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Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
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  • Kylie Schoonover
    Kylie Schoonover 4 seconds ago

    23:53 thats me when i swallow a pill without a drink😂😂😂😂😂

  • ruby groves
    ruby groves 35 seconds ago

    i hate but love this vid its so juicy and i love the creators but it just makes me even more hungery

    SKKAPY 2 minutes ago


  • Grace Bartels
    Grace Bartels 2 minutes ago

    I get nervous when I buy a $65 dollar hoodie

  • Garrison West
    Garrison West 2 minutes ago

    Anyone else really loved when they did travel videos??

  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl 4 minutes ago

    I was so excited to watch this video but then they just kept talking and talking i almost fell asleep, but I still love u guys

    • Poppy
      Poppy 2 minutes ago

      Can you not respect this video?? How open they are and how burnt out and tired they are?? AS WELL AS LOOSING THEIR DAD?? jesus fans these days really dont care abt the people, u only care abt the videos

  • Ashley Crowe
    Ashley Crowe 6 minutes ago


  • Kelly Archer
    Kelly Archer 7 minutes ago


  • Maribel Maldonado
    Maribel Maldonado 12 minutes ago


  • Maribel Maldonado
    Maribel Maldonado 12 minutes ago

    I'm sad wish u guys would just take a break

  • Maribel Maldonado
    Maribel Maldonado 13 minutes ago

    This sucks

  • Candi Davis
    Candi Davis 13 minutes ago

    Ill be honest ive seen allot of Dolan Twin videos this was the one that finally got me to subscribe honestly proud of you two and great move having this real convo.

  • Rachel Dill
    Rachel Dill 14 minutes ago

    I’m so proud of them for doing this and finally becoming themselves again 😊❤️❤️

  • luisa bundy
    luisa bundy 15 minutes ago

    Ok the screaming is the Most stupid thing I have seen you do....goood you say that your followers not should do that!

  • Lauren Pettigrew
    Lauren Pettigrew 16 minutes ago

    THIS IS THE CONTENT IM HERE FOR! I’m glad u guys know ur videos have gotten shitter. I don’t want too see a 3year old run ur life or stupid shit, I want this! Reality!!! Proud of you guys for maturing and realizing not to sacrifice your happiness for content. We here for the good shit, bad shit, and the bullshit! ✨

  • Allisson Zuniga
    Allisson Zuniga 17 minutes ago

    I’m more like Eathen

  • Shivani GGG
    Shivani GGG 17 minutes ago

    I feel sad but we are with you guys love uhh always💓

  • Harriet Radcliffe
    Harriet Radcliffe 18 minutes ago

    8:23 pouty boy ☹️

  • Listen Tome
    Listen Tome 20 minutes ago

    Why is Shane a RUplus psychologist

  • Kylie Schoonover
    Kylie Schoonover 20 minutes ago

    2:19 i thought it was a mirror. ...

  • Piper Lea
    Piper Lea 21 minute ago

    i LOVE this ! ❤️ i can’t wait to see the amazing content you guys make! love you both always & no matter what. have FUN !!!

  • Jean-Pascal Spies
    Jean-Pascal Spies 23 minutes ago

    I hate tati for breaking this squad hurts so much. Im i the only one?

  • Daniel Zijl
    Daniel Zijl 23 minutes ago

    Them saying they're excited for the future made me smile so much!! I rarely watch your vids, but this is the content I'm interested in. This is the content that actually says something. Im not saying the other videos you guys uploaded are bad or not relevant, absolutely not , but being able to be real and to be open... I mean... That's the shit Im down with. That, to me, is what youtube is.

  • Jonas Vasquez
    Jonas Vasquez 26 minutes ago

    "I gat a fakin har cat" -Ethan

  • Barbara Peas
    Barbara Peas 26 minutes ago

    It's so nice to see you happy and smiling.. you deserve this, and please don't hide your emotions just because you are afraid to disappoint someone - our emotions, our tears make us humans. I truly believe you can make the changes happen for the best. And the view at the end of the video... is stunning :) you won't read this comment 100% but let it just be there.

  • Liz J
    Liz J 26 minutes ago

    I just want to know if Ethan ever got his skate park...

