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early pregnancy acne
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I'm not doing well at all
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why I do porn
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don't put a bra on ME!!!!!!!!!!
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making out with my couch
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aaron carter situation
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my bf dumped me and I got hotter
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I'm dating a ghost (for real)
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WE LIVED TOGETHER (it was awful)
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  • Ronan Weber
    Ronan Weber 4 seconds ago

    Has zits: Trisha: iM TrAnSGeNdeR

  • alaysia pickett
    alaysia pickett 10 seconds ago

    Seriously get some fucking help

  • Vintage Disco
    Vintage Disco 12 seconds ago

    She’s a waste of life. Literal waste of life. I remember when I used to like her.

  • Samy
    Samy 54 seconds ago

    These “please feel bad for me” videos are getting ridiculous. 😂

  • Shelby Hearrell
    Shelby Hearrell Minute ago

    So fucking wasteful u know when the camera cuts she eats that sandwich

  • I hate myself
    I hate myself Minute ago

    Don’t come for queen Trish

  • Reilly
    Reilly Minute ago

    1:55 girl you ALWAYS say the same shit. I high key think you’re in love with him at this point. Just stop lol

  • Hiya Seth
    Hiya Seth Minute ago

    Awwwww this was adorable

  • Brandy Howard
    Brandy Howard Minute ago

    Who TF has she apologized to! Seriously so delusional

  • Sam Smalls
    Sam Smalls 2 minutes ago

    this is kinda fucked up

  • jasmoney
    jasmoney 3 minutes ago

    Trisha Bolton.

  • Olivia Maxwell
    Olivia Maxwell 4 minutes ago

    I have a ghost bf too > >; <3

  • alyssa xo
    alyssa xo 4 minutes ago

    Yeah this isnt funny trish. She was battling a mental illness.

  • that one bitch
    that one bitch 4 minutes ago


  • mistake breese
    mistake breese 4 minutes ago

    Trisha is insulting me as a ftm trans male she just wants attention

  • Lowklee -
    Lowklee - 4 minutes ago

    Wait ppl r actually calling her he I can’t tell if they’re serious or being funny

  • Skimpy Greg
    Skimpy Greg 4 minutes ago

    Lol I love trish for this, she knows she’s bad but doesn’t care. Instead of being offended by all the hate, she does this and that’s iconic

  • SabrinatheTeenageVlogger

    she looks beautiful here

  • jasmoney
    jasmoney 5 minutes ago

    I love show she did the EXACT same thing at the EXACT same place-

  • Amanda Sue Robinson
    Amanda Sue Robinson 6 minutes ago

    Girl you are totally effected by this you ever heard of the phrase actions speak louder than words girl your actions are screamin with well as your body language...And just to show your lack of intelligence to make yourself look better inverted means upside down sweetie not inside out or sucked in....So no a clit is not a inverted penis!!! You should really educate yourself more before trying to take digs at someone because it's only making you look less of the bigger person!!!

  • Yahaira Quinones
    Yahaira Quinones 7 minutes ago

    Tweeting a pic of her man vagina to a married man this bitch is literal trash garbage 🤮🤮🤮

  • shiesty sheckler
    shiesty sheckler 8 minutes ago

    Look like a fish

  • shiesty sheckler
    shiesty sheckler 8 minutes ago

    Your face looks like that pizza all fucked up

  • that one bitch
    that one bitch 8 minutes ago

    “WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME” H3H3 is gross and his wife is an idiot

  • Let's have fun With yohan


  • Stopdabbingkids -.-
    Stopdabbingkids -.- 8 minutes ago

    H3h3 is ugly.

  • Lindsay Renee
    Lindsay Renee 9 minutes ago


  • GlamedByEv
    GlamedByEv 9 minutes ago

    This is so childish and dumb coming from GROWN ASS ADULTS 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Lara Cahow
    Lara Cahow 9 minutes ago

    Y’all take this whole trans thing way too seriously lol shes a troll just sit back and laugh

  • Payton B
    Payton B 10 minutes ago

    Bruh... he said you look like a corpse?? Look at his damn co-host @8:00

  • leanna franklin
    leanna franklin 10 minutes ago

    Stay positive! 💛

  • evie mae
    evie mae 11 minutes ago

    this is the same person who compared david dobrik to ted bundy

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez 11 minutes ago

    Chill Trisha chill

  • jewel wood
    jewel wood 12 minutes ago

    8:30 I’m so cringed out pls stop

  • Kimmy Rainey
    Kimmy Rainey 12 minutes ago

    I've always been a big Trish fan but lately she is just really getting on my nerves. She's wishy washy and trolls worse than anyone. I cant take her seriously anymore on any subject.

  • Itz CROWDZ
    Itz CROWDZ 13 minutes ago

    This girl is fucking insane

  • Marshall
    Marshall 13 minutes ago

    Too many people care way too much. This is content gold.

