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  • GiA2nDo
    GiA2nDo 4 hours ago

    bring Eminen, David Bobrik, Koby Bryan , The Rock, Adam Sandler.

  • Alina Kolousowa
    Alina Kolousowa 4 hours ago

    0:39 omg she looks so adorable, and that look in her eyes

  • Leandro Samos
    Leandro Samos 4 hours ago

    2:38 "We never had any differences" 2:57 "Even tho we had our differences"

  • Michael Mancini
    Michael Mancini 4 hours ago

    What a gorgeous woman

  • mkorsu
    mkorsu 4 hours ago

    I gave a thumbs down only because of her! "I'm from LA", points to minuscule LA dodgers logo on her wrist. Settle down bitch, you suck as an actress and only got lucky with twilight. This project will be an epic Hollywood loser!

  • B K
    B K 4 hours ago

    DID ANYBODY ELSE PEEP THAT HE WAS HUMMING “Ask of You” by Raphael Saadiq which is the sample used on his hit sing “On Chill” wowwwwww

  • Erocknrolla
    Erocknrolla 4 hours ago

    wagyu is expensive because the cows lived better lives than me

  • Ron Abell
    Ron Abell 4 hours ago

    Wow he said fuc with

  • 🅱️ig Finger Gaming

    9:12 I thought the yogscast had made a surprise feature

  • Kirsten Neville
    Kirsten Neville 4 hours ago

    is she eating chicken or cauliflower?

  • Curtis Matthews
    Curtis Matthews 4 hours ago

    Dax is hilarious, love him

  • Julieanna D
    Julieanna D 4 hours ago

    Hotmail !! Hahaha !

  • Christopher Partin
    Christopher Partin 4 hours ago

    These episodes need to be 30 minutes long. I need more!!

  • Haddy Smokes
    Haddy Smokes 4 hours ago

    Right hand school 😭😭😭😭

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson 4 hours ago

    I hate the way Phil holds a fork....

  • Chris Plowman
    Chris Plowman 4 hours ago

    Phil who taught you to use a

    MEMES & GIFS 4 hours ago

    She a Hot One

  • Lucidity y
    Lucidity y 4 hours ago

    Post is a funny dude

  • Fadeg alami
    Fadeg alami 4 hours ago

    His taste buds are burned His show is over. 😱

  • DroopyBDawg
    DroopyBDawg 4 hours ago

    That Anime/Terrace House ending though, with slow close up on Reina

  • Whitney Caldwell
    Whitney Caldwell 4 hours ago

    Dababy is so respectful when in a room I've watched interviews and he watches what he says around women and children so much respect for Dababy

  • Anika
    Anika 4 hours ago

    We need Cardi on this !!

  • Lucidity y
    Lucidity y 4 hours ago


  • sax revenge
    sax revenge 4 hours ago

    I hope everyone does not hurt the queen of the world

  • Dutch_JaMa
    Dutch_JaMa 4 hours ago

    Kevin hart ignoring Sean makes me feel sorry for him

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man 4 hours ago

    Charlie's the most baller of all the guests

  • Alex Muir
    Alex Muir 4 hours ago

    She looks high

  • LordBlobbie
    LordBlobbie 4 hours ago

    This video made more money than Charlie's Angels

  • Ron Abell
    Ron Abell 4 hours ago

    Why the host only eat half the dam dab

  • Shazem Latif
    Shazem Latif 4 hours ago

    11:18 Is What You Came For, Even Me

  • jacob jenkins
    jacob jenkins 4 hours ago

    I wouldn't even buy an small ass 85 dolor pieces of meat if it was made by dog

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M 4 hours ago

    I'm a simple man, i see Philip DeFranco ....I HIT PLAY

  • Social Rejectz
    Social Rejectz 4 hours ago

    Shaq sounds like lil yachty in the beginning

  • ???? ¿¿¿¿
    ???? ¿¿¿¿ 4 hours ago

    Yo Alvin needs to shave that neck beard he his face looks like a testicle

  • MrDuckSauce
    MrDuckSauce 4 hours ago

    Garbage, why would you fry a wagyu, what a waste of a cut. Stupidity.

