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Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich
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  • FlobTheBlob TV
    FlobTheBlob TV Minute ago

    I subscribed

  • MariaFiló
    MariaFiló Minute ago

    I just want to take a quick second to just appreciate the caption authors (at least the ones for the English captions) and suggest that anyone who didn’t watch it with subtitles tries it. These people are hilarious

  • Baru Uchiha
    Baru Uchiha 6 minutes ago

    Ice cream sandwich makes really good pancakes 😳

  • Emily ;-;
    Emily ;-; 8 minutes ago

    pizza candles at bath and body works

  • Marcel Kurnia
    Marcel Kurnia 9 minutes ago

    1:34 I'm legit shock😂😂

  • StuffyX3
    StuffyX3 9 minutes ago

    As a little ceasers worker that pizza you made at the beginning made me angry

  • Parksy Bee
    Parksy Bee 10 minutes ago

    Pleaseeee make moreeeee EEEEEEEE

  • Truth To Tell
    Truth To Tell 16 minutes ago

    Krista and me need to be friends😂

  • Jayden The Kid
    Jayden The Kid 18 minutes ago

    0:16 Lazarbeam Lachy & Muselk III and more be like 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • YepThat'sMe
    YepThat'sMe 22 minutes ago

    I'm a middle child. I relate very deeply to your sister :)

  • Reese C.
    Reese C. 29 minutes ago

    Do ants poop??? I have to inquire now .-.

  • Benmxd
    Benmxd 32 minutes ago

    1:15 delicous looks better than mine

  • Zero-One
    Zero-One 34 minutes ago

    Box costume is great costume because it is a solid snake costume.

  • SalaCommander26
    SalaCommander26 36 minutes ago

    2 out of every *100 break their bones annually.

  • Spencer The ink demon
    Spencer The ink demon 37 minutes ago


  • Lorenzo DeLaTorre
    Lorenzo DeLaTorre 40 minutes ago

    Every night with your fam 0:36

  • Ken Wisdom
    Ken Wisdom 44 minutes ago

    “She tried to give us stop it eyes it didn’t work those don’t exist.” My teacher:you were saying?

  • dark unicorn
    dark unicorn 45 minutes ago

    Give me 300 likes and I'll start a RUplus cHanal comment what content you want

  • Tyty Therobot
    Tyty Therobot 48 minutes ago

    Ive broken my arm before and honestly its not that bad

  • KrisspyGaming
    KrisspyGaming 51 minute ago

    Ive met 10 people that hate pizza

  • Prettylittlekitty OMG Cat

    That poor pumpkin 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  • Elzria11 _
    Elzria11 _ 55 minutes ago

    hold up pizzas are in squares boxes They are made in circles but eaten in triangles

  • dark unicorn
    dark unicorn 56 minutes ago

    Watching you. Me:O-o

  • Makoto
    Makoto 56 minutes ago

    *holding a tarantula as I watch this*

  • ion valeriu nica
    ion valeriu nica 57 minutes ago


  • ellen novida
    ellen novida 58 minutes ago


  • DanielGamer2467
    DanielGamer2467 Hour ago

    i dont like pizza... please dont hate me

  • Tiffiny Matharu
    Tiffiny Matharu Hour ago


    THE NECROS EYE Hour ago

    0:06 *raises hand slowly*

  • Ariella Georgia
    Ariella Georgia Hour ago

    *Hi sisters*

  • Kaarel Sai
    Kaarel Sai Hour ago

    Ok Dont Call Me Weird. I Dont Like Pizza.

  • Derpy Lps Oof
    Derpy Lps Oof Hour ago


  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    I remember this video like 92% and it still gets me all of it😂😂😂

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    I hope I'm not the next sacrifice bc someone subbed

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Did he eat the other subscriber???

