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  • people1st
    people1st 3 hours ago

    You gotta love Steve!!!

  • klompsauce
    klompsauce 3 hours ago

    He was in Detroit many years after the 2009 finals

  • Dylan Counts
    Dylan Counts 3 hours ago

    Still not better than Braden Holtbys “The Save”

  • TheCoolwhipped
    TheCoolwhipped 3 hours ago

    Maybe it's the fact that you've got 2 pylons in Lucic and Rinaldo taking up valuable ice time? Idk, maybe start there.

  • Astro Clan
    Astro Clan 4 hours ago


  • SMA2343
    SMA2343 4 hours ago

    Tukka and Fluery, got damn. I wouldn't be suprised if one of them won the Veznia

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes 4 hours ago

    Was the Canucks power play good or were the Preds ass short-handed? 🤔

  • Ein stein
    Ein stein 4 hours ago

    Fleury's save got Babcock fired LOL

  • Dank The Tank -
    Dank The Tank - 4 hours ago

    He didnt leave till 5 years after that. My god leafsnet is dumb sometimes lol

  • Iriz
    Iriz 4 hours ago

    Wtf is this post? Y'all good over there in Canada?

  • tabletopchef
    tabletopchef 4 hours ago

    Mr. Dubas. Your opening comment on developing the players. The NHL is not a development league. If you felt your core group needs further development, you simply do not pay the amount of money you paid your 20-21 year olds. That’s on you.

  • Frero
    Frero 4 hours ago

    3:42 big L lmao Nice Try

  • Keith P
    Keith P 4 hours ago

    3 games it way to much

  • Joshua Fisette
    Joshua Fisette 4 hours ago

    Babcock didn’t leave Detroit until 2015

  • Nolan Hughes
    Nolan Hughes 4 hours ago

    Can the nhl hop off

  • Michael Rojas
    Michael Rojas 4 hours ago

    I thought that was going to be a goal and then Rask does this! Gotta love the Bruins. 😊

  • aryu sure
    aryu sure 4 hours ago

    Each night I check the score of the Flames I see a "0" next to the name Calgay. It's more than a problem. It's pathetic!

  • Tom Wilson Eats Urinal Cakes

    Still not as bad as Jack Efwards!

  • Broccoli Farmer
    Broccoli Farmer 4 hours ago

    Olympic Diver Fluery was my favorite

  • Andrew George
    Andrew George 4 hours ago

    Need more of this in the NHL

  • PeteOnFire
    PeteOnFire 4 hours ago

    I think this video is sponsored by vodka because Petan started drinking after such a save.

  • One30pdx
    One30pdx 4 hours ago

    Dumb Captain taking a stupid penalty for his team. Did you not listen in pee-wee hockey when your coach told you that most refs don't see the intial incident, they only see the retaliation? Guess not...

  • Bestkiller369
    Bestkiller369 4 hours ago

    Fans be cheering “black hawks SUCK”

  • xJuiCYxxJaYx
    xJuiCYxxJaYx 4 hours ago

    hate this gossip show but man gotta love flower RKO

  • RSh s
    RSh s 4 hours ago

    I think I pulled my groin just watching this

  • One30pdx
    One30pdx 4 hours ago

    Marchand! GG my dude xD

  • boe rhae
    boe rhae 4 hours ago

    please ignore this comment

  • Dylan Counts
    Dylan Counts 4 hours ago

    Still not better than Braden Holtbys “The Save”

  • Jake Marskell
    Jake Marskell 4 hours ago

    I wonder how theyre gonna pay Rielly?

  • Bestkiller369
    Bestkiller369 4 hours ago

    When Boston fans cry when the bruins don’t get a penalty even though the team always plays aggressively

  • people1st
    people1st 4 hours ago

    Holy cow Dubas knows NNNNNNOOOOTTTTTTHHHHHHIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG abour hockey!!! "Rough and tumble way of doing things"?!?!?!? This is how my great aunt would describe hockey to her bidge club members.

  • maniak '
    maniak ' 4 hours ago


  • Mike S
    Mike S 4 hours ago

    Reading on the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Flyers are talking about getting Johnny No-show.

  • Nick Faulkner
    Nick Faulkner 4 hours ago

    Fleury’s smile afterward makes it so much better 😂

    • Khem Tech
      Khem Tech 4 hours ago

      this isnt a smiling contest bra.. Rask save was much harder on a much quicker shot in point blank

      DALE GORDON 4 hours ago

      Nick Faulkner wat... HOW DO WE HAVE THE SAME PROFILE PIC?