  • An Gar
    An Gar 4 hours ago

    Reina was the only one to pronounce it right! We raise grass fed Wagyu and F1 (crossed with Angus) and we're hoping to bring it to the public for an affordable price. Research a local farm and get it fresh! Thank you to anyone out there supporting local agriculture ❤

  • Macilfa
    Macilfa 4 hours ago

    And now....invite Liam. That would be a funny Episode!

  • Social Rejectz
    Social Rejectz 4 hours ago

    Kristen Stewart looks like she could be a Justin beiber stunt double... or his trans sister

  • MattyK USA
    MattyK USA 4 hours ago

    I love all of the people on this show - each one a great host in their own right. That said, I was a *little* let down by the actual dialogue around the table, especially about the food itself. I'd also consider additional camera shots of the food close-up *on the table* rather than repeat sequences that were taped at a different time. Just some constructive observation, looking forward to more shows!

  • Sjors
    Sjors 4 hours ago

    Saka Mai nuts! GOT 'M

  • Munni Bear
    Munni Bear 4 hours ago

    Oh mai, Sean isn't eating spicy wings.

  • Julieanna D
    Julieanna D 4 hours ago

    Love the Smeagol impressions !!!

  • Fonzi Lafonz
    Fonzi Lafonz 4 hours ago

    11:33 i swear one of them farted?

  • NovejSpeed3
    NovejSpeed3 4 hours ago

    Why does he keep calling Justin Beiber "Kristen?"

  • hellogoodbye311
    hellogoodbye311 4 hours ago

    Selma Blair anyone??

  • freddy04123
    freddy04123 4 hours ago

    God she is fucking gorgeous!

  • Anna Tomka
    Anna Tomka 4 hours ago

    Please give us Timothy Chalamet

  • Unregistered Channel

    too short :(

  • rehavidas
    rehavidas 4 hours ago

    Poor Ella! Lol. This is such a dope interview. I love how eloquent and well spoken Kristen can be even when she’s cursing lol. She just so earnest and I appreciate that. Naomi is a champ! So amazing!! Sean really does an awesome job!

  • Martin
    Martin 4 hours ago

    This is seriously one of the better episodes.

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 4 hours ago

    Guess how long it’ll take for some plant based wagyu to show up.

  • FCL M
    FCL M 4 hours ago

    this host sucks though

  • justtryingtocopewithlife


  • Blammo D
    Blammo D 4 hours ago

    In case any of you haven't had real Wagyu, it literally is like having 'beef-butter'

  • Lachithor
    Lachithor 4 hours ago

    Look at you Sean, taking on the meat from the heavens. 9 cubes of meat up, 9 cubes of meat down. This camera, this camera or this camera, let everyone know what you have going on in your life!

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 5 hours ago

    So the ad before this video was for starving kids overseas. Meh no guilt.

  • Blammo D
    Blammo D 5 hours ago

    The forced laughter kills it for me

  • Andrew Cunningham
    Andrew Cunningham 5 hours ago

    My dude Sean can’t just give a straight answer, always has to speak in anecdotes.

  • Austin Welt
    Austin Welt 5 hours ago

    We love you Reina!

  • Mack Johnson
    Mack Johnson 5 hours ago

    bro i’m so faded and this background music is killing me. Shia LaBeouf is great!

  • Big Zach
    Big Zach 5 hours ago

    So Wagu is made from a large line of incest cows?

    RT MOTO 5 hours ago

    i thought it was justin bieber

  • johnny helgesen
    johnny helgesen 5 hours ago

    Yo bitch! Jesse Pinkman needs some hot wings.

