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Planet Slow Mo Outtakes
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How to avoid a Backdraft
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4K Slow Motion Backdraft
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How to Drive a Tank
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Catching a Mid-Air Fish
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Slow Mo Aerodynamics
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Exploding Sand Castles
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Exploding Fruit in 4K
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Tour of Destruction
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Giant Weather Balloons
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Slow Mo 4K Kittens
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Airbag Explosion in 4K
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Giant Balloon Pose Off
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Paint Drill
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360 Degree Fireball
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Card Throwing Speed Test
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Paintball Shotgun in 4K
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Catapult Skeet Shoot
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Bear Trap Power
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More Catapult - Bonus Clip
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Ice Sculpture Explosion
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Paint Cannon Salute in 4K
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Catapult Launch
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Paint Blast Portrait in 4K
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Dan has an accident
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Fruit Stand Smash
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Fruit vs Fruit
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One Second Salad in 4K
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Det Cord Shockwaves in 4K
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Splitting Bullets in 4K
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Dropping a Living Room
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Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k
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Crane Drop in Slow Motion
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Slow Mo Belly Flop
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Tidal Wave
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Water Jet Hamster Ball
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Under pressure in 4K
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Tony Hawk Ramping Things Up
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Sumo Wrestling in 4K
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Magnet Smash in 4K - Bonus
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  • TS13
    TS13 7 hours ago

    that tomato in the face gave me a great idea rotten tomato in the face in slow mo. i'd love to see that splatter.

  • patricky0
    patricky0 7 hours ago

    God bless America

  • xcod88
    xcod88 7 hours ago

    So,basically this can happen to a Tesla....

  • Zachary Avila
    Zachary Avila 7 hours ago

    Anyone understand the "free-on" joke at 7:10, little help.. Please and thank you

  • Galaxy flu
    Galaxy flu 7 hours ago

    8:31 how people get hit by a car and what it looks like lol

  • Turval Turvaldeon
    Turval Turvaldeon 7 hours ago

    They need to redo this in 8k :D

  • Talha Bin Adam
    Talha Bin Adam 8 hours ago

    RUplus is recommending me in 2020

  • Slow Pancing
    Slow Pancing 8 hours ago


  • Funny Ferret
    Funny Ferret 8 hours ago

    Did Gav actually adopt that little black kitten?

  • Darian Gregory
    Darian Gregory 8 hours ago

    People talking about it didn't go straight through the glass. You try it and when it bounces off the glass and back at you come back and post the pic of the Needle stuck in your face.

  • sam show
    sam show 8 hours ago

    Ahh sono saltate prima della prova nooooo... Un lavorone..

  • Daniel Dean
    Daniel Dean 8 hours ago

    Same concept but zip line the plane and use bottle rockets or sugar rockets for propulsion. Team up with TKOR. #TKOR #SlowMoGuys

  • Rachel Borcherds
    Rachel Borcherds 8 hours ago

    Can you do water balloons being thrown into metal mesh?

  • SushiBoi Gaming
    SushiBoi Gaming 8 hours ago

    Kids in Africa could have ate that house

  • هزيم ٩٨٤
    هزيم ٩٨٤ 8 hours ago

    اللهم إني أعوذ بك من نار جهنم

  • Rence Ramirez
    Rence Ramirez 8 hours ago

    your vid stop at 9:11 lol

  • Ruben Tumert Hansen
    Ruben Tumert Hansen 8 hours ago

    Maybe invest in a mirror. Cover your camera, and splashes just hit the mirror instead of the lens and monitor.

  • Jaunus Ender
    Jaunus Ender 8 hours ago

    I think your test was twice the wind power they use for testing them before they get packaged.

  • Taikung 321
    Taikung 321 8 hours ago

    Oh, did someone dropped napalm instead of a hand grenade? *sniffs* AH THE SMELL OF HAND GRENADE INGNITING NAPALM!

  • Jennifer Lindsey
    Jennifer Lindsey 8 hours ago

    Being able to hear each pore POP when the hair leaves the root is AWESOME! One of the best I’ve seen/heard yet! LOL. Men are such babies! Get your crotch (inner leg part only) waxed, THEN complain!

  • NOte Flame
    NOte Flame 8 hours ago

    5:29 is that gasoline games : spitting fire

  • 10K subscribers without any video

    1:44 video start

  • ObsidianBOY
    ObsidianBOY 8 hours ago

    Is this an ad?