  • babii kiki
    babii kiki 28 minutes ago

    Those 11k ppl that disliked this must of clicked the dislike button on accident

  • kay
    kay 28 minutes ago

    I want them to come down to Louisiana and try 13 gates . If you think that lil thing is scary....13 gates will destroy you

  • fluttershy
    fluttershy 30 minutes ago

    I love these so much

  • Pandachan
    Pandachan 32 minutes ago


  • Alyssa N
    Alyssa N 34 minutes ago

    I’ve never watched the Dolan Twins before but they just feel like 2 big feet to me

  • Corinne
    Corinne 35 minutes ago

    I think Grayson has Carmex on 😭❤️😍

  • iiPoppi Playz
    iiPoppi Playz 35 minutes ago

    Grayson needs a restraining order against James Charles!..😃

  • Aya Faitrouni
    Aya Faitrouni 35 minutes ago

    still cant believe that these guys are a month and a day older than me... they are here looking like 27 y/o dudes where I , a second year college student, get mistaken for a middle school girl :) puberty baby are you okey ? is there traffic on the road you are taking to get to me or what

  • c R
    c R 35 minutes ago

    Who’s here after the video with Shane 😪🥺

  • Rosie Miele
    Rosie Miele 35 minutes ago

    why was it a crop top im so lost

  • Sarah Bollinger
    Sarah Bollinger 35 minutes ago

    Honestly just have to say I'm f*cking proud of you guys. I had stopped watching because I was growing up and moving on, and this is an amazing step in the right direction for you. Start living and loving your lives- congrats for finally taking it for yourselves <3

  • Kenzie Denning
    Kenzie Denning 36 minutes ago

    i’m so excited for this journey i’m so proud of them for taking care of themselves

  • m t
    m t 37 minutes ago

    these are 2 boys who evidently need Jesus! they have to find their happiness in Him.

    • Poppy
      Poppy 51 second ago

      Wtf jesus isnt real lmao

  • Corinne
    Corinne 37 minutes ago

    I actually am disgusted with some of these people in the comments. This is NOT a humorous video. Y’all need to respect Ethan and Grayson. Everyone gets burned out. Chill

  • lunavaria
    lunavaria 37 minutes ago

    I lost my dad in February, and I was 19 at the time, now 20. I had a different situation than yours, since I wasn't close to my dad, but I always wanted to be, and I think that's what hurts the most for me. It's been so many months now, but I still think that one day he's gonna be home when I get there again. I think that a break for you both is very much needed. Grieving is such an odd and painful process, and it differs for everyone, but please keep family close and lean on each other in this time. I wish you both the best, and stay strong. :)

  • Lily Campbell
    Lily Campbell 38 minutes ago

    So happy for you guys!!

  • naenae
    naenae 39 minutes ago

    Ethan hit Grayson wit dat chancla

  • Jamila Ouni
    Jamila Ouni 39 minutes ago


  • Jaden Kay
    Jaden Kay 41 minute ago

    I wish I had a person in my life like Shane. Actually I wish I had shane in my life. It’s amazing that you guys even have the opportunity to get help from such an amazing soul.

  • Krisi Wurbanowa
    Krisi Wurbanowa 42 minutes ago


  • AshleyPuffs YT
    AshleyPuffs YT 44 minutes ago

    I’m excited for the future🥺 take your time:)❤️

  • roxy pena
    roxy pena 44 minutes ago

    this is literally so pure ahh all of you are so precious 🥺

    MCN STUDIOS 44 minutes ago

    Ethan’s acting in the beginning is soooooo good omg Ethan’s fake crying is soooooo good

  • Arumaisah Awan
    Arumaisah Awan 44 minutes ago

    after Grayson gives the best speech on equality Ethan eats a sprinkle THAT'S IT I AM OFFICIALLY DEAD HAHAHHAAAAHH

  • Nonexistent
    Nonexistent 44 minutes ago

    Bruh why the fuck was this in my recommendations? I've never watched a video from this channel in my entire life

  • Mr. Giraffe
    Mr. Giraffe 45 minutes ago

    0:43. I’m so dead XD

  • Megs
    Megs 46 minutes ago

    PSA: you're not responsible for how other people feel

  • Camrynn Betschart
    Camrynn Betschart 46 minutes ago

    I know everyone will miss the weekly posts, but like Shane said, everybody will be that much more excited when they do come out. I hope you guys find the help you need and fix what's going on. We'll be waiting for you guys to post! We all love you so much, long live Tuesday's✌🏽️💟🖤

  • AshleyPuffs YT
    AshleyPuffs YT 50 minutes ago

    Do what makes you happy that will make me happy and being real:)❤️❤️

  • Sjda Takhtash
    Sjda Takhtash 51 minute ago

    Shane: Therapist Of RUplus Therapists: Am I a joke to you?