  • kleinebre
    kleinebre 5 hours ago

    13:05... "Our reputation is important" "Hot sear, very important. You want to sear both sides, seal the juices in" Ehm... Guys? You've just demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of how protein works...

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 5 hours ago

    13:03 RESPECT. In the highest regards!

  • Goro-kun
    Goro-kun 5 hours ago

    It's also probably worth noting that wagYU isn't half as expensive in Japan as it is in the US, and that's not just because of the cost of importing the beef. Go to Otsuka near Kyoto and get the Murasawa A5 for $65. It's life-changing, and if you're already traveling to Japan, you won't need to spend $350 on a steak to get an equivalent experience.

  • Anne
    Anne 5 hours ago

    Have you ever seen a Pig eat a burger? LOL

  • Michael Ståhl
    Michael Ståhl 5 hours ago

    I really like Kristen in this interview, she's so honest and relaxed. It just shows how bad most of the other interviewers in media are and that they don't deserve any answers to questions they don't care about themselves. We don't need an endless stream of pointless shallow 24/7 media cover. Genuine, well-though and meaningful interviews like this is what we need. And for god sake, let people have a private life even if they are celebrities.

  • Poulpc
    Poulpc 5 hours ago

    a spa for Carol with an unhappy ending

  • Mihael Fitz
    Mihael Fitz 5 hours ago

    We all know why we're here: 25:08

  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans 5 hours ago

    She's a beautiful human being

  • Tiger
    Tiger 5 hours ago

    1.06. damn!!

  • Nessie
    Nessie 5 hours ago

    Tatertots are now Butt plugs made out of potatoes. Thanks, Seth <3 9:03

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez 5 hours ago

    love ya reina

  • Rissa LeMetteriex
    Rissa LeMetteriex 5 hours ago

    Im subscribing and turning notifications on so that when he brings post malone back ill be one of the first to watch 😍😍😍

  • Anne
    Anne 5 hours ago

    Oh man, what a fat slob.

  • TheElementalGod
    TheElementalGod 5 hours ago

    I can see how DaBaby could be naturally funny but wtf is funny about a burp and him saying “excuse me” like a normal human being?

  • Austin Reeve
    Austin Reeve 5 hours ago

    Fuuuuuck Phil and is his lazy sensationalism.

  • Adelaide Walker
    Adelaide Walker 5 hours ago

    Kristen putting her arm around her castmate.....

  • Un-Named Trucker
    Un-Named Trucker 5 hours ago


  • LoL Madz
    LoL Madz 5 hours ago

    This disbelief of Sean at the beginning/intro. In the actuation he is scary is priceless

  • Remy Medina
    Remy Medina 5 hours ago

    Wtf happen to her

  • Craft D. Pham
    Craft D. Pham 5 hours ago

    I’m a simple man, I see Sean AND Phil. I click.

  • SimpleVisionVideos
    SimpleVisionVideos 5 hours ago

    I really want a Ramsay Burger

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 5 hours ago

    Phil used to be such a good content creator. Sadly not so much. Just a girl celebrity channel now.

  • SasquatchDream
    SasquatchDream 5 hours ago

  • Stephen Walker
    Stephen Walker 5 hours ago

    I want to give First We Feast money, how do I do it?

  • GreatSmithanon
    GreatSmithanon 5 hours ago

    This channel hasn't posted anything worth watching in over 4 months. Time to unsubscribe.

  • Eloy R
    Eloy R 5 hours ago

    You should get the rock on one of these episodes

  • Goro-kun
    Goro-kun 5 hours ago

    Between this and Amiel's recent Bon Appetit video, the number of people pronouncing it "wag-oo" is driving me insane. Mr. Wagoo. Jesus Christ.

  • mobucks555
    mobucks555 5 hours ago

    Poor people watching this in 2019 say yeeeah!

  • Justin G
    Justin G 5 hours ago

    God this chick is annoying as shit. One of those females when she talks all you hear is WAWAWAWAWA