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YOU is a weird show...
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Riverdale: The Musical
Views 511KMonth ago
Batwoman is a weird show...
Views 1.2M2 months ago
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Views 4.9M4 months ago
True Blood was kinda dumb...
Views 825K4 months ago
iZombie was a weird show...
Views 1.4M4 months ago
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Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Views 3.8M11 months ago
3 years on Youtube
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Glee is pretty dumb...
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My Japan Stories 2
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  • julia I
    julia I 10 minutes ago

    I see all of alex’s riverdale videos so i dont have to see the actual show lmao

  • Xpl0dingLee 2k
    Xpl0dingLee 2k 11 minutes ago

    "dAdDy" just got REAL.

  • Marquita Gleghorn
    Marquita Gleghorn 15 minutes ago

    If they did this I think they're going to camp Rock series or something camp Rock

  • BlueTNT88
    BlueTNT88 15 minutes ago

    this is why you should watch this movie 2:01. By the way when you press that thing press the space bar right after that

  • Cologero Gallo
    Cologero Gallo 17 minutes ago

    You should do a vid on spy kids my boy

  • Chloe The best
    Chloe The best 18 minutes ago

    i must of been a smart 12 year old bc i never thought that aria and ezra were a cc

  • billy worm
    billy worm 21 minute ago

    This show is what rich people think the hood is like

  • Ajani Reign's Life
    Ajani Reign's Life 26 minutes ago

    How this show is getting more seasons over Anne with an E is beyond me

  • Carina Powers
    Carina Powers 28 minutes ago


  • Fear LionMouse
    Fear LionMouse 31 minute ago

    When I was kid I never liked iCarly and Victorious but now I am an adult I still don't like them.

  • Casper M
    Casper M 34 minutes ago

    Betty's dad was bound die no hands whats he gonna do walk around with two hooks for hands

  • Raina Dorothy
    Raina Dorothy 35 minutes ago

    Okay I know this show is WAAAAAYYY off your usual shows. But you should watch Shameless. For the channel or just for fun. It's a good show

  • jayyTeęe s
    jayyTeęe s 40 minutes ago

    Mannn remember when Ariana Grande used to look like the rest of us?😂

  • Norma Funez
    Norma Funez 43 minutes ago

    So zombie from Disney

  • Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
    Xx•Gacha Queen•xX 43 minutes ago

    Okay Don’t judge me but for years I used to think her name was Annie 0-0

  • Animal Craze
    Animal Craze 57 minutes ago

    When you find out your childhood chocolate is evil. 😭 I never knew!

  • pkphantom
    pkphantom 57 minutes ago

    Batwoman is hot garbage. Don't waste your time lol

  • Aaliyah Brooks
    Aaliyah Brooks Hour ago

    Anne with an E is good Netflix needs to renew season 4.

  • CDR - Plushies
    CDR - Plushies Hour ago

    My brother 6:3 Jodie

  • Mia Clark
    Mia Clark Hour ago


  • Denny Orellana
    Denny Orellana Hour ago

    Do high school musical: the musical: the series 😂

  • Liv and gracie
    Liv and gracie Hour ago

    Alex: “Bella ends ups looking like this” *An add pops up with a guy on screen talking about cereal* Me: “wow I didn’t know Bella turns into a man that likes cereal”

  • Larissa Ferreira

    I watched one episode of this show and I hated it

  • vivi_ etc
    vivi_ etc Hour ago

    The worst parents ever lol

  • Angel AJ
    Angel AJ Hour ago

    *poor barb*

  • JigglyChocolateman

    Wait I don't watch Riverdale, what did her mom slide over to her on the table?

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh 14 minutes ago

      tbh i think the writers are just trying to make you make more videos

  • Heyoshii
    Heyoshii Hour ago

    Um um not to brag but I'm the tallest girl in my school And I'm 5'5 lol Friggin dwarfs

  • Laura G
    Laura G Hour ago

    What you said about Kevin is the main reason I stopped watching Riverdale I was so upset they changed his storyline I stopped watching also dogs anybody know the song at the end of the episode?

  • Queen of Cups
    Queen of Cups Hour ago

    I know it may sounds crazy, but I'm rooting for Joe. Beck was, you know, a whore, she wasn't a faithful bright woman, I don't mean she deserved it, but.. shit Penn's acting is on another level, that even Joe is doing terrible things, I'm still admiring him.

  • dylan carters
    dylan carters Hour ago

    Literally i believe this show is still going because the actors are really good looking

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh 14 minutes ago

      Would be pulling a Terminator or have something to do with space travel 🤣

  • ty dei
    ty dei Hour ago

    anyone else confused as to the connection between the previous show and this one?

  • Ginny weasley
    Ginny weasley Hour ago

    I have a theory that all of storylines and stuff that the counselors been saying our crap and that she secretly trying to convince them that they're evil and weird and gross so that she can destroy all of them cuz she is secretly God I'm just spitballing Riverdale plots

  • Amanda Fava
    Amanda Fava Hour ago


  • Dedlou
    Dedlou Hour ago

    Drake and Josh, yes please !

