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Jonathan Morrison
Jonathan Morrison
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  • Kevin Seymour
    Kevin Seymour 14 minutes ago

    1:53 mega pickles. Lmao

  • C BM
    C BM 26 minutes ago

    Anybody noticed how he said mega- PICKLES instead of megapixel HAHAHA I LAUGHED TOOOOO HARD HAHAHAHA xD

  • Griffin Paschall
    Griffin Paschall 28 minutes ago


  • EyelASHes333
    EyelASHes333 30 minutes ago

    What’s wrong with the term “slofie?” It’s just as bad as “selfie” anyways.

    • Zealant
      Zealant Minute ago

      It’s so much worse

  • Ozzy's Gang
    Ozzy's Gang 40 minutes ago

    Why didn’t you put the XS vs the XR????? Obviously apples phone is gonna be better

  • José The Rover
    José The Rover 43 minutes ago

    Why the green screen?

  • Neal Lomax
    Neal Lomax Hour ago

    Still wondering does the headphone come separate

  • mattchoo
    mattchoo Hour ago

    What's the link to that captain America mask

  • Turtlenator25
    Turtlenator25 Hour ago

    Aight so question is I have an iPhone X which they don’t sell no more I’m a gamer and I was looking into the pro max should I make the change..?

  • Andre N
    Andre N 2 hours ago

    Everyone is waiting for the REAL REVIEW = Flossy Carter

  • Mac Cook
    Mac Cook 2 hours ago

    Is Jonathan Canadian ? He used grams, American would never use gram.

  • Lauren Richmond
    Lauren Richmond 3 hours ago


  • Melodie Blais
    Melodie Blais 3 hours ago

    Really good video! I now know that I will get the 11 not the pro!

  • jc51373
    jc51373 3 hours ago

    awesome review, the best of all out there. Spot on, helped me tremendously, but for some unknown reason i am still getting the 11pro. lol. Thanks for breaking it down.

  • Oneyedreko !
    Oneyedreko ! 4 hours ago

    Apple Pencil is the mouse support. Well now with iPad os coming out you connect a Bluetooth mouse lol

  • Dennis Davis
    Dennis Davis 4 hours ago

    Mega pickelsss

  • L R
    L R 4 hours ago

    Windows desktop on apple imac

  • Osman I
    Osman I 4 hours ago

    how much can the phone handle charging wise? I am looking to buy the 11 and get myself a fast charge adapter and cable

  • AD518
    AD518 4 hours ago

    iPhone X trade in is $400 .. if I don’t upgrade now how much y’all think apple will give me in 2020?

  • Walter Giangreco
    Walter Giangreco 5 hours ago


  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android 5 hours ago

    People just love to hate Apple.

    RED1ECKO 5 hours ago

    *Yawn* 😪 All that new stuff is nice...🤔 But I’m holding onto my 8Plus as long as possible...I have upgrade fatigue...all the 11 has is extra fluff...nothing game changing 🙄🙄🙄 My wallet will thank me later...💸💸💸

  • Brian
    Brian 5 hours ago


  • Lawrence Job
    Lawrence Job 5 hours ago

    ... ... (Slofies!)

  • Jackson Countiss
    Jackson Countiss 5 hours ago

    When your screen is so bad you can’t see the difference between the cameras

  • Official Simbah
    Official Simbah 6 hours ago

    TBH some people just hate Apple for no reason 👻

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 6 hours ago

    I get my Silver 11 Pro Max in the mail on Friday!

  • TigerKitty 2
    TigerKitty 2 6 hours ago


  • Lamond B
    Lamond B 6 hours ago

    WhenI started in tech I use 386 WinTel computer from Packard Bell. So I can relate with you Jonathan I am all in with Macs just because they made my tech life so much better. Keep posting your. Mac vids. Big L

  • Emanuele Tonetti
    Emanuele Tonetti 6 hours ago

    Could you give me some cheap fast charger that work on the new iPhone 11, please? I live in Germany (I don’t know if watt-wise that would make any difference). Thanks in advance!

  • Padresfan112
    Padresfan112 6 hours ago

    this was an apple sponsored video

  • George Triadafillou
    George Triadafillou 7 hours ago

    Mega Pickles 🤣

  • Bid
    Bid 7 hours ago


  • Sari Sari Store
    Sari Sari Store 7 hours ago

    I did hear mega pickles lol

  • BreederUkraine
    BreederUkraine 7 hours ago

    Zero. Please stop using clickbait titles, thanks!