  • One30pdx
    One30pdx 4 hours ago

    Punk boy wilson needs to fight someone elses fight. Smart on marchand to fall hopeing to draw a penalty. Cry all you want haters :D

  • ▶Tarnished ⚔
    ▶Tarnished ⚔ 4 hours ago

    Hanifin is not at all the problem. It's really not the defence. You really haven't watched the flames play a ton if that's what you think.


    I think they’re just playing to run Peters out of town

  • Manfred Buchholz
    Manfred Buchholz 4 hours ago


  • matt thom
    matt thom 4 hours ago

    2:43 thats a dang it

  • Tariq Ginkinger
    Tariq Ginkinger 4 hours ago

    Wonder what they sound like during the playoffs 😂

  • DAJ Mayn
    DAJ Mayn 4 hours ago

    Destruction by avalanche has made them realize they are not a top team.. and its reflected this season

  • Stephen Pruszenski
    Stephen Pruszenski 4 hours ago

    Fleury was underappreciated here in Pittsburgh; I saw his expertise and fantastic saves on a regular basis. Probably the best glove hand I ever saw.

  • JRP 90
    JRP 90 4 hours ago

    Remember when gaudreau said talbot and Lucic were missing parts from their Stanley cup😂😂

    • Mike S
      Mike S 4 hours ago

      Well, he was right about the missing part.

  • Tariq Ginkinger
    Tariq Ginkinger 4 hours ago

    You’ve uploaded this video at least 3 times

  • 31HockeyDude
    31HockeyDude 4 hours ago

    What this team has in common with the past two coaching changes is the same core. Gaudreau, Monahan, Giordano, Brodie. I can't point out who the problem is but I think thsi season so far Gaudreau has been a major problem.

    • jason coladonato
      jason coladonato 4 hours ago

      so trade Johnny hockey then right? lol

    • Mike S
      Mike S 4 hours ago

      Should take some of that money away he’s making this season because he sure isn’t living up to it so far.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 4 hours ago

    It's the same team as last season just added a few pylons.

  • Paulafan5
    Paulafan5 4 hours ago

    Those two should have been fired, not Mike. It's a poorly constructed team, much like the Oilers from 5 years ago. Some young offensive talents and no defense. In today's NHL if you can't break out of your own zone you can't win. The players deserve blame too for quitting on Babcock. Yes, they aren't talented enough (defensively) but their effort wasn't their either.

  • magicmatt1171
    magicmatt1171 4 hours ago

    I’m a stars homer and I placed a $500 bet on Dallas to skate the cup when they were 1-7-1 they were a +4000. Bets looking decent now. Still a long ways to go

  • The wild trio
    The wild trio 4 hours ago

    No way your insane jarvis

  • Lil Crazy gamer
    Lil Crazy gamer 4 hours ago


  • Legos for Life
    Legos for Life 4 hours ago

    1 word to describe this WOW

  • Yescalante1234
    Yescalante1234 4 hours ago

    Save of the Year!!!!!! Flower 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • casi finky
    casi finky 4 hours ago

    Have to buy "Rogers" now ...

  • Real Wolf
    Real Wolf 4 hours ago


  • Alberta Cookie
    Alberta Cookie 4 hours ago

    Finally they won

  • MineCraftDadnSon
    MineCraftDadnSon 4 hours ago

    Was a massive save

  • Emily An
    Emily An 4 hours ago

    Maybe he heard about the opening on Coach's Corner

  • GybonBL
    GybonBL 4 hours ago

    Sportsnet can't afford an actual sofa???.lol Bag + 2 sofa pillows as arm rest (which obviously are not from that particular sofa like thing) Poor Steve, hope he didn't get a sore neck/back while filming this.

  • Sam
    Sam 5 hours ago

    Calder is his to lose

  • Douglas Thompson
    Douglas Thompson 5 hours ago

    Mike was an outstanding coach....the players and Dubas is to blame. Age and experience plays into this also. People today are far different than they were in the past. Overpaid and under worked....just my thoughts.

  • David
    David 5 hours ago

    are we sure makar isn't a forward but in disguise

  • Gehbraltar
    Gehbraltar 5 hours ago

    rip preds

  • Frero
    Frero 5 hours ago

    Damn they should make goalie pads that are stiffer at the top so it doesn’t allow for cheeky five holes.

  • NYRGaming30
    NYRGaming30 5 hours ago

    Why are you bashing on them? Their fan base has been SUFFERING the past 2 years. Give Them the credit they deserve

  • Алексей Радьков

    Лучшая лига в мире.

  • Frero
    Frero 5 hours ago

    Should have reviewed for goaltender interference, he got pushed into the net.

