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Poutine | Basics with Babish
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Pot Roast | Basics with Babish
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  • Tristan T.
    Tristan T. Minute ago

    Think you went really light on the Tomato sauce. Also you leaned super hard on the New York pizza witch isn't even originally from New York so..

  • Austin Kinney
    Austin Kinney 2 minutes ago

    A delicious touch to southern style cornbread would be butter, cracklings, or cheddar cheese and minced jalapenos, or lastly a bit of red eye gravy is delicious

  • 2mchfckry
    2mchfckry 2 minutes ago

    You could've just called it Apfel strudel instead.

  • Eli German
    Eli German 7 minutes ago

    If you dont have a sous vide machine, use a crock pot and about a quarter cup of water and cook for about 8 hours and check every half hour or so to make sure theres still water

  • Matthew Parsons
    Matthew Parsons 10 minutes ago

    Born and raised in Georgia I love southern-style cornbread, but we've always made ours with a thin batter with lots of excess liquid. And it is the only acceptable compliment to collard greens.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 12 minutes ago


  • J4Gbaby
    J4Gbaby 12 minutes ago

    Gotta add pancake mix to the corn

  • P3T3R K4RLZZ0N
    P3T3R K4RLZZ0N 13 minutes ago

    Omg this beef looks perfectly cooked! 😍😍

  • ÇrÅzY çHíLd
    ÇrÅzY çHíLd 14 minutes ago

    What's on his arm

  • Tea Dawg
    Tea Dawg 17 minutes ago

    I gather you’re not a huge fan of ricotta.

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 17 minutes ago

    Daddy Babish still flexing on us with his girlfriend is adorable af

  • Sushi
    Sushi 19 minutes ago

    Be my boyfriend no homo. Wait what.

  • the boy
    the boy 20 minutes ago

    Yare Yare daze

  • Kobe W
    Kobe W 26 minutes ago

    honey butter HONEY BUTTER *HONEY BUTTER*

  • Ric Tony Li
    Ric Tony Li 27 minutes ago

    I like your sense of humor Monsieur Babish

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh 16 minutes ago

      I screamed out loud when he added the savoury whipped cream to the udon noodles and tortellini

  • Nate Long
    Nate Long 29 minutes ago

    Wow she really hates chicken feet

  • WardyJ
    WardyJ 34 minutes ago

    Watching this full well knowing ill never even attempt this..

  • Music history and Games
    Music history and Games 35 minutes ago

    I am from Louisiana and do I like corn bread the first two are just like what i have had at home and the northern corn bread is very strange but it look good because I like spicy thanks for showing me this.

  • Stefi Stancu
    Stefi Stancu 44 minutes ago

    Or you go full chocolate, or as a meal

  • Comrade Commissar
    Comrade Commissar 46 minutes ago

    *Nikita Khrushchev wants to know your location*

  • Jungmin Lee
    Jungmin Lee 51 minute ago

    I'll do this someday. I wanted to eat at Giordano's when I visited Chicago but I had to wait 2 hours and wasn't able to even get a take out :( I'll do it myself!

  • Gaming Bug
    Gaming Bug 52 minutes ago

    The one on the thumbnail looks like quesadilla

  • Best Detective
    Best Detective 53 minutes ago

    Babish flexing with his Girlfriend again and im sitting here being sad because im single and my mom won't let me cook

  • Matthew TheJosh
    Matthew TheJosh Hour ago

    HIYAAAA! hear me up! Do steven universe's restaurant wars menu! If you agree, like!

    ERRORCODE1SM3 Hour ago

    A tip from experience Unless you know the guy do not accept “home ground corn meal”. It was rancid when we got it :/

  • Spirit Eye Stride

    i gained 30 pounds just from watching the video

  • Dk Bros
    Dk Bros Hour ago

    Make food from food wars.....

  • Zokibi
    Zokibi Hour ago

    I just can’t watch old babish

  • No Budget Politics

    04:15 That is not cheddar. Cheddar should never be that colour.

  • xBLACKx x5TARx
    xBLACKx x5TARx Hour ago

    I love your channel man. I hope to be as great as you someday.

  • Aniken
    Aniken Hour ago

    Msg is safe Not for my mom. She was in the emergency room every other day.

  • randal campbell
    randal campbell Hour ago

    Babbish is trying hard to show hes not a kids channel with all his edgy cussing

  • qrrbrbirbel2
    qrrbrbirbel2 Hour ago

    Honey Butter Honey butter HONEY BUTTER METAL GEAR?

