feminist propaganda "Ding"

  • Juan Mena
    Juan Mena 22 hours ago

    The title of the movie was right: *The Last* _Airbender_

  • Ponchoandy
    Ponchoandy 22 hours ago

    Black Dahlia Murder isn't a murderer you dumbass. It's a band.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

    *Why you can't go back in time to when Thanos has the stones and... 🙄 ... take them from him.* Infinity stones divide all existence into 6 singularities. To control all 6 is to control all of existence. It's not a magic lantern, a genie in a bottle, or a gun or bomb. 😂 With the power stone - you are omnipotent. -> all powerful With the space stone - you are omnipresent. -> anywhere and everywhere all at once. With the mind stone - you are omniscient. -> all knowing With the time stone - you are eternal. -> everlasting With the soul stone - you are immortal. -> undying With the reality stone - you are omni mystical. -> you control the laws of the universe/magic/reality is whatever you want it to be.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      All of which leads to... You can't take the sones from Thanos by traveling to an alternate reality in the past to take them from him. He would see you are coming, before you get there, and know what you are planning before you do, in fact he has already stopped you before you have begun. 😂 Finally if you understand how narratives work -> *This is why Thanos essentially allows himself to be killed, and atomizes the stones, to begin with.* Thanos dying is consistent with what he believes, but defeating him when he has all the stones is absolutely impossible according to the logic of the story. Infinity War is really a story where Thanos wins. EndGame is actually less about avenging a defeat, and more about accepting defeat, then finding purpose not by giving up, but by reinventing yourself in the wake of defeat.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      Follow the logic of how the stones work. {many CinemaSins subscribers lack the attention span needed to follow a story - which is one of the attractions of this lazy-minded site} When Thanos snaps - he permanently damages his body. When he uses the time stone - he easily reverses the damage done by Stormbreaker - but *not* the damage done by the infinity Gauntlet. Such damage is *everlasting* (time stone) and *all powerful* (power stone), and cannot be undone, even by magicial means (reality stone).

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      So put the above two events together: When Thor throws Stormbreaker thru Thanos heart, not only does he not die - but with the time stone he reverses time for the axe just long enough to undo the damage, right before he portals away - leaving the axe on the ground. Thor would never have defeated Thanos. Even the ask, to "Go for the Head" [which many of you also do not get] comes *from Thanos* - and helps Thanos to complete his mission in Endgame, just as he literally foresaw - with the time stone. Thor dutifully takes the bait in EndGame, and this is also the moment where he realizes that his was *not* victory, but rather, total defeat.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      Example from Dr. Strange - Dormamu kills Strange . but Strange loops himself in time. (people still make the mistake of thinking he loops Dormamu directly - he doesn't - he loops himself) So when Strange dies - he resets - making him almost impossible to kill - and that is with only 1 stone.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      Examples: You see Gamora kill Thanos on Knowhere - but this is useless as Thanos controls reality and killing him in his pocket reality means nothing when he can causally step thru from another reality. Thanos traverses realities as easily as the Guardians traverse space.

  • memesbycats by NFG
    memesbycats by NFG 22 hours ago

    Everything wrong with you