  • Kip Learning
    Kip Learning 7 hours ago

    Slofie 🤗

  • Sam
    Sam 7 hours ago


  • Ruimteschip
    Ruimteschip 7 hours ago

    I gonne get iphone 11 😁

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 8 hours ago

    The pro has USBC

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 8 hours ago

    Omg that color is everything

  • Lakshya kapila
    Lakshya kapila 8 hours ago

    Tim Apple..@donald...🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • jacob hull
    jacob hull 8 hours ago

    Your lying lol. I can tell. But your reviews are accurate.

  • SponsoredNpartBy
    SponsoredNpartBy 8 hours ago

    1:51 megapickles

  • William Bello
    William Bello 8 hours ago


  • Joshua Woods
    Joshua Woods 8 hours ago

    Megapickles! Plus can you say smartphone vlogging!

  • Arkar kyaw win
    Arkar kyaw win 9 hours ago

    I don't remember seeing any ad from Apple buying endorsement from celebrities or TV/Web personal. I am an IT guy working in TV industry. It's all Apple here. I personally like PC better but creative people seems to like Apple a lot. I don't have problem with it.

  • Anthony Mendoza
    Anthony Mendoza 9 hours ago

    1:52 he said mega-pickle 😂

  • Pink Bettas
    Pink Bettas 9 hours ago

    Anyone here after the iPhone 11 pro??

  • Stupid Fuc*
    Stupid Fuc* 9 hours ago

    tim cook why the camera so ugly😆😆😆🤭

  • Jay Marciano
    Jay Marciano 10 hours ago

    You lost me at megapickles 😂

  • Kunal Nadkarni
    Kunal Nadkarni 10 hours ago

    Kudos to Jonathan for making this video!

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 10 hours ago

    Good info!!!! Totally broke it down for me

  • Violeta Flores
    Violeta Flores 10 hours ago

    The way he handles them makes me go like 😬 lmaoo he just throwing them down like their a dollar 😂

  • ke9ine
    ke9ine 10 hours ago

    You are not allowed to express yourself nowadays. You are not allowed have an opinion. Because doesn't matter what you do, people will say shit about your choices. Oh and those people who say shit about you, they know the best and they own the best.

  • Adrien Brasseur
    Adrien Brasseur 10 hours ago

    why the 2ds was release in 2016 in japan while europe and united state was release in 2013

  • omar ahmed
    omar ahmed 10 hours ago

    Which iPad Pro keyboard do you recommend the Logitech slim pro or the apple Smart Keyboard? For 11 inch

  • The Real Cool Pup
    The Real Cool Pup 11 hours ago

    How much bloody money do these youtubers make lol

  • Greg Veggellj
    Greg Veggellj 11 hours ago

    love how genuine emotional this video is :) love it

  • Max Design
    Max Design 11 hours ago

    Much respect, worth me hitting the subscribe button .

  • Frank Helldal
    Frank Helldal 11 hours ago

    There's people who can look good in any on/over ear headphone, like this guy 8:52. And then theres me I just look stupid.

  • PinkTardisFloyd
    PinkTardisFloyd 11 hours ago

    “Mega pickles” and “Tim Apple” I have literal tears streaming down my face 😂👌

  • Jacob Wildrick
    Jacob Wildrick 12 hours ago

    Lmaoo ohh i see the Apollo belongs to someone cus y’all didn’t offer to give it away

  • Jacob Wildrick
    Jacob Wildrick 12 hours ago

    Give an Apollo to someone who needs it like the fuck

  • Brunetti 95
    Brunetti 95 12 hours ago

    You have such an amazing calming voice, I could listen to you forever, much love to you

  • Jacob Wildrick
    Jacob Wildrick 12 hours ago

    Was that a fucking Apollo usb on a Mac... face fucking palm fucking fuck

  • E Ho
    E Ho 12 hours ago

    sick video Jonathan cool 2 kno your story

  • Prajith.P Nair
    Prajith.P Nair 12 hours ago

    Did he ever use that desk... Never ever seen that one in mkbhds studio tour at all...

  • Atown Z
    Atown Z 12 hours ago

    I’ll stick with my XR

  • Kurosakibemz Ariuqon
    Kurosakibemz Ariuqon 13 hours ago

    Good job!