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 51 minute ago

    The ending was so cute because at the end where they fly the mini Dolan twins were there flying too

  • Sister Avery
    Sister Avery 52 minutes ago

    Who just watched this Bc u saw Shane in the thumb nail

  • Jessica Kilpatrick
    Jessica Kilpatrick 53 minutes ago

    I never comment on videos, I'm not even slightly considered a die hard fan of like ANY youtuber, but I come to youtube to watch people have a good time and spread their genuine happiness with me through this screen. I live in the middle of Alabama, nearest neighbor is miles away, I just moved here to help take care of my dad and uncle and I do online school so I don't have any friends ya know... and I find my company in videos where people do things that make them smile and in turn make me smile because I'm also someone who finds pleasure in making other people happy. I get this. I get all of it. I know what it feels like to push through your hard times and keep smiling to benefit others, but that will always take a toll on who you are as a person. You guys make me smile. You always will. The only way you can lose the support of others who actually care about your well-being (which is obviously hard to find when you don't know any of us personally, but good people are always out there) is by losing yourself. and even when you're going through those moments where you don't know who you are, the really good ones will still be there. I'm sure a lot of your major fans are gonna support your happiness more than anything, SHIT I'm sure there's girls here on your channel that would literally marry you if they could lmao, but aside from the insanity of that concept, they care. everyone cares. get better and come back when you're ready. take a vacation with your mom. leave your camera at home. cherish all of the real life moments that you have, because although youtube is a great way to capture those moments and put them somewhere that you can keep them forever, your heart will hold onto them forever. keep your heads up guys, strength isn't something you lack. the real ones will grow with you, the fakes can just watch your old videos and cry themselves a river. be undeniably YOU. here's to the first ever youtube video I've commented on, and the first ever video I've actually "thumbs up'ed". You fucking deserve it.

  • Comixs Fan
    Comixs Fan 54 minutes ago

    I don't even know who these guys are, I clicked for Shane, but you guys are super fucking humble and I respect that!!!

  • Victo rie
    Victo rie 56 minutes ago

    I'd love to get to know your crew :O

  • Laura Christina
    Laura Christina 57 minutes ago


  • K4rim
    K4rim 57 minutes ago

    Shane is like my mom

  • Milanka
    Milanka 57 minutes ago

    make videos traveling with your mom that'd be super cool

  • Isabella hopkins
    Isabella hopkins 59 minutes ago

    Sean-nation forever❤️❤️

    MCN STUDIOS 59 minutes ago

    I don’t think we could ever get an Uber driver like Ethan like we wish but we can’t

  • Ma Be
    Ma Be Hour ago

    They look like Rihanna 😂

  • Hippy Styles
    Hippy Styles Hour ago

    oh my lord, I barely started to watch you guys like two weeks ago and you're already taking a break, talk about bad timing on my part...

  • Rio Hemmings
    Rio Hemmings Hour ago

    Tldr please?

  • Marina
    Marina Hour ago

    I'm honestly so happy for the two of you. I first noticed the change when you guys came back from one of your breaks a long time ago and said you were going to start doing things differently and posting a wider variety of content. I could tell that you guys were really happy with it, and as time went on, I noticed that you both seemed different. I could tell it was tiring, and I knew that you both probably had started seeing Tuesday posts as more of a chore than a passion. I knew it, and I've seen it for a very long time now. I'm just glad that you've finally taken the step in the right direction and are now helping yourselves. I'm proud of both of you. Please don't ever feel obligated towards your fans to post a video ever again. Do it for you.

  • Ariella Rivers
    Ariella Rivers Hour ago

    When they were taking down the set, I was crying so hard but I get it. I wish them the best for the future ♡♡

  • Chantz not the rapper

    I know I’m not the only one who saw gRaYsOnS 😳

  • Mariah_Papaya
    Mariah_Papaya Hour ago

    I'm a new sub to you guys because I'm excited for your TRUE selves. Im so proud of you and so happy. I'll continue being a viewer to the real you 😊

  • Giselle Villatoro

    Omg im literally crying when he said thats the last time hes going to the intro in that room.i was like thats the best room in the entire world and they have so many memories together in that room but we will never forget that intro or room❤we love you ethan and dolan❤

  • Elisa Silva
    Elisa Silva Hour ago

    I feel so bad for the Dolan twins they worried about their fans and worrying about they have to post once a week for Tuesdays but I feel like they didn't think about their life and think about them and that shows how much they care for their fans and I really appreciate them I feel so bad for what they've been through and I am kind of disappointed that they didn't tell us because I feel like the fans would understand but I do know what they're going through now so I'm not mad that they're not posting once a week anymore but I'm just happy that they're happy and I'm so excited for what's coming up😊❤#support the Dolan twins#new beginning

  • It’sYagirlSaharai Medina

    12:12 Thank me later😂

  • Amanda Slade
    Amanda Slade Hour ago

    This was extremely personal and took a lot of strength to talk about. Really enjoyed you both being so real. Do what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about. It’s worth waiting for content especially for your mental health and happiness.