  • Optic Agar
    Optic Agar 5 hours ago

    Good goal but I reallly hate that commentator

  • Davetta Horton
    Davetta Horton 5 hours ago

    Benn was like "Hold My Beer" and just took over the damn play. That's my Captain. GO STARS!!!!

  • Carm Capo
    Carm Capo 5 hours ago

    Dubas has until April .4.2020 to make the playoffs...

  • Keith Winter
    Keith Winter 5 hours ago

    As a red wings fan im just glad we arent the flames...

  • david fitzpatrick
    david fitzpatrick 5 hours ago

    I know Steve's not gonna like this but I AM DANCING RIGHT NOW THAT BABCOCKS GONE!

  • Jack Gradzewicz
    Jack Gradzewicz 5 hours ago

    Like if this is better than fleurys save

  • A YouTube Guy
    A YouTube Guy 5 hours ago

    haha i can watch drouin getting rocked all day

  • Chris
    Chris 5 hours ago

    this commentator annoys me

  • Gabby McGillvray
    Gabby McGillvray 5 hours ago

    Oh man flames lost again like why?

  • Berzzerk s Vietnama
    Berzzerk s Vietnama 5 hours ago


  • Jack Gradzewicz
    Jack Gradzewicz 5 hours ago

    Rasks save last night v buffalo was better

  • Leland Judsyn
    Leland Judsyn 5 hours ago

    I think Babs wanted out and got fired on purpose. Like really was he benching Spezza because he thought sitting one of the best players would help them win ?

  • Mythical Bud
    Mythical Bud 5 hours ago

    Ummmmmmm. The tuuka rask blocker save definitely should be in this.

  • Andrew Pawlack
    Andrew Pawlack 5 hours ago

    i mean he already is 21

  • David Madsen
    David Madsen 5 hours ago

    To be honest Mark Moser loses his mind quite often. "A little shooty shoot" "Guts all over the place" "Top shelf where terry puts the burrito" All gold!

  • Mother Lover Jones
    Mother Lover Jones 5 hours ago

    Scott Stevens like hit awesome.

  • gamer 1977
    gamer 1977 5 hours ago

    U still not going to win the cup.

  • Marshall Joyce
    Marshall Joyce 5 hours ago

    This is the best version of Steve.

  • esooM
    esooM 5 hours ago

    Tampa’s too damn soft, they will never win a cup without any grit

  • Jacoby JaGoaty
    Jacoby JaGoaty 5 hours ago

    I started waking out down 4-0, Then I heard the goal buzzer go off twice in like 30 secs lol so I turned back around to stay for the comeback

  • Herb Hewitt
    Herb Hewitt 6 hours ago

    Is this gonna be a regular thing?!?! I love it

  • Atte
    Atte 6 hours ago

    Kane acting like aho was the ref🤨

  • Jim Snoskiak
    Jim Snoskiak 6 hours ago

    Would have been more exciting if you didn’t tell us what happened

  • MrNicholas7
    MrNicholas7 6 hours ago

    It seems like a short-sighted choice to promote the Ovechkin hit for this video. Play it at 0.25x speed. His feet are off the ice when he's about a foot away from Drouin. Gotta get those views I guess.

    • MrNicholas7
      MrNicholas7 4 hours ago

      @KaleFGB Didn't realize I was hurting your feelings. Leave your feet before a hit, it's charging though. I didn't write the rule.

    • KaleFGB
      KaleFGB 4 hours ago

      MrNicholas7 league had no problem with it, Montreal had no problem with it, you shouldn’t waste your time complaining about something no one cares about

  • John S
    John S 6 hours ago

    We are all armchair GM's. We all are better than Dubas. Where is our press conference?

  • commenter
    commenter 6 hours ago

    So reminiscent of his OT goal against Calgary in last year's playoffs.

  • Austin Kramer VI
    Austin Kramer VI 6 hours ago

    Matt Dumba is such trash.

  • Matt Gauthier
    Matt Gauthier 6 hours ago

    This is a much better save than fleurys

  • Robert J H
    Robert J H 6 hours ago

    Fck the leafs

  • Jon Hanson
    Jon Hanson 6 hours ago

    Dear Canada Hockey teams you still suck !

  • mario and friends
    mario and friends 6 hours ago

    2 sec late looking other way dirty but Jamie beet his but in October of 2018

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 6 hours ago

    Why do defense-men skate backwards - you don't always need to. It slows you down and there's literally nothing you can do unless you wanna full body block the shot.

  • leadnsteel
    leadnsteel 6 hours ago

    Good the whole team will benefit from an offensive style now

  • James Hammond
    James Hammond 6 hours ago

    Is Dubas the brother of "The Good Doctor"?