  • NOte Flame
    NOte Flame 8 hours ago

    8:09 someone drobbed a nuclear

    MAGESY 8 hours ago

    вот бы мне столько фпс

  • cavagna
    cavagna 8 hours ago

    Cool. If it wasn’t hot, of course.

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD 8 hours ago

    ... This is the first time I've heard some English guy saying Zweihänder. I know what it means cause im from Germany but its still weird to hear some English folks saying an German word.

  • Mentoriii
    Mentoriii 8 hours ago

    6:40 i wonder if that photon beam is jumping on random direction would be really cool to know how it finds it's path

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD 8 hours ago

    I th8nk id put some plastic or something under so the Coke doesn't escape without it starting.

  • Sachin rio
    Sachin rio 9 hours ago


  • plop bro
    plop bro 9 hours ago

    1:26 that satisfying minecraft sound

  • Gilbert Faustine
    Gilbert Faustine 9 hours ago

    Well this is really comedy show 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Francis Archie Ariola

    Well i thought the thuumbnail was a blind bird...yeah im fine

  • jeff medvin
    jeff medvin 9 hours ago

    A mirror? As if I needed more proof I'm a little slow. I didn't think of that

  • Billlbo M C
    Billlbo M C 9 hours ago

    Dan is so chill about gav’s “mistakes” and it creates such a light hearted duo that’s more entertaining than the cool slow mo

  • Safistic
    Safistic 9 hours ago

    I am genuinely curious to know how badly it would hurt compared to a BB gun and compared to an actual pistol

  • Patrick den Brave
    Patrick den Brave 9 hours ago

    12:25 is sick

  • JMW0503
    JMW0503 9 hours ago

    You can afford a couple thousand dollar camera but not a chrono?

  • CoolboyChr1s
    CoolboyChr1s 9 hours ago

    If anyone is interested in knowing the cost of just ONE of those RC cars it's $799.99 USD.

  • Elmsy
    Elmsy 9 hours ago

    fill it full of crystal and shoot someone

  • Miah Gonyea
    Miah Gonyea 9 hours ago

    3:28 6:03 8:38

  • Anderson Manderson
    Anderson Manderson 9 hours ago


  • Badass TrapBass
    Badass TrapBass 9 hours ago

    The dislikes are the fire departments worldwide

  • kiri Play
    kiri Play 9 hours ago

    Goenji:fire tornado

  • david manze
    david manze 9 hours ago

    It is an interrupter mechanism ...... the gun fires normally unless the propeller is in front of the barrel when the shot is prevented from firing ........ the engine speed will be changing in dogfights, the guns fire rate will not change except when interrupted by the prop passes in front of it!

  • Карабулак Карабулак

    А кувалдой не пробовал?

  • TheRealSBear
    TheRealSBear 9 hours ago

    Why all the dislikes?

  • Роман Рудик

    release a lizard with a lighted firecracker in your mouth into the aquarium

  • 10,000 subs With no videos

    You should slo mo popcorn poping

  • Dead Show
    Dead Show 9 hours ago

    Deepass voice

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez 9 hours ago

    Ill like to see using frequency sound with liquid gallium. Like the water pour from a thin hose that changes the shape. Shape shift with frequencies