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Lol unrealistic for a doc to not hide when he gave you an X-ray

  • zefanja vrieze
    zefanja vrieze Hour ago

    2:24 that's something I would do😔to my little brother

  • Caleb T.V
    Caleb T.V Hour ago

    I’m the youngest and the oldest I’m the only

  • linden films
    linden films Hour ago

    Pineapple deserve to be on pizza

  • nicewolf 04
    nicewolf 04 Hour ago

    I am the EXACT same on how often I hurt myself on accident

  • Medina Brothers
    Medina Brothers Hour ago

    I broke my pinky

  • SansTheComic S
    SansTheComic S Hour ago

    A cowboy... classic A clown... classic An Eldritch God from another dimension named Daniel... cLaSsIc

  • Camila Camila
    Camila Camila Hour ago

    That's me you got me bruh

  • Shella Sundari
    Shella Sundari Hour ago


  • Lulularue Gaming

    “Both Becca and...” “...Krista...” “...Krista?” “KristAAAAA!!!”

  • _- Łøøÿ -_ *. .*

    I have two sisters and I treat them like their my human animals.

  • Purrr-fectly Random

    I used to hate pizza but there was only 1 pizza I would eat! Alfredo souse with bacon and chicken bits! oOf SO GUD! Yeah but now I like pizza lol

  • Lucas Chamberlain
    Lucas Chamberlain 2 hours ago

    This is extraordinarily relatable 😂😂😂

  • JOTATOES bro
    JOTATOES bro 2 hours ago

    In Philippines we treat spiders as toy warriors We make them fight to DEATH and ITS FUNN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Seavey Softie
    Seavey Softie 2 hours ago

    my best friend hates pizza........sadly...

  • Mr. Donald Duck Blows trumpet

    In our neighborhood nobody wears Halloween costumes unless it's just a trick or treating between me and 2 of my friends. We got no candies, and we wore torn bed sheets (except for me, I actually bought a witch and skeleton cat costume)

  • Satsuki Chiruka
    Satsuki Chiruka 2 hours ago


  • Transboimax
    Transboimax 2 hours ago

    Spraining my ankle hurt worse than the two times i have broken my bones.

  • JeromiaTownHouse
    JeromiaTownHouse 2 hours ago

    Well I dislocated my elbow

  • ToKoMuNcH X
    ToKoMuNcH X 2 hours ago

    The reason people put headphones on their neck when they blast the volume, is so they wont damage their ears

  • JeromiaTownHouse
    JeromiaTownHouse 2 hours ago

    I burnt my arm on an inflatable slide on an inflatable obstacle course

  • Sallygaming34
    Sallygaming34 2 hours ago

    *sees spider* OH HELL NAW *fire trucks appear at my house*

  • animalhippycats
    animalhippycats 2 hours ago

    LOL ur so funny I love your vids!!! Ur such a good animator

  • Kitty UwU
    Kitty UwU 2 hours ago

    Don't worry french is too difficult anyway....(and I'm french... ; - ;)

  • Pete the Pomeranian
    Pete the Pomeranian 2 hours ago

    Cold pizza is pretty good, also, Pineapple Pizza is nice

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 2 hours ago

    the box was a reference Metal Gear Solid

  • UniSlippers -:3
    UniSlippers -:3 2 hours ago

    ✋🏻 I’m the youngest in my fam

  • spaceman 315
    spaceman 315 2 hours ago

    I broke a bone

  • Letícia Mussi
    Letícia Mussi 2 hours ago

    "I love public transit" that's because you're not brazilian

  • CristalDreams
    CristalDreams 2 hours ago

    Pizza is the food on top of my hate list- I hate it more then everything else

  • Gianni's Gameing Review ' And more!