  • Nina Schiffelholz

    15:11 on the left side of the screen… looks kinda wrong

  • Isabella hopkins

    If I’m correct there’s 52 tuesdays in a year and so there has been 260 tuesdays in 5 years

  • Megan Smale
    Megan Smale Hour ago

    Peace ✌️

  • Francine Schultzen

    i am not a person that comments often on youtube videos, but i just have to say that i am so proud to see you guys really talk about how you are doing, and im thankful that you brought us with. Its not easy to talk about emotions, especially for guys now days, and i think it is so brave of you to do this, not only reaching out for help, but also recording and sharing it on the internet. I have to say i got so inspired, and this helped me too, and i think this would help a lot of other youtubers out there, that are maybe feeling the same as you do. Thank you guys, and i hope you find true happiness

  • Megan Smale
    Megan Smale Hour ago

    Yall ever felt your heart ♥ break into a million pieces cause mine just dix

  • Chantz not the rapper

    Nobody: Me: (trying to listen to the emotions that the twins are showing through their voices) Also me : *starts fucking tearing*

  • Dominique Siwulich

    Cant wait to watch u guys grow . Please never quit. Give yourself plenty of breaks and time between videos ... like Shane said dont burn ourselves out... I'd rather wait longer between than for u guys to get so overwhelmed u quit.ur so amazing at what u do..ur so smart and talented .. . Ill Never stop watching. #DolanTwinSTAN

  • Megan Smale
    Megan Smale Hour ago

    My babies 😭😭

  • melissa gomez
    melissa gomez Hour ago

    from start to finish , i love u guys sm 🥺

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hour ago

    so like, did they quit youtube?

  • Sondra Smith
    Sondra Smith Hour ago

    Stay true to yourselves! The true fans will follow. Keep letting your fans in. I’m proud of you! (From a mom of four adults/teen) ❤️ Good luck on your new journey! ✌🏻

  • Roxy Fesilyan
    Roxy Fesilyan Hour ago

    This must be really hard, I know cause my best friend lost both her parents at age 20 within two years.

  • Kelsey Pickens
    Kelsey Pickens Hour ago

    I'm a mom lol

  • Öğrenci Gaziantep Eda Götürmen

    I don’t really think that people undrestood the point. This is not something funny. It was obvious that they weren’t happy. at least I realized it . But I’m hopeful that they are going to find their true way and be the old Ethan and Grayson .the ones that were happy and weren’t overthinking about their videos they would do it just for fun but now everyone wants collabs or special things it’s up to them their goal is to make us happy they know what they will do. Almost everyone acts like they are robots. They were our goofballs and I want them back E and Gray take time and find your old happy soul again and get started when u feel better and get happy.we want your happiness because u guys taught us how to be happy. Love u guys so much 💕💕💕

  • Megan Smale
    Megan Smale Hour ago


  • Megan Smale
    Megan Smale Hour ago


  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace Hour ago

    i feel honored to have been a viewer of you guys since the beginning, and i’m so proud of this decision you’re making. it’s only up from here❤️

  • Leanne Nicole
    Leanne Nicole Hour ago

    Every RUplusr needs to watch this because I bet they’re not the only ones going through this stuff. Shane was totally right.

  • Nina Schiffelholz

    Aww Gray would be such a sweet dad

  • Laura Moscrop
    Laura Moscrop Hour ago

    I'm writing this as i'm 20 minutes into this video. Honestly I never really watch you guys and I think the reason is probably because I know that you kind of have an online "character" and I know you guys don't often make personal videos so I don't know much about you. There are a lot of youtubers I watch who have definitely been in a similar situation to you and have decided to change the style of their videos to grow with their audience. Love this video though, if you even come across this I hope you know that it's okay to take breaks from the internet. If your audience love you then they will understand. Don't put pressure on yourselves at the age of 19.

  • Megan Smale
    Megan Smale Hour ago

    Yall making jokes but to some people the twins are their life including me 👌 they're really struggling right now and seeing them go makes me feel like I've lost s bit of me. They completely forgot about themselves and focused on us 💞😭😭😭💓💓💓❤️❤️ i have so much 💞 respect for them and I will always love 😍 them for who they are and I am so grateful for them. I will be waiting for there return and although its gonna eat me up inside i am just happy 😊 that they can 🥫 be content on their lives i miss you ☹️ 💔 guys so much 💞 already. I will love 😍 you forever and don't ever think 🤔 i won't be here when you come back 🔙. I love you ❤️ Gray. I love you ❤️ E. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💞 DOLAN 😭 😢 😥 😔 😞 😭 😭 TWINS. PEACE ✌️

  • Kimaehier Welife

    Only here for shane

  • Dominique Siwulich

    Freaking love u more and more every video . Even old ones.. loving binge my favorite Twins of all time.. How did u guys get soo F*in cool . And so handsome. I feel weird even saying that cuz I'm a 26 year old woman. Crushing on 19 year old twins. .. never been attracted to anyone younger than me before ... u guys are one of my favorite channels eVER and there's only 2 on the list. U guys and Shane Dawson. Love u guys.. sorry long ass comment . Seriously tho... borderline obsessive. . U guys crack me the hell up .. thank u for being u... .. hope u guys make videos forever !!