  • aimey herrera
    aimey herrera 13 minutes ago

    Really pathetic. And I actually defended her right to identify as male, but she seems to be just mocking trans people in this video. She I’m no way identifies as male. You can’t just make shit up to try to fit in somewhere.

  • MortalArtisan
    MortalArtisan 13 minutes ago

    “...apology videos is kinda Trisha’s thing.” He makes it just sound like you make so many apology videos it’s annoying. (Lol) doesn’t even sound like a compliment. btw would love a skip button to 2:41 so I could avoid all the unrelated s**t... and just watch the video... shush, girl. edit: boy... them...

  • Bi Freak
    Bi Freak 13 minutes ago

    Sounds like she’s pansexual and gender fluid

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez 13 minutes ago

    H3H3 is like in love with trish hahaha and his wife is just laughing???

  • Let's have fun With yohan

    Guys please dont support her its for her on good,lets help her please un subscribe to trish

  • Kristal Silva
    Kristal Silva 15 minutes ago

    Wait does this mean Jason is gay?😂😂3:45

  • Elijah Fineran
    Elijah Fineran 15 minutes ago

    Britney vibes for reals! Love you gurl

  • Just A Small Town Girl
    Just A Small Town Girl 15 minutes ago

    Say whatever you want but she looks super hot here. 🤷‍♀️

  • clashing it with Dro
    clashing it with Dro 15 minutes ago

    Is it just me or you can barely understand what she is saying ⬇️

  • Emilee Ward
    Emilee Ward 17 minutes ago

    H3 comparing Trish to a bowling ball was really inappropriate, but that was hilarious.

  • jerin browder
    jerin browder 17 minutes ago

    1:38 tour??? Lady i don't even know you😩😂😂 unknown people doing tours😭😂😂😂😂

  • Lily MTV
    Lily MTV 18 minutes ago

    Also trish: I’m not GiRlY

  • Hannah
    Hannah 20 minutes ago

    Zero cognitive thoughts in the comment section. She’s joking

  • Jason H
    Jason H 20 minutes ago

    The talking bowling ball 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashley Hoover
    Ashley Hoover 20 minutes ago

    What in the actual fuck..

  • Tay Lah
    Tay Lah 20 minutes ago

    omg she has never looked better 😍🥺

  • Sara Simmons
    Sara Simmons 20 minutes ago

    You’re makeup looks green. No amount of filtering is going to save this one.

  • Emilee Ward
    Emilee Ward 20 minutes ago

    We all should know by now, when a girl is talking and her voice goes up an octave she is either lying, being petty, or deflecting. Seems like all 3 Trish.

  • Let's have fun With yohan

    I think that trish and aaron carter would make a lovely couple

  • oliver halewood
    oliver halewood 22 minutes ago

    The testosterone is getting too high 😂

  • 프란시스마리
    프란시스마리 22 minutes ago

    Wait till she meets her first misogynistic gay guy 🤣🤣

  • kingfelz
    kingfelz 22 minutes ago

    batshit crazy has many forms

  • Alfredo Osorio
    Alfredo Osorio 23 minutes ago

    I’m not in ur shoes trish. But if I was someone’s getting punched and chocked. Bc u don’t talk shit about me and then apologize. No ma’am. YOU SHOULD NEVER THANK UR BETTER SOMEONE OR EVEN TALK SHIT IN GENERAL. IDIOTS.

  • account 3
    account 3 23 minutes ago

    Wait is Trisha born a male?

  • Ratzler
    Ratzler 24 minutes ago

    Ethan is a legend

  • Jason H
    Jason H 24 minutes ago

    How can she be this annoying? It's like watching a train wreck. I wish her no Ill will. She clearly needs more self awareness into how she comes off to other people. And she said some messed up stuff about the Jewish community and Israel so I guess she didnt think that was worth her time. Just focus on appearance and other shallow materialistic things that triggered her. Ethan just keeps winning.

    • stan twice
      stan twice 15 minutes ago

      look up the word troll pls

  • Jackie Leon
    Jackie Leon 24 minutes ago

    Have some balls and go on thier show. You constantly contradict yourself and put words in other people's mouth they DIDNT say.

  • Kim
    Kim 25 minutes ago

    H3 > Trish

  • -SKY- of Wonderland
    -SKY- of Wonderland 25 minutes ago

    She's not the kitchen floor. That's different. Also, this video is monetized. You're not 1000% sorry

  • Morelia Molina
    Morelia Molina 25 minutes ago

    Maybe more plastic surgery would help ur acne

  • Luis Manuel De La Torre
    Luis Manuel De La Torre 26 minutes ago

    Lmao shes making money off your hate comments. Love you trish!!! ❤

  • t a s h a UwU
    t a s h a UwU 26 minutes ago

    Your apologies mean nothing, Trisha.

  • Alexandria Clark
    Alexandria Clark 26 minutes ago

    What a joke... Does she not understand hes makin fun of her lol that was not an apology.. It was sooo funny.