    I am 2 out of every 10 Americans......yes I'm 9 and I broke a toe

  • sunflowers
    sunflowers 2 hours ago

    I broke my nose

  • Blanquet
    Blanquet 2 hours ago

    The little screams have me dying lmaooo

  • Yam E.
    Yam E. 2 hours ago

    the spiders on the far corners are fine by me they eat the flies i hate flies More then i hate spiders at least spiders don't try to eat my damn food But the spiders near the floor are on some thin fucking ice Jumping spiders i handle regularly to let them outside they don't bite (at least from my experience)

  • Galaxy Paws
    Galaxy Paws 2 hours ago

    I also love Hawaiian/pineapple pizza!

  • Alysia Chisholm
    Alysia Chisholm 2 hours ago


  • CloveR KittY64
    CloveR KittY64 2 hours ago

    My sister likes to bite me

  • Robin
    Robin 2 hours ago


  • Ha Loser
    Ha Loser 2 hours ago

    Yea pizza is good but I’m lactose intolerant so pizza makes me sick and also the smell bothers me sometimes

  • Toxic Fox
    Toxic Fox 2 hours ago

    I literally just got my cast off of my broken arm. You explained the pain pretty well. It hurt so much I couldn't even give out a tear. Just a ton of screaming.

  • Imogen cats
    Imogen cats 2 hours ago

    Someone I know who doesn’t like pizza but I like pizza

  • Sergio Chan G
    Sergio Chan G 3 hours ago


  • Faisal Sakkijha
    Faisal Sakkijha 3 hours ago

    I hate pizza

  • Atlas The wolf demon

    Can I have one of ur pancakes?????

  • Royal Scissor
    Royal Scissor 3 hours ago


  • AlphaCot
    AlphaCot 3 hours ago

    And ever since the day you posted this video, your profile picture was you eat pizza 😂

  • Meme Queen
    Meme Queen 3 hours ago

    As the oldest of two sisters, I can relate

  • hello world
    hello world 3 hours ago

    The starting left me laughing so hard😂😂

  • Maria Fe Querubin
    Maria Fe Querubin 3 hours ago


  • Black Rapunzel
    Black Rapunzel 3 hours ago

    Christa? Christa? CGRISTAAAAAA

  • Sadness
    Sadness 3 hours ago

    "We have to it all burn down." Makes sense

  • Fruity Troll Roll
    Fruity Troll Roll 3 hours ago

    if it still hurts, you might have torn the muscle. this wouldn't be seen on an X-ray, but it *would* be seen on an MRI - at least for a while after it happened. now that it's been 3+ years the damage might be harder or borderline impossible to see.

  • Alexander Hart
    Alexander Hart 3 hours ago


  • gimme your FUCKING ravioli 87

    44 days from DA SPOOKY MONTH

  • Chill Zero
    Chill Zero 3 hours ago

    Watching this in 2019 I still wonder how these things took off and why people were so obsessed with them.

  • Hanz Aaron Perez
    Hanz Aaron Perez 3 hours ago

    I am new to this channel

  • Jeanette Lopez
    Jeanette Lopez 3 hours ago

    You don’t wanna know how many times I put it back to 3:39 and how each time I just cracked up at that noise. What is thaaaat?!

  • God's mistake
    God's mistake 3 hours ago

    Hello. How's your day going? I like anime.

  • Cali
    Cali 3 hours ago

    I don’t blame him, I would cry if I fell down the stairs with spaghetti

  • Nasamayo YT
    Nasamayo YT 3 hours ago

    1:35 amazing

  • Justimations
    Justimations 3 hours ago

    Face reveal plz

  • Mariette Bodenham
    Mariette Bodenham 3 hours ago

    I am an only

  • Mixie Richards
    Mixie Richards 3 hours ago

    I shattered my toe by dropping a laptop on it, I sprained my knee, broke both of my ankles..I'm the two out of the eight people 😅

  • Acollectors game
    Acollectors game 3 hours ago

    Youngest sibling club!!!!!

  • Mr. Memes
    Mr. Memes 3 hours ago

    Sadly i can't eat pizza because I'm allergic to cheese flour and tomato. Its bad for my skin