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My New Car!
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You Laugh You DONATE
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Pigeon Simulator
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Jump King - i HATE this game
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I hate twitter
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YouTube is Stinky
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I Am Fish
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The Joker VS Society meme
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Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
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  • BrotherTwat
    BrotherTwat 6 hours ago

    Hey can you play mount and blade

  • Minh TRAN Quoc
    Minh TRAN Quoc 6 hours ago

    Hello biết nói tiếng Việt không

  • Praise365 TV
    Praise365 TV 6 hours ago

    PewDiePie : "support my store...The @t" Me: "Ok! I need your headphones!"

  • knasbollen Ring
    knasbollen Ring 6 hours ago


  • cece chan
    cece chan 6 hours ago

    i-is dabbing still cool?

  • sageofsixpaths544
    sageofsixpaths544 6 hours ago

    I found a VRChat avatar of you Pewdiepie

  • Louis Cyclone
    Louis Cyclone 6 hours ago

    8:22 Pewds: _I don’t even like cakes_ *Whole subreddit Offended*

  • alana boyd
    alana boyd 6 hours ago

    smh if he doesnt play 1.16 im gonna scream

  • Lewis Dingley
    Lewis Dingley 6 hours ago

    Pewds makes first video back: Everyone liked that CCN: PewDiePie laughs at coronavirus in racially ‘edgy’ return video 🤔 wtf

  • Xannna
    Xannna 6 hours ago


  • vu ha
    vu ha 6 hours ago

    this video was presented in 22-2-2020

  • the reaper
    the reaper 6 hours ago

    You guys do know that this stupid article said PEWDS would leave forever me when this vid came out be like: IN YOUR FACE STUPID ARTICLE!

  • Gourmsauce
    Gourmsauce 6 hours ago

    How high was pewds when he was gone??

  • Game Bond
    Game Bond 6 hours ago


  • DuckieFlappy
    DuckieFlappy 6 hours ago

    He looks completely different :o

  • Masha Bezrukova
    Masha Bezrukova 6 hours ago


  • Jana Balkenhol
    Jana Balkenhol 6 hours ago

    Pewds !!!! I missed you so much :D

  • Hung Hung and tt
    Hung Hung and tt 6 hours ago


  • Maria Kondilatou
    Maria Kondilatou 6 hours ago

    Whe need pew news :(

  • Nes Nonya
    Nes Nonya 6 hours ago

    "I have returned because my bank account savings funds ran out..."

  • User Name
    User Name 6 hours ago

    Pewdiepie please do a danganronpa lets play!

  • Banana guy
    Banana guy 6 hours ago

    Pewdiepie I’m from the year 2020 trump is now gonna be president longer which really is ball sh*t

  • Plippy :p
    Plippy :p 6 hours ago

    i wonder how is bart baker in china

  • aasta 13
    aasta 13 6 hours ago

    The GOLDEN AGES HAVE RETURNED! 🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️🙇🏼‍♂️✌✌✌✌

  • Legendss grr
    Legendss grr 6 hours ago

    Finally!!!! Life is boring w/o pewdiepie 💗😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣


    we miss yaaaaa

  • النشبة
    النشبة 6 hours ago

    𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗛𝗲𝗿

  • Christopher Laplante

    Play some Minecraft maps made by people and take Sven with you

  • Angry Fish
    Angry Fish 6 hours ago

    how about gardening stream?

  • Alosmolimin Robert
    Alosmolimin Robert 6 hours ago


  • Tito Pratama
    Tito Pratama 6 hours ago

    hey pews,dreadout 2 has been released,maybe you want to play it!

  • Jon yung one
    Jon yung one 6 hours ago

    Corona chan xD

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card 6 hours ago

    He back bois

  • neo kitten
    neo kitten 6 hours ago

    Everyone: "he's not coming back is he" Everyone: "so let's copy comment's Pewds: comes back after a month Everyone: let's copy comment's

  • Angel Lina
    Angel Lina 6 hours ago

    iwashoping.... *suddelny jump from nowhere* pewdiepie : "im back and here my son!"

  • Benjamin 0911
    Benjamin 0911 6 hours ago


    ND GAMER 6 hours ago

    Pewdiepies is the best in the wourld

  • Hung Hung and tt
    Hung Hung and tt 6 hours ago

    The problem is the toilet seat will be wet and then the seat no longer been used

  • PC SJ
    PC SJ 6 hours ago

    My first time watching a Pewdiepie video and it is good

  • Luis Basa
    Luis Basa 6 hours ago


  • Charles Chan
    Charles Chan 6 hours ago

    Me: in China, can't get any masks from any source bcz of the supply shortage. Pewds: wearing 5 masks. Me: *keep watching jealously*

  • lei -_-
    lei -_- 6 hours ago

    Hahahaa meking bebe

  • Anisah Imanadia
    Anisah Imanadia 6 hours ago

    Pewdss play DreadOut 2 pleaseee, i know you from DreadOut

  • Sir Ultim8
    Sir Ultim8 6 hours ago


  • Lazy bros
    Lazy bros 6 hours ago


  • KanekiKen HaiseSasaki

    PEWDIEPIE had amnesia on his break now his trying to remember the past

  • Jayjordano97
    Jayjordano97 6 hours ago

    You should be able to joke about stuff, but the mainstream media is already on your ass pewds. They talk shit about you everytime they run out of real news to report on

  • SkBg
    SkBg 6 hours ago

    I missed you so much ;-; glad ur back pewds chan~ <3

  • Thalison Adriano
    Thalison Adriano 6 hours ago


  • SR Music
    SR Music 6 hours ago

    Felix: "Is anyone even gonna care? Is anyone even gonna care that I'm back?" *cries* Also Felix: *gets 1.1 million likes and less than 10k dislikes on comeback video*

  • N o t P J
    N o t P J 6 hours ago

    Pewds: *came back* Havent done much. Its been nice, actually Everyone: U made bebe?