  • fruit bat 🍒🦇
    fruit bat 🍒🦇 9 hours ago

    skip to 3:30 for the part that anyone actually wants to see lmao

  • POSM PintOfSam
    POSM PintOfSam 9 hours ago

    "It looks like over cooked spaghetti" 👌🏻😂

  • no1Liikeglenn
    no1Liikeglenn 9 hours ago

    So 8K 30 works fine but if I try 8k 60 my gpu taps out. It's time to upgrade

  • Waleed Shadow
    Waleed Shadow 10 hours ago

    i died laughing on that slow mo tomato hit to the face xD

  • Torrens1996
    Torrens1996 10 hours ago

    still won't be able to run microsoft flight simulator

  • YoBoy Ace
    YoBoy Ace 10 hours ago

    The balloons changed

  • Lungani Ndwandwe
    Lungani Ndwandwe 10 hours ago

    Great video guy

    SHEIKH ABDIRAHMAN 10 hours ago

    The flesh prince of grey hair

  • Hasanali Akhmedov
    Hasanali Akhmedov 10 hours ago

    She would die if she didn't mention she was vegan

  • Abdullah Al Shaon
    Abdullah Al Shaon 10 hours ago

    Looks cgi

  • Panchu 800
    Panchu 800 10 hours ago


  • madkiller699
    madkiller699 10 hours ago

    Reminds me of the Molotov in Gta

  • Carlos P
    Carlos P 10 hours ago

    Jedi training you need xdd

  • Axel
    Axel 10 hours ago

    When you spin felt-tip pens with ink very quickly, the ink will gush out of the felt and settle on a sheet of paper. I noticed that the faster it turns, the closer the colors are to the pencils, it has less propelled. We can say that the expansion of the universe is due to all the movements of force emitted by the black holes (which makes the galaxies spiral) the suns too, in short each mass. Therefore, this explains that over time the expansion accelerates, the universe takes speed thanks to all the inertias already in place and which is created because the creation of the galaxy is not finished. I know it doesn't have too much relation with the video posted, but what do you think?

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott 10 hours ago

    Watermelon armour too op pls nerf

  • wayne brumley
    wayne brumley 10 hours ago

    TO the of two of you at The Slow Mo Guys y,all at The Slow Mo Guys you are more entertaining then 3 year old girl. thank for the laughs keep it up!!!!!

  • durra Ali
    durra Ali 10 hours ago


  • Andy Bonitz
    Andy Bonitz 10 hours ago

    Who else is watching this in 2021?

  • Aditya gunawan
    Aditya gunawan 10 hours ago

    Ya selamat anda menemukan komentar bahasa Indonesia 😂

  • Andy
    Andy 10 hours ago

    Why does Tony Hawk always look like a corpse ?

  • Fire trap
    Fire trap 10 hours ago

    Every black dude when you shot that Grape Soda just unsubscribed

  • Nicholas Kiprono
    Nicholas Kiprono 10 hours ago

    Have you ever thought of filming an hippo

  • Wooden Pole
    Wooden Pole 10 hours ago

    1:18 that's what she said!

  • Hung Biropin
    Hung Biropin 10 hours ago


  • Peyton Mccosco
    Peyton Mccosco 10 hours ago

    What would happen when Eminem puts Godzilla on a cd

  • Denys Rogovchenko
    Denys Rogovchenko 10 hours ago

    polluted territory :(

  • Dify Purba
    Dify Purba 10 hours ago

    Play it on 0,25x ..amazing...

  • The Retro lad cave
    The Retro lad cave 11 hours ago

    Anyone else thinking of Beam NG drive

  • [TNT]
    [TNT] 11 hours ago


  • Nycomenic
    Nycomenic 11 hours ago

    How about a fly in slow motion?

  • mayur magadalwar
    mayur magadalwar 11 hours ago

    The needle didn't go through the glass Wrong title

  • Aditya Munjal
    Aditya Munjal 11 hours ago

    This video is like Animated clip.... But it is real🙂🙂

  • xrock
    xrock 11 hours ago

    you should make a vid where you cut open a pool in slow motion

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon 11 hours ago

    8:51 "eww"

  • Bonnie Smith
    Bonnie Smith 11 hours ago

    The last bottle almost touch the Chemtrail. Lol

  • kineticdeath
    kineticdeath 11 hours ago

    at 8:09 Gav is positively baffled by what he heard...

  • Jericho Constantino
    Jericho Constantino 11 hours ago

    4:27 pyro guy

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky 11 hours ago

    3:56 when mum says dinners ready

  • bigboyburger454 6
    bigboyburger454 6 11 hours ago

    It poped three because there is three peices if u watch closely

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik 11 hours ago

    Didn't even notice clipping the table before watching the replay.

  • مطفووق*ےے*
    مطفووق*ےے* 11 hours ago

    العربي لايك🇸🇦😂😂🏃🏻‍♂️

  • Andy
    Andy 11 hours ago

    Proof that we guys never grow up....

  • Lovepreet Dhaliwal
    Lovepreet Dhaliwal 11 hours ago

    You guys are amazing 🤓😂

  • Max Erlandsson
    Max Erlandsson 11 hours ago

    Good video, but the fact that the guy operating the camera was autistic made some very awkward moments xD

  • Linus Wickman
    Linus Wickman 11 hours ago

    most of us know what a molotov cocktail is because of video games lol

  • Rungkut Nekat
    Rungkut Nekat 12 hours ago

    Yang indonesia mana suaranya?:v

  • Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Hyuga 12 hours ago

    I actually never tried to watch the super slow show, because it looks paid. Now I got premium and see it was free all that time. xd

  • Svante man
    Svante man 12 hours ago