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  • Mia Van Beek
    Mia Van Beek 10 hours ago

    😭😭😭😩💔im sooo sorry guys i wish him well and may he rest in peace and have an amazing time in heaven peace be upon him stay strong 💪 and just keep doing what u do i know he is proud of you guys❤

  • evie hurst
    evie hurst 10 hours ago

    love watching their old videos an just watching how happy an cute they was all the time🥺

  • chickin nugget
    chickin nugget 10 hours ago

    Where's Emma and James? P.S I luv u guys!!

  • Alexia Terra
    Alexia Terra 10 hours ago

    The start lol 😂😂😂

  • Emma Bedell
    Emma Bedell 10 hours ago

    Who even wanted to dislike like I’m shocked this should have no dislikes what so ever

  • Matt Benson
    Matt Benson 10 hours ago

    9:50 i was dying XD he was so nice then he had a mood swing

  • Clementina fernandes
    Clementina fernandes 10 hours ago

    Watching this at night. Just realized how difficult it is to laugh with your mouth shut just so you don't wake up everyone else. My chest hurts🙈

  • K K
    K K 10 hours ago

    he died on my birthday omg and also wow this is powerful

  • Shima's L. I. F. E
    Shima's L. I. F. E 10 hours ago

    *cries* continues crying

  • Adrienne H
    Adrienne H 10 hours ago

    took me a while to be able to watch this, but you’re helping so many people. keep your head up guys we love you❤️

  • Miss jaime
    Miss jaime 11 hours ago

    Ethan have you kissed the samme girl as me gray umm umm...... Ethan..... greay ye ye yeah

  • Jeffrees Vanityyy
    Jeffrees Vanityyy 11 hours ago

    “As if the dating rumors in this friend group were bad enough” Bitch You knew Ethan and Emma were dating James

  • TK TK
    TK TK 11 hours ago

    I lost my best friend to leukemia in 2011. She was 27 years old. She battled it bravely for 7 years and I was by her side through it all. This documentary really resonates with me and I send all my love and condolences to all who are going/went through this. There's always hope.

  • Sarah Gilbertson
    Sarah Gilbertson 11 hours ago

    Sister squad

  • Breezy Watson
    Breezy Watson 11 hours ago

    I can’t mean this more than I already do, this was the BEST the absolute BEST video I have ever seen. Grayson and Ethan, you guys have the power to deliver such a powerful message. You have touched the hearts of so many. I cried every time you guys cried. You guys are blessed to have each other and such a loving family.

  • Pani
    Pani 11 hours ago

    The saddest thing is that while I was celebrating my bday ( its on January 19th ) Grayson and Ethan were loosing their best friend😢😭

  • MeMe Gods
    MeMe Gods 11 hours ago

    he is so brave. it's going to be hard, but it gets better. sending prayers.

  • Little Diva
    Little Diva 11 hours ago


  • Rawad Saeed
    Rawad Saeed 11 hours ago

    This made me cry for hours l lost my dad 20 days ago and it’s really hard to understand that he is really gone

  • Tiffany Raphael
    Tiffany Raphael 11 hours ago

    Wait how did they know it was 9 am? Hmmmmmm? They clearly be using there phones llmaaaaoooo

  • Miss jaime
    Miss jaime 11 hours ago

    the montage lolololo

  • thedick mate
    thedick mate 11 hours ago

    Lol. Hahaha❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  • Finn UwU
    Finn UwU 11 hours ago

    Wow but the thing is I started tearing on the sad scene

  • Madison duffty
    Madison duffty 11 hours ago

    Lol has anybody seen my channel and bio and subscriptions XD DOLAN TWINS ARE DEFINETLY ON THERE AND I HAVE NOTIFACTAIONS TO also you get to see who I subscribed to XD I'm definetly sub to Dolan twins XD and Collins key and Norris nuts and Larray OMG I NEED TO SUB TO ISSA I FORGOT XD SEC LEMME DO DAT FAST OR IM IN TROUBLE BY ISSA AKA TWIAMZ LOL

  • Tiffany Raphael
    Tiffany Raphael 11 hours ago

    Lmaoooo they were saying I’m the only one here the camera man is clearly a joke to them😂

  • Tiffany Raphael
    Tiffany Raphael 11 hours ago

    Grayson : no more technology you me and mother nature Camera man: *am I a joke to you*

  • Iris Iris
    Iris Iris 12 hours ago

    This video is too painfull to watch for me, because I lost my dad from cancer. But I'll like this video anyway.

