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Keanu Reeves
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  • Proob Gamer
    Proob Gamer Hour ago

    I knew it that Council of Beetroot is evil.Bring back Council of Water sheep.

  • Frostbite Allen
    Frostbite Allen Hour ago

    the council lied to us all

  • Goldbot
    Goldbot Hour ago

    *Petition for PewDiePie to be an architect in real life*

  • Justasbeeee
    Justasbeeee Hour ago

    the earthbound bgm gives me nostalgia

  • Febe Ken Longaquit

    I thought a new water sheep was born 8:54

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life Hour ago

    Council of BeetRoot:Welp Mango Man Me:What?

  • 4qE exo
    4qE exo Hour ago

    Ok...But where actually are everyone? It feels so weird without them

  • jayjay 12
    jayjay 12 Hour ago

    media : Pewdiepie threatens to kill MrBeast

  • turi gambalonga
    turi gambalonga Hour ago

    This is the true Minecraft Story Mode

  • alex casados
    alex casados Hour ago

    why am i crying

  • Sum1
    Sum1 Hour ago

    Pewdiepie: *completes minecraft* Also pewdiepie: LETS MAKE A SERIES ABOUT FEIGI!!

  • jj00cie
    jj00cie Hour ago


  • Bryan Sutton
    Bryan Sutton Hour ago

    I live in south African me is a b####

  • kfg08 _
    kfg08 _ Hour ago

    Where is sven

  • Snowfloks
    Snowfloks Hour ago

    General, I'm trying to sneak in, but the whiplash from this thicc plot keeps alerting the guards

  • eshak uddin
    eshak uddin Hour ago

    u fffffuccccking iidot why u left ashley to investigate

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Hour ago

    I fucken loved this episode

  • GUNS4HIREPlayz 101

    This is one of the best Minecraft Series Ever!!! You can never find anything else like this anywhere. This here is original content.

  • PxXplZ
    PxXplZ Hour ago

    9:19 sheep: dud my ass is gonna blow up!

  • pentaveratevideo

    Its official: Felix has lost his fricking mind.

  • Turtle Ventures
    Turtle Ventures Hour ago

    *S-Sven..? W-Where Are Y-You..? Sve-Sven..?*

  • 21 Milk
    21 Milk Hour ago

    By this point this is basically an anime

  • Maniacs rul
    Maniacs rul Hour ago

    anyone from 2058 is still checking this?

  • Klaavushka
    Klaavushka Hour ago

    5 days later im done. Was fun, thank you.

  • Adib Hasan
    Adib Hasan Hour ago

    Joergen is back

  • AzmainNHandZ PlaysGamez

    Idk but PewDiePie is swearing more since the 12 hour livestream

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 Hour ago

    Pew forgets about dinner bone

  • hằng nga đỗ thị

    Everyone die because deadnote Deadnote is real ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahâhhhahahahah

  • Antronium
    Antronium Hour ago

    Council of water beet

  • Poasty
    Poasty Hour ago

    What happened to this Minecraft series?

  • It’s da boss Cuz

    Dolphins breath air but there body needs water BIG BRAIN!!!!!!!

  • Jayden Mojica
    Jayden Mojica Hour ago

    2010:welcome bro's my name is pewdiepieeee!! 2019:hey gamers!! which do you like? make it blue if the 2010-2016 pewdiepie comment if you want 2017- 2019 pewdiepie

  • Just a normal Guy

    By the time Pewdiepie got really good at redstone Mumbo would have been the god

  • Ashlyn Marchand
    Ashlyn Marchand Hour ago

    Omg I love this series pewds! Thx for making me laugh every 5 seconds😂❤❤

  • Smarty Pant,s
    Smarty Pant,s Hour ago

    curse of the wotor sheep

  • Saahir Saied
    Saahir Saied Hour ago

    Pewdipie the best fucker

  • Olesya Lis
    Olesya Lis Hour ago

    7:47 You are a monster if you don’t cry in this moment...

  • kingjummel faustino

    oof oof oof oof oof oof oof

  • Jack Organisation

    Pewdiepie is the best gamer

  • Super Impala
    Super Impala Hour ago

    What?!!?!?! #2 on trending?

  • Reetasharma1988 Reetasharma1988

    I am indian

  • Charlie Lebner
    Charlie Lebner Hour ago

    "if you ain't flap before you ain't flap before" - Pewdiepie 2013

  • kingjummel faustino

    (no he will never play roblox) discord and minecraft is the best

  • jiminie park
    jiminie park Hour ago


  • Country Cats
    Country Cats Hour ago

    When you’re so early the quality is 240p

  • Spike and the phone

    all dislikes are from morgz fan boys LOL

  • Cristina Andrade

    thats actually very impressive not gonna lie

  • Read Later
    Read Later Hour ago

    What if Felix was actually knocked out during his fight against Giant Feigi and the past episodes is him just having a concussion induced hallucination? Talking Beetroots, pets suddenly going missing with no explanation, Feigi still being alive even though we saw him disintegrate, it's all so strange right now.