  • Lena x
    Lena x 13 hours ago

    am i the only one who likes the camera design

  • Ricky hara
    Ricky hara 13 hours ago

    Best iPhone 11 video I’ve seen since its release. Keep putting in them mega pickles.

  • chris simmons
    chris simmons 13 hours ago

    these are used in some of the stores in china to display

  • Ankit
    Ankit 13 hours ago

    I Had Been Following You from last 3-4 years... I love your videos and specially Perfect Desk Setup Videos... So My Request is that please can you make a video of Perfect Desk Setup for Stock Trader please please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love from India ♥️♥️

  • Sean
    Sean 14 hours ago

    I do appreciate the transparency Jonathan but I gotta be honest, a lot of your videos just feel like you are trying to sell me shit lol

  • Jun Zhang
    Jun Zhang 14 hours ago


  • Ste_ve RBX
    Ste_ve RBX 14 hours ago

    The android has screen issues you should put the Samsung S10e against iPhone

  • SuperHhhbk
    SuperHhhbk 14 hours ago

    So basically, the camera on the Iphone 11 Pro shouldnt be the reason to pick it? I really wanted the pro because of the camera only..

  • Ocean3404k
    Ocean3404k 14 hours ago

    Mega pickles

  • Sun Hyung Hong
    Sun Hyung Hong 14 hours ago

    If I were not a PC gamer, I would not use Windows and would switch to macOS instantly. Miss it so much. :'(

  • John Mack
    John Mack 14 hours ago

    A touch screen Mac? Weird, Mac people don't seem to really want that... so, get a Surface Pro and run real programs!

  • 150 subs without a video?

    *M E G A P I C K L E*

  • 150 subs without a video?

    1:05 What a pretty sight 💙

  • Andrew DeLaus
    Andrew DeLaus 15 hours ago

    Mega pickles 1:53 😂😂

  • Dagmar Vinterova
    Dagmar Vinterova 15 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • Trienecs
    Trienecs 16 hours ago

    Mega Pickles 1:48

  • JM
    JM 16 hours ago

    What happened to the Live Music Video video???

  • Devarshi Patel
    Devarshi Patel 16 hours ago

    Apple is just stupid now.

  • Emzi Films
    Emzi Films 16 hours ago

    1:53....Who heard mega “pickles” ?? 😂 👇🏻

    DABEER AMIR 16 hours ago

    In Canada, the iPhone 11 Pro is 1379$

  • random me
    random me 16 hours ago


  • Sohail Siddiqui
    Sohail Siddiqui 17 hours ago

    I love all your content because they are 100% genuine & shows the true picture.

  • Arnav Goel
    Arnav Goel 17 hours ago

    Billy on a mac 😣😣

  • Elvin Mitra
    Elvin Mitra 17 hours ago

    i love your windows wallpaper on imac ❤️😁

  • Overwatch's Oreos
    Overwatch's Oreos 17 hours ago

    Honestly people shouldn't bash Samsung and People shouldnt bash apple or any android an People shouldn't bash any phone companies. All the companies practically work together to innovate on modern tech. One company makes a phone and maybe another one copies a few things and adds a lot more aspects to it. In the end of the day you will be getting a better device it dosent matter who came up with it first or who does it the best what matters is that we appreciate all the effort companies make to give the consumers better devices to fit the modern lifestyle and how the worlds changing using more technologically advanced tools for everyday tasks. Dont hate on specific brands people it's time to stop that

  • Crumpets Mind
    Crumpets Mind 17 hours ago

    I have noticed that the level of Apple bashing has gone noticeably up over the years to the point it's just commonly and sadly accepted. Even as an S10 5G user and someone who thinks iPhones are alright, It's stupid that some people have ignored certain facts about the iPhones or Apple as a whole just to look good in a certain eye. I must admit though im more looking forward to the 2020 iPhones with what it will supposedly bring.

  • Humod Aman
    Humod Aman 17 hours ago

    Did apple pay you to say that 😜

  • somerandomdude999
    somerandomdude999 17 hours ago

    Waiting for iPhone 18 Ultra Omega Super Pro Epic S in 2026

  • Amyn Mukhi
    Amyn Mukhi 18 hours ago

    Haters gonna say its a paid video but its an appreciation video.

  • Lord Baelish
    Lord Baelish 18 hours ago

    Fugly phone(camera design) and basically a slightly updated 10s max geez...Not getting it, first time ever I haven't upgraded.

  • Sticky
    Sticky 18 hours ago

    Haters gon’ hate.