  • Kasi Kai
    Kasi Kai Hour ago

    Americans make the most disgusting shit

  • demonbourne
    demonbourne Hour ago

    Here in Texas we say that savory cornbread is fake because traditionaly it is sweet

  • James Nagaoka
    James Nagaoka Hour ago

    Dude put straight glucose in those cookies

  • Alex Mac Donnell

    Please include metric in recipes please, don't understand those freedom units

  • Cameron Coon
    Cameron Coon Hour ago

    You and your gf are so fucking cute ???

  • Matheson Bell
    Matheson Bell Hour ago

    Thanks, I’m from south Alabama and this reminds me exactly how my great grandmother made cornbread

  • Ricki Setiawan
    Ricki Setiawan Hour ago


  • cha0sunity
    cha0sunity Hour ago

    I live in eastern North Carolina. Most of the cornbread I've eaten has been called lacy cornbread. It's fired in an pan and looks like a cornbread pancake.

  • Music
    Music Hour ago

    1:45 even the picture has the lettuce after the cheese

  • scruffBB6
    scruffBB6 Hour ago

    Always gotta sprinkle some sugar on top before cooking

  • Ross Ng
    Ross Ng Hour ago


  • dirty del
    dirty del 2 hours ago

    Real Italians call it gravy. Scorsese should have known this.

  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson 2 hours ago

    When are we having dinner? 🥰

  • AlmightyGrubz
    AlmightyGrubz 2 hours ago

    You should do musubi for all the Hawaiians out there! Aloha

  • Aaron Tuson
    Aaron Tuson 2 hours ago

    I’m not sure this guys know what unctuous means. Great vid though thanks I’ll try this myself.

  • cirvi17
    cirvi17 2 hours ago

    I've never hunter a grinjer, but I did recently take down a nice deer. Would that work or would it taste a bit off?

  • 20,000 subscriber Challenge

    Binging with babish Can you make gigantamax curry in pokemon sword and shield Leave a like if you want binging with babish cook it

  • Allen Valerio
    Allen Valerio 2 hours ago

    I'm in my bed and I suddenly smelt a whip of alcohol.

  • corteX
    corteX 2 hours ago

    Make the "gotcha pork roast" from food wars.

  • abeeboo
    abeeboo 2 hours ago

    babish: spends an outrageous amount of money in making a milkshake not worth its price also babish: couldn’t be bothered to buy a classier glass for said milkshake i mean, same. lol

  • Yomi Chu
    Yomi Chu 2 hours ago

    As an Austrian this kinda hurt me :'D ... swiss rolls are pretty much a staple dessert here and it's actually not that hard to do. I did enjoy the video though and love your voice overs!

  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark 2 hours ago

    forgot the main ingredient !!

  • Key Mar
    Key Mar 2 hours ago

    What camera you use?

  • Snoaa
    Snoaa 3 hours ago

    You just made an inside-out cheese pizza...

  • SwimmingNoKyojin
    SwimmingNoKyojin 3 hours ago

    "Homemade mole! With reeses peanut butter cups and nacho cheese doritos" *cries in Mexican*

  • V R
    V R 3 hours ago

    I love u and want u to breed me but the intro music is chaotic and makes me feel like I’m on the phone having a conversation while someone in person is trying to talk to me at the same time.

    • V R
      V R 3 hours ago

      but yeah give me ur honey butter, daddy.

  • Liberalism is a disease.

    You just copy other chefs. And you’re not a good thief

  • catsndogs98
    catsndogs98 3 hours ago

    Do cowboy biscuits!

  • Bomber Harris
    Bomber Harris 3 hours ago

    Why is American Cheddar neon orange?

  • Nanthegamer MC
    Nanthegamer MC 3 hours ago

    You forgot to sing the song

  • Fernando Ponce
    Fernando Ponce 3 hours ago

    Heyyy! Big fan! You MUST try to make venezuelan cachapas they rock!

  • IjustreallyloveCATs
    IjustreallyloveCATs 3 hours ago

    My mom used to make cornbread with Jiffy cornbread mix and cake mix 🤣. So sweet, like corn cake. So good!

  • PromoSam
    PromoSam 3 hours ago

    dissapointing amount of packaging

  • Any Gamers
    Any Gamers 3 hours ago

    Can you fix the intro it seems broken.