  • Dustin Williams
    Dustin Williams 26 minutes ago

    You shouldn’t need to make apology videos Trish.... If you had a brain you wouldn’t make stupid a$$ videos that needs an apology. Shane Dawson should be ASHAMED to have a eye shadow colored after you.

  • Alfredo Osorio
    Alfredo Osorio 28 minutes ago

    Fuck chin FIL a , they just needa stop with their racist asses

  • Kaitlyn Hewlin
    Kaitlyn Hewlin 28 minutes ago

    She completely missed the point of his video. Also the fucking part where she goes “he’s just a man trying to bring another man down” YOU ARE NOT A MAN. You are not a trans man. No person with gender dysphoria would be okay with presenting as their birth gender. Also, no trans man would be comfortable with their birth pronouns. Stop. Fetishizing. This fucking. Community. Stop it. It’s not a trend. You don’t get to choose to be trans. Educate yourself.

  • Taryn Fin
    Taryn Fin 29 minutes ago

    Love you trish!! Haters gonna hate!! Fk them.. keep slaying. You’re gorgeous and you don’t give a fuck! You don’t let people bring you down or stop you and they don’t know what to do when someone doesn’t curl up and bow down when they speak. Fk them!! Stay you and don’t change for anyone!

  • Oracle heart tarot
    Oracle heart tarot 29 minutes ago

    When Trisha goes away on the golf cart😂☠☠☠

  • Hanna sue
    Hanna sue 29 minutes ago


  • UptownDowntownNY
    UptownDowntownNY 30 minutes ago

    Trish is not a 3 though lmao. This can’t be. If Trisha is a 3 then what am I ?? DO NOT do this to me

  • Morelia Molina
    Morelia Molina 30 minutes ago

    Im so tired of trishas bullshit i dont know how shane says shes his best friend she is such a compulsive liar and a bad person period!!!! But anything for the views right??😂😂😂

  • UptownDowntownNY
    UptownDowntownNY 31 minute ago


  • alexuhh
    alexuhh 31 minute ago

    this is what i came for 10:47

  • Kimber Gray
    Kimber Gray 32 minutes ago

    GORGEOUS makeup and dress/outfit sir. Ma’am? (Respectfully) are we supposed to be using masculine or feminine pronouns? ILY T xoxoxoxoxo Kimber

  • Chelsjean CJS
    Chelsjean CJS 32 minutes ago

    Trish killed that reaction. She’s such a bad bitch. I do hate the her calling herself a man thing but fuck it. I love Trish regardless. Probably bc I have BPD too so I understand her crazy ass and love it!

  • Kate Land
    Kate Land 32 minutes ago

    How many more life crises until she realizes therapy is all she needs?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 32 minutes ago

    *why isn’t there millions of views of this wtf..* 😭💀

  • Jason H
    Jason H 33 minutes ago

    You know you are doing something wrong when even LGBTQ starts shaming you lol

  • Ashley Greenwood
    Ashley Greenwood 33 minutes ago

    **is about to order** **ROLLS DOWN WINDOW OF A CAR WITH NO ROOF**

  • S R
    S R 34 minutes ago

    Will the day come when she can attend to life without acting like a fifth grader?

  • Pepe Faga
    Pepe Faga 34 minutes ago

    H3H3 fan here 👋

  • kimberly kline
    kimberly kline 34 minutes ago

    Trisha; That guy is a dick. I don't care who you are. He's clearly trying to compensate for his lack of penis size. So simple.

  • FireballSteph
    FireballSteph 35 minutes ago

    Eww her passive aggressive behaviour and acting like she's not bothered and stupid creepy voices makes her look so dang stupid and cringe! H3 is just a troll, don't take it so seriously my God! Stop this stupid attitude pukeeeeeee!

    • stan twice
      stan twice 14 minutes ago

      she is trollling as well lol dumb

  • jinxed games
    jinxed games 35 minutes ago

    Anyone else want Trisha to do a collab with Jeffrey ?? Just me K

  • Raven
    Raven 35 minutes ago

    ok ok ok listen Trish you’re trying to be trans yet you’re transphobic!! I used to stan you and now all I want is to see you fail. I can’t wait for karma to hit u like a bitch. sincerely, an actual trans person.

  • Alyssa Ricca
    Alyssa Ricca 35 minutes ago

    This is sooooo annoying.

  • beanie baby
    beanie baby 36 minutes ago

    You look so cute today!! :))

  • sarah s
    sarah s 36 minutes ago


  • Mariah K
    Mariah K 37 minutes ago

    This has me dying😂😂😂

  • Jenni S
    Jenni S 37 minutes ago

    Dear T, it’s what’s beneath your ‘shell’ that lowers YOUR score, in your case by leaps and bounds……………it’s not always about your reflection in the mirror……………cringe.

  • M T
    M T 37 minutes ago

    I think Trisha is trying to transition into Jefree Star. .... ... .. . Can't blame her.

  • blu melod
    blu melod 38 minutes ago

    That bowling ball analogy was hilarious lol 😂

  • Jason H
    Jason H 38 minutes ago

    You drive so many people crazy because you are so annoying