  • Alyssa Syn Yen Yeoh

    He finished Minecraft. He finished it. He finished the whole damn game. The whole Minecraft. The whole thing. *What a legend. Peepeepoopoo, Jargen and Sven would be proud.*

  • Cookie Da Chicken

    Btw if u press F u can carry to things in your main hand

  • Noah E
    Noah E Hour ago


    NFSRAVI Hour ago

    Age restricted (Based on water sheep's guidelines)

  • T- JAY
    T- JAY Hour ago

    What happened to everyone? Where is sven and jeorgen

  • me, myself and I

    it would be incredible if this mine craft series is over and we would look back to all the events and see it like history

  • Izzatur Rahim
    Izzatur Rahim Hour ago

    I've gotta admit, YOU'RE A GENIUS

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar Hour ago


    EXMANTiK Hour ago

    Does it count if I laugh at Pewds reaction..?

  • Joregen the ghost


  • Terrible Content

    Bengt was seen when Pewds angered the Beet Council

  • anony mouse
    anony mouse Hour ago

    Web wum bo bum

  • crappy potatoes
    crappy potatoes Hour ago

    watchin this in school :')

  • Maman arohman
    Maman arohman Hour ago

    hello i'm from indonesian, please subscribre to my youtube channel guys. thanks!!

  • Keith
    Keith Hour ago

    kind of reminds me of stampys old minecraft series

  • Cheese Sandwich
    Cheese Sandwich Hour ago

    Dude, i love the roleplay

  • Maman arohman
    Maman arohman Hour ago

    hello i'm from indonesian, please to phewdiepie promotion my channel youtube and subscribre to my youtube channel guys. thanks!!

  • Savvy714
    Savvy714 Hour ago


  • Mark DeVries
    Mark DeVries Hour ago

    you never laughed at supreme raheems video and that is a crime

  • Lukas Do stuff!
    Lukas Do stuff! Hour ago

    Do you hate norway

  • TimberWolf 542
    TimberWolf 542 Hour ago

    Honestly that was probably one of the most entertaining youtube videos i have seen in a long time. Thank you so much for doing what you do Felix!

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen Hour ago

    17:47 BENGTTTTTT

  • Jayz VidzBoiz
    Jayz VidzBoiz Hour ago

    U posted a day ago and U already have 200k likes😂😂😂 PEWDIEPIEEE

  • Vincent Scifo
    Vincent Scifo Hour ago

    I played this to my dinner now it's lasagna

  • Sasuga Erina-sama

    the background music gave me an anime villain vibes.

  • Rowen Gullick
    Rowen Gullick Hour ago

    who else saw a horse behind the fish tank thin at 4:11?

  • Tania Sagar
    Tania Sagar Hour ago

    16:49 _what do you guys hear?_ “weg wa kwing wong” or “bing bong bing bong”

  • Kaneki Kun
    Kaneki Kun Hour ago

    I don’t like marvel movies either

  • Duck melon
    Duck melon Hour ago

    Kids : *exists* 14 y/o white girls: crying cat face

  • G. Adrian Pascua

    17:45 bengt??

  • Ashura_
    Ashura_ Hour ago

    What just happenned??

  • Saahir Saied
    Saahir Saied Hour ago

    I am sure all the indians has disliked

  • Konstantin Kachanovsky

    9:53 died

  • Mr.Cardinal
    Mr.Cardinal Hour ago

    Episode 1 Pewds: wow minecraft is so cool Episode 104 Pewds: Will you join my religion?

  • Ivy zzZ
    Ivy zzZ Hour ago

    Лайк если интересно какая кнопка пришла ему😊

  • Viren Khatri
    Viren Khatri Hour ago

    Brofingered back Video rewinded 10 sec Pewds asked for brofinger again Brofingered back . . Was stuck in this for like an eternity... Did this happen to anyone else?😶

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar Hour ago

    I think BBC sold his mind in just 1$😂😂😂😂

  • Shaik Abbas
    Shaik Abbas Hour ago

    Why this video get so many views what the Fu**🙄🙄😵

  • Amelie K
    Amelie K Hour ago

    How did I just watch a grown man talk to beetroots and build a roller coaster for dolphins for 18 minutes

  • Rahul Paik
    Rahul Paik Hour ago

    Do your homework bitch, Bangladesh is not in India!!!

  • The Bear
    The Bear Hour ago

    Damn WTF she's syaing😒

  • Louis Braidwood
    Louis Braidwood Hour ago

    Feel like he was being less 'safe' with what he was saying this episode. I am really glad he's not feeling pressured to watch exactly what he's saying and doing. Great video as always though.

  • Drew James
    Drew James Hour ago

    Pewds shoud react to us press conferences Logan Ksi

  • Rudde
    Rudde Hour ago

    Price should have been $420.69

  • Bruce Prior
    Bruce Prior Hour ago

    erin: bUt ThAtS nOt VeGaN

  • fecreate
    fecreate Hour ago

    What did I just watch

  • wut
    wut Hour ago

    ummm.where's sven

  • Waqui Sales
    Waqui Sales Hour ago

    The return of feigi

  • Dinsara Kasthuriratne

    Jim was underage



  • Nauman Ashraf
    Nauman Ashraf Hour ago

    811K triggered indians. Bitch lasagna!

  • Carlos Calderon
    Carlos Calderon Hour ago