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  • Some guy
    Some guy 19 seconds ago

    Number 1: *CLICKERS*

  • Mario Pllumbi
    Mario Pllumbi 26 seconds ago

    Hardest PS2 game EXTERMINATION.

  • Ayamalach
    Ayamalach 35 seconds ago

    It still won't be in better than Acer's Predator, Origin PC or Dell Alienware 😂

  • KingFin 6
    KingFin 6 3 minutes ago

    5:34 you don't have to shoot him at the end

  • Michael Pitcher
    Michael Pitcher 8 minutes ago

    "Eliza" (facepalm)

  • Jasper
    Jasper 10 minutes ago

    Pizza on you? El camino refference?

  • aqua
    aqua 10 minutes ago

    Brainwashed Jill Valentine from resident evil 5

  • Two Silly Pups
    Two Silly Pups 11 minutes ago

    Luckily they have oculus link, so your wish came true. I actually returned my rift s to get a quest because of the link.

  • TR3x bay bay
    TR3x bay bay 12 minutes ago

    The reason is , there are people who can afford big titles and people who cant... so for people who cant afford big consoles , pc's .. it doesnt matter...and mobile gaming will evolve and we cant say no to it

  • Shatta Youth
    Shatta Youth 13 minutes ago

    Need a new Max Payne

  • Shatta Youth
    Shatta Youth 14 minutes ago

    Need a new Max Payne

  • Amy Gallagher
    Amy Gallagher 15 minutes ago

    I totally agree with the weapon durability, I also hate that you don’t get hearts like in a jar, and how hard it is to get arrows!

  • Chris Douglas
    Chris Douglas 15 minutes ago

    I’ve been tempted by LED strips for awhile I just haven’t got around to getting any yet

  • Ethan Bovey
    Ethan Bovey 17 minutes ago

    stepping on a lego is already SUPER bad but stepping on a lego that is ON FIRE oh boy OWWWWWWWWWWWCHEE WAWA

  • War Draven
    War Draven 17 minutes ago

    Who cares about animal crossing. Not me doom is better

  • SavretićD
    SavretićD 18 minutes ago

    Oh boy,if this 10 things are the worst in the game I cant wait for the game to come to PC,it should be awesome

  • WhatTheHawk38
    WhatTheHawk38 19 minutes ago

    We gotta wait a whole year? I have to be honest, I haven't been into gaming since the PS2.

  • logic is key
    logic is key 20 minutes ago

    Rockstar should do their own version of tenchu stealth assassin

  • Mehdin Smajic
    Mehdin Smajic 21 minute ago

    Game is Just perfect

  • Brandon Longo
    Brandon Longo 21 minute ago

    Man, oh man. I love watching the bullshit in the background. Still love your face though, Jake.

  • MatT the Mega player //MatTmp

    Xbox just makes you unable to message for your first suspension

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 25 minutes ago

    Splitting up first came from Texas chainsaw massacre and many other horror movies/video games a used that and made it a horror cliché.

  • luckystar60
    luckystar60 25 minutes ago

    Uuhhmm you kinda missed out the fact that Fallout NV on the PC is just as bad for crashing anytime during the loading screen

  • Hobo
    Hobo 26 minutes ago


  • tikiq tommy
    tikiq tommy 29 minutes ago

    im from nz dreamcast was never sold here unfortunately but a friend had one and i gotta tell you i was amazed by it and never forgot how good the games and graphics were on the dreamcast i always thought of dreamcast to be way better then playstation i couldnt buy one so i just bought a playstation

  • Hazzard Unholy
    Hazzard Unholy 30 minutes ago

    “If enough people want it” give a like to show you want it

  • Lataurean Ezell
    Lataurean Ezell 31 minute ago

    I want a state of emergency remake

  • South Side Comptown
    South Side Comptown 33 minutes ago

    Hate how you cant even unlock every clothes in the beggining, plus you can't even add whatever camouflage you want in the beggining of the game just frustrates me looking like a PMC instead of a Ghost. Plus the friendly npcs seem to treat the Ghost like they are some sorry soldiers. When they are suppose to be the best the Elite.

  • Jonny5Fails
    Jonny5Fails 34 minutes ago

    Grand Theft Spaceship

  • carson ward
    carson ward 34 minutes ago

    You fool

  • Joe Larkin
    Joe Larkin 34 minutes ago

    I got banned from xbox live for 1 month for calling someone an ahole

  • Charlie Moore
    Charlie Moore 36 minutes ago

    I’m 10 stayed up till 5 am 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Isaiah Sever
    Isaiah Sever 39 minutes ago

    To remaster mortal Kombat Armageddon

  • F.A.I
    F.A.I 39 minutes ago

    Honestly, if we get a Bully 2 I would hate it if they make it have realistic graphics, they should use kind of similar graphics to the first bully. Would love it so much.

