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  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 hours ago


  • Kabir Khokar
    Kabir Khokar 2 hours ago

    Is that M made by the hoodie intentional?

  • S G
    S G 2 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing... Very informative... Excellent visuals...

  • Carmelo Modica
    Carmelo Modica 2 hours ago

    Really huge man... impressive!!!

  • Jubayer Islam
    Jubayer Islam 2 hours ago

    I like ur video a lot.. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen 2 hours ago

    All this to make a video of a phone or a laptop every now and then?

  • 2pagalyonoman
    2pagalyonoman 2 hours ago

    why is the video black and white?

  • Carrot Crunch
    Carrot Crunch 2 hours ago

    I’m really happy for Marcus All the best man ❤️

  • Jeremy Martinez
    Jeremy Martinez 2 hours ago

    S20 screens are not edged? Like the ones on S10s that were always breaking? Really want this phone

  • R.A.M
    R.A.M 2 hours ago

    Why you give a link for shop, but nothing available there? Be prepared pal...

  • Batagnam
    Batagnam 2 hours ago

    You could do a rail on the biggest length of the studio for mega long travel shots

  • Syazwan Chawan
    Syazwan Chawan 2 hours ago

    I only buy something new if the current one is broken or got steal and the price is around the same ~

  • lunamaria9101
    lunamaria9101 2 hours ago

    Batman Cave Lights

  • 0hjaa 3.0
    0hjaa 3.0 2 hours ago

    If that would be accessible with a car it would be great. Like car lift or first floor🤔 Needs A bit more open for car to fit. Garage,paint and bodyshop,wash room + storage. Super nice😎🤙🏻

  • LA Tay
    LA Tay 2 hours ago

    Wow, really killing it - congrats man!

  • Elis Fsharri
    Elis Fsharri 2 hours ago

    You're still going down the hall. It's just that the hall is yours now.

  • Rob
    Rob 2 hours ago

    It is dangerous! it messes with the brain, its proven. Give it time you will see

  • M.Aaliyan Aamir
    M.Aaliyan Aamir 2 hours ago

    Every second of mkbhd's Video has like so much information in it.The old days when I saw your reviews for s3.They were so good

  • Nícollas Dias
    Nícollas Dias 2 hours ago

    @geraldundone could surely help with studio design!

  • Aarav Gupta
    Aarav Gupta 2 hours ago

    Why would any RUplusr want such a huge studio

  • S G
    S G 2 hours ago

    I'm new to your channel. Will mentioned RUplus area or something to that effect. Was this interview shot at your studio ( building / site )

  • johnsen changster
    johnsen changster 2 hours ago

    um would the 120hz be better than the 60hz (just curious)

  • Ross Atkinson
    Ross Atkinson 2 hours ago

    i could buy bigger pockets cheaper than a $1,300 foldable phone

  • Jorritne
    Jorritne 2 hours ago

    Marques went from his bedroom to the holy grail of studios

  • Hiluxtaco
    Hiluxtaco 2 hours ago

    Wow! He must be making fat stacks in order to pay that rent...

  • mattymatt2323
    mattymatt2323 2 hours ago

    He literally does nothing why does he need a studio

  • Miraj Ahmed
    Miraj Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Around 110 billion dollar guy wearing simple glass , sweater and so on. I am turned on

  • Mohammed Sharaf
    Mohammed Sharaf 2 hours ago

    HVAC background sound in this video louder than the one above my head while watching this video

  • Reda Izo
    Reda Izo 2 hours ago

    Could you make an 8 month gopro build timelapse? With 4 GoPros or something that'll be an interesting video and project

    JEETU HARDASANI 2 hours ago

    Very Amazing Bro 👍👌

  • SecureMind
    SecureMind 2 hours ago

    So, basically you plan to rent this Brobdingnagian monstrosity to Hollywood film makers!🤔

  • Cristian Viliga
    Cristian Viliga 2 hours ago

    Take an architect.