    YAHYA BADULLA 12 hours ago


  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose 12 hours ago

    Everyone 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 The camera man 😐 Also 2020 ✌🏻

  • Maiya Dales
    Maiya Dales 12 hours ago

    Ethan: ill lick anything- James: AnYthIng?

  • Bella S
    Bella S 12 hours ago

    I would donate but I didn’t even have the money to go to my own soccer banquet bruh😭😭 but I’ll be sharing this vid with all my rich asf friends

  • Sophie Arthur
    Sophie Arthur 12 hours ago

    Notice when they had the sad juice James started laughing for like a second then tried to stay sad lol

  • IN TJ
    IN TJ 12 hours ago

    If i could take his cancer so he could live i would, i feel depressed and from what i hear he sounds like a good person.

  • Hannah XOXO
    Hannah XOXO 12 hours ago

    BRO BRO emma was practically sitting on ethan’s lap

  • Leandra Okoniewski
    Leandra Okoniewski 12 hours ago

    Grayson’s face in the shower

  • Cherokee Winfield
    Cherokee Winfield 12 hours ago

    How do I join xx

  •  12 hours ago

    Am I the only person who has the Grayson has a hole in the shorts in an area that the whole shortly

  • Clara Rey
    Clara Rey 12 hours ago


  • Madison duffty
    Madison duffty 12 hours ago

    Hold up now I understand and agree with beauty is pain or pain is beauty whatever it is Aww great i can't wear skirts anymore and I oop XD I DID OOP LMAO also home time routine ( come home well walk around the corner and across the road to my house from school lol and then go straight to my tablet and watch u or listen to like music or watch edits or documentary or short films so yeah Boring but yeah

  • Madison duffty
    Madison duffty 12 hours ago

    Lol worst day ever, got bullied and told off, cut my knees while playing hockey at lunch time, basically I'm clumsy at some times and I fell over on concrete ouch ik it sounds bad but i was wearing leggings bc it's been snowing and raining alot well not sticky snow but yeah and my friends ditched me today and yeah just a bad day well thinking of you helped me 😊 and I was alright except I was in pain all day and I've just realised I cut one of my knees too atleast it's not bleeding much just a dot of blood and bad pain but yeah I'm not being dramatic it actually hurts so bad when I first did it and went to sit down I legit couldn't bend my knees well because the pain was so bad but i only cried once for a minute when I first did it And my crush came to the rescue XD yeah Shayne took me to the teacher when he saw me fall over and cry bad luck day 😢 also i woke up more awake becuase I went asleep more early last night and I was happy and thinking I'm gonna actually have a good day today I'm more awake and I don't look dead eventhough I feel dead inside bc I'm about to go to hell aka school guess what school = HELL And home = EARTH FLOOR XD and RUplus and dreams: Heaven LOL

  • Gabriela Castro
    Gabriela Castro 12 hours ago

    I don't know if i will ever get through this video. I keep stopping and leaving it for a few days. There is just so much emotion in this video its hard for me to take. i love you guys and although this is a hard video for me i just wanted to thank you guys for sharing this with us.

  • Saggan Claggan
    Saggan Claggan 12 hours ago

    Couldn’t stop crying whilst watching this. So moving and such an important cause.

  • Martha Hernandez
    Martha Hernandez 12 hours ago

    My son was diagnosed with cancer at age of 5 it was a nightmare I had to quit my job drop out of college, cancel my wedding, basically stop my life due to this horrible disease it was the worse thing of my life now 2.5 years later my son rang his bell and I was the happiest mother on earth but it’s soo nerve wrecking to think daily that it can come back and we would have to start all over he just started school this year he entered straight in 1st grade and he loves it he also has Down syndrome and he’s the happiest little boy I know I can’t imagine us having to stop his life again over this horrible disease thank you for this documentary thank you for letting us into your life💙

  • stacey
    stacey 12 hours ago

    im so proud of u guys, its gonna be okay.. ❤

  • Armanda K
    Armanda K 12 hours ago

    Watching this while their saying were never going to stop saying back 🤗😌 2020...... 😢

  • Isla Mulhall
    Isla Mulhall 12 hours ago

    Him: I hate the sound of chewing also him: hearing the sound of him eating

  • Kam Playz
    Kam Playz 12 hours ago


  • Ja Ja
    Ja Ja 12 hours ago

    Honestly, i haven't cried like this for a long time. I watch this and relate through a lot of words,way of thinking. It's that they say something like "i remember when we were building a snowman" and that's it i'm imagining my father and me building one and i immediately start crying.. One of the best ways i spent my hour and a half in a long time. Thank you Dolans really.