  • Chingy Cheff
    Chingy Cheff 42 minutes ago

    Midnight club 3 dub edition remaster please

  • Toon Van de Vyver
    Toon Van de Vyver 42 minutes ago

    Am i the only one that thinks that jake and falcon sound ecacly the same

  • Diz rak
    Diz rak 42 minutes ago

    2:03 it’s not confusing

  • Nithesh PuZaN
    Nithesh PuZaN 43 minutes ago

    Here I'm playing Standoff 2 😅😅

  • Vitani Amanda Rose
    Vitani Amanda Rose 43 minutes ago

    I agree with all of this especially the “adult” one and #2 because I learn a lot from games than school itself... to me school is useless in life skills which we all need ... also whenever I play games my disks are scratch up from my cousin and people say to me why I play games as a adult and I agree with # 1 too ..

  • Space Dandy
    Space Dandy 44 minutes ago

    Ahh, games I've never heard of except MGS

  • Conservative News Network of America

    This game is connected to rage one though. Just because at the end of that game the arcs start to pop up out of the ground all over the world.

  • Frederick Gladue
    Frederick Gladue 44 minutes ago

    Jak and Daxter be a good game to bring back

  • Conservative News Network of America

    The orginal rage was legendary absolutely amazing in my opinion. I was whining for years why they wouldn't make a rage 2! Somehow I've slept on this game for awhile now idk why.. guess it's a part of being an adult 😳

  • Thacred Badath
    Thacred Badath 47 minutes ago

    Saw it too late yet again lol. Oh well I am happy with my purchase instead of the 120$ ultimate I got the standard 60$ and Tropico 6. For around the same price I was 10$ short so I used some of my Microsoft reward points to get the 10$.

  • Furious Furian
    Furious Furian 49 minutes ago

    Just a brilliant game.

  • Furious Furian
    Furious Furian 51 minute ago

    Still one of the best games I've ever played. Please port to switch!

  • Daniella Rose
    Daniella Rose 53 minutes ago


  • Shiiryu Slayed
    Shiiryu Slayed 54 minutes ago

    I hope the do a free switch with ffxiv to ps5 like they did with ps3 to ps4. That would be pretty dope. Also we should bring back the old dis of calling people dill weed. Lol. Irrelevant but just saying.

  • Frederick Gladue
    Frederick Gladue 54 minutes ago

    The mother shouldn't buy PlayStation until he's older it's the parents fault

  • joseph maroun
    joseph maroun 55 minutes ago

    I got banned for chatting on minecraft

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity 55 minutes ago

    Finally they going back to their greatest days. Definitely gonna get this game. I haven’t owned one since BO2 because of their futuristic shit.

  • E.rik Geraerts
    E.rik Geraerts 55 minutes ago

    Thanks for the review, says enough to me... another long story game where you follow your nose to nowhere... going to A back to B follow C and you see that you are getting nowhere, like the Witcher 3, the devs like that you walk in a circle (easy to fill a game like that), go to ciri, go back to where she lives, go back where she disappeares, go back from where you met her, go back to the baron for info, yeah right.....!!! crap, give me AC black flag, the real one in open world games, gta v too... hit me

  • CMR
    CMR 55 minutes ago

    I get the impression that no one knows who their audience is anymore.

  • supercellonova
    supercellonova 56 minutes ago

    Numbers are easier to keep track of on a consumer level. Anything else would be too confusing.

  • SqeeG
    SqeeG 57 minutes ago

    Oh heck yeah I like Grid. I STILL LOVE Grid on the PS3, the original first release on PS3 and my favorite game on there. I was definitely looking forward to Codemasters bringing it back on the PS4 so that we can play online.

  • MrJagermeister
    MrJagermeister 57 minutes ago

    Please, Sony, include an analogue stick on the new PSVR Move controllers!

    MASTER KAI 57 minutes ago

    1:09 fax lol

  • killen4aliven
    killen4aliven Hour ago

    Right now there's a game breaking glitch that idk why hasn't been fixed since it's been there since launch but whenever you open the equipment wheel while say running or reloading it will glitch out and you loose all the functionality to play shoot, crouch, reload basically anything. Fixes: are swimming or logging out

  • X Random X City X

    Skyrims remastered-Remaster Edition will be released on ps5😂😂

  • DessertArbiter Gaming

    "really thicc a-" me: ass? "-tmosphere"

  • CrazyManiac39
    CrazyManiac39 Hour ago

    Gearbox actually watched this video they even admit it on one of there panels it would explain why none of the 7 things were actually in the game.

  • Pablo
    Pablo Hour ago

    RE4. Damn boulder ran over me a thousand times. "PRESS X TO DODGE"... not the X on your keyboard though, the one that does what the X button did on the PS, also you have to try every key because they didn't include a key configuration option. Lol.