  • AntBeats415
    AntBeats415 2 hours ago

    As a glazer for many years and watching your growth since the first iPhone I got major respect. But a little inside tip about glass is it helps a lot but is impossible to make sound proof because it still vibrates and reflects sound enough to distort it even at low db frequency. Make sure to keep a third eye out and get on your contractors nerves about air gaps for studio quality 👍🏽

  • Seena Iqbal
    Seena Iqbal 2 hours ago

    Hey marques, check out Johnny Harris' studio set up!

  • Mister monkey Man
    Mister monkey Man 3 hours ago

    You should use one of those rooms for your computers to edit so when you recording a video your people that added videos can work quietly without being interrupted

  • The Kraxskull
    The Kraxskull 3 hours ago

    Am an Android Guy I phone XR : Buy me am affordable Initial price at release : $750 Me : you call that cheap there's no way I'd even spend that money on a 720p display I could even buy 2 to 3 better speced Android phone with that kind of money Apple Ppl : but it's a new I phone Me: yeah with a design that hardly changed and boring almost two decades old home screen Android never gets boring and it's software is so customizable that it can feel uniquely like your own and not just like another Android cuz an I phone is still an i phone 🤷‍♂️

  • dipsrocx
    dipsrocx 3 hours ago

    How much is this guy making man??

  • Suleman Khan
    Suleman Khan 3 hours ago

    his old studio was already 3 times bigger thanmy old house😭😂

  • burns burns
    burns burns 3 hours ago

    Theres big money in what this guys doing. Must be getting it somewhere

  • Aashir J
    Aashir J 3 hours ago

    MKBHD : Even our hands have creases Me : I've always been a single guy, so no creases here lol, especially the right one xD

  • Sonny Bill
    Sonny Bill 3 hours ago

    Who cares about the RAZR, I can’t stop looking at that old school Nokia 😍

  • Phil X
    Phil X 3 hours ago

    Legit super excited for you! Killing it bro!

  • Free World
    Free World 3 hours ago

    Thought there was an anti gravity room from the thumbnail

  • Washington Moyo
    Washington Moyo 3 hours ago

    7:58 is a wish. No matter how big of a space you are going to move things down the hall and forget a lens cap in one of the rooms. It’s the law. :)

  • Tejas Gaikwad
    Tejas Gaikwad 3 hours ago

    Very good space 👍 Just felt if you could make arrangements for some natural light and air if its possible.

  • Wosty
    Wosty 3 hours ago

    ORR just get a fucking OnePlus already XD

  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 3 hours ago

    Anyone else here to see wtf airpod pros are after seeing the fights to win them from Smooth Gio?

  • Tin Panduric
    Tin Panduric 3 hours ago

    Hey MKBHD make a review of Sony Xperia 1 II <3 Please <3

  • Luigi Meschini
    Luigi Meschini 3 hours ago

    I think that partly it needs also to be a colorful space.. why don't you collab with some street-art painter or graffiti artist , designing something that would bring color in all the space (you're in New York!! It would be awesome.. for ex: VEXX). Think also about plants, real one. I know, they can be a pain, but a relaxed and shared space with little sofas and carpets, makes the best place for people of the office to relax and chill (like co-working spaces do). Last but not least, create space and light specific for you employees, take care of them. This is very important if not more important than the rest. At least for now, you don't have that many, so taking care of them and their mindset i think it's very important. The main difference is that now you're proposing yourself as a "company" and not as just "youtube producers" "content creators", so at least it should have some perks as other big companies does. One really good thing that you have is lighting and natural lighting (that's actually great!). Talking about more for gears and stuff, you'd probably need to contact somebody like LTT for a server room and if you really want to take everything to the next level, you should sound proof the podcast (with half meter walls, insulation etc, not just pads) and if you can (because sound proofing it's hella expansive) another little one, where you can record and having somebody that cares just for audio quality, sound design. You're definitely one of the few people in the community that actually cares about the quality of the audio, but still as a fellow video editor (more assistant video editor for cinema/tv in Italy), you still need to improve the work on the audio, signal, modularity, richness and more. As you probably start to understand more and more, it's better having someone specialized in something instead of trying to do everything. With my colleagues at work, we talk a lot about the difference between TV and amatuerish content (and yours obv not, but still, stands in that area), it's the sound quality. You can have 20K footage with the best ideas, but if audio sucks, the quality of the video sucks. I'm happy to hear that you improved a lot in the interviews and not like at the beginning (the audio quality and the microphones jumps and cuts, really made the video look poor, even if it was Bill Gates or Elon Musk). The fact itself that you got that perfectionist mindset (something that most video editors do have), but most importantly with sound, makes you on top of your own chart. Returning to the studio thing.. why not ask for deadmau5 for a help? Like in gears, soundproofing or maybe some contacts of people worth spending an extra buck? I'm sorry i wrote a lot, but as we do, we care about you and appreciate your efforts and improvements during the time being. Have a nice day man! :) - If anything comes to my mind i'll tell you ^_^ - Thank you for the patience to reed all this. Ciao!