  • Maria Crisostomo
    Maria Crisostomo 12 hours ago

    I'm so so sorry . I'm literally crying

  • Eline Sorum
    Eline Sorum 12 hours ago

    Hii. I normally don’t comment on RUplus, and you’ll probably not gonna see this, but I just wanted to drop by and say that I feel for you. I lost my dad when I was 13 years old, I’m 20 now and just want to let you guys know that it won’t get easier with time, but you will learn how to deal with it on a daily basis. And honestly, later it will make you appreciate every little thing in life so much more. And the experience of someone you love dying, will learn you to love even harder after the grief. So just hold on, and make your father’s death worth something. Use this pain and this grief to better yourself. Make sure something good comes out of it - and then you’ll know your father could not have been prouder, and that’s one hell of a good feeling, I promise❤️

  • Bella S
    Bella S 13 hours ago

    20 min through, and I can’t! Got me cryin at 10 in the morning😪🤧. If he were here he’d say “son it’s okay to cry. I’ll never be upset at you for crying. You could never let me down.”

  • Emma The Singer
    Emma The Singer 13 hours ago

    I'll be his girlfriend

  • Abby Platz
    Abby Platz 13 hours ago

    Grayson’s face at 10:46 😂😂 hahaha

  • KoKo O
    KoKo O 13 hours ago

    Mom: you want some apple juice Ethan: hell ya I want some apple juice Me:that can be Daniel from why don't we

  • Lepida
    Lepida 13 hours ago

    8:13 This moment always melts my heart 😭😍

  • j boro
    j boro 13 hours ago

    Ethan's hair😂😂

  • Becca Snyder
    Becca Snyder 13 hours ago

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am. No words can be used to explain how sorry I am. Your dad was an amazing person and I can say that from all of my heart. Your father was my principal in middle school and he honestly made the worst time of my life a lot better. He was always smiling, and just beaming happiness. I can easily say he was the best principle I’ve ever had, and he is very missed. The community of Morris plains was at a loss when he passed away. Everyone loved him and everyone misses him dearly. I love you both and I love your dad. May god take care of him and your family💕

  • Vanessa Nissen
    Vanessa Nissen 13 hours ago

    Yea my friends dad passed and she is only 10

  • Wiebke E.
    Wiebke E. 13 hours ago

    So mean that Kyle (the crew) has to sleep on the fucking floor!

  • Vanessa Nissen
    Vanessa Nissen 13 hours ago

    I can’t stop crying rn and I had to stop watching bc I could not breath bc how much I was crying so I ft my bffs and yea...

  • Katryn Lups
    Katryn Lups 13 hours ago

    I found out my dad has cancer last year in November and this is legit the most beautiful thing ever. You guys are amazing and you deserve the world and I hope everything gets better for you and ur family

  • Asians Homeless
    Asians Homeless 13 hours ago

    Dude I would be like that too if my dad died

  • Roro Byr
    Roro Byr 13 hours ago

    Monter un mardi means nothing in french but it's cute

  • Alveera Adnan
    Alveera Adnan 13 hours ago

    Aww when Grayson heart was hurting or somethin james was like are u OK!? Not in a weird way in a caring sweet way

  • Abby Platz
    Abby Platz 13 hours ago

    The Dolan Twins talking about pineapple pizza then saying there’s something that sounded bad me: it’s strawberry pizza. Ethan: “It’s strawberry pizza!” Me: Called it!

  • Sarah Faizi
    Sarah Faizi 14 hours ago

    Cutest thing ever you guys would be the best dads ever

  • Kappie Henning
    Kappie Henning 14 hours ago

    Imagine someone trying to steel your shirt

  • AnnaHrushkova'
    AnnaHrushkova' 14 hours ago

    i lost my grandpa to cancer 2 months ago. i was crying through the whole video. Thank you guys for doing this amazing and beautiful documentary. Stay strong.