  • MetroThuggin Yo Bih

    Ps5+ god of war 5= 😈

  • james dmytruk
    james dmytruk Hour ago

    You have to pay for black desert

  • Amir Hz
    Amir Hz Hour ago

    COD Mobile is amazing. I’m not a big fan of the COD series and I generally don’t enjoy gaming on a smartphone but I absolutely love this game. It’s simple and convenient enough that it works on a phone but it also has enough content to keep you engaged.

  • _ IKA
    _ IKA Hour ago

    New PS5 coming 2020 so GTA will come to!

  • captain estivi
    captain estivi Hour ago


  • Barrett Bear
    Barrett Bear Hour ago

    I hate basically Comepleting an entire quest then dieing then realizing you have to do the entire thing again because it didn't auto save and you forgot to save

  • Sa Nay Oo
    Sa Nay Oo Hour ago

    You noob

  • Cap'n D.G.
    Cap'n D.G. Hour ago

    Fav game from 2000s had to be cs

  • yoran delcroix
    yoran delcroix Hour ago

    Hmm the most amazing thing I did when I was 7 I cought shiny zekrom in pokemon black but first I thought my game was broken but now I know it is a shiny

  • Sonof Voroohees
    Sonof Voroohees Hour ago

    10:00 meta runner arm confirmed

  • lewis crumsey
    lewis crumsey Hour ago

    You ever notice when it comes to rockstar news it’s always from a former employee lol

  • Dale Mackey
    Dale Mackey Hour ago

    1:55 bully

  • Doc Emit Brown
    Doc Emit Brown Hour ago

    2:19 what guns that? a tokarev ? an early model M1911 ? thanks

  • Nicke Picke
    Nicke Picke Hour ago

    I hate vinbration lol I have it off all times

  • aquafootiena67
    aquafootiena67 Hour ago

    Undefeated is out? Is it on ps4

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks Hour ago

    Never able to survive noobtubes.

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks Hour ago

    stealth missions of COD. someone spots you for 0.1 seconds and then entire china knows where are you

  • Gregory Royer
    Gregory Royer Hour ago

    I robbed the entire wasteland with that FO4 glitch lol

  • mr bean the gamer 19

    non gamer:its weird that you play games and still watch videos about the same game me: bitch what did you say

  • Lissyloves19
    Lissyloves19 Hour ago

    David from The Last of us was creepy af

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason Hour ago

    Ass-ex hahahaha yep totally what it should be called at least after The only way is Essex

  • Антон Злобин

    So far most frustrating and hateful enemies are in the Devision games

  • Vasile Pop
    Vasile Pop Hour ago

    will God of War 5 appear?

  • Mark
    Mark Hour ago

    i beat gears 5 in a weekend and also the multiplayer while good but very low in player count and no one plays horde mode

  • Brian Banegas
    Brian Banegas Hour ago

    I'm playing the game and it's hard but I love it. I kind of wanna play the devil may cry games, bayonetta. showdaw of colossus and the first two max payne games (played the 3rd one and loved it)

  • Sxvxge
    Sxvxge Hour ago

    Selling my ps4 for $500

  • AngelsEnvy
    AngelsEnvy Hour ago

    elza dude, not eliza..

  • Skr skr BliNk
    Skr skr BliNk Hour ago

    The thumbnail is from the incredibles

  • PLightstar
    PLightstar Hour ago

    That's not true about bioshock you end up with more Adam if you rescue the girls, but you have to wait for it to be delivered to kiosks. Instead of straight ripping it out of the girls.

  • Ranger Alpha
    Ranger Alpha Hour ago

    How about the Battlefield 4 Easter Egg. You know, the one that took me 6 hours to do and unlocks the "DICE LA" camo that renders you invisible to thermal sights.

  • Buddy Kaiser
    Buddy Kaiser Hour ago


  • Антон Злобин

    What about chickens in Zelda ?

  • Joel
    Joel Hour ago

    Dauntless isnt working the server haave failures

  • Mark
    Mark Hour ago

    sony all stars 2 bluepoint

  • Jay ochoa
    Jay ochoa Hour ago

    Microsoft needs to chill they better not put battery’s in there controllers for there new consoles 😂

  • Ibby
    Ibby Hour ago

    COD MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE are both made by Tencent.. Just wanted to put that out there

  • Yaprishu
    Yaprishu Hour ago

    I don't think we ever needed a reboot. All we needed was a remaster. Take Skyrim for example. All it needed was a 64-bit rework, native mod support and a flurry of graphical improvements without tampering gameplay and Skyrim: Special Edition was created. It was still played by the original game's fanbase, despite just being a repeat of the same story that the original game had. A modern look, probably more cars/tracks and a dedicated fanbase might just be what we really need for the GRID franchise.

  • Jack Wimsatt
    Jack Wimsatt Hour ago

    Why is the thumbnail a shining reference