  • Nikhil Dhoke
    Nikhil Dhoke 3 hours ago

    It's look like Marques is millionaire now😁

  • Jon Ram
    Jon Ram 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the Stepbrothers call if you know you know

  • David M. Johnston
    David M. Johnston 3 hours ago

    Nice video Marques, I work in video production myself (animated films to be more precise), and as such watching this time of video is very inspiring for me. I liked what you said about giving yourself space to grow into.

  • Frosted Nugget
    Frosted Nugget 3 hours ago

    What if you put them on then they run out of charge so you can’t take your shoes off until you plug yourself into a wall

  • InfernoByrd1
    InfernoByrd1 3 hours ago

    Infinity room/corner?

  • shawk 2023
    shawk 2023 3 hours ago

    3:14 you know he talking about that cybertruck

  • Chaika Gaz
    Chaika Gaz 3 hours ago

    I just spent $1100 on note 10 plus 6 months ago. No 120 hertz, no awesome camera, no bigger battery, no snapdragon 865. Goodbye note 10 im gonna miss you, not.. Guess i should have spent my money in 2020 instead

  • Leslie Alldridge
    Leslie Alldridge 3 hours ago

    most noobs haven't even enabled 120hz mode in settings but think it's still fast

  • Young_Hov
    Young_Hov 3 hours ago

    And to think this kid started out Soo young and now he is doing what he loves and is humbled from his beginnings. Your success is inspiration to me. Keep up the hard work Marques

  • giovanicasano
    giovanicasano 3 hours ago

    @mkbhd how much is the cost of all these

  • Васил Узунов

    how to fill an empty wall: put every phone you reviewd on it. It could be cool.

  • Aaryan Prakash
    Aaryan Prakash 3 hours ago

    Few Minutes Later: Good Job with the recording Jeff Bezos. Send it over to Mark Zuckerberg for editing.

  • Saritha Balachandar
    Saritha Balachandar 3 hours ago

    Hi sir, can you tell me what wallpaper app you are using

  • Rendi Setiawan
    Rendi Setiawan 3 hours ago

    I've seen one on "Brexit" movie

  • Neeraj Vohra
    Neeraj Vohra 3 hours ago

    Downvotes?!? Da Hek people?

  • Karo
    Karo 3 hours ago

    No gaming room?

  • Magnus Maximus
    Magnus Maximus 3 hours ago

    Playing with calculator to kill of boredom while in a train, absolute asian right there.

  • Ishat Miah
    Ishat Miah 3 hours ago

    Make a Gaming area🔥🔥 Make ur own badass gaming setup!💥 Where u will test high res monitors,keyboards,mouse,pc’s,gaming gears! It will be lit and also a nice shooting area🔥🔥🔥 Love ur vids✌️

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown 3 hours ago

    def taking that to the uni one day

  • Bagyi Zaw
    Bagyi Zaw 3 hours ago

    1:52 That headphone 👊

  • Shaam Garg
    Shaam Garg 3 hours ago

    Marques: This is a sink which I use for waterproofing test...damm😂 I thought it was used to wash utensils 😂

  • Valor 1
    Valor 1 3 hours ago


  • Indra Mahendra
    Indra Mahendra 3 hours ago

    Did he buy the place or just rent?