  • Johanna joiiis Lindström

    I had to stop watching a couple of times and come back because it was so hard to watch since my grandma passed away from cancer 😪❤️

  • Maria Pavisich
    Maria Pavisich 14 hours ago

    Wow this hit the soul. I lost my dad in 2017. I was 16 years old and honestly I’ve never felt a pain like that before... so I can feel both of your pain.

  • Holly E.
    Holly E. 14 hours ago

    I know how you feel and when you cry it made my eyes water


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Like if you want it to stay in TRENDING 1:37 💞💜💯 👇👇👇💗

  • Loving Why Don’t We
    Loving Why Don’t We 14 hours ago

    I’ve never cried so much in my life.

  • Jonte Lorenzen
    Jonte Lorenzen 15 hours ago

    The sofa 🛋

  • Felicia Moore
    Felicia Moore 15 hours ago

    Wow. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 15 hours ago

    I'm gonna have to watch this again because now it was just 1 hour and 30 minutes of me crying my eyes out ❤️💜

  • Stefania
    Stefania 15 hours ago

    Grayson and Ethan I don't know if you will ever see that but I don't know how it is possible to love you so much but not knowing you personally. I'm crying so bad because I live too far from you and watching you in this pain makes me even sadder because all I want is to be with you and hug you. I'm watching you for almost two years and I have watched every video you've made. I love you with my whole heart! You mean a lot for me... and I know you don't know who I am maybe you never will but I know you and that's enough. Take care of yourselfs.❤❤

  • Ayub
    Ayub 15 hours ago

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  • Hilly Hagen
    Hilly Hagen 15 hours ago

    his hair reminded me of oliver queen for the arrow

  • Rachel
    Rachel 16 hours ago


  • Mic Che
    Mic Che 16 hours ago

    I don't have any friends.

  • um ok
    um ok 16 hours ago

    I'm so sorry that i can't donate. i don't have my own money. :<

  • Bayan Alameen
    Bayan Alameen 16 hours ago

    Almost a year later and they have already done: a music video (September 2019), a documentary (January 2020), a charity (January 2020, they produced their own company (Wake heart 2019/2020), and a podcast (February 2020). Those physcic twins are literally reading their future. Hopefully what they say about their love life is true too.

  • Radelaid
    Radelaid 17 hours ago

    I didn’t proper cry until the song at the end, oh man that was so emotional. Thanks for an amazing documentary boys. So proud of this.

  • Hailey620
    Hailey620 17 hours ago

    0:50 you can see that Grayson is trying to say James makes him uncomfortable

  • Connie Flip flop
    Connie Flip flop 17 hours ago

    1:32 is so me and my sister

  • Ella Higgins
    Ella Higgins 17 hours ago

    I’m miss this squad so much whyyy did they have to split up

  • mnika voli
    mnika voli 17 hours ago

    I donated to the kids cancer foundation every month for up to 10 years. Now that I'm not working I had to stop but will start again.

    • Catarina
      Catarina 16 hours ago

      God bless your heart!

  • Madzx Tube
    Madzx Tube 17 hours ago


  • Nathalie Håkonsen
    Nathalie Håkonsen 17 hours ago


  • Sydney Gallant
    Sydney Gallant 17 hours ago

    This is truly beautiful, it was amazing to learn about your father and his amazing life. Thank you

  • Makhyia Allen
    Makhyia Allen 17 hours ago

    They all look so much like each other

  • Makhyia Allen
    Makhyia Allen 17 hours ago

    Ethan is hilarious on drugs maybe he should stay on drugs ily the Dolan twins

  • Seini Tuifuaivaha
    Seini Tuifuaivaha 17 hours ago

    Dear Heavenly Father please protect them and get them through this tough time in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  • Seini Tuifuaivaha
    Seini Tuifuaivaha 17 hours ago

    Awww it’s your dad IM SO SORRY

  • Welp sym
    Welp sym 17 hours ago

    Literally cried through this whole thing

  • Seini Tuifuaivaha
    Seini Tuifuaivaha 17 hours ago

    At first I thought it was just a friend but WHATTT THE HELL IS IT HIS BROTHER

  • biby brigette
    biby brigette 17 hours ago

    B E A U T I F U L

  • Clara A
    Clara A 18 hours ago

    30 seconds in and I’m sobbing.

  • Krisztina Pako
    Krisztina Pako 18 hours ago

    Even though I'm 9 years older than them, the Dolan twins are freaking HoT! 🔥 Also Ethan looks like a young Wolverine 🙈🤣