  • The Lazy Duck
    The Lazy Duck Hour ago

    Lol I hated Anne so much at first. I'm ok wit her now, but she can still be annoying. I love the show though it good. (Also Jerry is annoying to me, but just my opinion.)

  • Brittany Flower
    Brittany Flower Hour ago

    That guidance counselor episode was so annoying to me because suddenly everyone was willing to talk about all their problems. Especially Cheryl cuz she’s always like NO ONE CAN KNOW ANYTHING ABOHT ME EXCEPT TONY. And then talks to this stranger who works AT THEIR SCHOOL NOT EVEN A REAL CONSULAR and just tells her all her problems about Jason. Even tho she wouldn’t tell her own family aboht Jason like the hell?

  • trans teen
    trans teen Hour ago

    Oh man! I totally forgot that mash was a thing! I loved that show!!

  • MetalRocksMe \m/

    Don’t watch buffy the end is dire 🤦‍♂️

  • Tobi Babayemi
    Tobi Babayemi Hour ago

    I don’t think this movie is dumb but I think the end is dumb

  • MeckLords ÒwÓ
    MeckLords ÒwÓ 2 hours ago

    I finished the series with my family yesterday and... there was no season 4 and there will never be... that broke everyone's hearth

  • Totally Nameless
    Totally Nameless 2 hours ago

    Because when women say 'no' or 'leave' it really means 'yes' and 'I adore you and thirst for your peen'. FFS This sounds like it could be a profile of someone with a personality disorder.

  • Retarded Boy
    Retarded Boy 2 hours ago

    Riverdale - Season 51.5: It’s been five years since the apocalypse. Ever since JELLYBEAN has taken control of Riverdale, it’s in chaos. Jughead is stuck in a vortex in his mind and he is lost in his mind - supposedly - forever. Archie has began to fall in love with Veronica’s mother (Hemroids) but he can never confess. Betty has died, ever since Alice had ate her black wig after taking these special pills called Its a Holly Jolly Christmas, that is being manufactured by Jughead because now he serves Jellybean: The Savior of Mankind. But, Betty isn’t really dead. Her dead body was fake, and she is now hanging out with a group of alien mischiefs that saved her. They rob people and do some crime stuff. Veronica is missing for most of the season, presumably, she learned Archie’s dark truth and ran off. Archie’s dark truth is that Veronica’s dad is his biological dad as well. But, Veronica was one of the aliens all along and the plot twist at the end is revealing herself to Betty. And Betty learns that in their alien language, “Daddy” means “Fuck my life.” Which Betty responded with, “Makes sense.” Jellybean ends up falling off her tower, Jughead had pushed her off, but Jellybean landed on trash bags and ran away. Jughead kills himself from going crazy. Archie marries Hemroids but learns that she is also an alien and divorces her. The ending shows Jellybean staring at Jughead- who ended up living because through a special cult ritual, Cheryl, who was gone on a summer trip most of the season, gives him the “kiss of life” She sees him through a window as she plans her next move, and behind her, her good old friend Asshat (who is an old Serpent member) is with her.

  • Alexi Now
    Alexi Now 2 hours ago

    6:30 smash bros

  • Eden Nho
    Eden Nho 2 hours ago

    What kind of name is Nini? Sounds like one of those names that I used to give to the barbies I really hated when I was a kid.

  • Zinq X
    Zinq X 2 hours ago

    She says super hot older sister, I’m smelling some Alabama bulshit

  • Evan Faulkner
    Evan Faulkner 2 hours ago

    Wow, this movie is extremely relatable

  • Mew Twaila
    Mew Twaila 2 hours ago

    YES I LOVE ANNE WITH AN E!!!! I love the book Anne of green gables too ❤️❤️❤️

  • Yvonne Belizaire
    Yvonne Belizaire 2 hours ago


  • Chase XJ
    Chase XJ 2 hours ago

    Cannot believe that Cameron Kennedy was in this... holy moly...

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips 2 hours ago

    do the boy who cried werewolf

  • tess cummins
    tess cummins 2 hours ago

    You should check out sex education on Netflix it slaps

  • Maude Demouy-Girard
    Maude Demouy-Girard 2 hours ago

    Hey I saw a very weird movie of this story quite a long time ago... and oh boi... I mean at least Jace doesn’t look like he’s the anorexic male version of Kristen Stewarts 😅 Get some meat on yoself darling, cause you look like bone city (yes I’ll see myself out)

  • kshanjida
    kshanjida 2 hours ago

    I was really into the first couple of seasons but then at one point it felt like every character was taking a turn at being A and I had enough

  • minah Nazir
    minah Nazir 2 hours ago

    Riverdale reminds me of a story I would have wrote on google docs and shared with the entire third grade class.

  • TrinityW VlogsYT
    TrinityW VlogsYT 3 hours ago


  • Kyle Angeles
    Kyle Angeles 3 hours ago

    Yeah literally wtf are the writers thinking

  • dazzling _
    dazzling _ 3 hours ago

    You should seriously watch new show October faction. Is so messed up and teen supernatural. I would love to see your opinion on it.