  • Nithula Ratnayake
    Nithula Ratnayake 3 hours ago

    I got a frikin Linus tech tips ad in the beginning

  • Naman Chauhan
    Naman Chauhan 3 hours ago

    the..the......the batcave

  • Gill Frank
    Gill Frank 3 hours ago

    you could add a greenscreen room.

  • Naman Chauhan
    Naman Chauhan 3 hours ago

    MKBHD is making me have trust issues. He talks about robots and stuff like as if it's the cheapest thing you could buy off amazon This guy's living in 3030

  • Orfeas
    Orfeas 3 hours ago

    Was the final shot green screen?

  • Caleb Arzie
    Caleb Arzie 3 hours ago

    Get a de-easer on your vocal it’s pretty dang “syyy”

  • Pranjal Sharma
    Pranjal Sharma 3 hours ago

    Matte black nothing?😢

  • Robert Haick
    Robert Haick 3 hours ago

    You should contact leo at twit he has the contacts that might know of peeps in your area.

  • sean widdowson
    sean widdowson 3 hours ago

    Y'all hiring

  • Ahmad Firoz
    Ahmad Firoz 3 hours ago

    Congratulations. So hyped up about the space

  • Theta
    Theta 3 hours ago

    Whatever happened to making RUplus videos being simple and accessible to everyone...

  • Ryan Perera
    Ryan Perera 3 hours ago

    why the video look like it got a insta filter

  • Anshul Saraf
    Anshul Saraf 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or did it seem like Marques was in front of a green screen after 8:30 and the studio was added in later?

  • Le Pont
    Le Pont 3 hours ago

    1:30 Shit this isn't iPhone, where's the 'go back' button?

  • woke af
    woke af 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else feel bad for moto? They tried really hard with the razr and Samsung comes in and slaps moto’s milk out of it hand then walks away with the razr girlfriend.

  • Michael Politewicz
    Michael Politewicz 3 hours ago

    Talk to PM he just built a new space and its looking nice. Plus coors light.. yes please!

  • Omar
    Omar 3 hours ago


  • Just here To comment yuh

    He’s fucking awesome

  • Marco Stiegemann
    Marco Stiegemann 3 hours ago

    Looks like this is on ground level, so why don't you open one wall so that cars can easily drive in for reviews? Just imagine havin' the new Sony/Tesla/... inside your studio...

    VISION0STUDIO 3 hours ago

    this is what 10M subscribers can get you

  • Mudge The Judge
    Mudge The Judge 3 hours ago

    I love my airpods. At first I thought they were a massive waste of money. But now I love them. I use them basically everyday! If your thinking about buying them you should because it's one of the best things I've ever bought. It's so convenient and helpful not to have those annoying wires always getting tangled up.

  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D. 3 hours ago

    The picture in the beginning looks "milky/foggy".

  • Gem 64
    Gem 64 3 hours ago

    I still can't believe that this is the person who used to make golf videos

  • Tengku Elzafir
    Tengku Elzafir 3 hours ago

    I feel like Neil DeGrasse Tyson didn’t let the guest speak much

  • yeld
    yeld 3 hours ago

    Don't forget the editors den!

  • Dananja Madushanka
    Dananja Madushanka 3 hours ago

    Marques in 2050 :3 this is x studio :3 this is y studio :3 this is z studio :3

  • Tengku Elzafir
    Tengku Elzafir 3 hours ago

    Marques face is like "I understand only 20% of what this guy is rambling"

  • Anixque
    Anixque 3 hours ago

    *Wow it seems like I watched this yesterday but I watched it 3 years ago..*