  • CoolGuy
    CoolGuy 6 hours ago


  • DrGeniusFox
    DrGeniusFox 6 hours ago

    BTS just got kicked out of the top spot by Pewds.

  • Med Sko
    Med Sko 6 hours ago


  • EasyBakeOrphan
    EasyBakeOrphan 6 hours ago

    Pewdiepie do a new thing called cook review and you review the foods made by your reddit

  • NakedJon
    NakedJon 6 hours ago

    Antarctica isn’t real!!!!!!

  • JustinWiz
    JustinWiz 6 hours ago

    Play Gtfo with Mark and Jack

  • Rashid Al-Sualiti
    Rashid Al-Sualiti 6 hours ago

    you said 68% instead of 69. How could you?! Filthy treacherous traitor, think its due for another break.

  • abdo 5000
    abdo 5000 6 hours ago

    درع 100 مليون

  • Elemental gamer
    Elemental gamer 6 hours ago

    He should continue playing terraria, terraria and Minecraft have been brothers forever. He played through the whole of Minecraft but not Terrraria, he's missing out.

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma 6 hours ago

    Pewds for your videos you could just continue your Minecraft series.

  • TobTRE
    TobTRE 6 hours ago

    PewDiePie: *come back* Me: "It has been 84 years..."

  • wadri gidaw
    wadri gidaw 6 hours ago

    Puds play dread out 2 8D

  • Milan
    Milan 6 hours ago

    We need GAMING!

  • Lucas Guska
    Lucas Guska 6 hours ago

    Pew die pie took a break to form his cocoon and finaly become a complete boomer

  • dharmit sheth
    dharmit sheth 6 hours ago

    The lord is back get the castle ready

  • Hex RUN
    Hex RUN 6 hours ago


  • Hung Hung and tt
    Hung Hung and tt 6 hours ago

    Nice toilet

  • Euni Aguilera
    Euni Aguilera 6 hours ago


  • Puppy Chaos
    Puppy Chaos 6 hours ago

    Do Minecraft videos 🎥

  • Californiaq the State

    Now everyone is patiently waiting for tomorrow’s video

  • Ethan Duran
    Ethan Duran 6 hours ago


  • Unofficial_Gamer
    Unofficial_Gamer 6 hours ago

    Going out get more sun. Everyone : getting darker skin. Pewdiepie : getting whiter skin.

  • Ian jasper Legaria
    Ian jasper Legaria 6 hours ago

    Are u going to be a DAd?

  • Yohemchannel
    Yohemchannel 6 hours ago


  • Keti
    Keti 6 hours ago

    The beard yesss

  • Orion Heim
    Orion Heim 6 hours ago

    Omg hart

  • NITROsalmon YT
    NITROsalmon YT 6 hours ago

    Pewds bac

  • ohheckknaww
    ohheckknaww 6 hours ago


  • UK HJC
    UK HJC 6 hours ago

    Daddy’s back

  • Jon yung one
    Jon yung one 6 hours ago

    This guy has 1 billion subscriptions? Wow

  • Donbass children
    Donbass children 6 hours ago


  • Sergio Cohen Henriquez


  • Lewis Anderson
    Lewis Anderson 6 hours ago

    play more lily's garden I beg

  • Dan Angelo Hurtado
    Dan Angelo Hurtado 6 hours ago

    I left pornhub for this and I am not disappointed

    CMTXRATED 6 hours ago

    Felix: god will Anyone even care anymore? This video: Number 1 on trending

  • Alzina Gurung
    Alzina Gurung 6 hours ago

    moto patlo😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Hung Hung and tt
    Hung Hung and tt 6 hours ago


  • علي /Ali
    علي /Ali 6 hours ago

    The mask is made in China

  • Hung Hung and tt
    Hung Hung and tt 6 hours ago

    Yey ur back

  • Xx_Denis_Bmgo_xX
    Xx_Denis_Bmgo_xX 6 hours ago

    pewdiepie:hi everyone:FATHER!!!!!!!!!WE MISSED U

  • DragonJer Craft
    DragonJer Craft 6 hours ago

    Yashhhh the legend is back!!!!

  • Robert Wallis
    Robert Wallis 6 hours ago

    You should play a different Minecraft modpack. There's one you can get via the Twitch launcher called 'Rebirth of the Night', and it kinda feels like RLcraft but nowhere near as painful to play. If you do, make sure to follow the guide for installation as it requires a couple of other tweaks that can't be shipped with the base modpack for legal reasons!

  • Catzarerade Kapitaniuk

    stack your diamonds bro

  • ლუკა ქედლიანი

    Welcome back ❤

  • Norcla
    Norcla 6 hours ago


  • vortex blade
    vortex blade 6 hours ago

    im change the words to suite my ex

  • Nahro kalary
    Nahro kalary 6 hours ago

    Stop saying this is better than original THIS IS THE ORIGINAL

  • Zach Richardson
    Zach Richardson 6 hours ago

    Welcome back buddy!