  • Resurrection
    Resurrection 3 hours ago

    Shit that deaf girl actually lived in a fucking mansion..

  • ava07
    ava07 3 hours ago

    Do you even like Disney?????

  • ツCapriSuns
    ツCapriSuns 3 hours ago

    When they started the “I wulf you” bs, I was internally screaming in horror 💀

  • Swan A
    Swan A 3 hours ago

    I hate the actor’s’s like he has cotton stuffed in his throat

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 3 hours ago

    I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in someone (or some hero) who usues ouija boards

  • Lauren Augusta
    Lauren Augusta 3 hours ago

    How are people still making these videos? Lol

  • Baby Pocahontas
    Baby Pocahontas 3 hours ago

    Can you review the diary of a future president please 💕💗🥺

  • NanoFateEA
    NanoFateEA 3 hours ago

    Hello, it is I, Freddy Booper. I have read badly written fanfiction that makes more sense than this show.

  • vali stein
    vali stein 3 hours ago

    he needs to talk about day break or i will lose it

  • Elilove 2
    Elilove 2 3 hours ago

    Woah this series is so bizarre 😳😂

  • julieta ferreyra
    julieta ferreyra 3 hours ago


  • Buried Hatchet Productions

    1:28 wittle baby awex "Twial"

  • Karolina Torres
    Karolina Torres 3 hours ago

    Loved Mimi as well haha

  • Vivian Hilburn
    Vivian Hilburn 3 hours ago

    No, really???

  • Mya Moran
    Mya Moran 3 hours ago

    Omg have you never read anne of green gables? Its like the coveted Canadian Pastoral book/tv show...Anne is amazing and she was a superhero for us! This show is a masterpiece!

  • Lilianna B
    Lilianna B 4 hours ago

    anyone notice how if someone asks what you’re watching, reply “I’m watching YOU” is basically the name and plot of the show

  • Bic Mitchum
    Bic Mitchum 4 hours ago

    People like it because it's good

    RIP GHOST 4 hours ago

    Me watching you: great show After watching this review: shit that’s creepy

  • Human Being
    Human Being 4 hours ago

    Girl meets world is better in my opinion

  • hi i’m caimbre
    hi i’m caimbre 4 hours ago

    this show is lowkey interesting lmfaooo

  • cinema king
    cinema king 4 hours ago

    I'll never watch this show for a few reasons 1. I'm not open to the LGBTQ community 2. I'm not into the cw superhero shows And 3. It just looks horrible But I thought this review was great

  • Katy Nelson
    Katy Nelson 4 hours ago

    You should make a video about warm bodies it's a romance between a zombie and a human

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB 4 hours ago


  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 4 hours ago

    Would be pulling a Terminator or have something to do with space travel 🤣

  • puddinportals
    puddinportals 4 hours ago

    tbh i think the writers are just trying to make you make more videos

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 4 hours ago

    How about a video about Bates motel.

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB 4 hours ago


  • Marcus
    Marcus 4 hours ago

    6'1 is literally nothing... Oop sorry 6'1 and a half. I completely withdraw my statement.

  • Drew C
    Drew C 4 hours ago

    Omg I'm cracking up at the brooding Edward 🤣🤣

  • Sarah Winzer
    Sarah Winzer 4 hours ago

    Do you not know that this show is based on the book Anne of Green Gables

  • Laolu Bakre
    Laolu Bakre 4 hours ago

    Reminds me of hetty feather

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley 4 hours ago

    Like the way you kept true to yourself!!

  • bill jenkins
    bill jenkins 4 hours ago

    Everything is weird on the WB

  • Craig Bees
    Craig Bees 4 hours ago

    Why are you wired?

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang 4 hours ago

    you know descendants sounds a lot worse when you put it in this video format....

  • nickel minaj
    nickel minaj 4 hours ago

    River dale is a good show it’s just the writing

  • Olivya Healy
    Olivya Healy 4 hours ago

    I like riverdale bc it has a good story idc how cringey the writing is. I started watching it because I wanted to make fun of it but it is actually interesting. (sidenote: pls don't reply to this comment i just wanted to throw my opinion out there I genuinely don't care what you have to say)

  • Karekin Sarajian
    Karekin Sarajian 4 hours ago

    watching this as there is 1 episode left for Arrow and God was it so simple back then.

  • GotSold ForRP
    GotSold ForRP 5 hours ago

    always thought that stella was a discount zendaya

    AMINAH CHIN-EDWARDS 5 hours ago

    In my head I said this guys is going to say “I’m ur uncle”

  • Brenden Bennefield
    Brenden Bennefield 5 hours ago

    Kinda right or she has values

  • Oliviaplayspokemon
    Oliviaplayspokemon 5 hours ago

    i remember reading the book lke a million years ago and being forever scarred to dye my hair as a ginger because her hair turned green still won't dye it

  • Peter Markstone
    Peter Markstone 5 hours ago

    6:13 to a Witcher