  • Dtrav thstud
    Dtrav thstud 3 hours ago

    Also if you weren't a shit butcher you could grab the skin, then pull it off. Hit the gym harder bro. I butcher you're pork every day

  • jbckdjbjkasdbkjsd
    jbckdjbjkasdbkjsd 3 hours ago

    I like sweet cornbread with my chili

  • Wimpy Denton
    Wimpy Denton 3 hours ago

    Dill?? DILLLL?? Your dead to me.... OK jokes aside... I hate dill

  • Marcell Aguiluz
    Marcell Aguiluz 3 hours ago

    DAAAMN... That looked good

  • Dtrav thstud
    Dtrav thstud 3 hours ago

    Howls moving castle noice

  • Kingman2472
    Kingman2472 3 hours ago

    You want your cornbread

  • tevin samuel
    tevin samuel 3 hours ago

    Hunger games for that blue apron sign up

  • Emo Kills Best
    Emo Kills Best 3 hours ago

    I've always wanted to make an Apple Butter cornbread but I have no idea how to incorporate the apple butter into the recipe.

  • Alexander Mason
    Alexander Mason 3 hours ago

    I have cancer and I’m always tired from the chemotherapy and the dozens of pills they got me on, plus being anemic due to lack of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, and the cancer itself as well as bone pain. Also I’m alway nauseated and rarely hungry but when I am I’m always too tired to cook the delicious stuff you cook. It’s inspiring, especially in the videos where you make a dish that takes days of preparation. I try to make soups, stews, sautés etc. Thanks to your good videos. So thanks for the inspiration.

  • Tostilocos
    Tostilocos 3 hours ago

    What is it with you and salt dude

  • Nina Zandleven
    Nina Zandleven 3 hours ago

    Wtf is cornbread

  • XxConstant AnxietyxX

    How is Jess btw 🌚

  • TheLeafR10 Gaming
    TheLeafR10 Gaming 4 hours ago

    This video is so good that even ysac is even here

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger 4 hours ago

    8:17 I sense someone who seasons their board and not their white wine

  • David Nathanael
    David Nathanael 4 hours ago

    It's similar to martabak in Indonesia

  • Cosmic Lightning
    Cosmic Lightning 4 hours ago

    Any cornbread I get I like to put in a cup. Than I add milk and sugar until it's like a mushy consistency. Eat with spoon

  • Kenyel Clark
    Kenyel Clark 4 hours ago

    What In the Caucasity is this?

  • Michael Luciano
    Michael Luciano 4 hours ago

    I liked Babish. And then I didn't. Pompous youtube brain rot.

  • Karis Coyne
    Karis Coyne 4 hours ago

    "everything your dad told you was right" I mean my dad once made pancakes in a vitamizer that were so overmixed we literally used them as dog toys soooo

  • Mrlonerstoner
    Mrlonerstoner 4 hours ago

    I love this guy

  • Tye Tindle
    Tye Tindle 4 hours ago

    I’m gonna need an hour loop of him saying honey butter. Thank you.

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor 4 hours ago

    A wonderful channel so much knowledge

  • Matrix Tech
    Matrix Tech 4 hours ago

    I love this

  • Lincoln Berry III
    Lincoln Berry III 4 hours ago

    Do you add the piping-hot steam in post?

  • Jaz Helton
    Jaz Helton 4 hours ago

    This was uploaded just in time, I've been trying to find a cornbread recipe I like

  • TalkingToTheHand
    TalkingToTheHand 4 hours ago

    looks nothing like the original.

  • Sante Feaster
    Sante Feaster 4 hours ago

    I've never seen northern cornbread but as soon as he said Jalapeno cheddar I knew it was what Black southerners consider an atrocity.

  • Pleeb
    Pleeb 4 hours ago

    2:53 me when the teacher calls me to answer because we made eye contact

  • Kawaii_Girl V113
    Kawaii_Girl V113 4 hours ago

    Honey butter chips are a gift from God

  • damonK
    damonK 4 hours ago

    I always eat mine with a little milk and pancake syrup kinda like a tres leches pretty dang good

  • Karin Chen
    Karin Chen 4 hours ago

    Don't parboil the pasta. Allows for more cheese. ;-)

  • Khristafer Sheffield

    You're not gonna sit here and add jalapeños and cheese to your cornbread and just act like that's not Texas' contribution to the cornbread game.

    • Khristafer Sheffield
      Khristafer Sheffield 4 hours ago

      Oh Lord, brushed with honey and sprinkled with salt. My southern soul can't. I almost passed out. You gave me the vapors. I need to sit on the porch and gather myself. Somebody get me some sweet tea.

  • Wizard Chi
    Wizard Chi 5 hours ago

    Damn the headphones are $600 no thanks